Autostraddle Editor Heather Hogan: Lesbianism is like Nazism (with Hetero/Bisexuals playing Jews)

December 31, 2016

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HeteroQueer Handmaiden Autostraddle Editor Heather Hogan

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The festering boil of man-loving female “Queers” who have battered and destroyed Lesbian Spaces, Lesbian Culture, and Lesbian Lives for the last 20 some years erupted in a stream of foul puss this week in response to the hiring of an actual Lesbian editor to run the ostensibly Lesbian-centric website AfterEllen.

The site had been destroyed by a cluster of hetero “queer” women writers and a commentariat empowered by fired former editor, the awful Trish Bendix, who believes homosexuality is oppressive to those who engage in heterosexuality, that women oppress men by declining to socialize with them, and that lesbian speech, the lesbian politic, and unique lesbian culture should be censored by any means necessary.

Their goal? To suppress lesbian-specific content and community and drive lesbians and lesbian culture out of public life. Their motive? Colonization and sexual exploitation of women. Their tactic? The same suppressive techniques utilized by heterosexual “queers” (and many gay men) across the “LGBT”: Silencing, censorship, slurs, violence, economic marginalization, coercion, shaming, harassment, and domination by their sheer numbers and proximity to/membership-in male power structures and authority: political, financial, social, technological, et al.

HeteroQueer Handmaiden Trish Bendix

HeteroQueer Handmaiden Trish Bendix

In the pathetic case of the specific tumor attached to the AfterEllen website, how this played out was a constant and repeated mashing of the report/censor button on any woman who expressed a homosexual point of view (or even reference to the female sex as a discrete human characteristic) followed by a bunch of yelling about men’s feelings, using slurs, shaming, and inevitable censorship and ban by the hetero “queer” Trish Bendix moderation team.

The problem is, lesbians kept showing up, assuming the site was lesbian centric. “AfterEllen” referred to Ellen Degeneres of course, the massive dyke and queen of the universe who threw her mainstream media career and life’s work on the pyre of lesbophobia for the benefit of us all and was the only high profile homosexual to ever do so at the time. What latecomers didn’t realize is that the Trish Bendix crew was running the site as a massive peen re-education project, and that “After Ellen” was meant to be “After Ellen” as in, “after lesbians like her are eliminated”.

The “Queer” heteroflexible women and porn-sick male autogynephiles that comprised Trish Bendix’s lesbian re-education camp at AfterEllen have always been with us. They were the gruesome straight couple at the dyke bar on the weekend looking for a threesome among the female homosexuals, searching for the swinging “lipstick lesbian” of their dreams. They were the creepy straight guy sitting in a corner in masturbation prelude, gazing at us, alone, because he could. These were the heterosexual feeders nipping at the edges, the closet kinksters, who looked for a sexual “degeneracy” of their own imagining (or in some cases merely the most slight and banal flexibility of what the kids today call heteronormativity) that excited them in our spaces. They were the tourists.

Gay liberation created the hetero-queer.

Generations of homosexual community, culture, camp, dykery, humor, love, fellowship and PRIDE in the face of life-destroying lesbophobia and homophobia- including an entire generation of gay men who were allowed to die needlessly in a mass death in the most hideous pandemic imaginable- and countless gay women whose lives were ground into dust by heterosexual men and the women who love them- paid the price for the measure of “acceptance” we now have as long as we try to blend in and keep our mouths shut. What human rights we now have (in some cultures) literally rests on the bones of martyrs.

Something else resting upon the bones of our martyrs are the masses of hetero “queers” who never did anything but colonize our movement with their sheer numbers and their heterosexual male power.  They created no historical movement, because what they were doing wasn’t worth paying a price and they had no political goals. There is no “Queer” movement because they have no absence of rights. They are not oppressed because they represent the powers that be: heterosexual men.

There is no Bisexual Women’s Rights movement because there is no such thing as “biphobia”, and there is no unique Bisexual Women’s Culture because 87% of them are married to men and heteroflexibility is pretty much fine with everyone (men) since forever. Any female “queer” movement is solely occupied with colonizing, exploiting and destroying female homosexual spaces while promoting male supremacist sex-roles (“gender”).

Male queers have no historic rights movement because they are heterosexual men and the only thing they do is expand male supremacy over women. There is no hetero queer male politic. Male hetero queer “transwomen” fight tooth and nail (Revlon Red) to oppress women and uphold sexism, because they enjoy it. Control of the lower caste is their birthright and occupying that caste for their pleasure is an alpha man’s prerogative. Play along or you’ll dishonor him and make him suicide or KILL YOU. So sexay mah laydeesuit! U must affirm meh!! It’s mah Privilege!!

So now, according to “Queer Women” Heather Hogan, Trish Bendix, and Elaine Atwell: Lesbians are neo-Nazis and men (and-the-women-who-love-them) are the Jews. Lesbophobia is a word lesbians use in order to commit genocide. Lesbian Spaces and Culture exist to exterminate the men and man-loving women who demand access to us. Or something.

Lesbian spaces "break her heart"- HeteroQueer former AfterEllen writer Elaine Atwell

Lesbian spaces “break her heart”- HeteroQueer former AfterEllen writer Elaine Atwell


Not much "clout"

Not much “clout”

87 Responses to “Autostraddle Editor Heather Hogan: Lesbianism is like Nazism (with Hetero/Bisexuals playing Jews)”

  1. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  2. Wow. The hatred that “queers” have for lesbians is spectacularly appalling. This “queer” movement is not only unwelcoming, but actively hostile and unsafe for lesbians, and resembles very much an MRA anti-feminist movement. I fear for the young ones growing up with this and not knowing what a lesbian community would even be like. Lesbians need to create lesbian-only space and defend it with all our might. Inclusion within a lesbian context means inclusion of different sorts of lesbians: lesbians from racial minority groups, disabled lesbians, lesbians of various ages, etc. Inclusion does NOT mean inclusion of bisexual women’s boyfriends or men with sexual fetishes or “sex radicals” or any other infiltrators. We don’t have to give a fuck if they feel excluded or hurt, that’s their problem. They already have access to the whole world and don’t need access to what tiny little bit of lesbian space there might be left (if there is any at all.) As usual, thank you for your excellent reporting, Gallus Mag, you do a fantastic job cutting through the bullshit and naming what is happening.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Speaks for itself that this so-called incredibly important female bisexual sisterhood- which is FAR larger than the lesbian population- hasn’t formed a single advocacy group or social network. They are purely colonizers. Just like the “male lesbians”.

      • Andrea Cook Says:

        GallusMag, you’re just wrong about bisexual women not forming social networks or advocacy groups. Some of us have been trying to build community for bisexual women for the past 25 years or so. It’s slow, especially since so many young women are now identifying as pansexual or queer. Please don’t lump bisexual women in with the queers; we’re not all like that, and some of us actually do want separate spaces for bisexual women.

      • Carolina Says:

        I think sometimes the bisexuals are more sympathetic to lesbians if they’ve been in a same-sex relationship. The problem is that most of these “bi” women (at least the ones I know) have not actually had such a relationship.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Andrea- you prove my point. You’ve been trying to build a community for bisexual women (who vastly outnumber lesbians) for 25 years and “it’s slow”? It’s “slow” because most bisexual women don’t require a culture and community for what is, for most, simple heteroflexibility. They already have the mainstream straight culture, and suffer no discrimination beyond transient homophobia, which the gays have fought for them socially and politically- since we had no choice.

        The lesbian and gay communities have always offered sanctuary to bisexuals, heteroqueers, and others as long as they respected our space. The result of this in the lesbian community (following the mainstreaming of homosexual relations and the lessening of sanctions against such) has been a tide of non-lesbian individuals swamping our now “safe” spaces in huge numbers. Instead of respecting our spaces, they have overwhelmed them with lesbophobic demands: attacking us for excluding heterosexual males including transwomen, grooming butch lesbians towards heteronormative masculinity and “transition”, mocking (instead of celebrating) lifelong lesbians with the sneering “Gold Star” descriptor, insisting that lesbian specific conversations, gatherings, spaces, festivals, culture, etc. be dismantled so that our communal lives as female homosexuals can be better digested by those late coming non-lesbian visitors who wish to exploit them.

        Lesbian and Gay culture and community grew out of our need for survival as homosexuals. And for lesbians, intersectionally, as homosexual women. Not as a playground for heterosexuality, autogynephilia, and bachelorette parties. Not for those uninvited guests who have overstayed their welcome and disrespected our home.

        It’s time for men and the women who love them and the women who want to be them- the G and the B and the T -to leave the Lesbian nest they have colonized and are trying to destroy.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Gallus Mag, your comment today is just brilliant. Thank you.

        Another aspect to the power bisexuals have is status as perhaps the most trendy way a woman can be — still getting access to one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have, which is devoted Lesbian love and passion, the best love-making imaginable, and a caring and loving community — and all the while, the bisexuals are also thrilling men by fulfilling their worst fantasies.

        I will never forget the bisexual who actually laughed at the organizer of Fabled Asp, the Bay Area Disabled Lesbian history project. She could not believe that bisexuals would not be welcomed though it was named “Lesbian.” I was so impressed when Laura Rifkin, said that Lesbian meant Lesbian.

  3. Ella Says:

    These queers are straight up parasites. Finally, finally, the host is getting tired of them.

    After reading Elaine’s twitter rant, I truly don’t understand their position. Lesbians saying they want their own spaces in no way shape or form prohibits them from making their own queers spaces. Why is that such an issue? I don’t know a single lesbian, and I’d wager no lesbian exists, that would protest bisexuals wanting their own space. No lesbian would protest transgender people hosting their own events. Hell most lesbians would be encouraging it! Why must every Lesbian space automatically be considered a space for everyone? I’d love to see Elaine try to talk her way in circles about that answer.

    As for her trying to liken the queer community to the Jews. How dare she? Seriously?! When actual gay people were also the victims of the Nazis. People like this make me sick. Gays and lesbians need to band together to reject these people. We don’t deserve the backlash that’s coming.

    • Medi Says:

      No lesbian I know is upset at all if male to trans have their own workshops or spaces, I’ve never heard one lesbian ever say you can’t have gay male only groups, or het women’s groups or black groups, no lesbian has ever said this. Funny how all of them hate on us for wanting our own groups, and places, that how dare lesbians want lesbian only spaces free of the sexual perving of colonizing eyes? How dare we, right on Gallus, I have written too much sorry, but this just takes the cake!

  4. Medi Says:

    Fascinating, as always excellent investigative work Gallus! And I’ve never heard of a bisexual woman’s advocacy group before. The one bi drop in group I found was open to men and women at the local lgbt place…. Even I thought AfterEllen was all about lesbians, oopps, show what I know. Funny how they are so threatened by lesbian only space, makes me realize how powerful we truly are, and how the “queer” women seem to think lesbianism is all just another fun sexual role playing game to them. STDs anyone?

    Lesbian space thrives, we easily have parties at our houses, picnics in the park, a whole network of lesbian events, and yet we advertise them through email, referrals, friends bringing friends, but then again, true lesbian only space has always been mostly small compared to the hoards of gay men and heterosexuals of all stripes.

  5. Medi Says:

    Even young lesbians, and some of the young ones are far more radical lesbian than I am, another myth of only old women we like to hate an marginalize care about all this bites the dust. There’s a whole new group of young women radicalized by the creepy genderqueer community, escaping abusive relationships, the BDSM nonsense that is so much a part of “queer” even they have had enough!

  6. Medi Says:

    Just talk to black lesbians, fed up with genderqueer white racism….

  7. Medi Says:

    Gee, lesbians are far outnumbered by the gay male crowd, far outnumbered by the kinsters as they like to call themselves who own multi-million dollar buildings for the BDSM empire under the son, the porn industry is financing genderqueer, Buck Angel a big female to trans “porn star” who makes big bucks in gay male porn films, kid you not her name really is Buck Angels, and this woman trolls around queer spaces trying to recruit young queer women for the porn industry. I have personally witnessed this stuff… So lesbian only space and the horrifying attacks on it says WE ARE VERY POWERFUL, and they can’t have access to us, tough gender queerists, now go and found your own groups and spaces, or are the male to trans too lazy to cook and clean up at these events?

    • Slade L. Says:

      Medi, I agree we are very powerful being lesbian. Its why we need to be destroyed, its the old patriarchy we meet and they demand our submission and resignation. And we never will do that. They leech off of us. They steal our identity, sexuality, words, parasites is what they are. They steal from us. Im thinking lesbians do have the most powerful female energy and it needs to be controlled and taken from at all cost. If we werent this powerful, they’d leave us alone and we should realize that, deeply. One doesnt need to control of what one isnt afraid of. I stopped caring about people’s feelings and hurts that demand anything from lesbians and just say no to them. I can say this battle has strengthened me.

  8. Medi Says:

    Hostile and unsafe for lesbians, you better believe it. They have openly threatened me, so it really IS UNSAFE physically for lesbians to be in those groups. Rape culture is creepy everywhere, and lesbian only space guards against it ever happening, and they they hate women who refuse to go along with men, male to trans, yup beta loser men who want to be king of lesbian manor I’d guess…. well give me Lord Grantham and Maggy Smith any day LOL

  9. Bob Doublin Says:

    As a gay man, I find this totally appalling. We didn’t suffer and fight all those decades just so some lesbophobic “queers” can come in and shit on Lesbians and their legitimate concerns.

    More and more,it is clear to me there is a concerted effort to destroy the very possibility of meaningful discourse. This queer movement is doing in its own way what climate change deniers do. The parallels are frightening. Both have intense propaganda muddling the very words used and how any issue is argued. It sickens me.

    • I’m a straight woman and I find it appalling too. We as a group should be a hell of a lot more concerned about this than we are. One, because human rights violations are important no matter whom they’re happening to; two, because if lesbians can’t have their own spaces then het women sure as hell can’t either. And don’t we cater to men too damn much already?

    • Hedda Gabler Says:

      That is a very good point, Bob. The fact-free “safe spaces” that are demanded by trans-activists do very much resemble the kind of reason-free environment in which climate-change denial, Trumpism and Brexiteering can flourish. The tactics in defending those reason-free safe spaces are very similar as well across the board.

  10. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I’m so sorry my fellow bisexual women have been such handmaidens. 😥 Lesbians deserve their own spaces away from males and even away from male loving females. Is there anything I can do to help you, sisters? I want to help undo all the damage that these bisexual and straight women have done to lesbian spaces.

  11. ephemeroptera Says:

    At a popular gay dance club I go to (mixed gay men and lesbian), there used to a lot of straight interlopers for a while.

    When they were like, “I’m straight,” a friend of mine would be like, “Don’t you have enough spaces already?”

    That usually worked.

  12. Widdershins Says:

    We (lesbians) built a movement up from nothing in the 70’s, we can and will do it again.

  13. hearthrising Says:

    I’ve only been to AfterEllen a few times, and I actually thought when I found the website that it meant After Lesbian Culture, as in let’s find something more queerly exciting. I think part of the problem is that magazine editors are always under pressure to expand moneyed readership, and the heterosexual leaning population is so much bigger and wealthier. Yet while these mags are catering to the het crowd, they see womyn-identified space as competition that must be crushed to maintain their share of the core market. I think it comes down to money, and queer ideology is just a handy tool.

    • Medi Says:

      It does come down to money. Purely lesbian anything does not get the dollars, attention or massive social support. Lesbians are on the edge of poverty all the time, and the poverty and social oppression has taken a huge toll on so many women over the decades. Then there are the sell out lesbians who knew they could make bucks at the big orgs— HRC, LGBT centers, they call themselves CEOs now, if that doesn’t set off warning bells, but none of them focus on lesbian community support, it’s all about the men, with lesbians thrown in grudgingly. So money is always the key to understanding who is profiting and why..I’m sure some very wealthy lesbian is sending Gallus a $300,000 gift soon. The wealth I’ve seen in the gay male community is mind boggling, HUGE mega fundraisers…. it’s all one big industry out here, and we know the big pharma and trans industry is highly profitable, lesbian life has very little profitability, and what little we had got destroyed by the economic harassment and boycotts.

  14. She has clarified that she doesn’t think lesbians are nazis, but when lesbians name lesbophobia we are persecuting and oppressing. That’s not actually much better. Although she doesn’t say *who* lesbians are oppressing by naming the hatred against us, it’s pretty obviously MEN.

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    This is absolutely brilliant, Gallus Mag, and when I’m out of facebook jail, I’ll share in all our groups. You put it all together so clearly. I hope you reach the many women who know something is very wrong but are terrified to think because of the severity of the punishment.

    The trans cult is ALL about lies and mindfuck. Some of the most oppressed women in patriarchy are somehow nazis? For saying no to men?

    It’s always amazing to me that the trans cult doesn’t go after gay men or anyone else to destroy, to name as privileged and oppressive, but only target Lesbians. Part of this is because Lesbians are too welcoming and caring for everyone but Lesbians. But it’s also because the trans cult is all about female-hating and is primarily a way for het men to get access to Lesbians. (I was going to say het men who do fetish, but isn’t that all of them?)

    Yes, we saw the men perving on us in our bars before Lesbian Feminism. There was no safe space. And then suddenly we had Lesbian community with almost everything women only. (In Aotearoa/New Zealand, they were so radical and strong that they created Lesbian only space, which was very rare in the US.)

    The men still tried to get access to us. They used their women to try to get them into our spaces. That didn’t usually work for many years, but their women did get Lesbian Feminists to do their childcare so they could have more time with their men, and they got Lesbian support when leaving their violent men.

    A site recently asked when we reached “peak trans.” It came early for me when I realized that man who had stalked me into the Lesbian community not only hadn’t somehow become a woman but that he immediately got into power positions in our community and reveled in the destruction that caused. He didn’t care how much he harmed Lesbians as long as he got power and attention. (This is repeated now in almost every “Lesbian” organization as men have taken control. And Lesbians are letting them, even if some do say they were suprised at how quickly they took over.) Of course most Lesbians easily recognized how male Elliott was (not just by looks, which was always obvious), but by how he thought, wrote, spoke, jokes, etc. — male in every way.

    Men could not have figured out a more clever plan to not only get access to us, but to use women to do it on a mass scale, leaving us to have to defend our community not just against men but other women and Lesbians. That’s what the entire genderqueer, “bykes,” and other women who want access to het privilege while getting access to Lesbian love and community.

    It’s no coincidence that women allied with men also brought sado-masochism into our Lesbian community, like the bisexual sexologists who fetishized gay men, like Pat Califia, or those who were still with het men, like JoAnn Loulan. They made money off Lesbians by selling us to men. And also by shaming Lesbians who said no to sado-masochism and other male/het fetish. It’s also no coincidence that

    Another, perhaps, subconscious reason for why women betray Lesbians to men and to women who choose men (bisexuals) is because Lesbians are the biggest threat to male supremacy. (Notice how much we are erased, like when the media keeps saying working class women voted for Trump, when almost no working class Lesbians of any race and working class het Women of Color did.)

    The myth that we would not be able to tell if men posing as women want into our last spaces has become a common con, including in an OLOC statement about not doing a “panty check.” (How about noticing that most Old Dykes don’t wear “panties?”) We don’t need the men to take off their dresses to know they are men. Seeing their garish faces, dead eyes, and hearing their male voices is beyond obvious.

    • merfeminist Says:

      “but their women did get Lesbian Feminists to do their childcare”

      Yes that’s the only reason women want childcare. To spend more time with men.

      you are unreal bev jo, I remember reading your insane anti-mother ranting back on the femonade blog, how can you keep it up?

      • K Says:

        So it’s okay for heterosexual women to trick lesbians into caring for their children?

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Why is telling the truth about the history of my Bay Area Lesbian Feminist community is “insane ranting?” Why don’t you want women to know about this? Should Lesbians not think about how we are expected to be used by bisexuals?

        I’m sure the Lesbians who were lining up to do childcare were doing what they thought was one of the most feminist things a Lesbian could do, which is prioritize mothers since childless Lesbians matter less. But when one of those mothers just had her fifth child with her new boyfriend, of course they were helping them as a het couple — though the women was being lovers with Lesbians, her boyfriend was priority. And did this couple in any way help Lesbians? Of course not. The man had a self defense school that including teaching men fighting skills, but when the woman realized that some of us in the class were Lesbian Separatists (and this was the early Seventies, when separatism for African-Americans and other oppressed people was understood and supported), she had her man kick us out. He was apologetic but obeyed.

        Her photo is included in one of the first Lesbian anthologies, “Lesbians Speak Out.”

    • k.jane Says:

      Very good point about Trump. It was mostly MEN who voted for him, not women and especially not working class lesbians. I have a lower income and I voted for Clinton. (Also, last I checked she was still ahead in the popular vote.)

      I don’t think anything you said is insane ranting, and I found your post on motherhood on your blog really refreshing.

      These heterosexual “queers” frankly remind me of Rush Limbaugh, who thinks that feminists are Nazis.

  16. Medi Says:

    Rejecting men is a thought crime in queerland. Lesbians are not supposed to love women, we’re supposed to just accept the male to trans gang in our homes and beds, and women who ever say NO to men are hated, nothing new on that score. I’m glad some bi women are commenting here and actually offering real support to lesbians. We need support and solidarity now more than ever, and we’ve done the heavy lifting of building a world for 40 years, I think bi and het women need to SPEAK UP against the trans attacks on lesbian space and show some real courage in this department.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Medi, I don’t think any men or bi or het women are going to go to bat for us any time soon. On the rare occasion when they do there’s always a huge price tag. I think we’re the only oppressed group that has no allies.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Plenty of het people are unhappy with the trans delusion and trans invasion of privacy. Those auditoriums full of parents protesting boys in female showers, and locker rooms, are usually as het as they get. The girls who must use those facilities are their daughters, and most parents don’t want their daughters exposed to nude males against their will.

      • Cassandra Says:

        Hi Mary Macha.
        I’m het and for what it’s worth, what the “queer” movement is doing to lesbians is absolutely appalling to me. It is SO CLEARLY male domination and hatred of women who sexually reject men. Women don’t have to be open to sleeping with fucking anybody they don’t want to. This is homophobic and rape culture and it’s disgusting. I’ve had several conversations about this with various people and they’re shocked to hear that it’s going on. I’m on the side of lesbians because I’m on the side of females, always. I’m sorry that so many hetero people are assholes to lesbians in a way that they aren’t to gay men. It’s horrible.

      • Medi Says:

        MaryMacha, sadly, I believe you are absolutely right. No het women are going to bat solely for lesbians anywhere in a big way. They just don’t give a damn about us, we don’t have the wealth, we are a very very small minority of the female population, we have moved mountains for all women, but the vast majority of women support gay men “fag hag” does not have a counterpart for lesbians whom straight men love to hang with, for example. I can’t name one het woman who ever engaged me on subjects of life and death importance to me.

        Now of course the trans are after us night and day day and night, and we are very very alone as we are being attacked, no platformed, erased and sexually really really aggressively perved upon by male to trans, the cotton ceiling. We are alone, and het women may regret the day they didn’t try to truly help us, because we have consistently been the feminists supporting them.

      • Rachel Says:

        Medi, I’ve been trying to think of somewhere where het and lesbian women come together and co-operate – the best examples I could think of were sports teams of various kinds, which are sadly being infiltrated by FTTs.
        Women in the military and law-enforcement are another mixed het/lesbian group who tend to stick together.

      • hearthrising Says:

        Rachel, in Dianic Witchcraft het, bi, and lesbian women support each other. A lot of people think Dianics are only lesbian, but that’s not necessarily true, and heterosexual Dianics are upset about the religion being forced underground.

  17. Medi Says:

    I found the phrase “not much clout” interesting. Lesbian only space is about freedom for lesbians. I’ve never had much interest in the whole LGBT thing, because lesbians were always marginal inside this largely male dominated structure. When lesbians had a culture and created all the bookstores and coffee houses and bars an art spaces, or lesbian energy was central to the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, or the women’s building in San Francisco, this was revolutionary. It seems that everyone just want to steal this energy, invade this space, and destroy lesbian sexuality with the dangerous pan-sexual nonsense, sexually transmitted diseases a huge part of it. But hey it’s taboo to name this stuff, and to understand how lesbian sexuality really is in the world. It is just the destruction of a social justice movement, and if they pulled this crap on the black movement, or Chicano movement well there would be screaming…. but destroy women only culture, who cares… if men aren’t involved they do want to destroy it.

  18. jo Says:

    The hatred against lesbians in the queer community is insane, WTF.
    Alt-right, what is she smoking.

    I do disagree Gallus, about bisexuals, while I understand your anger in this case I also think there are crap attitudes about us coming both from straight and LG people , so biphobia could be a useful term but not in the way Tumblr uses it.

    “Queer” is not inclusive general term for LGB people. It’s a slur, I hate it.

    Hope 2017 is the year the queer and trans community really starts to losen it’s grip and fuck the fuck off.

  19. punkworked Says:

    The greatest hurt and damage is too young girls growing up without lesbian role models or affirmative language that allows them to be comfortable in their identity. Reminds me of Toni Morrison’s brilliant exploration of growing up Black in a white dominated community and culture. Where to they find the safe and happy road culture map to a sense of self. ‘The Bluest Eye’ revealed the hurt when you cannot see yourself reflected positively, in the world.

  20. Eloka Says:

    Do they do the same thing of gay men’s spaces? Are they calling homosexual men Nazis for not wanting to be with hi or trans? Or is this just another way to silence and repress gay women?

  21. abutterflysdiary Says:

    Reblogged this on A butterfly's diary and commented:
    I worry for young lesbians. I have generally focused my efforts on men because they are the ones driving this dangerous nonsense but I can’t stay silent when I see prominent “queers” effectively support rape culture and put lesbians at risk. Sick and tired of it.

  22. Reblogged this on Meeshell Fooko and commented:
    The hatred of “queers” for real homos

    • Medi Says:

      Yeah, it is amazing what lesbians in my city do these days. There is the silence over all the attacks on us, the women who are separatists pretending to be nice face in public, scared to death of being fired in private, because they’re lesbians, and they are horrified at male to trans invasion of lesbian space, and they are horrified at the economic boycotts that were put on Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. There is the erasure of women and lesbians everywhere, and I kind of wonder, where are the thousands of hetero women willing to start fighting for LESBIAN rights, and standing up WITH US? Right now, it feels quite lonely out there, the vast indifference of hetero women, the lack of appreciation for all the work lesbians did on behalf of ALL WOMEN, but when it comes to our time? Well, hetero women, you have got to speak up and take some of the risk now. Working for men’s causes is really hurting lesbians, think they next time you write a check to a group, why not give money to Gallus, and so many other lesbians out there. Realize that “queer” is an attack on young butch girls, the trans cult is going after those kids, because being a lesbian girl is reviled, being the grandpa of a trans kid is oh so cool.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        Because, straight women don’t know this shit exists in your community.

        You want this to be a bigger issue in the public sphere? Get more allies in the gay community, the very community dragging this around, and use the media.

        This is not OUR community. This is YOUR community. Own it. How do you expect us “het” women to war on the “queer” community? Troll lesbian websites and say “yeah go sister!” Find out where a lesbian club is and buy drinks? Ally with people who are enemies of female rights (not going to happen, no way in hell). I am all ears.

        And by the way, it is not like we were sitting on our asses all these years not fighting for our daughters. Dial back the anti heterosexual rhetoric and stop being so invisible. If you ask 100 American women what Michfest was, I would be surprised if 1 ever heard of it.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      That link leads to an “Oops, page can’t be found” page.

  23. Medi Says:

    Damn Gallus thanks for that wonderful essay on lesbian space, and how bi women have never really launched any movement of their own, much less created all the things lesbians have created. Bi women fit in just fine with heteronormative worlds, they blend in, they pass as het. I love it when I can go to a place and find all the lesbians there, not the bi women playing games, but the women who LOVE ONLY WOMEN. Thanks also for calling out all the shaming words like GOLD STAR. I’m so done with the B G T— it’s time for them to leave the lesbian house, the guests have ruined the patio!

  24. Medi Says:

    Bisexual women contribute what to lesbian worlds? Honestly, they really are a waste of time. Go find your own groups, I really want lesbians to claim back the space for ourselves and leave the whole queer thing to rot on it’s own. Bi is NOT lesbian, and so many bi women are now so gender queer it is disgusting, they’ve always been a pain actually.

  25. Margie Says:

    One of the many dangerous aspects of “queer” is that it is deliberately undefined. It comes out of postmodernism, which embraces the ambiguity and deception in language. “Queer” has at least a half dozen definitions and some celebrate the idea that it can never be defined. Here is a YT channel called “To Queer Things Up.”

    The channel has been around for a year and has 8 videos, all focused on the definition of “queer.” And after a year and 8 videos, they still don‘t present a clear definition. Most of the videos state that it is “complicated” and “constantly changing” and “different for ever person.” This ambiguity is intentional.

    All this would be a mere annoyance, but when LGB people take on “Q” and make it part of our identity, then we incorporate that ambiguity into our very identity. When people say “LGBTQ people,” they literally do not know what they are referring to because Q has no fixed meaning. As it turns out, “Q” can include millions of heterosexuals who are “unconventional” in some shape or form. That makes LGB people minorities once again, even within our own group. “Queer” is a tool to eradicate not only lesbian identity, but LGB identity as well.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      This. A Media Meme, with no definition and is more aligned with fashion and commerce than anything else, is taking control of your identity and marginalizing you. It is a “soft landing” of gender malleability to allow more advertising space. It is a comfortable place to feel edgy without risk nor commitment. Moreover, it really calls into question what homosexuality is in the first place, as “queerness” seems rather fadish rather than “born this way”. Born what way? Born “queer?” Is someone “born punk rock”? “Born country”? We already know no one is “born trans” which is why we are on this site in the first place.

      Anyways, good luck women.

  26. Pupper Lover Says:

    haven’t read much on this yet but that picture of heather hogan is downright adorable!!! she looks like a literal angel surrounded by loving puppers! Can someone that sweet be that bad? I doubt it.

  27. M.D. Says:

    I find it mind boggling that their argument boils down to ‘lesbians don’t us want in their spaces – they are nazis’. Like others have said before me,it’s not like we’re stopping them from creating spaces of their own or expelling them from shared our common spaces (or using slogans like ‘gas all queers’ and really if you’ve read the receipts on terfisaslur, the irony could choke a homosexual). No, it’s us not wanting them in OUR spaces that is the source of oppression to them.

    And I want to believe, I really do, that these women are just overenthusiastic idiots who don’t realise that they are the ones engaged in the systematic erasure of all things lesbians but remember the article a while back; some queer woman pontificating that ‘lesbian’ no longer worked for many young ‘queer’ women? (Shocked, I am shocked, I tell you). Because she saw that ‘lesbian’ had a rich political and social history. And even though this history caused her “chagrin” ( chagrin. lesbian history, our history, causes this little … you know what another time). And even though she is so far removed from her lesbian forebears as to consider herself a different species altogether. And even though she is queer and not lesbian, because ‘queer’ doesn’t have a proud history of its own, ‘lesbian’ is the word queers like her want to “reclaim”. (btw, if you read the article you’ll find the perfect example of why the lesbian identity should be policed. If only some big butch had listened to this case of a generally-speaking-lesbian who wasn’t practically-speaking- a-lesbian given the definition of lesbian (a definition she still managed to get wrong!) and lived in a community which found ‘lesbian’ “inaccurate and gauche” because they were attuned to multiplicities of gender and genitals, just think how much headache we would have been saved).

    E. Atwell says she’s functionally gay but uses queer as a descriptive because it opens doors to herself and others. See if you can spot the acceptable collateral in that example of high art virtue signalling? ‘Lesbian’ let alone a space for lesbians is too terfy for queers. When young lesbians are told sexual boundaries which aren’t all inclusive make you a neo-nazi, how many of them will risk being out let alone proud homosexuals? And it they do make it through the ringer of queer politics, what will they have left for themselves, when queer women are done redefining and appropriating ‘lesbian’ history and culture?

    tldr: remember that cretin on Tumblr who made a ‘which side would terfs be when during the trans apocalypse?’ which was a fair post because her transwoman friend told her trans were undergoing a “soft holocaust”? Heather Hogan just validated her. Bloody queers! Brace yourselves for the escalating rhetoric coming our way in light of this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “.. remember the article a while back; some queer woman pontificating that ‘lesbian’ no longer worked for many young ‘queer’ women?”

      This is the article link you refer to. Please feel free to include your own link in future so women can look at what you are talking about. Thanks! (Great analysis btw!).

      • anon male Says:

        Slate AND Vice both had entire feature sections devoted to the subject last week, maybe a dozen-and-so articles over the course of a few days; all the right people got paid.

        My favorite was a celebratory article a few days later that threw shade at Michfest:

        “I’ve never been a huge camper, but this fall, I went to an all-women’s festival in Palm Desert called Mothership. While not explicitly queer, it was one of the queerest things I’ve ever participated in, and that’s saying a lot, considering I am both a personal and professional lesbian. Founded and run by lesbians (and with an open-door policy for any person who identifies partly or wholly as a woman), Mothership had vulva-driving workshops, feminist stick and poke tattoos, campfire singalongs, and let’s just say that any “straight” girl I met there ended up going home queerer than she arrived.—Trish Bendix, editor-in-chief, Go!”

        Thank god for professionals!

  28. GallusMag Says:

    AutoStraddle’s “male lesbian” author, the heterosexual white male of Norwegian descent Matthew C. Rude reborn as “Transwoman of Color” Mey Rude :

    Instagram post (text Matthew’s)

  29. Rachel Says:

    Everyone I know who identifies as “queer” is in a het relationship, although some of them try to kid themselves otherwise by dating nonbinary or trans. It’s the cachet of gay without the actual same-sex lover schtick.

      • Rachel Says:

        I like “promosexual”.

      • nonny Says:

        @Rachel: “promosexual” is brilliant!!

        Reminds me of the Le Tigre song “Viz,” about being a visibly butch lesbian. In one verse JD Samson describes an encounter w/a woman who tries to dance w/her: “I look into her eyes/I say hey- you’re not a dyke!” She calls out being fashionably hetero-“”queer”” as being about social “climbing” and “coolness,” in contrast to her own life in which, 24/7, she is visibly a lesbian, merely by being her authentic self.

        /end tangent- I just love that damn album and “promosexual” is totally entering my vocab.

    • Freida Says:

      I agree with you, but I also don’t think that “cachet” is explanation enough for why a large subset people latch onto this “bi” identity thing despite being functionally straight. I knew personally a few people for whom their “bi” identity was a big deal, and I could tell that they definitely weren’t doing it for chachet–most were in the closet about being bi and they were, honestly, a little tortured by the fact of their “bi” feelings in the context of their life of exclusively hetero long-term relationships. I don’t get where this comes from… I guess I’m asking if anyone has a theory. The social contagion of being brought up in a culture that emphasizes that sex (i.e. “exploring” and finding your “true” aka non-straight sexuality) is the answer to true happiness and self-actualization? The inability to just accept gayness and come out already? The inability to accept that one isn’t sexually “special” in some way? I just don’t get it.

      • Rachel Says:

        Some of these people are probably closeted gay men or lesbians, and have families, workplaces or social circles where it would be difficult to come out. Increasingly, the queersphere is becoming like this, if you want to come out as lesbian or gay in the normal sense of the word, or bi rather than “pan” or somesuch. On a related note, they might not know where to find potential same-sex partners safely.
        Some of it might be attention seeking, if they are going around telling others about their feelings.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        Recent and current college students I’ve encountered place a great premium on open-mindedness.

        With them, being “bi” isn’t so much for cachet, but for a progressive self-conception; they like to think they wouldn’t be restricted if they met the right person.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        Also, a 2013 OKCupid survey suggests regional cultures where straight men are more likely to have some gay experience:

        Maybe use of the word “bi” corresponds to these behaviors?

      • NYCAlison Says:

        This response is for Frieda, who wrote, “guess I’m asking if anyone has a theory. The social contagion of being brought up in a culture that emphasizes that sex (i.e. “exploring” and finding your “true” aka non-straight sexuality) is the answer to true happiness and self-actualization? The inability to just accept gayness and come out already? The inability to accept that one isn’t sexually “special” in some way? I just don’t get it.” But I will also address the question of why more women are not involved in saving lesbian spaces.

        Frieda, your comment appears to be focusing on het-leaning bis, particularly with no same-sex experience, but the bolded part seems to be addressing gay-leaning bis like myself. I will tell you why the bisexual women like myself who lean strongly lesbian do not identify as lesbian but as bi. First, I would suggest you read the comments about bisexual women here, particularly from Medi, and also several of the ones from Bev Jo, then I would suggest you ask yourself what good it would do a lesbian community for us to objectively misrepresent ourselves? We are aware that some lesbian women hold such positions on bisexual women, and that the dynamic long pre-dates the trans movement. By identifying “bisexual, not lesbian,” we offer all the women who do not like bisexuals, do not date bisexuals, and do not want bisexuals around the IMMEDIATE option of avoiding us. Many of us also studiously avoid lesbian-only space for the same reason.

        Obviously, for those of us who find males unappealing as partners sexually and emotionally (or who might find the occasional male attractive but generally, is totally repulsed by the male sex out in the world and wants nothing to do with hetero-life), calling ourselves “bisexual” may not be the most accurate for day to day life. However, it’s courteous to the lesbian women speaking here. Why else might we do it? For the answer, contrast our conscious choice of label with the “I’m a lesbian!!! You owe me sex or you’re murdering me, TERF!” behavior of AGP pretendbians. In a word, we do it because we have been socialized as females in this world. Many of us are self-conscious about being where we aren’t wanted, and that includes invading lesbian space, even if we are, to all the rest of the world, lesbians in the day to day. Some of us, self included, take it so far as to only date/marry those like ourselves (my spouse is a similarly identified bisexual).

        In-between describing how repulsive and male-oriented bisexual women are, some posters have asked why we do not stand up to protect lesbians. Those of us consciously choosing our bisexual label are often very aware of, and sensitive to, the fact that we’d be interlopers, agents of disease, and disruptors of lesbian culture if we were to partake of lesbian space — and as such, have made a conscious decision to leave all lesbian spaces and affairs concerning them to the jurisdiction and discretion of lesbians. Again, this is likely the direct result of female socialization, which becomes most glaringly obvious when contrasted with male AGP behavior. Many of us choose other routes of activism that don’t require us to meddle in lesbian space. For me, the first path of activism is writing about women’s issues for LGBT outlets where the “L” and the female “B” basically did not exist, and the 2nd is direct action on working-class and working-poor issues. As has been discussed, including in this very thread, as lesbians are statistically likeliest to be low-income, such activities directly benefit them without infiltrating the space.

    • k.jane Says:

      Same here. Most of the people I’ve meet calling themselves “queer” are really just hetero And unfortunately working at a university, I run into a lot of those people. They act like they want an award for being the most oppressed ever. I just roll my eyes. They act like they are being marginalized by gays and lesbians because we don’t fawn over them. It’s like excuse me, since we’re actual homosexuals, we have real oppression to deal with. Lesbians have to deal with the deliberate destruction of our culture and our identity thanks to the trans cult and their “gay-lite” friends. (By the way Gallus Mag I love that description.)

  30. M.D. Says:
    “At the end of the episode, you flash back to Berlin, and the Gestapo attack on the Institute for Sexual Research. Are you drawing a direct parallel between trans-exclusionary women’s spaces and the Nazis?”

    Ok seriously? I’m beginning to think these queer camps they go to teach them which rhetoric they are to ply that year.

    My functionally gay queer not-cis-men*. You, who’ve never dated a transwoman and never will but are totally open to it unlike the fillthy vagina fetishizing terfs … where was I**? Cheer and jeer for the year.
    Cheer: the lesbians didn’t share their toys so we took it away***; yes, Michfest is dead. You’re welcome. I know you’ll be much more happy in a “not explicitly queer” all-women’s festival than any lesbian had the right to be at an explicitly lesbian festival when I wasn’t invited.
    Jeer: And yet the lesbians still don’t like us.

    Now next year we won’t be cockfooting around with “Terfs and the soft Holocaust of Transwomen****: How they are killing us (with their words)”. Because murder doesn’t always have to be shooting following by attempted immolation amirite? Don’t worry, it’ll make sense later*****. Instead we will be amping straight on up to something pithier – “Lesbian: … neo nazism?” We can workshop the question mark later. Now on to the vulva driving class ******. Oh one other thing, remember to point out how lesbophobia isn’t a thing because you’d look pretty ******* stupid if you didn’t add that to your diatribe about how lesbians were like white supremacists for wanting a space of their own.

    * self identities used by queer women + E. Atwell
    ** I’m assuming this camp will be led by a transwoman, because of how penisbearers, in a way mysterious to social science, end up being authority figures, especially on womanhood, and because of AS’s article which explicitly states queer women’s spaces should be centered around transwomen (you don’t want to read it, trust me), but mostly because of what one of my favorite lesbians calls ‘the nuthuggery of queer women’.
    *** paraphrasing a comment on Advocate’s article on the end of Michfest. DOn’t … go there. Not unless you want to read about what a transphobic, misogynist, rape promoting, hate organisation (see the theme) Michfest was.
    **** tumblr. Don’t. Why ruin your day?
    ***** if this doesn’t make sense just … be glad.
    ****** thank you anon, I didn’t know this was a thing
    ******* fucking

    • Freida Says:

      it really kills me the the queer cultists say that TERFs are the ones who “fetishize vaginas.” This of course isn’t true, but even if it was, according to queer culture fetishes are amazing, great things to always be accepted and defended and never shamed. According to queer culture no one should ever question someone else’s fetish or be negative about it or suggest that it’s disgusting, no matter how truly disgusting it is (e.g. BDSM). So HOW did they convince themselves that TERFs are the only ones with a “fetish” that is a bad thing? They worship all other fetishes on principle, it seems.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        WOW. Thanks for your eye-opening comment, @Freida. Very true and telling, the only bad fetish is women wanting female genitalia.

      • k.jane Says:

        Your “fetish” is only bad if it doesn’t include the penis or pay lip-service to including the penis. (Let’s just ignore all the heterosexual MTTs who insist penis is female, but refuse to date each other.)

        And it’s also only bad if your a real lesbian and only want other real lesbians.

        Everything from the queer/trans cult is mind-fuck and a projection bias and the highest levels. They celebrate all of the fetishes, including the really bad stuff like BDSM. But if I point out that I’m a lesbian, and that “transwomen” aren’t any kind of women because you can’t change your sex due to biology, then I’m the one who is bad and a Nazi with a vagina fetish. (Let’s ignore that the dude who started the “die cis scum” meme was an actual Neo-Nazi)

  31. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Translation: “lesbians are sooooo mean.” Hogan’s last tweet about “heroic queer writers” blah blah is hilarious.

  32. Medi Says:

    That’s true that Dianic Wiccan women come together as women, it is a religion for women only, born women–lesbian, bi, hetero and they work together to keep male to trans from trampling their first amendment rights.

  33. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    I’m surrounded by spaces I’m not allowed to enter. I drive down streets lined with these exclusive spaces I don’t have access to. I never even think about it. Non-issue.
    There are millions of these spaces I’ve never even seen, and have no intention of ever seeing.

    I have my own exclusive “me only” space and it doesn’t seem to harm anyone.

    I’ve been in a few of those “Employees Only” spaces. They were a disappointment.

    Why don’t they make a Laydee Club and hang out there? They can play dress up, have measuring contests or whatever they want to do.

  34. Tired Says:

    I’ve read through this thread a couple of times and there is a lot of anger and well justified venting here.

    I’m not having a crack at any individual here. (You are all are intelligent enough to see a ‘but’ coming right? 🙂

    We all seem to agree that one of the biggest threats to young lesbians is being transed instead of being accepted. Unfortunately, for a lot of these young women, they’ll have been brought up in (mostly well meaning) families who don’t see anything but het as an option and those beautiful young women won’t find gender critical/ lesbian sites until after they have already kissed / had sex with a boy/man because that’s what their peer norms push them into. By the time they realise there are other options, it’s too late to identify as anything as other than Bi according to a lot of the crap on the internet at the moment. (Unfortunately according to some comments here as well)

    Again, while I understand the legitimate anger above (and have felt it myself), the awful thing is that while we vent this anger publically, I worry we run the risk of losing those young women to the trans cult of MTTs who are grooming these young women to act as human shields for eg the bathroom laws etc.

    I respect the right of every woman here to say what they mean and say what they want. The only thing I would respectfully ask is to consider how that may be read by a young woman trying to understand her sexuality and think about how that might impact her. If she is young and researching on the internet and has done enough research to find this place (or any other you post on)

    Blessings to all

    • GallusMag Says:

      There’s a difference between a bisexual woman and a lesbian that escapes compulsory heterosexuality to come out as gay. Hope that helps.

      • Tired Says:

        Agree 100%.

        Problem at the moment is that the young women who used to have time to work that stuff through are being lured into the MTT snare in the meantime and being transed. I had time to work that out but the young women today are pretty much being marketed to and the trans are actively marketing to them.

        I wasn’t targeting any of the comments above, it was just a general statement thinking back to when I was young and trying to work it all out and there were a few comments above (not yours particularly) that I would have read as a young woman that I could never be a lesbian as I wasn’t good enough. I think it was a BevJo comment that prompted this comment (and she’s entitled to her views).

        The problem (as I see it – and feel free to disagree) is the trans movement is actively targeting really young children in some places but the young teenagers trying to work out WTF is going on are still swept in. If they read comments online around rigid definitions where are they supposed to go for help? At least were were still lesbian bars when I was young. They are all shut down where I live now

      • GallusMag Says:

        Homosexuality is a thing. The fact that homosexuality exists doesn’t make it hard for lesbian females to “work it all out”. It makes Lesbians say “oh wow! There are people like me! Excellent!”
        Bisexuality is a perfectly respectable, yet unique, sexual orientation.
        Categories and definitions exist because different sexual orientations exist.
        Your Queer Soup has done less than nothing for Lesbians, especially youth.

  35. Tired Says:

    ‘Homosexuality is a thing’ Doh! Thanks Grandma for telling me how to suck eggs. You seem to have decided I am bi or something however you are wrong (unless you think young women under the age of 16 having sex with boys before they knew they had other options are bi in which case I stand corrected.) Which was my initial point. I was just asking could we consider how we talk in case younger women with fewer options were turned away. It’s your site, run it how you want. I hate to think we are sending young lesbians into the arms of the trans lobby that’s all

    Sorry GM, it’s just really frustrating at the moment that young women are being trained that lesbian isn’t an option but FTM is. In fact the media is spinning it as the only option. I probably should have commented on a day I wasn’t pissed off with the rest of the world so I might have articulated better.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

    • NYCAlison Says:

      Look, I get where you’re coming from. My teens were when gay in America equaled deathbeds, PCP (pneumonia), Kaposi’s Sarcoma, and the shocker of Freddy Mercury’s death, and my 20s kicked off shortly before a young, gay Wyoming man was hatefully hung from a fencepost. Damn straight (ha!), it was a long, often sh1tty road to 2017, happily married, out and proud.

      For me, the bisexual label is pragmatism, political shorthand, and situational semiotics, and it’s relevant in just a handful of rapidly dwindling, female-exclusive spaces with specific but non-lesbian-only guest lists. Simply put, I have a past, said past is relevant in different ways/to different degrees among women in such spaces, and if, for you, that past is a no-go at all times, I’ve offered the info you need upfront. In my everyday heteronormative, male-centric circles (i.e. the office, gatherings o’ dipsh1ts I must work with), mentioning my spouse’s name offhandedly, or that I’m gay, says alllll it needs to: that I’m neither available to nor planning my life around men. That’s all they give a damn about and half of em “confuse” us with Bruce “Caitlyn” Gender anyway, so to hell with the details!

      For any young women discovering themselves, I’ll emphasize the “bi” label’s MY choice and mine alone. I didn’t adopt it at the urging or orders of others. Nor do I feel deprived of/excluded from spaces Bev Jo or Medi might prefer — in fact, I’d not have interest in those spaces regardless, although I of course endorse them having whatever space they like/inviting whomever they wish. And bisexual’s not my sad, 4th place consolation prize. I take pride in who I am, express that as I see fit, and suspect other women here feel the same way. Any same-sex-attracted teen girl able to get to a similar headspace will be okay (well, as okay as she can, in patriarchy).

      As Gallus noted, bisexual is a perfectly respectable sexual orientation. True as that may be, it’s not indelibly tattooed on a girl the moment she gets into some hetero situation that says little about where she ends up. Women with similar pasts have IDed and will continue to ID as lesbian, some of whom came out WAY later than I did in my early-mid 20s. Some of them are happily re-married to or dating women after leaving the husbands they married cause they got told “that’s what good girls do” growing up, while family/friends/society gave them zero space to find themselves. There’s a stat, oft-cited in gender-critical discourse, that shows how hard hetero norms are pushed on women. In the U.S., women often don’t “come out” to themselves till age 19-20, while men (boys) “know” by 14 and are “out” to others by 16. Holy sh1t, do “we” (Americans) ever NOT give girls breathing room!

      This blog is an invaluable resource in our fight for teen girls. One of the biggest harm agents for teen girls is Big Queer; and the pro-men’s rights, woman-hating agenda it espouses. Defeating Big Queer — and its sick, autogynephilic fraternal twin “sister”, Big Trans, of course! — would be life-changing for so many women. And the first step of that is knowing all the facts…for that, GenderTrender’s unsurpassed. Oh, and if you dug that article Gallus linked you to, don’t hesitate to SHARE IT far and wide — other women deserve this VITAL knowledge!

  36. I would really like to talk with somd of the lesbians commenting here. I discovered this blog when the whole trans bathroom thing exploded in the media. I was unable to sleep, and having panic attacks. It triggered me so badly, to be told by seemingly everyone that I had no reason to be afraid. I know how it feels to be immediately overpowered by males, and I was sick with worry. Any time I brought it up I was yelled down as a bigot. I identify as bisexual, I have always been attracted to women though. I am married to a man, we have 4 small children. After my sons birth 3 months ago I began feeling like it’s time to heal from all the abuse and pain. I was involved in BDSM and justified it, but now I’m starting to see it all differently. It’s a very confusing time. I’d be so thankful to have support from women I can trust, even just online.

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