Nude Transgender Children Campaign Battles Facebook Censors

January 12, 2017



A Transgender Children’s advocacy campaign titled “There are girls with penises and boys with vulvas!” which features imagery of naked children’s genitalia was censored by Facebook, the group complained.

From El Pais:

“A new public awareness campaign by the Basque advocacy group Chrysallis Euskal Herria, an association of families with transgender children, has hit the bus shelters and subway stations of the Basque Country and Navarre, in northern Spain.

The campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New York with Basque family roots, who donated €28,000 in exchange for assurances that his or her identity would remain under wraps, the association said.

The 150 posters distributed across mass transit networks show drawings of four nude children holding hands: a boy and a girl with vulvas, and another boy and girl with penises. The goal is “to raise social awareness about transgender children and for these children to feel represented,” explains Beatriz Sever, the group’s press officer.

 The campaign, which is targeting the cities of Pamplona, Vitoria, San Sebastián and Bilbao, was launched on Tuesday and will end on January 16.

“There is an evident gap in society’s ability to approach the issue of transgender children in a normal way,” said Sever in a telephone conversation. “The more we talk, the easier it will be for some parents to detect what is happening to their own children. Many of them deny their kids’ real identity simply out of ignorance.”

The association was formed in 2013 by eight Basque families with transgender children ages three through 17. Since then, their number has grown to 40.

 Facebook followed its usual policy of censoring the image because the children are depicted in the nude.

“We did not fight the decision because we were afraid that our page would be shut down. On one hand, it’s given us even more visibility, but then we were not looking for something like this to happen, because it draws attention away from our main message,” said the association representative.

Sever said it was essential to have this explicit depiction of genitals on the posters.

“It makes all the difference between children either being accepted or not. We need to make people understand that nature is not a photocopying machine. Those who deny their identity typically use genitals as an excuse. I myself, as a mother, once used that same argument, until I finally understood what was going on,” she reveals.

Another goal of the campaign is to ensure unconditional support for transgender children from their immediate circle of friends and family, and to prevent rejection.

This is “a life-and-death matter,” notes Sever. According to a 2011 survey of transgender adults by the United States National Transgender Equality Association, 41% of respondents reported attempting suicide compared to 1.6% of the general population.

Mysterious sponsor

The campaign was made possible thanks to the enormous repercussion of an earlier drive to raise awareness about transgender children. That campaign, carried out in April 2016, handed out educational material in eight different languages.

That earlier effort reached the ears of a New York financier with Basque roots, who got in touch with Chrysallis Euskal Herria and offered to put up the €28,000 required to put together this latest awareness drive.

The association expressed its gratitude to the sponsor, and said it will ask the Basque regional government to create a specific department to assist the families of transgender children.”


From their Facebook page

“The campaign never infringed any rule of Facebook!” the group claimed on its Facebook page, where they re-posted the uncensored image earlier today in defiance of the ban.


You can view the creepy-ass campaign under the fold.


81 Responses to “Nude Transgender Children Campaign Battles Facebook Censors”

  1. Holy shit! As shocking as this is, it’s also totally believable when you consider the way the trans cult has been fetishizing “transgender” children.

  2. IronBatMaiden Says:

    What the fuckity fuck is this shit!? Could these trans activists make it any more obvious their movement is crawling with creepy autogynephiles and pedophiles? Good Goddess!!

  3. deborahpeifer Says:

    Is this the point where we are supposed to be grateful that they didn’t use nude photographs of actual children? Or is that phase two? Transberks and pedophiles–a marriage made in hell.

  4. Anemone Says:

    So, um, since there are no physical differences in boys’ and girls’ bodies beyond their genitals (skeletons are unisex until puberty), the way we know the “real gender” of these kids is by their hair? Hmmm.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      Don’t forget- the ‘boys’ are so much bigger than the ‘girls’ because what? The girls are both dainty little things that need protection?

      • kesher Says:

        In my experience growing up, girls were somewhat taller than boys. At least that was true in my third grade class when we had to line up by sex and height, and the tallest girl towered over the tallest boy, and even I was a bit taller than my male counterpart.

  5. badlingo Says:

    Hm.. When I look at the poster the only way to tell the difference between the boys and the girls is either their genitalia or their hair. Since it can’t possibly be their genitals it must be their hair! If you have long hair you are a girl. I have long hair I must be a girl! Whew I’m so glad I know for sure now.

    • Margie Says:

      lol. Good point. Of course, if you were to mention this to trans activists, they would quickly say “No, of course girls can have short or long hair. Girls can have any kind of hair style!” So then, you might ask the trans activists ,”If it is not genitals and it is not hair and if it is not genetics, then what is it that makes a girl a girl?” You can go back and forth with trans activists on this issue for a long time, but eventually, they will admit that a girl is anyone who says “I am a girl.” That’s it. Which means that being a girl no longer has any meaning. Saying “I am a girl.” means nothing more than “I am a person who has uttered the words ‘I am a girl.'”

    • LC Says:

      I have medium length hair. Am I a hermaphrodite…?

    • periwinklepaisley Says:

      I have short hair, and I never wear a dress. I must be a dude. Dammit!

      • Relieved Says:

        I have long hair that is shaved underneath. If we are going to determine sex based purely on hair style now, I guess I’m genderfluid or is it bi-gender since it is both at once? This gender stuff is so confusing!

        Next time I go to the hairdresser for a short cut and she asks what I want I’m just going to say, “Make me into a man!” 😉

        The hair thing is funny, but that poster isn’t funny at all. It makes me want to puke and the pervert that paid for it should be named so kids can be protected from them.

      • Me too… if that’s all it takes. Shit.

      • JParle011317 Says:

        @Relieved, no, it’s not funny that this poster was even approved by anyone. But the fact that I am now picturing your hairdresser as Frankenfurter kinda is …;)

    • Leo Says:

      Lol, it’s both funny and not at all funny, exactly. Especially when the context is so creepy.

      The boy/girl hair thing is one of my personal pet hates/petty annoyances, because it’s just such an obviously blatantly ridiculous one that you’d really think we’d moved past by now. My dad used to get flack for it in his long-haired hippy days, for goodness sakes! Not all cultures are this hung up on it, and people know perfectly well that it hasn’t consistently been this way throughout history (Ok, it’s not the most historically accurate movie, but no one seems to think Mel Gibson is girly in Braveheart…), if they just look around they can see perfectly easily that women with short hair exist, plus anyone who spent the tiniest bit of thought/research would realise the various cultural connotations aren’t that straightforward (there’s the whole status thing, and the ‘honour in topknots’ thing), they can’t REALLY believe in it, yet it’s still one of those stupid cultural ideas that just refuses to die.

      Also on a more petty level it annoys the fantasy nerd/medievalist in me, who just happens to like long hair (on everyone) aesthetically and thinks it’s cool. Shoot me. ; )

  6. LC Says:

    What the actual fuck. How do they justify something like this to themselves, other than pedophilia?

    Can’t help but notice that without clothes, the bullshit of transgenderism is only more obvious. Girls have longer hair, boys shorter, that’s how we’re supposed to know which ones are which, not the blatantly obvious and inappropriate genitalia? There’s no “gender” here, humans of both sexes are capable of growing hair or cutting it off. So other than the viewing of naked children, what’s the point? Sick.

    • k.jane Says:

      The entire movement basically worships sex stereotypes. This really just makes the pedophilia obvious, but everyone worships trans so LGB will get blamed for this.

  7. Milliemeter Says:

    This brings disgusting to a whole new level! I’m a hermaphrodite, and would NEVER stoop this low to try to get people to understand what I am, or what I have. And using children, just shows you how low the trannies will go to try to “promote progress”.

    Progress, without logic, bias, or scepticism is Transgender!!!

    • Marm Says:

      Dude, it is extremely unlikely you are a “hermaphrodite”. Don’t pull that intersex identity out of your grab bag, either.

      • Milliemeter Says:

        I was born with Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. I was checked off as male, but I have a sexually dimorphic body as female. I looked like a albino transboy growing up, and have been treated very poorly, both by males and females at work.

        I started living as a female a little over three years ago, not really realizing that I looked like a female. I’m legally blind, so that made things a bit interesting. I’ve had a gene test done, and will soon be having an MRI done to find out the extent of what I have.

        My Urologist, said I have what looks like minor labia development, but it is sealed up. My hormone doctor/Gynecologist was able to stick a Q-Tip in a little.

        I also never finished gong through puberty. While it is very common for females to develop into adult versions of their kid selves (Neoteny) , they also develop their secondary sexual characteristics, which I only recently started (well, I did have small boobs when I was growing up). Even my hips started to widen, which would be medically impossible for a normal transgender person of my age. My GP said there are growing in evenly. My bone structure, and body proportions are like a young girl starting in puberty, but I’m adult sized (I’ve been 5.7 since I was about 11-12?).

        I would be more than happy to post some pictures of when I was younger, so you can see what I’m talking about, if Gallus would allow it.

      • Milliemeter Says:

        This was me eight months before I started on Estrogen. I was about 32 at that time.


      • Milliemeter Says:

        This is what I looked like eight months before starting on Estrogen. I was about 32 at that time.

      • Milliemeter Says:

        I was around twelve in this picture. My little half sister is three.

      • GallusMag Says:

        In the name of all that is holy, please stop sir. No one cares.
        FWIW you look like a typical average blind albino guy. Hope that helps! Enjoy your transgenderism!

      • Milliemeter Says:

        Gallus, and everyone else, I sorry, and apologize.
        I just wanted you to get to know me, if I wanted to keep posting. I want you to be able to trust me. You’ve clearly set this blog up as a safe space, and safe spaces are about trust.

        I do have one question thou, if would please be so kind so respond.
        How you do know I was born a boy in the picture? If you look at both of our bone structures, as well as our brows, we look almost the same. I’ve had the same bone structure since I was twelve.

        I’m apologize if I upset anyone, that was not my intent. I’ll just stop posting from now on.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sir, this is not a “safe space”. I do not know you or trust you. Commenters can say whatever they want unless they go on and on narcissistically about their boring male selves APROPOS OF NOTHING like life-sucking attention-seeking freaks even AFTER they’ve been moderated and clearly told to stop doing so. How INCREDIBLY RUDE!!!!!!!! One more comment about your own boring male self and you will be banned for life.

      • Marm Says:

        Link between narcissism and hypochondria:

      • Milliemeter Says:

        I’m a Intersex Transssexual. I like straight boys, and want to be in a relationship with one. I thought I was crazy, because I wanted to be a girl at a very young age. Then I went in the closest farther, because I was attracted to boys. I knew for sure I wanted to be a girl after I started high school.

        While I may have a mild Intersex condition, it was enough to stunt my maturity. And I’ve held on to my convictions, even in my thirties, and yet I’m still a virgin.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You have no intersex condition. You’re a typical transgender male. And according to Mark Keisling’s internet survey around 20% of adults who transition have never had any sexual relations, so you’re quite average in that regard as well.

      • Milliemeter Says:

        And what you don’t understand is, since I never went through male puberty, I’m afforded a unique opportunity, and so I get to go through female puberty. My whole world is almost gone, and every time my vision improves, I regress more and more. But I’m also changing mentally. I don’t understand my mind anymore, and I’m trying to let go so I can grow.

        I can’t remember any visual or auditory memories anymore (which is fine for me, because of the pain of my past but I still have to deal with losing them). My ability as an empath, has gotten stronger as well.

        I’ve learned what it’s like to be chased for your phone number on the street for five minutes, a little over week ago. That was ubber scary. I’ve been having trouble being scared to go to work, because out of panic, I told him my first name, and where I work.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Not intersex, Not an empath, Not a woman. “Ubber” typical manipulative narcissistic pedomorphic male autogynephile. Stop forcing your issues on women sir.

    • Nicky Says:

      You Sir are NOT Intersex. Stop using Intersex people to justify your Trans Bullshit.

  8. freenampeyo Says:

    This looks like a Henry Darger illustration.

  9. worriedmom Says:

    Maybe this point is too obvious to make, but a “transgender child” will actually look like the child at the far left or the child at the far right, so it is a fantasy in any event. To the extent the picture is seen by children, it is extremely deceptive, because it gives them the idea that they could “actually” change genitals to look like the children in the picture. The child likely won’t have surgery, and it sure won’t wind up looking that way!

  10. Smits Says:

    Well obviously the real indicator of sexual- sorry, I mean *genderual* dimorphism is hair length.

  11. cherryaustin Says:

    This just makes it even more obvious that we’ve got functional names for the two sexes of child – girls (with vulvas) and boys (with penes.)

    It shows how empty the instruction to use the wrong names is – before you realise they actually intend to de-sex these children.

    It’s beyond creepy. Everybody knows genitals don’t dictate hair length, yet somehow it’s okay to castrate boys with long hair?

  12. Nicky Says:

    Reblogged this on Nicky's World and commented:
    Seriously, this is way beyond creepy in how the Trans community will use Kids and Nudism to push their failed ideology at the expense of others. It simply goes to show how porny and fetishistic the Trans community is, when you see them using kids and nudism to push their fetish on to people.

  13. Hello Says:

    Their campaign demonstrates that there are boys with long hair and girls with short hair.

  14. hearthrising Says:

    28,000 euros donated for this creepy advertising campaign. The trans activist movement sure is rolling in dough. Yet the shock value currency seems to be running low if they’re stooping to this.

    • Relieved Says:

      28,000 euros is A LOT of money. Think of how much good that money could have done for Spanish kids of both sexes had it been spent on a food or poverty program instead of a feel-good pedo poster campaign on behalf of some rich trans-activist.

  15. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    There are circles with corners!

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Yes, but the corners of a circle are on a spectrum, mathematically speaking. If you went to a world class kollige and studied your POMO harder you would understand this basic mathematical fact. Even the grading curve is a spectrum of sorts.

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    This is clearly some kind of grooming, although I haven’t quite worked out who exactly is being groomed and for what.

    Perhaps those who’ve posted comments about hair have it right. Is someone trying to groom us all to believe ladybrains make hair grow longer? Will we now be called transphobic for claiming hair length is determined by scissors rather than gender?

  17. sula Says:

    Hope you can access the BBC documentary online. It’s not saying anything earth shattering as far as feminists are concerned regarding the false trans narrative but I suppose its progress to see these arguments in the mainstream without the bias being towards the trans side. Interviews with Ken Zucker and others.

  18. Margie Says:

    Even though LGB people will inevitably catch some of the backlash from this disgusting campaign, I am glad that it came from a T-only group, not a so-called “LGBT” group. That it comes from a T-only group may minimize the damage to LGB people.

    What’s the deal with Chrysalis? This isn’t the first time I have seen that in the name of a trans group. Are they taking it on as a metaphor for transitioning? It’s an odd choice, since a caterpillar doesn’t require an army of surgeons, prosthetic device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to effect the change to a butterfly.

  19. Carrie-Anne Says:

    These transactivists don’t even attempt to hide their true creepy intentions! I shouldn’t be shocked they thought it was perfectly normal and totally fine to have an image of nude children on Facebook and mass transit.

    • “These transactivists don’t even attempt to hide their true creepy intentions!”

      Why would they? There is no real backlash against this bullshit. The T can do things the LGB would get punished for. The T is the “victim” and thus they can do whatever they want. The gay orgs kiss their ass, mainstream media kisses their ass…it will take a while before peak trans is really reached.

  20. periwinklepaisley Says:

    We keep hearing over and over: “It’s not about what’s between the legs.” This directly contradicts that! Since it’s only a drawing they’re able to get away with this gross pedo bs. Stick to ypur guns, FB!

  21. anomie Says:

    This is so creepy?? What the fuck??? How is this even legal, does Spain not have child porn laws or something?

    • kesher Says:

      Many Europeans don’t care about child nudity. It’s pretty common for young children to run around naked at the beach, for example. If you bring up there being a problem with it, they’ll often act like there’s something wrong with you; why would you sexualize a child by demanding he/she cover up? That said, surely this organization could take a hint and not repeatedly post this image on Facebook which is a U.S.-based company with prohibitions on any nudity. They also don’t get a pass on equating girlhood with long hair and boyhood with short hair. They can’t bear not proving what a regressive conservative movement they are.

  22. Medi Says:

    Just saw the picture of yet another creepy man who thinks he’s a woman. Sheesh, is this guy who seems to think women will trust him if he play acts at “being Sincere”? I notice that is a tactic of male to trans and then they post some selfie photos to prove they look like women. Delusions of gender yet again…

  23. anywoman2 Says:

    There. Fixed it for you. 🙂

    Feel free to share.

  24. MaryMacha Says:

    I listened to most of this presentation by the director of Chrysalis:

    It’s pretty tragic, especially because through much of his presentation the director of this organization seems to actually get it. It’s unfortunate that his analysis only goes so far. He does refer to hair length a LOT in the first 5 minutes. So all the comments on here about hair length are very accurate indicators of what this parental organization views as a sex- trait. A few minutes later he debunks the idea of something so superficial being indicative of sex. He touches upon the pressure of being a parent to a gnc kid who is NOT being forced to conform. There’s a lot of speculation about how you would know what someone “really” is. Most of the video is a recounting of his own experience raising an mtt boy. Towards the end it gets particularly tragic when he praises that the means exist for his kid to have his puberty prevented. Even though he realizes the child might be medicalized for the rest of his life and suffer bone decalcification as an adult, he is still very much in favor of his medical transition. The 41% faux-statistic is mentioned as a strong motivator.

    At one point he says “who am I to tell [her] what to wear”. That’s him somewhat getting it IMO. “Somewhat” b/c as a parent sometimes you do get to tell your kid what to wear. But on it’s own, letting his boy dress in a dress is perfectly harmless. My sense is that these parents get a lot of the facts and the general societal dynamic, sans feminist perspective, and then proceed to draw all the wrong conclusions. It’s kind of perplexing actually.

    This was a presentation before an audience of 150, supposedly the parents of gnc children. The participants that were shown all looked pretty straight but of course that’s impossible to know. I just can’t help thinking that this is an organization of adult heterosexuals who are transing gay and lesbian children.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Excellent report. Thank you! x

    • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

      Mary Macha, this struck me as a brilliant line:

      “My sense is that these parents get a lot of the facts and the general societal dynamic, sans feminist perspective, and then proceed to draw all the wrong conclusions.”

      Something that has been astonishing, raising a kid these days, is the totally compulsory binarization of everything. There is some media coverage about parents getting distressed about the coding of toys into a “pink version” and a “normal version”, about clothing for little girls that is essentially hot pants, and stuff like that but it is so relentlessly pervasive it is not like one critical account of one item in the deluge is going to turn the tide.

      At the same time, while it may exist, I haven’t seen anything critical about some of the scarier stuff on boys’ clothes (skull and crossbones, giant monster trucks, flaming motorcycles) — this for toddlers who are universally pretty gentle fragile beings. It’s like GOD FORBID anyone should mistake a little boy for anything but a BONE CRUSHING MANIAC from the moment he’s able to wiggle his toes.

      If these are the categories into which children are supposed to fit, is it any wonder that parents and kids alike are a bit lost?

      Turning to the sexualization of children — there is a flood of programming for girls that is truly disturbing. I could offer a lot of examples, but the one that seems the most aggressively “dare you to notice” is a French animated program called Lolirock. “Loli” is a term explicitly associated with pedophilia. If you are calling your show for girls Lolirock (and the animation is c.r.e.e.p.y), you are hiding in plain sight. But it is broadcast globally as harmless fun, such that you seem like a paranoid weirdo if you object to it. it’s not even a “debate” (as with the last time feminists and the evangelical right joined forces, about pornography) in which one side takes one position and the other side takes an opposing position. It’s a saturating fait accompli, in which one side creates a situation that everyone is living in and any opposition to it looks like tinfoil hattery.

      So, if your kid doesn’t fit in to the situation such as it is, you look for an answer in the terms available to you if you haven’t heard about, or are afraid to be associated with, the putatively tinfoilly feminist contingent.

    • mbraaheidner Says:

      “I just can’t help thinking that this is an organization of adult heterosexuals who are transing gay and lesbian children.” I think you have hit the nail on the head here. It is to patriarchy’s benefit to coerce heterosexuality. In Iran, an extreme patriarchy, if you are gay and you are caught, they will give you two options. 1. Surgically alter yourself to be the opposite sex making you heterosexual or 2. Die. The same is happening to a lesser degree in other Patriarchal places such as the US through coercion and grooming. We can’t have men behaving feminine and women behaving masculine. We can’t have same sex unions either. If both got out of hand, this would threaten patriarchy due to threatening it’s ideas of gender. Therefore we must change a persons physical presentation. The trans movement is not only a backlash against women, but also a backlash against the gay movement.

  25. Newbie Says:

    It gets worse. They used similar images in classrooms apparently, this is a photo with children looking at handouts from their Facebook page…
    (not sure if you want me to break the link, Gallus)

  26. Mark F. Says:

    Off topic, but has anyone watched the show “Transparent?” What do you think of it? My take: Older dude who has enjoyed cross dressing all of his life decides he is a woman, and gets very annoyed at being “misgendered.” Hooks up with a “lesbian” who likes dick. In the sad 3rd season finale, he can’t get his dick lopped off for medical reasons and throws his padded girdles in the trash. A tear fell from my eye.

    • kesher Says:

      I thought it was hilariously more “transphobic” than its fans and creators seem to think it is. Of course most of the “transphobic” content comes from depicting trans people accurately instead of trotting out the trans movement’s usual lies and myths.

      “Maura” is a misogynistic, homophobic pig in a wig who has no understanding of women, and everything he does proves it. I do think he, and his crossdressing friend, tends to be more pathetic than hate-worthy however. The praise this show gets is easily explained by most trans allies thinking that M2Ts are pathetic men, and “Maura” fits that to a T.

      Going by the content of the show, I have to assume that Jill Soloway hates her PIW father given how she allows him to be portrayed.

      • Em Says:

        “Going by the content of the show, I have to assume that Jill Soloway hates her PIW father given how she allows him to be portrayed.”

        That’s my take, as well. I’ve read many interviews with Soloway, and she never really says this, of course. I’ve read some things she’s said that indicate quite the opposite.

        Well, he’s her father, so I suppose she wishes she could love him. But not far below the surface, that show portrays Maura as a destructive, self-involved creep. You gotta wonder where Soloway got that idea.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        And yet this is praised for being a “breakthrough”. Gee…

        As for ‘Maura’ being a louse, jerk, egocentric, misogynist piece of shit…somewhere else online, there was a post that sums this up rather well:

        ‘The line between being trans and an asshole is very thin’.

        Makes sense, with examples of this showing up on a daily basis.

  27. J.D. Says:

    Using naked pictures of children to further your agenda is sick. That exploits children, and for what? To have kids feel like they have to choose which stereotyped, fundamentally limited, oppressing gender role to fit into instead of teaching them that they can just be free to be themselves? That just gives them another oppressive category to choose from instead of getting rid of the underlying problem — having oppressive categories to begin with. You’re not actually helping anyone with this, so there’s no excuse in using children this way. They’re not objects to use as you see fit. If you want to educate children, there are ways to do it that don’t exploit them in the process. –And, if you honestly cannot tell the difference between what constitutes educating children and what constitutes exploiting them, you should be living in a cell.

    Personally, this imagery makes me sick. It’s not acceptable to show children naked like this. Their innocence is sacred and should be protected, not put on display for some selfish person’s ulterior motive. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves — though considering they did this at all shows me that they probably have no notion of shame, or decency for that matter.

    It’s rare to feel that I need to wash my mind of something, but this is one of those times.

  28. TKO Says:

    Of all the things wrong with this- and there a lot of things wrong with this- I think the worst part is that those are ERECT penises. I’ve seen enough penises in my life to know a boner when I see one, and those dicks sure as hell aren’t flaccid.

    If this turns out to be a picture from a comic where these kids start fucking in a page or two, I won’t be the least bit surprised.

  29. jdblue02 Says:

    How exactly is this “trans” anyway? So, children of different sexes can have different lengths of hair? So what? I know plenty of males who have long hair and they’re not trans. And, hello, the 60s and 70s!? Most males had long hair back then. But, most of them were not trans.

    The trans movement is so fundamentally inconsistent. They say being trans isn’t about appearances and then they do something like this. They say being trans isn’t about behavior and then they flock to feminization/masculinization forums and classes for coaching. They say it’s not about your body and then drown themselves in hormones. They say it’s not about genitals and then get surgery if they’re eligible. They say it’s not a mental illness and then there are reports left and right about violence, not against trans people, but perpetrated by them. They claim that they know what being a woman feels like and then their only concern is rape in prison — as if women don’t experience that threat every single day.

    These people don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, and it’s obvious in everything that they do. Becoming “women” or “men” is some chimerical daydream that they can never reach and instead of having the courage to accept that, they try to remake the minds of everyone in the world to allow for a transition to exist — when it’s physiologically and linguistically impossible.

    They’re not just mentally ill, they’re the royal family of the DSM.

  30. GallusMag Says:

    Bus with advert attacking trans children is driving past schools in Spain
    This transphobic bus might be pulled off the roads for its bigoted campaign
    Bus with advert attacking trans children is driving past schools in Spain

    This transphobic bus is driving through Spain
    28 February 2017 by Joe Morgan
    A bus with an advert attacking trans children is driving past schools in Madrid this week.
    It was a direct reaction to a campaign from trans support Chrysallis group. The LGBTI support group launched an awareness campaign using the slogan ‘There are girls with penises and boys with vulvas’.
    When Haste Oir (‘Make Yourself Heard’) failed to have the adverts pulled after a petition, the group responded with their own transphobic campaign.
    Their bus reads: ‘Boys have penises, girls have vulvas. Don’t let them fool you. If you’re born a man, you’re a man. If you’re a woman, you will continue to be a woman.’
    Haste Oir’s bus will circulate in the capital throughout the week, passing many schools, but will not make any ‘fixed stops’.
    Actuall, Haste Oir’s media site, reported the bus will travel to other Spanish cities as ‘a counter campaign to respond to the message by the Chrysallis association’.
    However, they say it is also to raise awareness of a pamphlet they produced last November.
    The brochure features a cover of two children raising their arms in a Nazi salute to a rainbow flag.
    The group claims sexual diversity laws in Spain rewards ‘the conversion of individuals to homosexuality’. They also claim LGBTI people want straights to become ‘second-class citizens’.
    LGBTI group Arcópoli is considering taking legal action against Haste Oir.
    Madrid City Hall, according to El Pais, says the campaign bus does not meet municipal requirements and is studying possible ways to take it off the road.

  31. Fyodor Koba Says:

    Things got even more hairy here in Spain when a bus showed up with all kind of biologistic phrases (“Boys have penis” “Girls have vagina”) paid by a filo-fascistic and extreme right lobby “Hazte Oir”.

  32. GallusMag Says:

    From Spanish transctivists:
    rough translation : ‘last night a transphobic bus has accidentally caught fire, wink’

    Seems to be photoshopped.

  33. amandachen Says:

    >The campaign was funded by an anonymous donor … who donated €28,000 in exchange for assurances that his or her identity would remain under wraps

    Is it pedobear, amirite.

    • weirdward Says:

      oh gosh I hope that all the delicate 6 foot plus ex-military twanzwomen have a good supply of smelling salts in case they see this bus and are too triggered by neutral statements of biological reality.

  34. lovetruthcourage Says:

    So many comments about vandalizing the bus… or worse. Nothing like treats of violence and destruction to prove peace-loving cred.

  35. liebreblanca Says:

    Hello! I am Spanish and I have to say that all the trash trans started here with this poster. Before that, nobody even knew there were trans children. All we knew about the subject were some crossdresser working prostitutes in a movie. Since then, transsexuals have begun to come out from under the stones. They go into the feminist pages to insult themselves by writing articles about endometrosis, because “we forget about women with penis”.

    When the Catholic bus came out, it was even worse. I have lost count of the friends with whom I have discussed because they wanted to set fire to it or celebrated that in a city they would be stoned to them. To tell the truth. Apparently there is only freedom of expression for people with mental problems.

    And worse, all political groups have taken sides in their favor and are planning laws that require us to treat them as if they were the sex they claim to be. The girls will no longer be safe in any school, they will have to share the shower with the children they want or not, and the religious schools are included in the law. It is especially worrisome to me since homeschooling is illegal here. And women may be forced to share rooms with men in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Soon there will be no safe place for us.

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