A mum’s voyage through Transtopia: A tale of love and desistance

December 17, 2016


Lily Maynard (a pseudonym) lives with her husband and their family in the UK. Her daughter, Jessie, was 15 when she first began identifying as trans.

In this post, Lily chronicles her grueling journey of self education on trans issues, and her determination to share what she learned with Jessie, who at first utterly dismissed her mother’s efforts.  But after 9 months, Jessie, now 16, eventually desisted from trans identification, and, with the support of her mother and another formerly trans-identified friend, came to recognize and embrace herself as a young woman.

Jessie adds her own observations at the end of her mother’s post.

Lily and Jessie are both available to interact with readers in the comments section of this post.

by Lily Maynard

My youngest daughter Jessie was never a ‘girly’ girl. As a small child she was often mistaken for a boy, despite her long hair, because mostly…

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7 Responses to “A mum’s voyage through Transtopia: A tale of love and desistance”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    What a beautiful story! :’) It makes me so happy seeing a mother encourage her GNC lesbian daughter to just be herself and not have to identify as anything other than female. I hope this kind of love becomes widespread.

  2. Lily M Says:

    Hi gendertrender, this is Lily Maynard. Could you email me please? I need to speak to you about one thing in the article as it is posted here. x

  3. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Lily and Jessie, and Gallus Mag. I wish all girls could read your stories. I also did not want to be pushed into false femininity and hated dresses, dolls, etc. from my earliest memories. Luckily, the trans cult did not exist yet, with the massive pressure to “transition.”

    There is so much hatred against girls and women, and certainly Lesbians. Who would not be tempted by getting far better treatment, including more access to money and survival that men get? But it’s like betraying the rest of us when betraying yourself. I’m so glad you figured your way out of the propaganda.

    Thank you both for your courage to continue and to share your story. If only all girls and women would read you. You will save lives….

    • k.jane Says:

      I do wish this kind of story got reported on more often too. You never see parents who accept their lesbian daughter (or gay son) getting news coverage. It’s only the crazy, most often white people who are letting the franken-doctors perform medical experiments on their kids being praised.

  4. Medi Says:

    Thanks so much for telling your story Lily. I am so glad mothers are figuring this out and protecting their girls from the Trans Cult which is everywhere on the internet these days. I was a victim of forced femininity growing up–I hate dresses and dolls and all that stuff. I was fortunate to live in a time, when parents just let their kids be. Forced femininity is everywhere–it’s all one big marketing scam to get parents to buy crappy clothing, and fake stuff for the little “princessses”— notice how the trans cult gets the parent to celebrate their trans kid, but there is no celebration of little lesbian girls, and it is all a big con. So I hope you can reach more parents and save more children from this nightmare.

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