If only…

March 21, 2017

38 Responses to “If only…”

  1. freenampeyo Says:

    Leaving Womanhood? Take your transwomen friends with you!

  2. 🎵🎶 So long, it’s been good to know ya it’s a long time since you’ve been home and you’ve gotta be drifting along 🎶🎵

    With sincerest apologies to Woody Guthrie.

  3. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, dude.

  4. Mon Says:

    Get back to where you once belonged

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Whoever thought The Beatles would even get things right, way in advance…of the creepy MRA types?😊

      The post by this science fact deprived biped, dovetails on an NPR program last night. ‘Fresh Aire’ had an interview with author, Ron Powers discussing how his family has dealt with having two sons who were afflicted with schizophrenia (one of his sons committed suicide, the other is doing better on his medication), as well as the book Powers wrote about same and the failure of health care.(‘No One Cares About Crazy People’). A connection can be made here, in that what a lot of us see, in how the t brigade operates, borders on some behaviours of those who are schizophrenic. Right down to the racism and sexist attitudes.

      It was in listening to the interview, that a major aha moment happened here. While there is a small number of t folks who are not this disconnected, the majority actually are. One has to wonder if the DSM will be revised, at some point to reflect this.

      • gerda Says:

        Gender Identity Disorder is already in the DSM, which makes it “officially” a mental disorder. It is also recognized in the field that trans people have high rates of comorbidity, in other words, that they tend to have several diagnoses of mental health problems, not just the one (GID). But it doesn’t matter. They want to have it both ways… they require a diagnosis to get everyone to pity them and pay for their ‘treatments.’ But if we point out that they are mentally ill, and / or delusional, we’re crazy rabid harpies. There’s no winning with this, and the DSM is in the process of being abandoned by the field because of its total lack of backing by science, so there’s really no point in pinning your hope on it.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @Gerda It was more a bit of open wishing that some sanity would prevail.

        Then again too (and this would in many cases, shudders….make me a heretic) could be one of the litany of items that will force a disconnect of the t. If not, there will be the sacrifice of the rights of many innocent persons, just to protect a large group of imposters (as in the t brigade). And if Texas is any indication…this is on the horizon (like HB-2).

  5. Abolissimo Says:

    Promises, promises…

  6. Oak and Ash Says:

    We should be so lucky . . .

  7. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    Is that a threat?

  8. Medi Says:

    and another one and another one and another bites the dust…

  9. Medi Says:

    Gee if only all the penis men who claim to be women left womanhood behind we’d have one sane world yet again ta la la la

  10. Widdershins Says:

    Cheerio, there you go, on your way! 😀 … finally someone gets it. 🙂

  11. charlston Says:

    I have been taking a break from this bull as it was affecting my mental health. It just unending and overwhelming. This and the Hubbard thing scares me witless for a couple of reasons.

    The first is how can this person just come and go as they do and assume or demand other people will say its ok and keep making room for them. I don’t have the luxury to demand and receive what they are given… but they do and all the while they are making it up as it suits them.

    The second reason is that I have no idea what Reina Gossett or Gavin “Laurel” Hubbard will do next. What does this mean for women?

    Slamming the door as they leave is satisfying but for someone like me, who has been severely affected by an ex long term partner who thinks this way, it is scary. I saw a pic of my ex recently wearing my skirt so I am raw right now. I have no idea what comes next. Will I become a third rate citizen behind men and men who get to get to flip in and out of whatever identity they feel, depending on their mood?

    I don’t like this at all. I feel overwhelmed and hyper vigilant all the time. I just don’t know what the rules are or what to look for anymore. I am sorry Gallus if this is too emotional. I just finished reading that last story about Hubbard buying his way into beating women at weightlifting and it has shaken me quite badly.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You’re already a third rate citizen behind men and men who LARP women. So relax.

      You need to stop feeling overwhelmed and hyper vigilant all the time. That just won’t do. And it’s really not fair.

      Let it go. Take a deep and glorious breath of fresh air and remind yourself that all of us women have your back. We are all with you, your sisters. To the left of you and the right of you. You are not alone. Take a rest. Let us carry the load. We are putting the brakes to this crazy train.

      Live well. Every day. Eat. Read. Breathe. Sleep. You are surrounded by sisters. Take good care. x

  12. Margie Says:

    “Reina” Gossett is the despicable person who launched the boycott campaign against the movie “Stonewall” last year. The complaint was that the movie failed to depict Stonewall as a riot of “transwomen” and instead portrayed it as a gay historical event. In fact, there were only a tiny number of “transwomen” at Stonewall, possibly as few as 2 individuals out of a cumulative crowd total of 2,000. No transgenders were among those arrested. The hard fighting was done by LGB people and some straight people. And the hardest fighting of all was done by a group of brave homeless gay youths who lived on the streets near the Stonewall. The really appalling irony is that “Reina” used the GLSEN Network to launch the boycott. He literally used a resource for LGB youth to erase the history of LGB youth. That is how “LGBT” works in practice.

  13. rheapdx1 Says:

    And as if there was not enough insanity out there, just to go along with that twitter post there is the following [which if it does not post directly, it’s from one of the pages on another site]


  14. MEN, and sadly but very apparently even of the Trans-variety, do not just HAVE dicks….they *ARE* Dicks.

  15. Hecate Says:

    You can’t “leave” something you were never a part of.

  16. fmnst Says:

    Ha! Please go. And take your penis-friends with you. MTTGTOW. (MtT Go Their Own Way.)

  17. Dogtowner Says:

    And why does being a dickhead always seem to mean you can’t spell?

  18. Isn’t this the equivalent of staying on square one but insisting you’ve been playing the board game the whole time despite no one inviting you to play?

  19. J.D. Says:

    I’m not sure what this person is, so let me cover all the bases…

    woman “an adult female human being” (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/woman)

    If you were born female, there’s no leaving womanhood behind short of removing your sex organs and becoming sexually neuter. If this issue is really so important to you, it’s your body…but I really wouldn’t recommend removing your organs over something like this.

    If you were born male, there is no womanhood present to leave behind because womanhood is about being female, and males are not female, even after “gender reassignment” surgery:

    female “belonging or relating to women, or the sex that can give birth to young or produce eggs”

    A male transgender person, even after hormone treatment and surgery, is not capable of producing eggs because they lack ovaries. They are also not capable of giving birth because they lack a uterus. Even if female organs were implanted from a female donor, the male person they were transplanted into would still not be “the sex that can give birth to young or produce eggs.” They would be a person of the male sex who was implanted with someone else’s female sex organs.


    gender “the fact of being male or female, especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences, not differences in biology”

    Gender is the social/cultural aspect of one’s sex. Because one’s sex cannot be changed, neither can one’s gender. You may be feminine and male, you may be masculine and female. But you cannot have a male gender if you’re female or a female gender if you’re male, because gender is not determined by the individual, it’s determined by external societal/cultural conditions. — That is, society/culture tells you what gender you are, you don’t tell society/culture what gender you are. That is precisely why so many people have a problem with gender as a construct — not having a choice means that it’s necessarily oppressive.

    Now, a male can be feminine and a female can be masculine. A male can prefer stereotypically feminine clothes, behaviors, careers, etc.; a female can prefer stereotypically masculine clothes, behaviors, careers, etc. But, this does not make the male person female or change their gender, nor does it make the female person male or change their gender. Again, this is because gender is externally imposed and externally determined. What is internally determined is your own individual personality. That is what femininity and masculinity represent — not gender, not gender identity, not sex, etc. They represent your own individuality. That is all.

    So, in summary, if you are female, you can’t leave womanhood behind; if you’re male, you can’t leave womanhood behind because you never had it to begin with…but more than anything, just read a dictionary. Please. The fact that trans activists don’t know the meaning of some of the most basic and common words in the English language is not only concerning, it’s a nuisance. Nobody should ever have to correct you for using the word “woman” wrong. Not ever. So, please educate yourselves. This “problem” of acceptance won’t seem like one once you realize that there really is no intolerance, just your misconception of the very issue that you claim to be advocating for.

  20. rheapdx1 Says:

    This one came up while doing other research and it may be apt, seeing that the brigade loves that Orwellian dance of twisting the language [and threatens death if they cannot get their way…or they will take their balls home – pun intended] to match their own means. And if they can’t, gee then it is ‘transphobic’, bigoted.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Female Officer: He needs to move the bus, sir. He’s leaving.

      Masked Male: I am not a sir.

      Female Officer: What are you then?

      Masked Male: I am not a man or a woman.


  21. Why do people call these guys “women” as in transwomen instead of calling them trans-cis-men (their own made-up term)? Why defer to these men’s terms by submitting to their labeling of us as “cis?” Ergo………..

    Male privilege gives them naming rights,
    To label women in their sights.
    Call women b*tches, ‘hos and fish,
    Now they want to call us “cis.”

    When a woman once did marry,
    Her master’s name she then did carry.
    Transcismen claim the same degree,
    For naming rights supremacy.

    They call us Miss, they call us cis,
    They call us whores and slags and fish.
    As men they call us what they like,
    Sometimes they like to call us dyke

    To kill they used to call us witch,
    But now they mostly call us b*tch.
    Bird, pussy, chick, they chose the label,*
    Cuz as transcismen they are able.

    They call us bleeders, breeders, wb*tchs,
    Even as they make their pitches.
    To use our bodies to produce,
    A human trophy for their use.

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