January 22, 2017



  1. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  2. angelaroselle Says:


  3. background spinner Says:

    I also vote for “sons of cocks” instead of “sons of b******,” which is just a kind of backhand slur against women.

    • Mar Iguana Says:

      Thank you! I cringe at that word and consider it just as bad if not worse than the “n” word. Of course, that means I spend much of my day looking like I have some sort of facial tic since it’s become such a cool hip dug word. Sometimes, when I hear it I blurt out the word “prick” and tell the startled I have a form of Tourette’s.

      Another one is “bastard,” a slur on un-owned mothers, making their children “illegitimate.” These are words that cannot be reclaimed.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      I think ‘son of a dick/cock’ would come to be understood by males as more of a compliment than intended. It would be the new ‘son of a gun’.

      I’ve noticed that for some reason I don’t quite understand, the simple word ‘male’ seems to push buttons. ‘Defective Ys’, though accurate, would elude most people. ‘Dick’ is understood to be synonymous to jerk. I haven’t found a word that has the same venom as the many men use to degrade us.

      Maybe the solution to the bathroom dilemma would be to change the signs to XX and XY.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        A few years ago I heard “cockrag,” and it’s still fresh enough to pack a punch.

        And, maybe it works even better if you don’t buy into the assumption that men’s are the superior sex organs?

    • Branjor Says:

      Mutants? Or does the history of the term make it less effective?

  4. I so wanted to go on this march. But when I saw that a trans-self-proclaimed rapist was to speak, there was no speaker who directly addressed the erasure of women that is occurring, Lesbian issues and Lesbian rights, & that there was all the concern about MtT, I decided not to go
    But I remain feeling erased and relegated to the basement. And when I read all of the nasty comments from these MtT, I am once again reaffirmed in my belief that they are not women and should never be allowed in women-only spaces. No woman I know spews hate like those posts speak of, no woman I know (not even me!) suggests that the world is against trans. And no woman I know suggests that any “class” of human beings should have to endure discrimination and the denial of self-describing and self-identifying words (not even me!). However, and this is the question: what word can we use to describe people who hate women born of women like these posters on social media? Men.

  5. Trish Says:

    Saw a video last week about uterus transplants, so the trans can get pregnant and have babies. Not only will the man who gets a uterus installed have to take cross-sex hormones, but also anti-rejection drugs. In fact, the doctors who propose this say the uterus can’t even stay in permanently, they envision a uterus being installed and used for 1-2 pregnancies, then discarded.

    I can’t imagine the effects of these drugs and hormones will be beneficial to any poor child conceived in such a way. The mental effects – can’t even.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      This is just so frankensteinesque… but I bet the handmaidens will line up in droves to donate their uteri.

    • Arla Hile Says:

      I can’t believe that such a transplant would actually be functional!

    • Borntoryde Says:

      I’m with Arla Hill on this one. Pretty sure that a man using a donor uterus would not be capable of menses or carrying a child.
      The hormones that make menses and reproduction possible are a complex stew (which varies over the course of a month or a pregnancy) that we just can’t synthesize. The cells that produce that hormone stew are programmed at the DNA level, not influenced to do so just by the presence of feminizing estrogen.

      I would imagine that only a heroic dose of immunosuppressive drugs would keep a male body from rejecting an organ that is altogether absent from its DNA coding.

      • Rod Fleming Says:

        Re the ‘men with uteruses’ this is all pie in the sky at the moment but do not underestimate the ability of bozoid AGPs to coerce, bully and intimade people into giving them what they want — including the finance to do this. AGPs are a menace to everyone, they don’t give a damn if they get in the way of others who need treatment more and they are TOTALLY self-obsessed: nobody else matters.

      • k.jane Says:

        Can I just say first world problems? The world is already overpopulated and this is what they want to waste money on? Shit like this is a huge reason why I’m an anti-natalist.

        I don’t think it’s too feasible right now, but then again the pro-natalist establishment has managed to convince a lot of women living in this alleged post-feminist era that they are failures if they can’t have a biological child and then to take expensive and health-damaging fertility drugs. This is probably the next step in the misogynistic insanity.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        True…the male human body cannot be made ready or attempt to give birth, for a slew of biological reasons.

        Not the least of which is the circulatory system. Due to those funny little things known as biology, DNA, etc….women ….as in WOMEN have the ‘wiring’ built in for birth. As well as the muscular and bone structure. Last time I checked, no amount of HRT, bone grafting or organ transplants will give an MTF the equipment to give birth. End of story, do not pass go or collect $200.

        This as well as the fact that aside from the above, this frankenscience will lead to more embryos dying, to assuage the twisted mind sets among the t brigade. If one wants to be a PARENT (see another post from this desk on same), goddamnit…..ADOPT. Yep….there is a logical thought. But, knowing the community as I do, those who are still in the adoption system may not be acceptable. After all, for them to be adoption ready, the child would have to be either melanin deprived, or from an ‘exotic’ background. (Barring the adoptive parents adopt a child of color stateside, for the purpose of going all Mengele on them, as has been mention on this site previous).

  6. Widdershins Says:

    First, last, and always. 🙂

  7. Rod Fleming Says:

    Honestly can’t believe the bullshit in the comments. To be a woman requires you to have been born with a vagina; there is no such thing as a ‘transdyke’ — they are men in dresses with male sexual desire for women; it is not transphobic to point out reality: autogynephilic transvestites are not women.

  8. Karen Special Says:

    I DID go on the march in DC. Despite my trepidation of running into MtT, I only saw one dude in ‘kinky boots.’ I DID see “Janet” Mock, and was not impressed. The other speakers were right on target regarding women’s rights being human rights. The mood was actually uplifting and phenomenal. We need more OBJECTIVE REALITY folks to get everyone to reach ‘peak trans.’

    • gchild Says:

      @Karen Special, I didnt go, but I hear the pussy hats were VIOLENTLY AGGRESSIVE. They look pretty tame to me on tv. But apparently, the images of vaginas, ovaries, and uteri, (OH MY!) kept some transwomen from participating.

      Can you imagine admitting something so insidiously manipulative (not to mention malevolently anti-woman) out loud? That you fear being ASSAULTED by AGGRESSIVE images of pink pussies?

      They are calling it the “cis white womens (of privilege) march”. Though plenty women of color attended. It is as if a women’s march, in response to sexism and reproductive rights is supposed to be about men of color or something.

      I’m glad for the women like you, who went and were uplifted and empowered. Fuck everybody else.

      • background spinner Says:

        They showed themselves as absurd and ridiculous when they whined about women’s genitalia. Hm, I thought that’s what they wanted??? Why didn’t they knit some pink “lady dick” hats. Oh yeah, they can’t be bothered with the boring “old lady” stuff.

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        HAAAA! Thank you, background spinner. I need a good laugh in these dark days.

        Pink “lady dick” hats paints a most funny picture.

  9. Zacarthan Says:

    Gallus Mag, I’m not really posting about the march at this point. But I found a very interesting piece by Rod Dreher–starts with a consensual encounter, that segues into an accusation of sexual assault, that then becomes a trans issue. I’ll paste it here–where do I write you if I wish to ask a question, or send something of interest? Thanks, Zacarthan..

    • GallusMag Says:

      You can just leave it in a comment as you did here. If there is something specifically not for publication, begin your comment by stating NOT FOR PUBLICATION. Thanks.

  10. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Damn right! We gotta stick together! Especially in these times. I hope more of the liberal handmaidens wake up to the trans madness.

  11. I am getting death threats and the Pipeline Fighters’ Benefit Extravaganza organizers were strong-armed by trans male Z! Lula Haukeness of Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice to force me out of the line-up where I would have been singing this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FLCTzPBJ_4&feature=share Please help me Gallus Mag! I can send you screen shots of the death threats. https://www.facebook.com/events/575344789329796/

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