Parents who sterilize their kids over gender norms are overwhelmingly white says Dr. Johanna Olson Kennedy

December 19, 2016

Dr. Olson Kennedy: She just wants to help. You sterilize your kid.

Dr. Olson Kennedy: She just wants to help. You sterilize your kid.


“Even in these major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Fransciso, Boston, Chicago, and to a certain extent New York, where there are trans services available for young people, we are not seeing trans youth of color in the blocker age group. So the younger kids (I’m talking about in the 8 to 14-year-old age range) we are seeing a disproportionate number of caucasian patients coming in, and the huge lack of- certainly not representative at all of the diversity of those cities.  And I think it’s not just limited to Black and Latino families that we’re not seeing but it’s also Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American. All kinds of- we’re just not seeing the diversity represented. So for example, in my cohort of young people who are on blockers, which is probably 70 or 75 kids, we have about three African American patients and every single one of them is adopted by white parents.

We have about 14% of our kids that are of Latino origin, they are not adopted so they are coming from their primary families of origin, but that’s still massively un-proportional compared to- disproportionate compared to there being 50% of Los Angeles being Latino in heritage and ethnicity. So something’s happening where we’re not able to reach into communities of color and provide information and accesses to resources for those families.

And let me tell you why I think it’s so critical. It’s not news that people that are at the highest risk for violence and death are trans women of color. And what makes them at risk? What makes them at risk is being identifiably trans. The opportunity to be blocked and not be identifiably trans- it’s a conundrum, right? Because I don’t have a desire to eradicate trans identities? But I do have a desire to keep people safe and protected and if having the gift of selective disclosure does that, then I want to be able to give that gift to people. But we’re not able to do that right now. There are many, many, barriers to access, some of which we understand and some which we have no idea about.”


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  1. GallusMag Says:

    “What makes them at risk is being identifiably trans.”

    So the reason black males who transgender have higher murder rates than white males is because they are more visibly trans than whites. There you have it folks from the leading specialist in pediatric sterilization because gender.

    • gchild Says:

      “Identifiably trans”? Will they ever stop trauma bonding people to this ideology?

      I see some propaganda headed for the minority communities in major metropolitan areas. But they should tread carefully, it might backfire. Black people are already suspicious despite, or perhaps because of Cox and Mock.

      But hey, maybe Laverne Cox can go to the elementary schools and read weepy jail letters from transwomen being denied make up and flat irons.

      • juno Says:

        I bet once they got wind of that inconvienient sterilization thingy most blacks would opt out. They are understandably leery of anything like eugenics, having been on the receiving end of it for at least 200 years..

    • genderskeptics Says:

      Are racist physicians ‘a barrier to Access’? Lol

      • gchild Says:

        The “barrier to access” for minorities is white liberal privilege. And here, this doctor had an excellent opportunity to point that out, but intentionally blew it.

        “So something’s happening where we’re not able to reach into communities of color”

        Because their plan was to “reach into” the schools. Into low and under performing schools (where minorities are). The new and improved K-12 Sex Ed curriculum, complete with year long courses taught by gender “experts” was ready to roll out. High performing middle clas white schools can say “hell no” to this shit because they don’t rely on federal funding. They don’t have to teach anything except reading, writing, and math.

        And federal money is necessary to pay specialists, experts, run in and out of school programs, re-educate health/PE teachers, buy the curricula resources and bribe parents with financial assistance for trans kids like they do now by issuing parents “crazy checks” for kids who behave/test poorly which allows them to pay themselves, the school therapists (who do not have a job without a good amount of mentally ill kids) and Big Pharma.

        Then Trump won. They don’t know if that money will be available. That’s why they all looked physically sick after the election.

        Dr. Olsen’s vagueness about exactly what to do (go into schools like they always do) and exactly what they have “no idea about” (how to indoctrinate kids into trans without using public education) belies their panic at the moment.

  2. Let me solve the mystery for Dr. Kennedy. Privilege white people make up their own problems.

    • kesher Says:

      Also, social contagion. White kids are clamoring for transition because it’s what all their friends are doing.

      Also, I’ll bet black, Latino, and other minority groups are extremely averse to sterilizing their children.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Hear Hear!!!

      Also to answer the doctor’s question, when one has a group that overwhelmingly promotes the …cough cough…’good’ in the community as being ‘white’ , this is what one can expect as the result.

      No one wants to say this, but outside of the patronized or coddled pets in the community who are POC’s (as in the brain dead media darlings) , this is the case. Not all in the community act like this, but close to 99.999999% do.

  3. Mark F. Says:

    There is the Danielle Muscato solution: Declare yourself a trans woman, but don’t transition. It’s the best of both worlds. Maintain your male benefits and get into women’s spaces! And maybe get some lesbians to go for your “laydee penis.”

    • anon male Says:

      The BBC recently had a unintentionally hilarious article about how “suddenly the American left is obsessed with owning guns” and writes about a nursing student who is arming herself to the teeth to fight off Trump supporters. Of course, halfway through, the author casually mentions the gun nut’s identity as a “trans woman” — to absolutely no one’s surprise. com/news/magazine-38297345

  4. LC Says:

    Holy shit this woman is insane. “Being identifiably trans” is the biggest threat… is this also the problem faced by black men? Female prostitutes? People keep confusing them with trans women? “Sure, we’re drugging plenty of white children with the intention of sterilizing them… but what about other ethnicities?! Expand the advertising efforts!”

    Sad for all 70-75(why doesn’t she know the exact number? I work at a company that tracks more than twice that many kids, and it would take a few keystrokes to get the exact number…) children, but those *three adopted kids… Jesus. I suppose it would be worse to do this to your own child, but I have to wonder if these “progressive” parents picked out a child with the intention of “transitioning” them, or came upon the fad later. If there is any justice in the world, this woman will go to prison for all this.

    *Number of adopted kids could be higher, for “some reason” adopted kids are more likely to transition.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Expand the advertising efforts!”
      Yeah so much for the claim that they aren’t promoting this medical trend.

    • Rachel Says:

      I’ve noticed that there are a disproportionate number of adopted kids being transed. It needs looking into. Adopted children often do have problems of their own, and there is a terrible history of abuse towards them being disguised as therapy.
      Also, the “trans women of color” thing, isn’t that down to the high rate of black MTTs working in prostitution? If someone could analyse the rate of murders among prostituted and non-prostituted black women, it would show a similar bias.

      • LC Says:

        “disproportionate number of adopted kids being transed”

        It should be looked into, yeah. My theory is that adopted kids are more vulnerable to feeling as if they don’t fit in or aren’t normal- thus susceptible to ANY cult recruitment, with trans the most popular one.

        “Also, the “trans women of color” thing, isn’t that down to the high rate of black MTTs working in prostitution?”

        Right? Who would look at a population that is working in a dangerous profession(for women, too), in dangerous areas, and they are of a race that is often targeted for violence… and conclude that the problem is they don’t pass as women. People with products to push, no doubt.

    • Puzzled Says:

      Adopted kids have identities that are in a state of flux anyway, and many people who’ve been involved in adoptive relationships would argue that there’s built-in trauma involved, regardless of the specific circumstances. If you’ve already taken on (or been urged to take on) an identity that you know is not your birth identity, I think it’s less far of leap to consider that identity is really malleable. It doesn’t surprise me that the kids start to believe you can change your sex too, if aspects of your birth sex are upsetting to you. There are aspects of metaphorically killing your old self that may seem attractive, esp if you see your ‘adoptee’ self as some sort of fake/constructed identity anyway.

      If you’re being raised in a family that’s hyper-alert and trying so hard to be good people, to not feel guilty about having someone else’s kid, about building a family (to some degree) on suffering — that’s another aspect. There are a lot of layers to the paradigm on the parental side, including the fear of inadequacy and feeling that your kid’s needs require a lot of ongoing consultation from therapists, medical doctors, you name it. (A lot of these kids DO have special needs, so the familiarity level with the entire med/psych/pharm world can be pretty high before any of this gender business arises.)

      (Speaking as an adoptive parent, here.)

      • LC Says:

        Very sad. There’s a lot of that I hadn’t considered, and it certainly explains the higher rate of transitioning adopted kids, both from the parent and child perspective.

      • Smits Says:

        I also wonder to what extent sexual abuse plays into it. I know a number of detransitioned women have talked about how sexual abuse was the root of their discomfort with their genitalia; I can easily imagine a young child who has been abused but has no real vocabulary to explain what happened to them expressing unhappiness with the physical site of their abuse and having this taken as proof of their Real True opposite sex ‘identity’.

  5. kesher Says:

    “Gift of selective disclosure.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Dr. Helen Webberley, the UK online pharmacy shill that prescribes (like Olson Kennedy) cross-sex hormones to 12 year olds, describes visibly transgender people as “disfigured”.

      • LC Says:

        …how is that not transphobic? Genuine transphobia, unlike what TERF’s get accused of.

      • kesher Says:

        Well, I’m sure a lot of post-puberty M2Ts do feel disfigured, *especially* the AGPs who want to be sexy ladies. What I find the most objectionable is Olson-Kennedy calling deceit and fraud a “gift”.

      • EndTheHarms Says:

        Wait, she is stating categorically that natural puberty is disfiguring?! Holy shit.

        I can’t find words to describe that level of pushing self-hate and body loathing. You don’t exactly see ‘doctors’ who treat anorexics and body dysmorphics pushing this kind of view about their patients’ natural selves.

        AND she states that natural puberty leads in a progression to suicide.

        How can these ‘doctors’ get away with this insanity?

  6. worriedmom Says:

    I have often had this thought – I work for a program that serves 99% African-American and Latino children, and one of my students is an absolutely adorable little boy. He has long, long hair, which he wears in a braid, earrings in both ears, and just the sweetest face, as well as a very gentle manner. People often mistake him for a girl and he just corrects them… it doesn’t seem to bother him so far as I can tell, he has plenty of friends and pretty much seems to go with whatever. I live in fear that some well-meaning social worker or counselor will get hold of him and his family and convince them that he “needs” to be a girl… it seems to me that if he were a white child, in a white school, this probably would have happened already. This little boy doesn’t get “the best” from society in many ways, but at least he’s protected from being “transed”!

    • Carrie-Anne Says:

      I still remember how shocked and embarrassed I was to discover an African-American in my seventh grade home and careers class was actually a boy in spite of his long cornrows and a feminine-sounding name. One day, I ended up in some type of enrichment activity in another classroom with only boys, and they were all trying to tell me I had to go to some other thing with the girls. I protested that this person was a girl too, and they all told me he wasn’t. They even asked him, and he said he was a boy. Nowadays, people might’ve suggested transing him.

  7. hearthrising Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that black, latino, and native children are not transitioning at the rates white kids are. Gender identity is an identity problem and white americans are often out of touch with their ethnicity. They’re not sure where they belong. Adopted children tend to have even more identity problems, and adopted black children raised by white parents–there’s an potential identity conundrum for you.

  8. “So for example, in my cohort of young people who are on blockers, which is probably 70 or 75 kids, we have about three African American patients and every single one of them is adopted by white parents.”

    Why is Dr. Olson so eager to sterilize black kids, stunt their physical growth, and jeopardize their health? She knows that all these kids who are on “blockers” GnRH agonists eventually end up on cross gender hormones. Dr. Olson knows that she is sterilizing children.

    @ Juno

    “I bet once they got wind of that inconvenient sterilization thingy most blacks would opt out. They are understandably leery of anything like eugenics, having been on the receiving end of it for at least 200 years..”

    Bingo. That could be part of the reason black folks aren’t standing in line to be the first on their block to “transition” their children. People who read this blog, and take time to research it know that the “sterilization thingy” is true. If the GnRH agonists are followed by cross gender hormones, these kids are rendered infertile. Some doctors are skipping the GnRH agonists, and going to cross gender hormnes at younger and younger ages. Why would black folks be suspicious of doctors and the medical profession? From the Tuskegee experiment to ghastly experiments on prisoners, black and brown folks have been test subjects in all sorts of medical experiments. Usually, they used poor black and brown people, and sometimes poor whites, before they would try it on white people. Dr. Sims is considered by some to be the father of gynecology, and he honed his techniques and procedures by experimented on slave women. There was no way he would experiment on lily white Southern women. He did this without anesthesia.

    Anyone who actually takes the time to research it knows that what we are seeing is nothing more than a culturally driven experiment on children.

    Another reason why “gender” clinics in the US end up drugging and sterilizing more white kids than blacks could have to do with insurance and money. In the US, “gender clinics” probably go out of their way to entice parents with good insurance and a fat bank account. If the insurance is good and the bank account is fat enough, I’m sure these “gender clinics” will go out of their way to declare that the kid is “gender dysphoric”. This is the way medicine works in the US. It’s marketing. White parents with the money want to buy their kid everything under the sun, and trans is just another consumer product. Parents see something on t.v. about transgender, and they drag the kid to the nearest “gender clinic”. Five year old Susie won’t wear a dress, or Billy doesn’t like football, so off to the “gender clinic”. Compared to other specialists, pediatrics isn’t a high paid specialty. It’s about opening up another market and exploiting it for all it’s worth.

    I also suspect homophobia on the part of some white parents. Some white parents would do just about anything to avoid having a butch lesbian in the family, or a sissy fag. They don’t come right out and say it, but a lot of people suspect this is happening. History teaches us that gay men and lesbians have been experimented on about as much as poor people of color. We do know that in Iran homosexuals are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. In South Africa under apartheid, experiments were conducted on homosexual men, and the men who didn’t convert were forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

    Gendertrender has a lot of information on Dr. Olson and her social worker FTM partner. Virtually all of the kids who are on “blockers”, GnRH agonists end up on cross gender hormones, and Dr. Olson basically believes that cross gender hormones should be given at any age.

    Her partner, transman Aydin-Olson Kennedy was trying to raise money for top surgery on a disabled woman with Down Syndrome. Just google it.

    Kids and parents, run like hell from the “gender clinic”. It’s an experiment on otherwise healthy children. Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse.

    • Trish Says:

      Here’s another fact that those who do medical “transition” on underage kids ignore – it is illegal in the US to do a procedure on a minor child that results in sterilization without a court order from a judge. The child who is subject to the medical treatment that could result in sterilization must be “zealously represented by a disinterested 3rd party” and must have due process of law.

      The last time this law was in the public eye was the case of Ashley the “Pillow Angel” (gross term, but I think her parents came up with it). Here’s a link to the report from the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund on how treatments that resulted in Ashley being sterilized without court permission was a violation of WA State law:

      This law is being flouted! These kids desperately need due process and a disinterested 3rd party.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The ethical leap in pediatric endocrinology started by the “attenuated growth” movement is a definite precursor to the transgender children eugenics movement.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Seeing this is illegal…why are those who are following in Sanger and Mengele’s footsteps not in jail…let alone have their medical licenses permanently revoked? As mean as that may sound to the snowflakes, perhaps they need to remember the last time a country did this to a population they wanted to eliminate, or try to make them conform…it brought the world to the brink of…..

        Needless to say, what the brink was. And yet, these folks who know just as little about science, as they do unabridged history want the rest of us to believe this is the right course of action. Which of course, is bullshit.

      • I will just say this: When you’ve got a child that you know for a fact is never going to be able to raise kids unless a miracle happens, why would you leave them capable of producing said kids? They’re not going to understand what’s happening to them–if they could understand, you could involve them heavily in the decision-making. They’ll be frightened. They’ll be harder for the OB/GYN to work with which will heavily increase the risks to both mother and newborn.

        If it’s “more respectful of the child’s rights” to leave them fully intact because maybe that miracle will happen one day then what are you going to do in the meantime to prevent that reproduction happening that, pending said miracle, they’re wholly unprepared to experience? There’s long-acting contraception, but that’s interfering with their body again, and hormonal contraception also has long-lasting to permanent effects, some quite undesirable.

        I see this as a separate issue from transing children, and anyone disabled who can get angry at me for saying all of this is someone I would not think it appropriate to sterilize against their will BECAUSE they would understand what is going on, be able to work with the doctor, be able to advocate for their children even if from a wheelchair, etc. Very much not the scenario I think is going on with Ashley here.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        The majority of kids being transed and sterilized do not have major mental deficits or severe physical disabilities. Even if they did, there are consequences to sterilization. Our reproductive systems and endocrine systems work in concert to produce carefully calibrated levels of hormones. In the “olden days,” they used to sometimes remove a woman’s reproductive parts when she was done having kids, but doing so has long-term medical consequences that go beyond reproduction. No one should be making this decision for others, and our past history shows how easily it has been abused, from the eugenics movement to Hitler.

    • EndTheHarms Says:

      Dr Olsen’s partner is a transman. This is speculation, but does anyone else wonder if Dr Olsen may in fact be motivated partly by having her own internalised homophobia issues? Needs to believe that she is not in a relationship with a (bodily modified) woman? That homophobia is getting projected onto her patients?

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    Dangerous deceitful propaganda: “It’s not news that people that are at the highest risk for violence and death are trans women of color.”

    No, it’s real Women of Color and all women are vulnerable to attack by men. Men are not at highest risk and when men attack a man in drag (“trans”), it’s male-on-male violence.

  10. Carrie-Anne Says:

    I’m not really surprised to discover this, since just about all of the young transtrenders and so-called transkids I’ve run across are white. I’ve only very rarely seen non-whites. Even more specifically, just about all of these white transkids are bourgeois or upper-class, not proletarian or poor. This is really a trend for people who are steeped in various types of privilege, and don’t have more important things to worry about, like how to make rent or how much the family can afford to pay for baby supplies.

  11. Keisha Says:

    As a black femme lesbian I think ‘transition’ seems more popular among young white adults in the U.S. from the popularity of online culture and surgery available now. White males leading who usually have fetish or mental illness or gender stereotypes of women. Young adult white women who are mostly bisexual or lesbian who think ‘becoming male’ is better, from facing sex culture/gender stereotypes. I don’t see trans as popular in other countries when compared to the U.S. Except some countries like Iran where your required to ‘transition’ or threatened with jail or death.

    I also think american women have always been spoiled when compared to other countries where women have little to no rights, where women don’t sit around making up hundreds of pronouns or thinking of going trans, when they’re trying not to get raped for being a lesbian, beat by their male partner, honor killings, have their vaginas mutilated, forced to stop their schooling until their period ends, forced child marriages, acid thrown in their face for rejecting males, being allowed to worrk/get education etc.

    Adding, I know clothes and makeup are gender stereotypes but this is new, how most women claiming trans go full route with hormones, surgery, ‘males clothes’ etc. But some males claiming trans do none of this. So any male claiming trans and ‘inner feelings’ are allowed to take over womens’ private space, while women claiming trans always go full route, seems like hypocrisy. We know its why butch women are harassed and bullied by trans/society for ignoring gender stereotypes.

    • Bea Says:

      Not being subjected to genital mutilation, honor killings, forced child marriages, and acid attacks is not being “spoiled,” and frankly, fuck you for suggesting it is.

      • nonny Says:

        Fucking ay right?

      • I agree that being free of those atrocities should be the norm. Women have a long way to go all over the world, and frankly the USA has one of the highest murder rates of women (for a developed country not at war domestically.) American women are certainly not “spoiled” in any sense of the word. Even those of us not murdered, have often been subjected to physical and sexual abuse. It hurts us just as much as it hurts poor women in Africa.

    • LC Says:

      I understand what you’re trying to say, but American women, white or otherwise: Can also be lesbians, can also be raped for being one(or just for being a woman), can also be beaten by male partners, or can be forced to become prisoners in their own homes. I know that when most people say ‘American women’, they’re talking about ‘upper middle-class white women’- but that’s the minority of women in this country.

      And as someone fortunate enough to be an upper-middle class white woman- maybe even a spoiled one- my top issues are still not ‘pronouns’, and I still fear and have experienced male violence. There are certainly women in my circles who have the luxury to worry about libfem gender nonsense, but my impression is that it’s more about denial of real problems(which are difficult to face or talk about) than that this is genuinely their only problem. Some women have it easier or harder than others, but society is not interested in female comfort, for any of us.

    • talbotfish Says:

      Fuck you creep.

    • Lizzie Says:

      It must be astonishing to be so hostile to white women that you honestly think we’re spoiled for not being subjected to FGM as a matter of course.

      Fuck you. This is why I’m not a feminist. There’s just so much posturing, and I really hoped this site could be free of it.

      • gchild Says:

        Lizzie, I thought the “american women are spoiled” comment was for all american women, but I sensed the hostility you mention.

        I found Keisha’s “spoiled” comment offensive both as an American woman and a black one.

        The “women in other countries/cultures have it worse” tactic allows american/western men to keep us in our (relative) subjugated places without having to address or change anything at all about our (relative) exploitation and oppression.

        It communicates the idea that women’s issues might be worth a passing thought, as long as the women are somewhere ELSE in the world. You know, any woman that is NOT YOU (because I need you to stfu and fuck me, love me, serve me because we are comfy westerners).

        Typical house slave vs field slave thought-stopping bullshit. As a “black femme lesbian”, Keisha should know better.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        well said

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Just want to add that it does not help women to trash feminism when seeing something written that upsets you which you’re assuming is “feminist.”

        We are seeing men appropriate every possible aspect of our female and Lesbian lives. Some even say they are “Butch.” So please know that they are doing the same thing to “feminism.” There are also a lot of women who are against basic principles of feminism (like being anti-racist and anti-classist) who claim to be feminists. Many are also Lesbian-hating.

        I deal with this the same way I deal with anyone who betrays us, which is to say no to their claiming to be us. There are basic tenets of what is real Feminism which helps all girls and women. There is also a lot of female-hating and Lesbian-hating politics attributed to “feminism,” which is actually anti-feminism. Before deciding it’s your enemy, make sure you’re talking about real feminism. Otherwise, you’re letting them take yet another part of our culture and community away.

        I found Feminism when I found Lesbian Feminism as a teenager, and it’s clearly the only politics that is for fighting for the equality of females in patriarchy and has helped create women’s community and women only spaces, and so much else that has helped improve our lives. There’s a reason that the trans cult tries to destroy all we’ve built as well as saying they are us.

        I know women who are disappointed when Lesbians say things they don’t like, as I am too, since I expect better. But that never makes me think I must not be a Lesbian or I should choose not to be. We wrote our book partly to answer those seeming contradictions.

        So before saying how terrible feminism is, find out what it really is and don’t assume it is what it isn’t.

      • Meg Says:

        @BevJo, I do not blame Lizzie for being frustrated with feminism. If your “Feminism” is doing nothing but sitting around shitting on women for being privileged (be it for being white, straight, thin, ect), then you aren’t actually fighting sexism. You’re just participating in public misogyny in the new socially acceptable way. If a woman can’t talk about her oppression without being viciously slammed at every turn or told to STFU and “stop whining” then there is no point to feminism is there?

        Also, I question your assumption that you are the definitive voice on anything since you use the word “feminism” while throwing all straight women under the bus and accusing all straight women of being golddigging opportunists. As if men haven’t been talking that shit about women since forever. You ignore both misogyny and heteronormativity in favor of participating in public shaming and misogyny.

        I’m sure the MRAs couldn’t be happier.

      • Meg Says:

        @Lizzie, you are not alone. I am also tired of misogyny passing as feminism.

  12. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  13. I’d say resilience has something to do with it–on the part of the parents and of the kids. Kids and parents of colour have had to face and overcome difficulties that have forced them to affirm their own worth as they are in the face of a society saying they are not valued as what they are. Parents of colour can’t just magic away racism so they talk about it and what it means to be strong in yourself in the face of difficulty. Monied white parents and white kids have faced many fewer difficulties of the self vs. society. So, parents that are eager to give their kids a perfect and carefree life haven’t taught their kids about adversity and resilience. When their kids face gender dysphoria or confusion about their place in the new gender spectrum they rush in to ‘fix’ the world for their child and the children expect everyone to accommodate. That’s instead of teaching them to weather the storm.

  14. Mark F. Says:

    Shit white people do: “Transition” their gay kids!

  15. Em Says:

    In other words, these are white people’s problems. No surprise there. Dr. Kennedy would., of course, like to expand the scope of her practice, but particularly over the next several years I expect white people’s problems to remain just that.

  16. Fruitopia Says:

    I seem to remember in one of those books that studied transexualism, that being from an immigrant background was risk for gender-dysphoric children persisting into adulthood.

    This sudden change in the affected demographics shows that this is a mania, not a genuine condition.

    Like other commenters, I think that whites are more likely to transition because trans is the epitome of a first world problem. I also think that uber liberals desperately want to be included in the minority groups that they get outraged on behalf of.

    The three African American children being transed by the adoptive white parents is so disturbing. I bet they desperately want minority children because they think of them as special and exotic. A black trans child is a lunatic white SJW parent’s ideal project.

    Finally, it’s laughable that the doctor is trying to spin this as another “trans people of colour” tragedy. What it really shows is that not that many trans people of colour exist!

    • kesher Says:

      Another creepy possibility for transing black male children is white people’s fear of black men and especially black male sexuality. I’ve long thought that many parents of “trans” children don’t want their sons to grow up, and especially are scared of their inevitable sexual development, and transing them into “girls” and castrating them is a solution to both those problems. Many people still see women as being childlike.

      • talbotfish Says:

        Yet male transgenders commit crimes at the same rate as any male.

      • Rachel Says:

        I think you are on to something there. It works the same way as the proto-gay boys being transed into pseudo-girls; it’s fear of gay male sexuality. Lesbian sexuality is also culturally feared, all the way back to the witch hunts.

      • Relieved Says:

        I don’t think it’s a fair generalize that all white people have a monolithic fear of black male sexuality since plenty of people have happy interracial marriages today.

        It seems the point you are making is about historical false accusations against black men in America, however, all males do have the potential to commit rape and black men are not exempt from raping people in the modern era because of historical oppression. Sexual assaults happen in every racial combination everyday, so black men are not exceptions to the Schrodinger’s Rapist theory.

        My biggest issue with the “white women are afraid of black male sexuality” trope is that often online it’s just a way to blame a woman for not being sexually available to a man with the veneer that the person is making a statement about racism. My question is why people are more interested in admonishing a woman for avoiding a man than the fact that we live in a world where every potential male stranger could be a danger to her.

        Once again, the onus is being placed on the woman to treat every male as if he is a “nice guy” until proven otherwise with the added shame of being considered racist by progressives for daring to consider your safety over the feelings of a male stranger. The idea that the proper woman cannot not fear men of color is not that far removed from the idea that the proper woman cannot fear men.

        Too often discussions about this dynamic turn into an excuse to bash women for being fearful of men and rape in the interest of appearing to highlight systemic racism. Women are not wrong to fear men and fearing the sexuality of any male is not wrong. We can acknowledge historical truths without shaming a subset of women for fearing any man or their potential to rape.

      • kesher Says:

        Note: I said white people, not specifically white women. White women have a reason to fear black men as men, but when white men fear black men, specifically black male sexuality, they don’t really have a rational reason for it, they demonize black men as somehow being more prone to sexual assault and as being an “other” that white women must be protected from.

        And there absolutely is a large cultural fear of black men that goes beyond women having a sensible fear of male violence. When I wrote my earlier comment about white parents transing black adopted children, something that occurred to me was the childish affection that Joe Jackson forced on Michael Jackson. The fey voice and mannerisms were meant to remove any hint of what white people find threatening about black men.

      • Trish Says:

        I have a parallel suspicion about teen girls who want to transition. I think they don’t so much want to become men as to become boys, and that maybe it’s more a rejection of adulthood than a rejection of femininity.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:


  17. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Glad that minorities aren’t going for this. I hope this woman isn’t serious about marketing this to minorities more. Marketing drives demand. Sterilizing kids is a human rights atrocity. It is really sad that so many white “progressives” have embraced this crime.

  18. gertrude Says:

    Progressive white parents transitioning their very young children is simply a sick, advanced version of virtual signalling. It gives them a badge of honor to show how “enlightened” they are.

    For confused teenagers, it perhaps has a bit more to do with peer pressure and media stories that glorify transgenders.

    PS Caitlyn is in the news again, depressed at what “she” sees in the mirror, so it’s time for more plastic surgery. When Caitlyn commits suicide, despite overwhelming fawning attention, we will all be blamed as a society for still being “transphobic.”

  19. hearthrising Says:

    This article in Reuters about transitioning children quoting Olson. African-American family pictured above article. Reuters is one of the most sober news outlets, a business outlet that really can’t be called liberal or conservative but leans somewhat conservative. Quotes a lot of studies, gives info for finding none of them. Gives the impression persistence rates have never been studied and are being looked at for the first time. A misleading article, especially troubling considering where it appears.

  20. Keisha k.m Says:

    The women who have hostility saying “fuck off” thinking I’m saying “other women have it worse scenario” completely misunderstood.
    I was specifically speaking of how women in other countries have little rights or resources compared to american women who do which I’m thankful for as an american woman myself. I already know american women face violence from males in the U.S. Which is why as an american woman myself my first concern is always about violence from males here in the U.S. and what we can do right now. I’m also glad we american women have the power to fight for our rights vs women in other countries who sometimes don’t.

    The women in other countries who might be questioning their sexual identity don’t have the luxury of pronouns and transition, because they have more immediate concerns in their life. So they probally learn to accept themselves as a lesbian or bi woman, compared to the lesbian/bi women in america who after watching young adult women transition online, want to do the same because it looks fun and glamorous. >> Next time ask to clarify statements before you go off. This is why I usually speak in the real world so opinions can be better clarified. If you refuse to understand nothing I say will make a difference because people will see what they want.
    Have a nice fucking day. 🙂 🙂

    • GallusMag Says:

      You made an asinine statement and were rightly corrected. It wasn’t due to all of us “refusing to understand” you. You communicated poorly. Take responsibility for yourself instead of blaming and insulting the readers who took the time to correct your proclamation characterizing women who chop off their breasts, inject testosterone, and try to escape the subhuman caste by rejecting their reproductive class, as “spoiled”. It was a truly idiotic assertion. We all make them sometimes. Be grateful for the women who were there to point out your error.

  21. Keisha k.m. Says:

    When you check the previous comments you clearly see other people cursing first, going off, blaming and insulting which I never did. After further clarifying my statements, its clear this is going nowhere. Rather than continuing to argue with strangers after trying to clarify my statements. Like I said people will see what they want, so I will stick to speaking my opinions in real life where its easier to clarify.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lots of people have trouble communicating online. It’s a skill. Readers aren’t “seeing what they want” they are responding to your statements. There is no argument. You were wrong.

  22. Jenna Says:

    I agree with the commenter above who suggested that the “helicopter parent” phenomenon may also have something to do with why white people trans their kids.

    White upper-middle class parent culture is a very specific and extremely controlling culture. The “helicopter parent”: a white, upper-middle class parent who “hovers” over their child as they move through the world, “saving” the child from harm by intervening constantly and demanding that they world be “perfect” (perfectly safe, perfectly fair) for their child.

    These parents can’t bear to see their kid struggle with anything (a bad grade, a less-than-perfect college experience, losing in a sports match, etc.), much less with difficult-to-talk-about topics like puberty, sexuality, how to navigate the gender caste system under patriarchy. So much easier and natural—for a control freak— to go in and “fix” the world, piece by piece, as they follow their ever-more-fragile kid around in the “helicopter.”

    I don’t blame the victims in this, but I do notice that trans culture is very much shaped by the emotional fragility of the genderspecial. I blame the parenting culture that raised children without “grit”–yes “grit” can and has been taken too far by parents and I do not promote callous, cold, or negligent parenting… but these days kids don’t seem to know that a word they don’t like (“misgendering”) isn’t the same as an actual physical assault or hate crime. It’s bizarre.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I agree with most of your comment, but “helicopter parenting” is not exclusive to whites. It has a heck of a lot of parallels with Asian “tiger mom” culture. Both are very controlling, hovering, overly-invested, and aiming to fix the world for their special kid. I suppose anyone can become a helicopter parent, but it does seem to be more prevalent in white and Asian families, but it is certainly not exclusive to either. I have even known African American upper-middle class, helicopter types. These parents are so eager to help their offspring avoid the pitfalls and snares common in their communities, that they become overly invested and controlling. The job of a parent is to prepare their kid to function independently in the real world. This means we have to let them solve age-appropriate dilemmas and give our kids more responsibility as they mature, and show the ability to handle it. If they can’t handle it, we must ask what we are doing wrong as parents (for those of us who are parents.)

      • kesher Says:

        While I’m sure there are Asian helicopter parents, I think that’s very distinct from the tiger mom phenomenon. Tiger moms put a great deal of pressure on their kids to succeed, and they expect the child to do the work. I can’t see a tiger mom yelling at a teacher for her child getting a failing grade. The child would be receiving all of the ire and criticism for that.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        hhhmmmm… I taught for a few years, and DID receive occasional tiger mom ire for giving kids the B’s and C’s they earned. Blaming kids for their own grades is old school.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      I think that parents probably don’t think about “misgendering”. This is picked up from academics, “professionals” and activists and fed to parents.

      The parents may also be victims. How are parents supposed to know if someone, with full support of the health care system apparently, is full of it? Being a parent of a troubled child is not some picnic.

      Moreover, the teens who are gender bending might actually be pretty tough, attention-seeking, but tough.

      It is the LGBTQwhatever community that dragged this through. Who is going to drag it back? I have yet to see the overall community cut T out of the alphabet soup and stand up.

      • Trish Says:

        I suppose some parents can be swayed by the fact that the trans activists they’ve come across seem to have the support of the medical care system, but I suspect some parents – especially in the US, where we don’t have NHS-connected gender clinics with all the weight of the government/medical community behind them – seek this gender stuff out.

        As for the gender nonconforming kids being tough – I’ve been watching a lot of videos made by such young people and these kids seem very brittle to me. Tough kids would respond to a school that doesn’t go along with their “new gender” with an f u and diving further into rebellion. The last thing rebellious kids want is for there to be no division/conflict between what they deem cool and the larger culture – it ruins the whole rebellion, which boils down to “they don’t understand me/us” and their way is so rigid/stupid/old fashioned. A great exploration of this is the South Park episode Chimpokimon, where the Pokimon fad starts getting out of hand, and the parents cure it by announcing they are chimpokiparents.

        So even though these kids do some things that on first glance are similar to the tools of previous teen rebellions – doing stupid things to their hair & marching in protests – when their genders are “not supported” they don’t retreat behind the bleachers to smoke cigarets and make fun of the authority figures, like previous generations of rebels. These gender-bending kids announce to the authorities that they’re not being good enough authorities. I can’t picture James Dean doing this.

        Off the top of my head, I suspect that these kids are kids who have never had anything happen in their childhood worlds that makes them say, “NO! This isn’t right!” that their mommies didn’t immediately rectify. These are kids who have never had to learn to self-sooth, to get over the fact that something didn’t go their way and it’s over. They’re also kids who are happy to chatter in internet videos about their various (and often self-diagnosed) mental illnesses – where rebels of previous generations would have been infuriated by the suggestion that they had mental health problems.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I completely agree with this! Transkids are not tough at all. They are Peter Pan types. Most are attention seekers, and self-centered.

      • Jenna Says:

        No, the parents may not care about “misgendering,” but they have raised children who are obsessed with it, children who believe that not confirming their genderfeels is the equivalent of actual physical violence.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        From what I’ve seen of colleges nowadays, tons of (wealthier?) kids are trained to love hierarchy (eg by highstakes testing culture), and with the hierarchies they’re a part of they either submit and brownnose or dispute and try to jump over an authority’s head.

        That and fragility leads them to think that anything that they don’t like is automatically illegal, too, including misgendering.

  23. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    First World Problems

  24. Trish Says:

    It could not possibly be that people who get their minor children onto the trans-train are responding to a social contagion, No no no – the trans activists just are falling down on the job of getting the word out in minority communities that trans is an option for their minor kids.

  25. oh my god, white people are ADOPTING BLACK CHILDREN AND TRANSING THEM???

    I run an adoption-related group on FB and I soooo badly want to share this but it will start such a shitstorm. Because we already have observed that adopters like to invent BS diagnoses like “reactive attachment disorder” (the medicalizing of a child not automatically bonding with A COMPLETE STRANGER and in fact being traumatized by losing their original family–the horrors), but they’re going out and out and sterilizing these kids too???

    Holy shit.

    But if I say anything we’ll have arguments for YEARS about why I’m “transphobic” and I don’t have the energy for that fight.

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