Corey Maison’s Mom to Transition Too

January 19, 2017

Corey Maison meme

Corey Maison meme

Corey Maison’s mom groomed him to internet fame by posting controversial sexualized photos of him on social media. Also a video where she ‘surprises’ him with Estrogen injections at the age of fourteen.

Sterilizing Cross-sex Hormones? For me?!

Sterilizing Cross-sex Hormones? For me?!

Now mom Erica House has caught the Gender Identity bug herself and admits to the Daily Mail that she’s been injecting testosterone on the down-low for the last year, and wants to be known as Eric.


Mom then.

Mom then.

Mom now.

Mom now.

The Mirror is running with a “World’s First Transgender Dad and Daughter” headline, but regular readers know that this isn’t uncommon. GenderTrender has been covering this phenomenon at least as far back as 2011.


Mirror headline.

It’s also not uncommon for trans activist parents who are pimping out their ‘transgender’ children to the media to keep things on the down-low. For example, Haley Bridges, who runs a fake nonprofit along with Debi Jackson out of Kansas City called ‘TrueGender’, never mentions her husband in any of her materials or interviews.

Haley Bridges bio

Haley Bridges bio

Where's Dad?

November 2016. Where’s Step-Dad?

No dad here, right?

No step-dad here, right?

That’s because Step-Dad is also transitioning- to “a woman” named Sara Olivia Taylor.

“Right now the focus is on children because they are the marginalized minority that we’re focusing on”, he explained to KKFI’s Tenth Voice program in October.

“How did coming out go for you with family and friends?” the interviewer asked.

“It went wonderfully. It was almost a fairy tale coming out. My stepdaughter Jasmine had come out as transgender and that prompted me to confess my feelings of my gender orientation to Haley and we just kind of went from there. It was maybe six months later that I made a complete transition to present as female for the rest of my life.”

59 Responses to “Corey Maison’s Mom to Transition Too”

  1. silverside Says:

    In a word, desperately need serious family therapy.

    • Charlotte Says:

      The mother has munchausen syndrome, it couldn’t be more obvious. Her poor son is going to be a psychological mess someday. I feel terrible for that kid.

  2. Yes, the family psychological assessment for all families of self-identifying trans kids needs to be included. So many have depression and history of child abuse and it it not as the gender cult maintains is from societal rejection, it could very well be vanilla child abuse. Parental abuses.

    Family system evaluation time.

  3. These people need a lot of help.

  4. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I continue to reach peak trans with these people. It’s so bad that even the anti-feminists are starting to reach peak trans. I don’t really wanna give them credit or side with them, but when our enemies are in agreement with us, you know shit has gotten real.

    How anyone can not believe that transing minor children is abuse is beyond me!

  5. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  6. Medi Says:

    Sheesh, I was so sure I had reached peak trans a few years ago, and now this PEAK TRANS 2017 well dayyyyammmm
    Oh and conservative christian radio shows are now issuing warnings to parents about the danger of boys invading girls locker rooms and reporting the trans cults targeting of children SHEESSH the christian right actually does care about these kids! Liberal radio stations, not a peep.

  7. BigBooButch Says:

    Just more straight people needing to feel special, different, relevant.

    • fmnst Says:


      The family that transes together..?

      She really should go back to serving the homeless, instead of drumming up 3 thou a month for kids to go on puberty blockers. Call me heartless, but there are actual needs in the world.

      I agree, this household should be a huge red flag for social services. They should have been when mom created those sexualized photos of their son.

      • carterabbie Says:

        This should be peak trans for the entire universe. How could anyone see this and not realize that someone should be calling CPS?

      • Charlotte Says:

        But feeding the homeless is not a way to get internet notoriety. Quiet acts of compassion doesnt feed the narcisistic ego.

  8. juno Says:

    I wonder if she realizes that she can go makeupless and wear short hair while still being a woman?

    I bet she’s all gaga over all the pockets her new wardrobe has, too.

    (bangs head on wall)

  9. atryingthing Says:

    Is this a twist on munchausen by proxy?

  10. genderskeptics Says:

    Testosterone injections used to be called anabolic steroids, I remember after school specials about the dangers of it. Now its treated more like a cosmetic drug than anything else.

  11. Carrie-Anne Says:

    I agree with everyone who’s said this family needs some deep counseling. The video of Corey getting the hormones for his 14th birthday was really depressing to watch, made even worse by all the handmaidens on YouTube commenting things like, “What a brave young woman!” and “She’s so beautiful!” Every day I reach peak trans all over again, more than once!

    • Medi Says:

      You could have a peak trans almost daily! Uh oh, and now we will have peak Trumps to go with ze Trans Peak-a-boo-boos.

  12. It would be difficult to pick which trans parent is more bat crap crazier than other trans parents. There are a lot to choose from. My first pick for favorite crazy trans parent would be Katherine Mathis, mother of Coy Mathis. Katherine gave birth to her triplets in a kiddie pool in the living room. There is no doubt about this, and she actually brags about it. Some people say she became pregnant with triplets by taking drugs from Mexico. I don’t know about this, but birthing her triplets in a kiddie pool in the living room was real. All the kids have special needs, and Coy was the “neuro-typical child” according to Katherine. That is, before he became trans at age 6 (she says Coy knew he was a girl at three months of age) which made him special too. Katherine Mathis loved all the attention she received for being such a courageous parent. Google “Katherine Mathis and Munchausen by Proxy.”

    My second pick for crazy trans parent has to be the Erika, the “dad” who gave birth to six kids. Gallus, this is both hilarious and terrifying. Erica House, the mother who gave birth to six children (five girls and one boy), and decided for some reason or reasons to make her only boy a “girl” always knew she was a “man”. After giving birth to six babies and being the perfect little house wife, she starts taking testosterone, and says she is a “man”. So, we are supposed to believe that this woman always knew she was a “man” all the time she was popping out baby after baby. Earlier photos of her show long blonde hair, makeup, and stereotypical feminine clothing. She decided to make her only boy a “girl”. Then, she starts taking testosterone, and says she is a “man”. “Dads” don’t give birth to six babies, and Corey is not a “girl”. Corey will never be a girl. He is just another sterilized and stunted male child who has been caught up in this ghastly social experiment.

    The Daily Mail says,

    “Corey’s mom boosted her self-esteem when she started her transition by telling her to pose for photos when strangers would try to take her picture.”

    Look at the photos on the Daily Mail. It sure looks like this boy was taught to pose in certain ways when people take his photo. Some are rather hyper-sexualized and creepy, especially the one with Corey posed in a strange come hither look. What is this kid trying to do? Smile pretty for the camera, and put hands on hips in an exaggerated “feminine” pose. A male child is being taught to pose for the camera in exaggerated stereotypical “feminine” poses. No, nothing the least bit creepy about it.

    The Daily Mail states,

    “Corey was given a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant that was fully covered by their insurance.

    Their therapist and the hospital’s medical team agreed that she could start hormone therapy when she turned 14. “

    In other words, this male child will be sterilized with GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones, and his human right to experience his full male sexuality will be stunted. No one knows the long term effects of all these drugs on developing bodies, bone or brain development, and he will be tethered to the medical system for life. On a positive note for pharmaceutical companies, “gender therapists”, plastic surgeons, etc. they all rake in the money, and get these kids for life.

    Besides the ethical issues of sterilizing children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, most rational people see this as psychologically harmful to children. Most experts have known for years that there is no way of determining which children will outgrow their gender dysphoria and which children won’t. If they change their minds as they age and mature, what happens to these trans kid celebrities?

    No one is allowed to question the motive or motives of the parents. Children don’t live in a cultural vacuum. They are heavily influenced by parents, peers, and the incessant media and the internet. This is what is actually happening. Parents are simply projecting their particular views of sex, sexuality, sex stereotypes, how culture views “masculinity” and “femininity”, etc. on their children. At the same time this is happening, people are being flooded with all things trans on all forms of media. Isn’t it possible that Erica or Corey’s father couldn’t deal with a son that wasn’t “masculine” enough, or might be gay. Erika just wanted another girl, not a flamboyant gay boy in the house. The Daily Mail says,

    “Corey said that she hopes to start dating boys, but she noted that ‘most of them are too embarrassed to admit’ they like her.”

    If this is true, that would make him a gay boy. Wait, since he is a “girl”, how can he be a gay man? The gay son is now a heterosexual girl. “Transing” the gay away is not a far fetched theory. In fact, it’s based in history. Gay and lesbian eugenics via “transitioning” has been going on in Iran for years with the full blessing of the state, and parents are often the ones pushing their kids to transition. It might make the parents feel better to not have a flaming fag in the family, but in the real world, straight boys aren’t interested in trans identified males, and gay men usually want a fully intact male.

    As to Erika, look at photos of her with long blonde hair, makeup, and dresses. How in the world can rational people say she “always knew she was a man”. That is utter nonsense. Besides having six children, before taking testosterone, she looks stereotypically “feminine”. What is really behind her belief that she is a “man”? Does cutting her hair short make her believe that she is really a “man”. Women can’t have short hair unless they are ugly dykes or something, and I’m sure that is the very last thing on earth she wants to identify as. It’s much easier to be a man. Or, after being the faithful pretty little housewife, she wanted independence. Knowing how hard it is to be a woman, she chose to be a man.

    It looks as if the Mirror and Daily Mail are censoring comments. It really is ridiculous that a human female who gave birth to six children is being called “dad” and “father” by brain dead useless mainstream media. Certainly, they don’t actually believe that a woman who gave birth to six kids is a “dad”, so why are they printing this nonsense? Are they bending over backwards to pander to trans activists, or is it a joke to them, and they are trying to get more readers?

    Both Katherine Mathis and Erika House need to be locked up for child abuse. It’s unconscionable what they are doing to their kids. I wonder how long it’s going to be before Katherine Mathis or her husband, or both parents “transition”.

    • Leo Says:

      It’s the conservative Daily Mail rather than the liberal Guardian, so I’d be inclined to bet they see it as a freakshow and that they don’t care – it’s just another sensational story to them, capital letters in the headline and all. ‘Course, in general with their reporting of trans issues it (from their point of view) doesn’t hurt that they get to reinforce the idea of innate gender and girls just naturally being pretty pink and nurturing beings, either. But in this case it’s so obviously out there that I don’t think that’s the motive.

      Honestly I think half the time liberals are in it for the freakshow factor too, they’re just more disingenuous about it. This ‘dad’ seems quite willing to play into that if it keeps the attention coming. Poor young boy, and his sisters, too.

  13. Guls Says:

    Isn’t it telling that a mother who transitions identifies/is reported as, ‘father’… Unravelling the implications of that is a minefield I don’t feel qualified to negotiate; but it looks like a big fat fucked up that gives the lie to the conceit of ‘inherent gender identity’, whilst disavowing reproductive biology too.

    I feel for the generations who have grown up in the neoliberalist climate of the last 30 years. It’s managed to absorb so much Feminist, Queer and Socialist imagination and spit out toothless versions that are easier to practice but ineffectual in revolutionary terms: its masculine character is writ so large as to be invisible.

  14. I would like to follow up on the video of Corey looking excited about getting female hormones. This video sure looks staged to me, and kids can be excited by getting anything. Toss McDonalds to them every night for dinner, and I’m sure they would be excited about that too. The Daily Mail article says Corey was on GnRH agonists, and if he is taking estrogen, it’s a safe bet that this male child is rendered infertile. Explain that to the kid, and see if he understands it. See if he is still excited, or just confused. Children lack the cognitive ability and maturity to give informed consent. This is why most people view the sterilization of children as a human rights abuse. Corey probably thinks that the hormones will magically turn him into a pretty princess. It doesn’t exactly work like that. In the real world drugs come with side effects. Medical drugs aren’t pretty pink toys, and it’s sad that parents would treat them as such.

    This is a typical informed consent form for hormones for MTFs. Adults are supposed to read every thing, initial it, and sign at the bottom. This particular form has a line where parents can sign. This assumes that parents explain every thing to their children, and kids have the cognitive ability to understand it all. How can children understand everything on this form? Who is going to explain everything on this form to Corey? I’m sure no one has tried to explain any thing to Corey. They just jazz him up, and act like giving drugs to kids is like play time, only better. They stuff the female hormones that probably will sterilize this boy in the couch. Then, they record him discovering the pills. It’s kind of like hiding Easter eggs, but they use drugs instead. The magical trans Easter bunny left the hormones.

    If doctors were so sure about these drugs, and no one ever regretted “transitioning”, then why would they cover their ass with an “Informed Consent ” form. I’m sure no one will explain any of this to Corey.

  15. “The Daily Mail article says Corey was on GnRH agonists, and if he is taking estrogen, it’s a safe bet that this male child is rendered infertile.”

    Not just infertile. In adult men – Gnrh agonists cause libido loss, impotence and shrinking of the genitals. Hormones cause the same thing by the way.

    Basically he will neither reach male nor female sexual maturation when he gets older and for an effective srs you need enough tissue which boys like him also will never have. On the blog 4thwavenow is a screenshot where doctors talk about this problem. They say ´that tissue from other parts of the body is needed. Ugh this is really like Frankenstein-esque. There is also NOT A SINGLE STUDY about this. But that’s important isn’t it? To see if adults who got transed as children have relationships like normal people?

    Either no one cares or no one wants to study this.

    It seems like this boy thinks surgery will give him actual female bits. Oh well he will have a rude awakening.

    • Em Says:

      The libido loss is no biggie. Just makes him more womanly, as women have no sex drive to speak of anyway. As long as he knows how to hold still, all he really needs is a hole for someone to stick it in.

      Just in case you were unaware.

  16. Em Says:

    “How did coming out go for you with family and friends?” the interviewer asked.

    “It went wonderfully. It was almost a fairy tale coming out. My stepdaughter Jasmine had come out as transgender and that prompted me to confess my feelings of my gender orientation to Haley and we just kind of went from there. It was maybe six months later that I made a complete transition to present as female for the rest of my life.”

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at that family meeting!

  17. Kathleen Lowrey Says:

    This reminds me of David Berg, the Family / Children of God, and “the story of Davidito”.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      @Kathleen Lowery what aspects of the cases do you see as similar?

      • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

        The adult focus on the sexuality of a child, carefully documented via photography, in a narrative about how this is a new and liberatory and joyful mode of child-raising. The involvement of a stepfather and a biological mother in creating the narrative and the documentation. The hiding in plain sightness of “this is a message to everyone else, and they are uptight if they don’t listen to it” which puts anyone who encounters it on the back foot: “if this looks wrong to you, it’s because you need to learn the message”. The harm done to the child.

  18. Oak and Ash Says:

    Can anyone here think of a single “supportive” parent of a transgender child who seems like a mentally/emotionally healthy adult?

    The “supportive” parents in pretty much every case talk about the child’s choices in toys, clothing, and hairstyle as definitive proof of the child’s trans status. Most children go through a stage of assuming that male and female are determined by those sorts of superficial markers–preschoolers often believe sex changes with wardrobe–but start to accept biological sex as a fixed characteristic between the ages of 5 and 7. Some parents seem to have become stunted at that stage and unable to reinforce reality for their children.

    In any case, I think all parents seeking transition for a child should be given an extensive psychological evaluation. Even if they have no obvious mental health problems–unlike, say, the parents in this post!–a strong desire for a child of the target gender or rigid beliefs about gender differences should be red flags.

    This isn’t likely to happen, thought, because so many of those treating transgender children hold similarly rigid ideas.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Can anyone here think of a single “supportive” parent of a transgender child who seems like a mentally/emotionally healthy adult?”

      ‘Raising My Rainbow’s Lori Duron seems reasonably sane. And the ‘My Princess Boy’ author. But they don’t pretend their sons are female. They just let them wear what they want and play with toys they like. So maybe they don’t count, lol.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Thanks, GM, but I wasn’t counting them or any other parents who simply let their children ignore gender stereotypes in choosing clothes and toys. In fact, the parents you mention do exactly what I think sane parents should do–let their child follow their preferences while reinforcing the reality of their biological sex.

        Is it really so hard to say to a child, “You’re not a boy, you’re a girl who likes short hair and building treehouses” or “You’re not a girl, you’re a boy who wears pink dresses and plays with dolls”? Developmental psychologists stress the importance of parents being an accurate mirror for a young child, and somehow I don’t think denying their sex does the job.

        All these parents who promote the transition of their child seem to have one or more of three traits:
        1. A pathological desire for attention
        2. A rigid attachment to traditional gender roles
        3. Straight-up homophobia (as in the mother who said she knew her toddler son was really a girl when he insisted he wanted to marry a prince instead of a princess)

        It seems to boil down to personality disorder and/or cognitive rigidity–which may amount to the same thing in the end.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Thanks, GM, but I wasn’t counting them or any other parents who simply let their children ignore gender stereotypes in choosing clothes and toys. In fact, the parents you mention do exactly what I think sane parents should do–let their child follow their preferences while reinforcing the reality of their biological sex.”

        They don’t reinforce the reality of their biological sex. At least Lori Duton doesn’t. She’s a transgenderist through and through. She just says he hasn’t (yet) decided he is fully trans. She was nail-biting over his gender status on her blog for years. She’s fully on board with pretending he is female.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        GM–Thanks for the correction. I haven’t read Lori Duron’s blog for a while, and her ideas must have “progressed” since then.

    • kesher Says:

      I think there’s a significant inverse correlation between sanity and attention seeking for these parents. Parents who are transing their kids for reasons other than fame or liberal cred aren’t trotting out their kids in front of the media.

      Something to keep in mind about any potentially sane parents who have jumped aboard the trans train is that trans activists and medical professionals are telling them their kids will suicide if they don’t get to transition immediately. M2Ts online also tell questioning teens that they are definitely trans and that they should threaten suicide to force their parents to allow medical and social transition.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @kesher–I’m sure you’re right about that inverse correlation–I was mostly thinking about the more public cases and people who promote transition rather than simply allow it. Similarly, I’d categorize the parents being coerced by threats of suicide, whether from their children or professionals, as allowing rather than promoting the transition. I should have been clearer.

        I knew about the on-line “diagnoses” for teens and the tips on how to get hormones, but not that M2T’s were advising teens to threaten suicide to force their parents to go along. This is psychopathic behavior. No surprise, I guess, since so many of them have co-morbid personality disorders.(

  19. Samantha Scott Says:

    Don’t know where to post this, but just read on the BBC news site today (20th Jan, ’17) about a an AMA on Reddit to ask a ‘transgender woman ‘ (who’s still got a cock, obviously) anything, even invasive or offensive questions. He spouts such bollocks as after ‘HRT’ (what the fuck is it replacing?) his feet shrank 3 sizes because the muscles shrank so much. The only muscles in human feet are some small ones in the toes. He also goes on & on about how he knew he was passing as a woman when he was sexually harassed by men ( the ultimate tranny fantasy) , but is quick to say that, of course, this is all terrible. Sorry for waffling, just really pissed off , don’t to get more so by reading original post & can’t do links . Anyhow, take care & keep up the good work!x

    • Trish Says:

      This is the latest craze in genderbenderville – gender is all in the head, physical body is irrelevant. So there can be “women with penises” and “men with vaginas” and people who are clearly male or clearly female, claiming to have no gender at all. This phase has been promoted by the “nonbinary trans” kids.

      What I would find hilarious – if these people weren’t trying to change laws to force us to use their idiot pronouns and conflating criticizing their ideas with Actual Violence against trans people – is that the trans activists have been promoting the idea that a man who claims to have a woman inside is as much a woman as a woman born female, whether the man has hormones/surgery or not. But not that the nonbinaries are claiming to be trans, too, some trans activists are claiming that trans is a Binary situation, just switching from one sex to the opposite sex. But it’s the trans activists who created the ideological door the nonbinaries waltzed right through.

      Also, on the issue of “passing” – I actually think the reason the trans activists are so fixated on public restrooms as a tool of their identities (even to the point of rejecting 3rd option restroom because they want to use the women’s room) is because they know they don’t pass at all. If they did pass, no one would notice them in the women’s room.

  20. Bev Jo Says:

    Counselling and therapy are likely to make it worse since they benefit and are a major part of the problem. Being able to just talk endlessly about oneself with someone attentive can be training for narcissism, especially when most therapists will not be critical of fetishes or obsessions.

    It’s very predictable that there will be more and more of these kinds of scenes as people figure out how much money they could get from a tv series, like the Jennings got, or a book deal, or even tv movie.

    I’m wondering how that ultra feminine suburban mom learned to look “like a man.” Is it that common for such wives and mothers of six kids to know about the big plug earrings that are a genderqueer hallmark? I’m guessing not. She must have gone to her local trans/genderqueer places to find out for her son since I’m sure she wants to do it just right.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Market solutions to transing children!

      When demand for books and reality shows is satisfied, parents will cease to supply their children. 😛

    • NYCAlison Says:

      Is it that common for such wives and mothers of six kids to know about the big plug earrings that are a genderqueer hallmark?

      Absolutely, since that style hit the mainstream over the course of the anytime-is-Kurt-Cobain-time, Alternative Nation-goes-corporate, look-at-my-sk8er-tricks, Ma, corporate-rock-radio-meets-MTV 1990s. So much so that by the mid-2000s, they were commonly seen on high-school-aged males across American suburbia. They are to jewelry styles what the Buddy Holly glasses are to eyewear fashions: utterly commonplace and standard.

      Counselling and therapy are likely to make it worse since they benefit and are a major part of the problem. Being able to just talk endlessly about oneself with someone attentive can be training for narcissism, especially when most therapists will not be critical of fetishes or obsessions.

      Well, certainly shrinks, on average, aren’t too adept at handling Cluster B’s. That is, on the off chance that any Cluster B’s make it to the shrink in the first place — most never seek therapy to begin with, so the trans-trender patients with NPD are likely to represent the biggest group of therapy seeking clients by far. I’m told that shrinks are very handy at distributing faulty BPD diagnoses to female patients displaying BLATANT signs of PTSD and especially C-PTSD (i.e. complex form — the sort manifesting after severe, sustained trauma). But that’s just another day, another agent of patriarchy doing his/her damndest to ensure no female victims of child abuse, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, etc. get their due. The Cult o’ Trans is something speshul.

      As for therapists being critical, the million-dollar question seems to be thus: has the client prepared to embrace a socially acceptable, white-picket-fence heteronormative existence? If so, well, well! Perhaps s/he’ll get a pass to do as s/he likes. My experience — and certainly those of my friends, spouse, past partners — was quite different. It was, for each and every one of us over the course of seeking therapy, just a never-ending barrage of criticism, claims of sexual deviance, and revulsion at our collective failure to properly perform the feminine gender role. Some of us, self included, have also received accusations of being “unhealthy obsessed” with “seeking deviance” (i.e. reveling in it!) — and hell, here I was, plodding along like an idjit, thinking that whole “gay = mentally ill” thing went out with the DSM III!

      I wager that what separates our experience at the shrink’s office from those embarking on their own, personal Trans Journey ™ comes down to what society at large does and doesn’t approve of. Transing L(G)B children is merely the socially acceptable form of conversion therapy for the modern age, whereas gender non-conforming LB women, no matter how much we’ve been traumatized by others, and by patriarchy itself, are simply wrong.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        In the very trendy SF Bay Area, I still only see the big plug earrings on genderqueer men and F2Ts, even though every other male trendy style is here on display. I would be very surprised if this suburban mother was not in deep in her local genderqueer community. She looks less like she’s trying to appear like a usual het man than looking like a genderqueer version.

      • nonny Says:

        Bev- I’ve seen pics of her w/tons of rainbow gear on, she’s def going for an overtly “””queer””” look of some sort. Also, I’m pretty sure those are fake plugs (they exist) which really shows that she’s trying to fit in to a certain idea of a subculture. Pitiful and bizarre stuff.

      • NYCAlison Says:

        BevJo, your comment proves my point about the mainstream nature of ear “plugs.” You said in your comment that the SF Bay area is super-trendy, and that gauged piercings*** are among the styles popular with the “queer” crowd. But, if you head to working-class or middle-class American suburbia — say, a place like Butler, PA or Overland Park, KS — you’ll find gauged piercings on all manner of jeans-and-teeshirt-clad, short-haired, clean-shaven, staunchly heterosexual suburban males age 16-45, an astonishing percentage of whom now embrace looks and styles like what’s in display in the photo of “Mr.” Maison.

        Corey Maison’s narcissistically deluded mom, like many abusive Munchausen’s-by-Proxy parents, is a product of the very same homophobic American suburbia that rallies behind the new wave of forcible conversion therapy for LGB children and teens. Meanwhile, the gay-youth-hating, misogynistic members of the populace sport tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles that were considered markers of belonging to a deviant subculture 2+ decades ago, but which are now so commonplace that you can find just about any style you like sported by customers at the local Safeway or Wal-Mart.

        ***In the jewelry industry, the process used for clients who wish to sport ear plugs is called “gauging.” This refers to the process of inserting a tapered jeweler’s gauge into the piercing incision, starting with the pointed end, and working up to the widest part over a series of months/years. The point of this process is to perform slow and gradual — and therefore, fairly painless — stretching of each hole until it can accommodate an ear plug the diameter of a U.S. quarter dollar (or larger). Many of the men (and some women!) who gauged their piercings during the era of their mainstream debut went on to regret the style and have since removed the huge plugs to let the holes close. However, this process can take a LONG time, and for some unlucky people, the holes never fully close, resulting in an earlobe with a puckered, sagging hole that is aptly referred to as a “cat anus” look.

  21. Cassandra Says:

    This is so disturbing.

  22. Dogtowner Says:

    I don’t know where to put this comment, but on local coverage of the women’s march on 21 Jan in Augusta, Maine, the first person interviewed was a transgender biological man (obvious). Depressing.

  23. nonny Says:

    Okay, let me break down what’s really going on with this development:

    – As evidenced by her “support” of her son, Erica equates performing femininity with being a woman.

    – Previously, Erica was very “feminine” and seemed to live a painfully dull middle-class bourgeois life before jumping on the my-kid- is-trans media/munchausen train.

    – Her son isn’t getting as much media attention now, and is probably trying to live his own life like most teenagers, ie isn’t a well-behaved doll for Erica to dress up anymore, or a good source of obsession or narcissistic supply to dote on and reward with hormone bday presents.

    – If you’re a bored, hyperfeminine suburban mom with no identity outside your kids and the social rewards gleaned by parading them around, how can it get any worse?
    I’ll tell you how: old age.
    Some women would tragically cling to their youth by acting out, plunging into white-wine alcoholism, sleeping with the guy who mows the lawn, or getting lip injections and boob implants……

    – …. but why go through all that trouble when you can roll everything into one? Think about it: by “transtioning,” Erica manages to: Keep her life wrapped up in her son’s life even as he matures and tries to create his own identity like every teenager ought to,
    Regain waning media attention,
    Have a reason to stop performing femininity (which is otherwise indefensible in her world),
    Avoid turning into a undesirable old woman (the worst possible fate, amirite lol),
    Take center stage this time (not just a supporting role) in the “everyone focus on me, what I’m going through, my pronouns, blah blah blah I’m a warrior” show. (And tragically, this trans shit may be the only way she knows how to demand people respect her bodily autonomy and identity. Which is fucked up and sad.)

    PS: I absolutely do not buy that her husband is cool w/it and that nothing has changed. Or that she “discovered” she was trans when Corey did but kept it secret. Bull. Shit.

  24. Arla Hile Says:

    She looks more natural now, certainly not at all like a man.


    I admire the fortitude of those commenters willing to unpack and analyze this showcase of psycho-pathologies.

    True abuse, yo.

  26. Oak and Ash Says:

    This is an excellent article on long-term serious, health problems in women who were prescribed Lupron as children for precocious puberty (or to allow some to gain a few inches of height). It also describes actions/omissions by the manufacturer and issues in the approval process for the drug.

    Two excerpts:

    ‘Federal records show that the FDA official who led the drug approval process two decades ago was troubled by the two studies he reviewed. In a 1993 letter obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, former FDA medical officer Dr. Alexander Fleming wrote in a memo for the drug approval file that it was “regrettable” that the panel approved the drug after minimal study.’

    ‘According to the National Institutes of Health repository of clinical research, which lists adverse effects discovered in studies, there are two serious side effects of Lupron that aren’t mentioned in the drugmaker’s 2010 study: a bone disorder and a disease-caused fracture, an omission which looks “puzzling” to Dr. Ned Feder, a staff scientist at the Project on Government Oversight.’

    As well, depression and suicidal thoughts appear to be side effects of a drug being pushed to supposedly prevent suicide in trans children. Any parent contemplating putting their “trans” child on puberty blockers should have to read a copy of this article with the following lines highlighted:

    “It just feels like I’m being punished for basically being experimented on when I was a child,” said Derricott, of Lawton, Okla. “I’d hate for a child to be put on Lupron, get to my age and go through the things I have been through.”

  27. GallusMag Says:

    Here’s another woman whose son and husband are both apparently “transfemale”:

    Here is her transwoman partner, UofWI mathematics professor Richard Kent:

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      This is getting depressing, and there’s a line in the editorial that really disturbs me–“Trans people created the March for Trans Youth because we don’t want to have future generations of gender non-conforming children to suffer as we have”–as if transgender people have a lock on gender non-conformity or all gender non-conformists must actually be trans.

      The trans cult seems to willfully ignore the non-conforming children who turn out simply to be gay or lesbian, not to mention straight girls who like science and practical clothes or tend to speak out rather than act coy or straight boys with a quiet demeanor or a taste for the arts.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Well for a subCULTure that believes “incongruity” (non-conformity) is a life threatening medical emergency it makes perfect sense. They believe untreated sex role non-conformity equals suffering. Transition or death!

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @GallusMag has a valid point. In that there are so many in the cult who think that if transition or the surgery cannot be attained, death is preferable. Which is insane for an elective.

        One can see a person asking for assisted suicide, if they have an incurable illness or if treatment for a chronic one has severely reduced the quality of life. This happens everyday…and is not a decision to be taken lightly. But the cult is, for the most part…incapable of understanding that point.

        That lack of understanding goes hand in hand, with the lack of knowledge…or just plain ignorance about what transing a child will do. Especially in later life. The litany of evidence of what the medications and surgeries can do TO a person, more than outweigh the ‘benefits’. Those are indisputable facts…medical facts…and one only needs to see the mental and physical entropy that has happened, more often than not.

  28. GallusMag Says:


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