Trans activists call for death of Milo after mention of Justin Kramer case

December 15, 2016

Image of Justin Kramer's media campaign. Nice purse strap!

Image of Justin Kramer’s media campaign. Nice purse strap!

The student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee republished a hilarious 8-page mass email sent by penis rights activist Justin Kramer to Chancellor Mark Mone and 458 other “members of the university community” following a lecture presented by Milo Yiannopoulos, who is touring the country featuring his First Amendment flexing Alt-Right gay Andrew Dice Clay revival.

You’ll remember Mr. Kramer as a ‘nonbinary transgender woman’ (who took no hormones or other steps to “transition”) and demanded the right to gaze upon female students undressing in the locker room and sauna, and the right to expose his penis to them, as an expression of his personal laydee-brain-feelings. Or something. He made a big media stink about it, and ultimately he was permitted to inflict himself on the female students, with the caveat that he keep his dick covered. He refused. Or as he says in the email:

“It was only—and I repeat, only—because your attorneys advised you that you had to allow access that you ever let me back in to the locker room after originally banning me. And even then, you insisted I follow special restrictions (which by the way, I long, long, long ago disregarded. You’re in another fucking world if you think I’d submit to that bullshit.) And you continue to marginalize other trans and intersex individuals in locker rooms to this very day. If someone who appears trans wants to use the facility, you’ll have them yanked aside and given a body-shaming lecture where they are told they must always cover up in a locker room…a fucking locker room where undressing is expected…fuck you really are backwards. It’s apparent our bodies will never be acceptable to you.”


This latest outburst was spurred by the brief attention given Mr. Kramer’s case by Mr. Yiannopoulos, who mentioned it in his lecture as an example of identity politics gone awry.


You can view the mention here [timestamped]:


Apparently Justin was in attendance at the event and stayed for the entire presentation. He describes his experience in the email:

“I was at Milo’s event. You have NO FUCKING IDEA what that was like. NO. FUCKING. IDEA. I knew this event would bring out all the worst people on campus, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Standing in line was bad enough. Luckily at this point in my life, I look substantially more feminine than I did last spring (when almost everybody perceived me as a “boy in girls’ clothes”), and I’m correctly gendered as a woman probably 90%+ of the time now. Anyway I’m in line waiting, and in front of me two dudes are making hateful comments about trans folk. Yet 10 minutes after that, one of them was looking at my chest and checking me out. In my mind the only thing I’m thinking is, “If this person knew he was sexually attracted to a trans girl…holy shit…” because asshole boys like him tend to get extremely aggressive if they realize a girl they found attractive has a penis.

But that was still bearable and I was prepared in case they realized I’m trans (thankfully they didn’t). I also knew Milo was going to regurgitate a profound amount of racist and transphobic hate. What I did not anticipate was being specifically targeted and called out in the way he did. I hadn’t said anything or made even the slightest disruption: He had his harassment of me planned out well in advance. I’m sitting there and I hear him say “(my name” and I just froze up. I have never, ever, ever been more terrified in my life of being outed. Ever. He put my picture up, which as already stated, was taken from a prior period when my masculine features were significantly more sharp and extremely noticeable. And I am sitting there frozen in total terror that somebody around me would recognize me, point me out, and incite the mob of the room against me. Nobody did point me out, thank god. But do you have ANY idea how much power Milo had and how it feels to pray that your ability to “pass” doesn’t fail you now? That’s what it was like. Fuck, you can’t even appreciate what I’m writing. You say you do but you really don’t. You do NOT have this perspective. I was looking at the stage, consciously aware of trying to not look “suspicious” and reveal I was the person he was talking about (even as I could feel the color draining from my face), but also not looking at Milo directly ‘lest he recognize me and instantly set off dozens of people screaming at me.

I was trapped in fear and went numb. Completely numb. I felt nothing. I was having a severe, emotional, traumatic response to being fucking called out and directly targeted by this transphobic asshole in front of thousands of people, and my body’s main coping mechanism for severe stress is to shut down all emotions. I couldn’t even cry, and that’s probably a good thing because it would’ve outed me. Even after the event, I still felt nothing and was “fine.” It wasn’t until hours later, as my body began to process it, that I broke down sobbing uncontrollably. I can handle transphobia (you’re basically forced to as a trans girl) but Milo went way the fuck beyond that in what he did to me.

Do you have any fucking idea how hurtful this is? Do you know what it’s like to be in a room full of people who are laughing at you as if you’re some sort of perverted freak, and how many of them would have hollered at me (or worse) if I was outed? Do you know what this kind of terror is? No, you don’t, because as a cis person you do not understand. Sorry-not-sorry, but you don’t and you can’t. You don’t understand how misgendering is violence. Yes, VIOLENCE. And did you miss the part where Milo was talking about having sex with me? Aka shoving his dick up my ass, and joking about applying lipstick to seduce me. How the fuck is this acceptable? This is both gender and sexual harassment. What court upholds this as free speech? Answer: NOBODY. THIS WAS SPECIFICALLY TARGETED AT ME. WHAT FUCKING COURT HAS EVER UPHELD THIS SORT OF HARASSMENT DIRECTED SPECIFICALLY AGAINST A STUDENT AS “FREE SPEECH”? Just wait, now an apologist for fascists will find one lonely example, amidst a plethora that protect students from harassment.

If you actually cared about students, you would have blocked this student org from bringing Milo here, and had they fought it in court you would have battled back and prevailed. The difference here is Milo harasses specific people and incites violence against them. That is not protected, and other universities have successfully blocked him because of that. But you’re too busy kissing the ass of trans-hating republicans running the state and letting fascists attack whomever they want.

But whatever, let Milo joke about fucking me (up the ass). Who gives a fuck about sexual violence. It’s not like I’ve been raped or anything before (actually, I have). Universities regularly push that under the rug in order to protect their sorry-ass reputations. I sure as hell wouldn’t put that past UWM either. And Milo is the Dangerous Faggot after all. Let him repeatedly commit violence against me by erasing my identity and painting me as some sort of male sex predator preying on women in the bathroom. Because who cares if a student is slandered? WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THOSE GODDAMN CODDLED STUDENTS? Who cares if they get harassed?


Perhaps this might be an explanation you can somewhat, partially understand on what it’s like to be misgendered and how this is violence, Mark Mone: Pretend you go to a restaurant to order a meal, and when you arrive, you’re given a gendered greeting of, “Hello woman, how may I take your order?” After placing your order, “Thank you ma’am, that will be such and such.” Then when you receive your order, “Oh hey, did you know you’re STILL not a man? Because you’re not. Oh and here’s your food, thank you!” And whenever anybody interacts with you, you’re called she all day, every fucking day. Imagine a similar scene again an hour later at the gas station. Now imagine it CONSTANTLY happening, on a DAILY basis, every week of the year, EVERY GODDAMN YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. You get to a point where it really, really severely fucks with you. The endless invalidation and relentless attack.

Oh who the fuck am I kidding. Why am I bothering even trying to explain what it’s like? It completely escapes your mind the very real violence Milo intentionally committed against me by calling me a man over and over in the name of “free speech” and slandering me as a sex predator.

You will also never know what it’s like wanting to die every day, you don’t know what it’s like attempting suicide multiple times, you don’t know what it’s like looking down 20 stories to a concrete ground and being an inch away from plummeting to death, you don’t know what it’s like putting your neck on a railroad track, only to chicken out right before the train got there and cursing yourself for not going through with it, (to your fucking bullshit police, no I am not suicidal right now but you fucks will try and twist past-tense into present. you pretentious assholes), you don’t know what it’s like to look in the mirror every goddamn morning and see a face you don’t recognize, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY FOR THE WRONG FUCKING GENDER. THIS IS A HELL YOU CANNOT, AND WILL NOT, AND ARE UTTERLY FUCKING INCAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING. And then being denied medical access for years and years and years. Do NOT have the audacity and gall to say you “understand” our concerns. NO YOU DO NOT. You don’t know what it’s like being in poverty and unable to pay for physical transitions, and locked in the wrong body. You have NO FUCKING CLUE what it’s like to be in our shoes and having to pretend everything is fine and dandy. And then to have the university defend a speaker that targets you by name and puts up a masculine-looking picture of you to laugh at…regardless if I had been there in person (sitting in terror) or hiding in my home, HOLY FUCKING SHIT. FUCK YOU. JUST FUCK YOU.”


Kramer, pictured right, during the event. He loves that purse!

Kramer, pictured right, during the event. He likes that purse!

You can read 8 more pages of this statement and related material (or not!) at the UWM Student Newspaper in an article entitled ‘Transgender Student Tells UW-Milwaukee Chancellor to “F” Off After Yiannopoulos Speech here:

Transgender Twitter described Milo’s mention of Justin Kramer’s media presence as “outing trans students”, “terrorizing trans students” and “outing trans kids”, and responded with calls for his murder and death. Also for the University to be sued for allowing the case to be publicly discussed by individuals who are not in support of Kramer’s campaign to expose himself to women.










109 Responses to “Trans activists call for death of Milo after mention of Justin Kramer case”

  1. Tired Says:

    Humble thanks for the timestamp, if you hadn’t put it there, I wouldn’t have waded through and I wouldn’t have snorted through coffee through my nose and over my keyboard.

    I never understood how Milo got so popular (and couldn’t stomach watching his videos) but I can see how he could be seen as kind of charismatic to a really limited audience having watched that small snippet. (He was wearing more jewellery than Justin)

    This is fascinating stuff, are we watching the official split between MRAs and transactivists? If they turn on each other, they might leave us alone for a while at least. while I can understand Justin’s humiliation as a member of the audience (anyone would be devastated, especially if they had truly believed the MRA were 100% behind them), the comedic value of Milo stating he would almost bang him and that he was just a bloke in a dress was awesome. Especially as Milo specifically made it clear that Justin had *forced* himself into female spaces. It seemed a step too far even for Milo.

    I don’t wish anyone pain. But if the Justin’s of the world truly believed MRA’s were behind them (excuse the pun) it’s a timely wakeup call.

    Thanks for all you do Gallus. This is Comedy Gold.

  2. Lisa Mullin Says:

    You do know that Milo hates women, especially lesbians and feminists…. and in his ‘tour;’ he has done the same thing to cis women.

    He states lesbians do not exist. [link broken-GM]

    ”just needing a good dicking”….”I don’t entirely believe in lesbians”…”there are a tiny minority …who will never ever see a penis, more out of lack of options than preference”.

    ”I don’t believe in lesbians”.

    ” If you take up the lesbian lifestyle you are much more likely to get hit, get incarcerated, get fat and get poor and you are probably going to be really unhappy”.

    Is your hatred of trans women so great that you support someone that hates all women?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t hate anyone you freak. And where do you see “support” for Milo? You’re living in a fantasy world sir.

      • LC Says:

        I don’t support Milo, and it’s disturbing that he’d count not threatening someone with death(or just reporting that it happened?) as “support.”

    • Tired Says:

      No-one here supports Milo. No-one ever has.

      Why don’t you go and have a crack at him seeing you are so civic minded? Why have a crack at ‘lesbians and feminists’ as you so elegantly put it. If you are angry with what milo has said then take it up with him. I’d be especially grateful if you could make sure you take him up on the ‘lesbians and feminists’ shit he gets so wrong rather than railing at actual lesbians and feminists. You are sending your anger at the targets of Milo’s hate rather than him, who actually says this shit.

    • Trish Says:

      Really? Milo hates women? I know he’s not fond of lesbians, but I’ve watched many of the videos of his current tour, and he states not infrequently that he loves women (he may disagree with feminists about what would make a woman happy, but that is not the same thing as hating women)

      • Leo Says:

        Um, you don’t think hating lesbians and making those kind of comments is quite woman hating enough on its own? Misogynistic men have ALWAYS disagreed with women about what would make us happy. Funnily enough, they tend to claim it just so happens to be the patriarchy-approved role that would make us happy, as though we’re not actual individual people who might have an opinion about that but are just there to provide womanly love and sex and babies for dudes. That IS woman hating.

        And they always say they love women, too.

        @ Gallus, lol, I’m definitely hoping both cocks lose in this particular cockfight!

      • Nina Says:

        @Leo yeah, let the trans activists and other MRAs burn each other out, then maybe there will be room in the world for women again. I can dream anyway. 🙂

      • Lisa Mullin Says:

        He has stated that women are inferior to men, there should be no contraception at all, that women should not work, just be housewives and have babies, seems pretty against women to me:

        “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”
        “…you will be faced with a woman who has spent the last half-decade not learning how to deal with the Twilight Zone insanity endemic to the female brain.”
        ” Now, you may be asking what I would have women replace the Pill with, since it’s obviously so awful. Condoms? Vasectomies? The answer is: nothing. We need the kids if we’re to breed enough to keep the Muslim invaders at bay.”

        And “In terms of female happiness, women’s liberation was probably a mistake, and it was a mistake driven by technology that was, of course, invented by men”

        ”The role of the housewife has been thoroughly and ritually humiliated by successive waves of feminism — as if raising well-adjusted children, keeping a beautiful home and marrying a loving husband is worthy of derision and ridicule. In fact, it’s one of the most important things a woman can do with her life and may be one of the only things women can actually do better than men.”

        Sometimes the ‘enemy of my enemy ‘ is also ‘my enemy too’.

        Notice, in the youtube link I posted above, he berated that women who had been complimentary to him and identified as a dyke. He then went into his horrible rant about how non-existent and/or horrible lesbians are. How do you think she felt, pretty terrible I’ll bet.

        Now as far as I am concerned anyone that attacks any LGBTI people and/or women is beyond the pale and an enemy. Our real enemies (like the ‘religious right’, etc) don’t differentiate between us, they hate us all and we are all targets of that.

      • GallusMag Says:

        YOU attack women, sir. I see very little distinction between you and Milo.

      • Lisa Mullin Says:

        I must admit to struggling to understand that comment, since I am the one criticising Milo for his attacks on women in general and lesbians particularly.

        I’d argue that there is an ocean in difference between myself and him. He attacks women I defend them, he attacks lesbians I defend them, he attacks feminists and I defend them. So I am not sure where the similarities are.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re a man in his sixties who decided last year that he was “a woman” because it pleasures you to pantomime the offensive sex-based stereotypes that men inflict on women. You monitor and surveil women, particularly lesbians and feminists, in order to attack, badger, and implicitly threaten us for not pretending that we believe you are female. You support and lobby for the medical sterilization of pre-pubertal children who fail to perform sex-stereotypes, many of whom are pre-gay and lesbian. You follow lesbians around accusing us of hate speech against heterosexual men like yourself, leaving tone-deaf comments by the dozen which fail to respond to any of the actual women commenting, as if you are off in your own little fantasy world, your own little kingdom where you have been waited on and serviced by women your entire life through multiple marriages and educational and career opportunities not available to women. You claim to “defend women” while demanding that no such thing as female human beings exist. You claim to “defend lesbians” while demanding that we service you by pretending that aging heterosexual crossdressing men like yourself are female homosexuals, because the idea of forcing women to service you in this way excites you. You are a man who actively harasses women, feminists, and lesbians. Instead of staying in your own little fantasy world (like Milo) you devote your time to protesting and disrupting lesbian and feminist speech and women’s conversations in the spaces we have created to be free from men like yourself, at the same time accusing us of hate for not centering your male porn fantasies. Through all this behavior you somehow claim to remain unaware of all the women telling you repeatedly that your behavior is harmful and offensive, presumably because you are incapable of listening when we speak and hear only your own all-important male voice.
        If you correct all these aberrant behaviors you will be permitted to return to GenderTrender as a commenter after you have first stated your apology widely and publicly across male/transgender spaces. See you then.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      The best thing to do regarding Milo Y is to ignore him on his campus tours if indeed a campus is dumb enough to have him. At this point, they honestly should know better, but if case they don’t, the thing he really wants are protests and attention, as he brings camera crews along and they take videos of students to shame them.

      That being said on this particular site, the focus was on this drama monarch, who refers to the violence of rape and the “violence” of MisGendering. This kind of craycray feeds the Milo Machine.

      We understand Milo Y is an asshole. Don’t go see him and don’t support nutcases like the one who goes to see that asshole, knowing he is an asshole, then complains about suicide because of the asshole, begging for his OWN attention-seeking drama.

  3. Tired Says:

    Also, Justin has gone spewing that he knew that Milo was anti female (seeing himself as a female) and racist but had not expected to be personally targeted in the speech. I agree being personally targeted is gonna hurt a shitload, but the bit Justin fails completely on is that if women know they are even generically going to be targeted, they might protest outside, some may protest inside, but none will expect support from an MRA. Most will just stay away. And all of the women who are protesting will understand they will BE a target, just for being there.

    You could not get a clearer male white privilege whine on AVFM.

    • Leo Says:

      So much this, there’s just no real class identification there, which there would be from any politically engaged actual woman.

      His rant is telling, too. It’s one thing to say ‘you can’t fully understand what sex dysphoria is like if you haven’t experienced it’, because that’s more specific, but when the stuff he’s talking about is by no means specific to being transgender it just makes him seem self-absorbed and as though he thinks he’s the only person in the world with any problems, or that his count more (because he’s a dude). Women can experience suicidal ideation (yup. Hence why I don’t feel too bad about calling out his lack of perspective here), not be able to access real medical care they actually do need (yup), not merely think they need, women can fear being outed and worry for their physical safety, and they can be in actual danger regardless of whether they’ve taken all the steps they could think of to try to avoid it (such as maybe considering not going to a meeting of men who hate them, because that situation would seem automatically threatening).

  4. Hedda Gabler Says:

    Justin and Milo. Two faces of the same ugly coin.

    • GallusMag Says:

      No our man friend Mr. Lisa Mullin says we have to support one of them.

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        Why not both then? I feel really generous today, so I fully support both Milo’s and Justin’s right to be held to account for the inflammatory, whiny, self important drivel they both spout.

        I think that is quite fair.

      • This is so true. They have the right to talk shite and we have the right to tell them and everyone else they are full of shite. Safe spaces just leaves you unprepared.

      • southwest88 Says:

        Well, I gave Mister Mullin’s demand that I side with one man or the other some thought. And I have decided that in this cockfight, Milo is the rooster I am backing because at least I am not going to run into Milo waving his dick at me in a women’s locker room. Also, Justin’s delusions that he “passes” in any way are just really really really creepy.

  5. anomie Says:

    Not that Milo’s death would be a particularly great loss for humanity, but I guess it’s not very surprising that the calls to “no-platform” him only seem to be taken seriously when they emanate from individuals with Y chromosomes (and are mixed in with death threats) despite the fact that his primary targets are individuals without such chromosomes.

    • Tired Says:

      The chancellor’s reply made it abundantly clear that while he supported free speech (against women), he was not quite so cool about that when trans were involved. he didn’t quite no platform Milo (he didn’t even raise it at all when Milo was an MRA) but he made it pretty clear, Milo’s speech against trans (the whole 4 ish mins in a 2.5 hr speech) were no platform worthy while ignoring the rest of the speech against women he didn’t comment on at all. (there were some vague allusions to some random protests first that he had refused to bow down to – ie women) you should be proud, you no platform man Mr Chancellor, is Julie Bindel speaking next week?

      He tried to proved he would not submit to the ‘no platform’ crowd (well the women ones anyway) while giving Justin a metaphorical blow job after the shit hit the fan.

      Just another day in paradise.

      • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

        This is it, right? I mean this is it, right here. Free speech is difficult and fraught and “complicated” and blah blah blah when it comes to bashing anybody else, but beautiful and glorious and how dare you stand in its way when it comes to bashing women.

        I just had to talk to my kid’s school about girl-bashing talk. They are against it, but in that “we discourage it but what you can you do?” way. If children at the school were saying non-white kids couldn’t sit with them, or couldn’t play soccer, or they didn’t like having them as friends, teachers and administrators would flip out instantly.

      • Nina Says:

        Nobody cares about misogyny anymore, it is passe. If a woman doesn’t like being treated the way women have always been treated, she should just start using they/them pronouns. Any violence or abuse received by women because they are women is therefore completely “opt-in” and voluntary (she was asking for it). An exception is made if that woman is trans because … oh dear I think the pomo logic train just fell off the rails again.

    • Trish Says:

      I don’t think anyone should be “no platformed”. Refusing someone their first amendment right to speak is not the same thing as taking seriously what they say.

      Think of this old saying, “Give him enough rope to hang himself”. One of the forms that “rope” can take is letting the person keep talking, so everyone can see what that person really believes and where the person’s logic falls apart.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        No one is stopping this guy from speaking so his first amendment rights are intact.

        That doesn’t mean he needs to be invited.

        I would have agreed with you until recently when I learned more about this guy on his campus tours. They draw far right wing guys from many miles away to college campuses, who hang horrible posters around campus, and harass faculty.

        This is not intellectual pursuit, and this is not for the benefit of the students. This is a traveling shitshow.

      • anomie Says:

        I’m honestly a big believer in criminalising hate speech. I feel like 2016 has shown us that granting racists, sexists, fascists etc any kind of legitimacy (a) allows them to shift the terms of discourse in their favour, to the point of making truth and facts irrelevant, and (b) increases their popularity massively. Most people, unfortunately, do not operate on logic. If Milo and his supporters faced fines or jail time for the woman-hating MRA rhetoric, harassment and baiting they engage in, that would go a much longer way towards ensuring their ideas are no longer taken seriously.

        62+ million Americans voted for a white supremacist sexual predator whose racist and sexist views are a matter of public record and who has successfully convinced a major political party to abandon facts and logic altogether. I’m not sure when enough rope is enough, but I would have assumed a lot less than that. 😛

        Ofc the risk of criminalising hate speech is that people will try to equate inciting violence or whatever with, say, referring to someone by the wrong pronoun, so that’s something to stay vigilant for. But “freedom of speech” was never meant to be an absolute.

        /tangent, sorry GM lol

      • sellmaeth Says:

        He should not be invited by anyone, much less any organisation that is paid for and/or in other ways supported by women. (Keep in mind, 50% of the population are women)

        Yeah, I am all for his right to talk to his misogynist buddies about how much he hates women, but why subject large crowds of people to this shit?

      • Relieved Says:

        @anomie – Don’t misinterpret this as an attack on you personally because it is not meant so and I admire your passion, however, it’s a bit disingenuous to argue for arresting people for unpopular speech on a blog that is literally on several lists of anti-trans hate speech promoters.

        By your standards we wouldn’t even have this blog or GM because she would have already been arrested. Anyone who reads this blog knows GM is a reporter and fact slinger and not a hater, but that doesn’t mean that trans-activists would love to see us all branded hate criminals for even daring discuss the transgender trend in a less than laudatory way.

        The concept of hate speech is a slippery slope in America because who defines the terms? Would you want Trump defining the terms and all of us being considered hate criminals for dissing men or the orange one himself? Or to be considered a hate criminal for pointing out Republican’s scummy behavior?

        If we start prosecuting hate speech here, anti-trans rhetoric will for sure be on the list and we will all be hate criminals for simply talking about how trans affects women. The current hate crime laws in place are sufficient to cover most incidents, however if we start criminalizing speech we will end up in a situation where the people who get to define hate speech have all the power and it can be used to silence political enemies instead of protect people from physical acts of violence inspired by hate as intended.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        @thisismeandonlyme (4:08am) –thank you; I’d like to quote your whole post for truth. A number of extreme right-wingers (and left-wingers, too, to be fair) take advantage of the “free-speech” culture on some campus to engage in behavior that’s much closer to intimidation and harassment of individuals than to any kind of exchange of ideas. I think there will be more of this soon. During the Bush years, I noticed an uptick in anti-gay harassment masquerading as free speech on and around my local, ULTRA-liberal university campus. Some of this came from out-of-town right wing groups taking their act on the road. In other cases, local homophobes felt emboldened to come out of the woodwork. Often, the only people with a clear, rational response to this were the campus and city police, who were willing to recognize when this behavior crossed the line from speech to disturbing the peace and protect the rights of those targeted. Unfortunately, many of the students currently trying to organize to protest the uglier forms of Trumpism have decided that the police are always the enemy, and are lobbying the university to make it more difficult for them to do their jobs.

  6. katelyn Oconner Says:

    You could at least when your reporting a story get the pronouns correct she and her are the correct pronouns when referring to a transwomen.

    Katelyn O’Conner

    • Tired Says:

      Or you could just take your complaints to Milo who was the person who stirred this stuff up in the first place. Why blame third parties for a fight between other people who are just watching on. (And eating delicious popcorn)

    • SkepticalMom Says:

      No, for men, correct pronoun usage is “he” not “she.” While I’m at it, your statement above should use the contraction “you’re” (you are), not the possessive “your.”

    • kesher Says:

      Justin is a man in a dress. Don’t like it? Go back to your trans hugbox where everyone lies to you by telling you you’re a woman.

    • juno Says:

      When dude stops waving his penis in the girl’s changing room I might consider the honorarium of ‘she’ and ‘her’.

      Or is penis-waving an acceptable female pasttime in your neck of the woods?

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      You are kidding right?

    • Nina Says:

      Preferred pronouns are a courtesy. The idea that women should be courteous to those who directly advocate for policies that support violence against women would be laughable if it weren’t so predictable and misogynistic. Women must always turn the other cheek and play the good hostess, right? Modern trans activism is about destroying sex-based protections for women and sexually-harassing lesbians. Maybe the trans activists can have their pronouns back when they start treating women like human beings again, and issue a long-overdue apology.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “transwomen” are men and all sane people know this. It’s he, him, his for you you stupid useless prick.

    • JParle011317 Says:

      You could at least, when YOU’RE lecturing someone about proper pronoun use, take a minute to check YOUR own damn pronouns. Respect isn’t something that can be demanded, especially from people like Lisa or Adelaide who give none.

  7. dejavublonde Says:

    So, to these idiots ‘outing trans people’ means ‘mentioning someone who has had, willingly, newspaper articles about them recently- with pictures’?

    And if there was any doubt about dude being batshit crazy (crazy eyes much?), that EIGHT PAGE screeching screed is confirmation that I don’t want to be caught anywhere alone with him.

    Lastly (for now), the utter hypocrisy of him saying that this was hate speech and shouldn’t be allowed when you know DAMN well that if Milo was a woman and there had been a different audience he would have been screaming death threats.

  8. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Milo is a fucking hypocrite and an asshole. When a woman dares call out the problems with trans activism, she gets called an evil TERF. But apparently, only male assholes like Milo are allowed to not only critique it, but make the typical aggressive comments and gestures that only a male would do. Not that I think we should be doing that at all, but you get my point. Both Milo and Justin are assholes and creeps! The latter especially! The trans activists are making all kinds of enemies that seem to temporarily unite most groups that would be at each other’s throats most of the time.

    First, there were signs of more of our sisters waking up with more women reaching peak trans. Then the detransitioners. Now this?

  9. LC Says:

    I don’t understand how people can read things like that and not realize that this man has some untreated mental illnesses. I would almost feel sorry for him(or pity), except that the current popular opinion is that mentally ill men are identical to women, wtf. I gather that he was so offended by the anti-dick rules that he did not gain any further access to the locker room, I hope?

    I don’t think he has to worry about being identified by Milo’s crowd, though. You got this, dude. Totally passing. I mean, he’s got a purse.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      “the current popular opinion is that mentally ill men are identical to women”

      Thank you!

      It is incredibly offensive that men as sick as this one will be “better” as a woman, because women can make crazy blend in better.

      Fuck that.

    • Garnit Says:

      I’d feel sorry for him were it not for the fact that he insists on flapping his dick and testes around in woman’s change rooms.

      He was not offended enough by the rules to stay out of the locker room.

    • Prozac Says:

      I agree. He’s clearly in a very distressed state and not mentally well at all. It’s a shame his behaviour is written off as the rigors of being a transwoman, for he is not getting help he desperately needs. The paranoia and delusion regarding passing alone is troubling WITHOUT the 8 page, supremely paranoid and melodramatic rant emailed to 500 people.

      From a December 9th article:

      “In the meantime, she continues to develop as a woman. She’s practicing applying lipstick and noticing men admiring her quick-wittedness, her smarts – and her ice blue, deep set eyes.”

      Call me “Autogynephile”.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Apparently Twitter has suspended my 5 year account over this post. With no notification.

    • hearthrising Says:

      I notice that the person you screen captured calling for Milo’s murder still has their account up.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      They seem to be censoring anyone who doesn’t agree with the neoliberal order.

    • Trish Says:

      That is so ridiculous.

      Notice how since Twitter decided to curate which ideas could and could not be expressed on the platform, the number and type of opinions that get a user ban keeps increasing, and that Twitter’s stock price is tanking

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      This goes to show, nce again…the overwhelming majority of t activists, and their handlers/toadies are not capable of understanding what free speech means. Let alone, legitimate criticism or pointing out, how Orwsellian, via Goebbels their overall cause is.

      Not everyone is like that, those who are not…they are drowned out by those who enable the insanity towards those the rest wish to emulate. There is payback coming for these who wish to act like fascists…and it will be akin to what they are doing…..only worse.

    • Widdershins Says:

      Heh … you must be doing something right. 🙂

    • juno Says:

      Perhaps one of the mods there carries the same purse.

    • kesher Says:

      Yiannopolous was banned from Twitter a month or two ago, I believe because he was blamed for his fans harassing Leslie Jones with sexist and racist speech and imagery. (I didn’t follow the incident closely enough to get an idea if he was actually guilty of inciting them or not.) I’ll bet that an M2T apologist for Mr. Justin Kramer informed Twitter of your crime of “associating” with Yiannopoulos, and that was enough to suspend your account.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      I am sorry for that 😦

    • michelle Says:

      They like to do the no notice thing late in a week…mine was suspended when Daryl got his tranny band to whine about me. That was on a Thursday or Friday. I overnighted a letter to their legal department late on a Saturday that was received on Monday that addressed the lack of response from their support staff. I also outlined the issues inherent in the lack of transparency as a publicly traded company and had some other SEC-related language. I was active again by Monday evening if I remember correctly…

      You have the email addy…let me know if you need me to try and dig it up to use as a template…

  11. hearthrising Says:

    Of all the stupid terrible things trans activists have done, performing activism that makes Milo look like a reasonable person and a victim has to be one of the worst. If I were a Breitbart conspiracy nut I’d almost think Milo was pulling the puppet strings here.

  12. Medi Says:

    UWM wow, and he totally looks like a man all the time, NO PASSING, there guys are truly deluded. This exposes trans and MRAs as equally woman hating, lesbian hating, and horrifying in their entitlement. Free speech, yeah, I’m waiting for them to invite Julie Bindel to speak next? Suffocating because I’ll be holding my breath forever LOL

    • Bea Says:

      What these guys think of as “passing” and getting “checked out by guys” is really just other dudes (who aren’t socialized to always be polite) staring at these linebackers with boobs like the freaks of nature they are.

  13. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Goodness, predatory sexual voyeurs really don’t like people pointing out they are predatory sexual voyeurs, do they? All that stuff about feeling violated and threatened by speech, and yet zero acknowledgement of how women might feel about being obliged to strip and shower in front of men getting their autogynephile jollies.

    The most telling thing about all this is how hateful Milo got to speak. Had he been a mildly gender-critical or sex-work-critical woman, he would have been no-platformed or drowned out by protestors.

    • jane Says:

      lol. well he is aware of radical feminism at least.

      …sometimes I truly feel I live in bizarro world.

    • Tired Says:

      Holy Mother of Goddess, hasn’t the super moon been kind this week. I’ve ran out of popcorn and I’m into the Nachos. 1st Julian Assange having a meltdown cos the cops ‘leaked’ info on him in relation to his sexual assault allegations, and now this.

      Feminist icon? err, no. A wee bit premature there laddie.

      The times they are a changing indeed. He’s not just jumped the shark, he’s climbed the mountain too.

      I’m fascinated where this will end up

  14. ephemeroptera Says:

    I keep wondering if he wears that purse in the locker room when he’s changing…

    Maybe some UWM women will get lucky and it shifts and covers his junk.

  15. What does he think passing as? Surely not a woman.

  16. Margie Says:

    I can’t stand Milo but there’s no disputing that he is a master troll and excels at bringing out the worst in trans activists for the world to see. He also is doing some good by educating a mass audience of young straight folks that LGB is most certainly not to be equated with T.

    Anyway, that Justin Kramer rant was delightfully entertaining! Especially the part where he repeatedly claims to “pass.” How many times does he say that? It’s almost as if making us believe that is as important as the rest of the story.

  17. Nina Says:

    I find it interesting to note that, for all the howling trans activists do about how human sexual dimorphism doesn’t exist, they still understand, at least theoretically, the concept of passing versus not passing. What’s a “male feature”, Justin? Were they doing genital checks at the door? I thought that was the only way a trans activist could tell a man from a woman. 🙂

  18. OldPolarBear Says:

    OT, just letting you know GM about this post by Meghan Murphy on NatGeo’s “gender issue,” apologies if you already saw it:

  19. Keisha Says:

    Also like to know womens thoughts on the national geo ‘gender’ two covers.

  20. How did he out anyone? You can clearly see that’s a man pretending to be a woman.

  21. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    So Justin demands government enforced rape culture in schools.

    “I have never, ever, ever been more terrified in my life of being outed.”
    I’d be surprised if anyone ever mistook him for a woman. Must’ve been dark and noisy.

  22. Justine chose to make a public spectacle of himself when he trampled on the privacy rights of female students by demanding access to the women’s locker room. He is surely delusional if he thinks he “passes” as a woman whatever that is supposed to mean. Milo might be an arrogant sexist ass at times, but he isn’t blind. Justine is a man in a dress, and Milo calls it as he sees it.

    Poor Justine complains about the “interim policy” that says that he had to cover his penis when using the women’s locker room. This sentence makes it clear that he had no intention of following the interim rule that says that he had to cover his male genitals when he was in the women’s locker room. He says,

    “And even then, you insisted I follow special restrictions (which by the way, I long, long, long ago disregarded. You’re in another fucking world if you think I’d submit to that bullshit.) ”

    It sure sounds like this arrogant deranged man thinks he has an actual right to expose his dick to female students. Notice where he states, “which by the way, I long, long, long ago disregarded.”

    Telling males to cover up their male genitals when using a women’s locker room is a “body-shaming lecture”. How female students feel is of no concern to Justine.

    “If someone who appears trans wants to use the facility, you’ll have them yanked aside and given a body-shaming lecture where they are told they must always cover up in a locker room…a fucking locker room where undressing is expected…fuck you really are backwards. It’s apparent our bodies will never be acceptable to you…”

    Males shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room in the first place. UW should have said no the very first time Justine invaded the women’s locker room. Let him whine, pout, and throw a childish temper tantrum. As I understand it, UW said stay out of the women’s locker room in the beginning. Then, they came up with an “interim rule” that said said that he could use the women’s locker room, but make sure to cover the male genitals. No, this wasn’t good enough for Justine. To hell with poor little Justine. UW should have stood firm when they told him to stay out of the women’s locker room. Trying to accommodate delusional narcissistic males like Justine only encourages them more. The more they are coddled, the crazier and more demanding they become.

    I read the email that was posted on the link. His email to the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee was both frightening and hilarious all at the same time. I was laughing, but I was also thinking to myself that the person typing this three page email to the chancellor sure seems more than a tad unhinged and unstable. Justine really has some serious anger issues. I can’t see him ever being accepted at another UW campus. He starts off with “Go fuck yourself” in all caps no less. This is how he addresses the chancellor. Gallus, I apologize for using the “F” word. Not “Dear Chancellor”, but right off the bat, he says to the chancellor, “Go fu## yourself” in caps. I bet crazy Justine broke the record for the most times the “F word” was used in an email, and this was an email to the Chancellor of UW. Every other sentence is fu## or asshole. He called the chancellor a “cowardly piece of shit, and goes on to say, “shitheads like you…” Chancellor, “just fu## you”. What rational person would send a three page rant like this to the chancellor? Justine isn’t playing with a full deck.

    Justine is a man with some serious mental health issues. In the email to the UW chancellor, he says,

    “You will also never know what it’s like wanting to die every day, you don’t know what it’s like attempting suicide multiple times, you don’t know what it’s like looking down 20 stories to a concrete ground and being an inch away from plummeting to death, you don’t know what it’s like putting your neck on a railroad track, only to chicken out right before the train got there and cursing yourself for not going through with it, (to your fucking bullshit police, no I am not suicidal right now but you fucks will try and twist past-tense into present. you pretentious assholes), you don’t know what it’s like to look in the mirror every goddamn morning and see a face you don’t recognize…”

    At the end of his insane ranting he says, “I’m never going to return to your goddamn campus again. Ever. Goodbye bitches”. I’m sure the chancellor and a lot of students are celebrating. If he shows up on campus, someone should call campus security. People might want to keep crazy Justine away from the Chancellor’s office.

  23. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Finally slogged through the 8 page email. Wondering if Milo doubted Kramer was silly enough to show up, or if Milo did a preemptive Trigglypuff strike just in case.

    If the event was too upsetting, it could probably be watched online. I’ve walked out of a few movies. I didn’t try to shut the theater down. I probably wrote a comment somewhere about what I didn’t like, and maybe somebody agreed or disagreed.

    Saw some articles presenting Kramer as an articulate hero. Should have been titled: “Irrational ManBaby Discovers Universe Doesn’t Revolve Around Him, Throws Epic Tantrum”.

    “Not free speech”? —
    I could see complaints about Milo singling out a student as an example, but the student made himself a local celebrity by making irrational demands.
    Don’t John Oliver and Samantha Bee get paid to single people out for criticism and harassment on TV? I can imagine them doing something virtually identical (to someone else). Bee is angry that there are white people in Britain. Change the channel.

    Milo’s not a student chasing Kramer around campus. He’s on a stage speaking about Kramer thrusting himself into local news.

    News video from earlier this year:

    “recognize me, point me out, and incite the mob of the room against me” —
    Wondering how many students knew of Kramer, recognized him immediately, and politely overlooked him.

    “I couldn’t change clothing in (men’s area) now either because I have breasts” —
    They have a rule against gynecomastia? That is a bit odd.

    “a fucking locker room where undressing is expected” —
    But not a locker room where a dick parade is expected.

    “people who wear a safety pin” —
    It’s a silent signal that’s supposed to prevent escalation.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      And I don’t understand how Milo “outed” Kramer. Milo showed a screenshot of Kramer OUTING HIMSELF on television news months earlier, and according to Kramer the picture doesn’t even look like him.

      And I’ve seen rowdier crowds than this on televangelist broadcasts. I think this crowds calmness was making Milo insecure.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    This is the woman claiming responsibility for my permanent Twitter ban:

    Feyrah is one of the group of anti-lesbian @AfterEllen posters who destroyed the site by mass-reporting lesbian participants for expressing a sexual orientation that “excluded” heterosexual men. They went on to harass the new lesbian editor of AfterEllen off of Twitter because she had stated that lesbians were female homosexuals, not heterosexual males who claim to have “female brains”.

    When I critiqued the anti-lesbian AfterEllen group for censorship against lesbians they targeted me in the identical way, causing my account to be temporarily suspended. I was reinstated after deleting a comment which described a “Queer” anti-lesbian tweeter with the term “Homophobe”, which was considered censorable by Twitter:

    After Twitter demanded I delete the tweet calling an anti-lesbian person a “homophobe”, and I complied, my account was reinstated.

    However I continued to be critical of the group of anti-lesbian @AfterEllen homophobes who destroyed the site by continued mass-reporting of lesbianism as offensive to men and the “queer” women who love them. I did a whole thread about them which has been censored now. @Feyrah and friends- the same folks which destroyed AfterEllen with an ongoing deluge of complaints against lesbians claiming we commit hate crimes against heterosexual males by excluding them from lesbian spaces- conducted the same targeted reporting campaign against me that I was criticizing them for doing, and joined in by men (“male lesbians”) and the influential homophobic folks cited in this post, this time they succeeded in having me banned from Twitter by sheer volume.

    Very interesting that @Feyrah and company were successful in censoring me from public speech when the men by themselves had failed after five years. @Feyrah’s AfterEllen group did so by claiming authority as anti-lesbian “queer” women partnered with men who view female homosexuality and lesbian spaces as discriminatory against males and against themselves as women who love men.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Maybe it’s a “problem” that lesbians and feminists have been so tolerant to discourse around sexuality and gender. If we had been mashing the “report” button on homophobes and sexists en masse the way men and the women who love them do, maybe things would be better for us? We hate the idea of censorship but the homophobes and sexists are censoring us left and right.
      Organized anti-lesbian groups like @Feyrah’s are successfully destroying lesbian spaces like @AfterEllen, and my own long term Twitter account, censoring 5 years of my posts.

  25. Milliemeter Says:

    So, as my memories are fading away, my childhood nightmares are coming backup, and thought I’d share something.

    I guess I was in first grade, and I told my mom I wanted to learn the patton, I didn’t see why it would be a problem. She responded in a way, that didn’t seem to shocked and kind of annoyed, and said without hesitation, “That’s something that boys don’t normally do.”.

    Now I can’t remember if this was before, or after I started wondering if I was a girl, but I guess my mom couldn’t even accept me as being remotely gay. I guess, after that I just stopped caring about everything. Even when my mother, spanked me over 250 times, (quite a few times btw), I couldn’t cry because I felt so numb, and would beat me more sometimes, because I wouldn’t cry.

    After that day, it felt like everything she did was to tear me down. I started growing out my hair, and was going to get one of my ears pierced, and had a boys gold chain. And shortly later, she joined that church, and I had to cut my hair, and never got my ear pierced, and gave my chain to my female cousin.

    I also dealt with a lot of internalized homophobia, and transphobia. I’m not even sure, when I realized I liked straight boys, and wanted to, you know. my whole life was a lie, and it was in part from my creator, my MOTHER!!!

    And she just shrugges it off, and just says “She raised us to the best of her abilities at that time.”. Sooooo?

    I have this new hatred towards my mother. I know that is a bad thing to have, but she did something to a child. And because of it, I never became an adult, I just became an adult sized kid, physically, and mentally.

    I’ve hated the transgender movement, ever since I was in high school. That was when I learned about hetrosexual transsexuals. They claimed they where “women”, but their mannerisms, and looks said something else. And transgender people are trying to destroy gay culture, and are acting like they know what it’s like to be known as gay.

    I’ve had my sexual orientation questioned many times as a teenager, at work. I never showed any interest in boys or girls, and was treated very poorly even as I got older. I do believe transsexualism does have it’s place, but it should be a last resort.

    Anyways, thank you for reading this, and even if you don’t post it, I hope you know I love your work on this blog, and I hope you, and your patrons never stop posting!!!

    • JParle011317 Says:

      I am so sorry you were made to feel that way by your mom. I am sure you have people who tell you “oh she’s your mother, you don’t really mean it” but toxic behavior poisons your whole life, your whole way of looking at things. It makes you suspicious and overly defensive. It’s very hard to trust anyone when your own parent has bullied you.

      Sometimes people cannot see the difference between doing things right and doing What’s right. So many so called Christians forget Jesus’ one and only commandment to treat each other kindly Especially children.

      Give yourself permission to be angry about how you were treated, because it Was shitty treatment. Give yourself permission to be attracted or not attracted to other people, and tell anyone questioning it it’s not their business, but also maybe give people a chance at being a friend. And maybe, just for fun, give yourself permission to buy a chain and pierce your ears.

  26. J Says:

    Milo cares more about women than any of you feminists. Feminism is a joke . It has failed protecting women from men . Trans people are taking away women’s right to safely use a restroom or locker room . Also Sweden is now rape capital of the Western world. If I ever wanted to fail my daughter I would raise her as a feminist.

    • Medi Says:

      Women getting the right to vote? Hmmm, in many countries all over the world, because of an international movement…hmmm, women now are half the grads of American medical and law schools because…ahem MEN made such a stink about women not being allowed into the schools? Several women on the Supreme Court, RBG, because hmmm, some mysterious political movement that made the bold statement that women were actually human beings….. ah the mysteries of activism and freedom movements…. J you’re the man, I give you an F minus in history.

    • kesher Says:

      You must be new here.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      How refreshing–a bunch of men presuming to decide for us whether men in dresses should be allowed into our private spaces. The only real difference I could see between Milo Y. and the other panelists is that he’s a flamboyant, alt-right sexist jerk rather than a covert, liberal misogynist and that he happens to be correct on this one issue. Adulthood means you occasionally agree with someone you despise.

      I’m tired of liberals equating resistance to men in our locker rooms with denial of basic civil rights to lesbian and gay people, and I’m not even LGBT. The equivalent of what transwomen are expecting would be if lesbian women and gay men demanded the right to coerce straight people into relationships, and I’ve heard no one outside the transgender crowd pushing for that.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Let alone liberals…not all, but many who try to say that the issues of those who are black, hispanic or of color otherwise are similar to those who are t. If we were honest, every logical thinking person out there would see this false equivalency as bullshit, being made up by some to usurp the rights of others. Then after this absorption, the aforementioned minorities are dismissed.

        That is, unless as some will attest…the melanin deprived t person wants to fuck….emotionally and physically…the person of color.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @rheapdx1–I’ve heard all that crap, too. Pro-trans liberals I know have even claimed that asking transwomen to use male facilities is the same as “separate but equal.” But that’s exactly what male and female facilities are supposed to be, right? Funny how transwomen weren’t clamoring to be allowed into womanhood when women’s lives–not to mention ribcages or feet–were more constricted than they are today. And I’ve also noticed that people of color are mentioned as a rhetorical device or for virtue signaling by a lot of people on the left.

        Another thing annoying me lately is that “born this way” only seems to apply to trans people. I mean, transwomen are allowed to claim they have an inborn female gender identity before which we should bow down while demanding that lesbians question their own inherent lack of attraction to men–because gender is biological, biological sex is a social construct, and understanding reproductive biology is transphobic. WTF? (We really need more schools to teach both sex ed. and logic.)

  27. Update on Milo:

    Gallus, I know that you take the credibility of this blog seriously. I don’t want people to get the impression that people on this blog support Milo and everything he says and does. As to Justin, he chose to make a public spectacle of himself when he entered the women’s locker room. Justin clearly looks male, and he doesn’t belong in the women’s locker room.

    Milo was enjoying all the right wing attention and praise until a video surfaced of him all but excusing pedophiles. See link below. Milo’s anti-feminist rants are more misogynistic than things that come out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh. In some videos, Milo says that lesbians really don’t exist. His xenophobic anti-Muslim statements and his anti-feminist comments create chaos every where he goes.

    Milo deliberately provokes people, and then runs to the media. Then, for attention and publicity, he says the left is attacking him and free speech. It’s all a game, and he was a right wing tool until the video surfaced of him appearing to defend pedophiles.

    Before and during his tour of US colleges and universities, he seemed to create chaos everywhere he went as he deliberately provoked people. Milo just has the ability to pick the one thing that he knows will hurt the other person the most. For example, after he was cancelled at UC Davis last month, Milo and his followers had to show up on campus the next day to reenact the 2011 pepper spray incident using harmless silly string. He even posted his video on youtube, and some of his followers can be heard laughing and saying “Dirty hippies, go back to Cuba”. The 2011 pepper spray incident had nothing to do with Milo, so why did he show up the next day and do his little reenactment? He picked the one thing that he knew would upset people. The students who were pepper sprayed in 2011 experienced excruciating pain. The former chancellor resigned. This is a very painful part of the history of UC Davis. Watch the 2011 pepper spray video at youtube, and then watch Milo mocking them. After he craps on UC Davis and the peaceful students sitting on the ground who were pepper sprayed directly in the face, it’s off to UC Berkeley. It’s all a game to this clown. Chaos follows him everywhere he goes, and he thrives on it. It’s his bread and butter, it’s a game to him. Cal Poly had to get 109 officers to keep the peace when he spoke there. All this for a man who isn’t even a US citizen.

    People knew that his speech at UC Berkeley would cause chaos. Several sources say that the violence at UC Berkeley was caused by outside Black Bloc agitators not actual students. In usual Milo fashion, he quickly ran to the media to say liberals were attacking his free speech.

    Milo was banned from Twitter for some rather nasty and vicious comments directed towards the black actress Leslie Jones. Leslie Jones was portrayed as an ape, and that was some of the nicer tweets.

    I would never pay to see Milo.

    It looks like Milo might have lost his book deal after a video surfaced with Milo defending pedophiles. He actually seems to defend the Catholic priest who molested him when he was a teenage boy. No where in this video does he come out and say it was wrong and illegal. I’m assuming that this is the video that sparked the controversy.

    Milo Yiannopoulos defends pedophilia and pedophiles. (*some graphic language)

    After bashing Muslims, feminists, and lesbians, Milo is no longer at Breitbart. Unfortunately, Breitbart continues.

    Thanks for letting me post an update on Milo. He was right about Justine, but that is the only thing he was right about.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Gallus, I know that you take the credibility of this blog seriously. I don’t want people to get the impression that people on this blog support Milo and everything he says and does.”

      Huh? Why on earth would they (you) think that. #fakenews

    • sarineal Says:

      But you know what most of those condemning Milo in this are rank hypocrites. These are the same lot that have called repeatedly to lower age of consent laws so that adult men can exploit children at every younger ages, the same lot that look approvingly on articles coming from paedophiles that make out they are harmless, the same lot that approve of Janet Mock promoting the sexual abuse exploitation of children in prostitution, and same lot that promote it themselves.

      Men are disgusting. Putting something up for discussion is not the same as approval, nor does it excuse the hypocrisy and vile behaviour of those targeting him even as they style themselves as taking the higher moral ground. It doesn’t even excuse his words. That’s an important distinction to make, and an important way to hold them all accountable for what they say and do.

    • anon male Says:

      I’m has happy as the next ten-thousand people that Milo is without a job but he didn’t seem to say anything that they weren’t more than happy to let Janet Mock get away with saying.

      If anything, the fact that Michelle Goldberg and co. are collecting paychecks off of all of this shows that this is really about entertainment and that at least conservatives have limits to their tribalism.

      Hell, what kind of smoking gun did it take for genderists to finally dump Hugo S. and yet they immediately had to re-write the narrative to say that it was #BLM who had his number all those years and not radical feminists — just like they’ve revised history (including articles published *today* about Milo) to say that NAMBLA never was a real thing just so lesbian feminists can’t be credited for pushing back against them.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        If I may….Mock and others of the same ilk, get away with their crap, if only due to, what has been said before from here, as well as other corners. Which is…it pays to be a crook.

        Or for that matter, pays to act in a manner which makes them more acceptable to the world at large. This is an uncomfortable for some to admit or understand. Milo in his own despicable way, exposed a sickening mind set that exists with those in gbt leadership, but seeing he is/was not an openly favored cretin, per se (fame being made due to being a troll) he is gone. But Mock et al are lionized.

        To some…if they did not see my avatar, would assume the above would be said by, let’s say a melanin deprived denizen of the midwest. This is/are issues which need universal discussion….let alone condemnation by those who know abusing and sexual exploitation of children is just dead wrong.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      After all the despicable things Milo has said about women, it’s telling that what brought him down were joking about his own experience of being abused and comments in favor of relationships between gay teenaged boys and older men. MRAs don’t receive the same opprobrium because they’re generally advocating for the exploitation of girls, and Mock strongly implies that being sexually exploited is a normal part of the female role.

      Conservatives saw Milo as a useful ally until he made objectionable statements about boys. They don’t consider this hyprocrisy, because they place a much higher value on male people, especially if they’re white, than on female people–which is why Milo’s abstract comments about relationships between men and teenaged boys bothered them so much more than his actual harassment of Leslie Jones.

  28. Medi Says:

    Harry Hay, a pioneering gay male activist defended NAMBLA, nothing new about gay male defense of pedofiles, this goes way back. I’ve heard many a gay man worship ancient Greece and the cult of man-boy love back in the good old days. Pretty sick stuff. Janet Mock yeah they need to zero in on that creep as well, so many creepy men so little time.

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