Happy Pride!

June 15, 2017

Anti-lesbian Dyke Pride Marchers

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  1. YankeeDragon Says:

    This looks like Bangor Maine’s Pride last year. I left shortly after I arrived and I won’t be going back.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      In my nephew’s wife’s Christmas letter, she told us all that their daughter had attended a pride parade in NYC. I don’t believe this young woman is a lesbian, and now I’m wondering if she was there to support trans. ?????

  2. GallusMag Says:

    From Chicago Dyke March 2016:

    I have no idea who this person is but DOOD! How many times do I have to tell you if you want to try to pass as female DON’T SHOW THE MAN BELLY. Your umbilicus (bellybutton) is a good four inches or so higher than a woman’s. As a man SO interested in women, that you “identify as” us, HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT???

    This is how you can tell a transie is a heterosexual. No respectable drag queen alive would be caught baring his midriff. How embarrassing for you! Back to school, hetero fool!

  3. hillakerner Says:

    How low can it still go?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      I have no idea yet how far down the drain things will go, outside of trotting out felons, traitors, pedos, traffickers to the world. As in to say, that these are people to lionize and honor.

      Something also says the kids who are being transed, will be on display. Which if this is the case, then a legitimate case can be made for jailing the lot of the ‘adults’ engaged in this shit.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..the kids who are being transed, will be on display..”

        Will be on display by whom? Not by the liberal media. And let’s face it, the right wing is- intentionally or not- doing more harm than good. Genderists can’t dismantle gender. “Master’s tools” and all. It is absurd to think that the left or right media will effectively cover ANYTHING related to jendur. Women MUST create our own media, there is no other option. And the best way to do that with no money and no support is by using iPhone livefeeds and doing citizen reporting.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @GallusMag what I meant was at the ‘parades’ . As in the brigade doing this and if it shows in a 5 second clip on a local report, that may be the extent. One can hope…

        No one here is actually performing the right type of reporting on this as you said. Barring that the Beeb does a piece (which shows up here way too early in the morning). But no one will, lest they ‘offend’. Odd…if only due to the fact that truth in journalism, is not supposed to be light on details, but filled with sunlight (which ‘Frontline’ screwed up in their reportage on trans kids a while back).

        Not only do I agree that feminists need to go beyond blogging to expose the insanity in full, in addition, there is a need for a ‘Lee Atwater’ in the mix (the late GOP strategist). Someone who can push the message and facts to counter the brigade’s erasure tactics in full. The makings of that are here among the posters, who call out the BS…it just needs a spark for the fire.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “it just needs a spark for the fire.”


  4. GallusMag Says:

    I look forward to when lesbians outfit themselves with iPhones on livestream and go to these events with bodyguards carrying “Get Your Dick Out Of Our Dyke March!” signs (or whatever). Livestream it. Let the whole world see. Film Film Film. Confront and film. Shine a light on these fuckers and let the whole world judge for themselves. Never do any action without a livefeed. The revolution WILL be televised.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Blogs are great but the future is in the hands of women who can produce live video coverage of their actions at these sorts of events.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The media will never represent us. We have to create our own media. It’s the only way forward.

      • Mika Says:

        Well you all definitely have an allied in me, and although I’m heterosexual, I am more appalled at a transwoMAN considering himself lesbian than I am at a transwoMAN wanting to be looked at as a female. I just needs some guidance, I’ve been spreading the word to all my female friends, family, and co-workers.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You are THE BEST. Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        And speaking of a lack of representation….our local NBC affiliate just aired a clip announcing that, pride weekend is this weekend in PDX. Guess what was shown? Yep….the brigade, as in those that can be read 200 miles offshore by the Truman.

        Maybe I am showing my age and maturity, but this looked more like honoring the creepy. Makes the case for an errand run and time with the feline partner, than be around the crazed and gender brownshirts.

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    The homophobic “queer” community doesn’t think that lesbians belong at a Dyke March.

  6. Medi Says:

    WOW I went to two dyke events in Los Angeles, and fortunately at the dyke march there were no creepy signs like that, we had about 300 some dykes marching, a great dj at the dance, and the one or two male to trans slunk around the edges but did not in anyway really interact with us. West Hollywood has a women’s visibility committee so there is strong lesbian activism that keeps the crap out. Then I went to something called Dyke Days, and they had a couple of creepy crawly female to trans covered with ugly tattoos promoting pot farming, most kept away from them as well.

    There were a few male to trans at that event, but they pretty much did not mess with us or carry obnoxious signs like that. So it was very good all around. The trans seem to pretty much steer clear of L.A. dykes, some are liberal sell outs, but even they shut up and stuck with LESBIAN being another word for DYKE.

    Maybe L.A. has hit peak trans in L.A. and the male to trans just don’t dare even go to our events.

  7. Pretty bad when it’s actually a pleasant surprise to find loud and proud homosexuals at a PRIDE event!

  8. IronBatMaiden Says:

    How much longer is this gonna continue until gays and lesbians finally say “enough is enough!”

  9. Margie Says:

    Right there on that bizarre and disturbing official twitter account of the Chicago Dyke March you can see the parasitic nature of “LGBT.” Right there we see the L passionately advocating against its own interests and in defense of the parasitic T. It’s just like watching a clueless mother Warbler bird defending with her life the eggs of the cuckoo, which were surreptitiously laid in her nest and which will destroy her eggs as soon as they hatch.

    Of course, LGB people aren’t birds and we have the ability to analyze what is happening to us. So the question is: Why are our organizations so vulnerable to this kind of takeover? What made LGB organizations – from HRC to the National Center for Lesbian Rights to the Lesbian Avengers to the Chicago Dyke March – such soft and easy targets for trans activists?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I attribute it to the lack of international expertise among board members and paid activists running the orgs. Instead of shifting their resources to international support of lesbians and gays following the legalization of homosexuality and the success of gay marriage in the US, they are left trying to repeat an activism model for a new demographic. So not only have trans taken over the orgs but there is near zero organizational support for international human rights for lesbians and gays. Our sisters and brothers overseas have been abandoned by these orgs because they were unwilling to restructure.

      • Margie Says:

        Everything you say about abandoning LGBs in other countries is true. However, “LGBT” conquered LGB organizations in the 1990s. That was before Lawrence v. Texas decriminalized homosexuality and before any US state recognized marriage or even civil unions. It was when AIDS mortality was at its apex and when the Christian Right was running ballot measures to wipe out all local gay rights laws in various states. It was a desperate time and our “leaders” should have been 1000% focused on protecting our interests.

        Instead, at the very worst time, they decided to transform themselves into servants of trans activism. It was in 1999 when they went so far as to actively oppose gay rights legislation – the very thing that they were created to get passed – if it did not include trans provisions. It’s like a complete failure of character and judgment. They were more than a soft target for a trans takeover. They were a willing target. At least the Warbler is tricked by the Cuckoo into caring for and defending the Cuckoo’s eggs. Our leaders didn’t need to be tricked; they were eager to betray their own interests and they pursue someone else’s cause.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      M O N E Y.

      Fame and fortune, status, etc. NCLR segregates also, by class, race, disability, age, etc. with their unaffordable events.

      Lesbians need to say no and stop supporting collaborators and saying anything anyone wants to do is fine.

      I organized a nature stroll last week and a woman wanting to pass as a man showed up and started complaining about how she is discriminated at her job because they won’t call her “he.” Meanwhile, another women whispered to me, asking what pronouns to use for her. I said, “I’m not a member of the trans cult. She’s a woman.” I explained in more detail, how this crap has destroyed our last spaces. And I always refer women here, to learn, though that this point, in this area, they have to know.

  10. Griffxx Says:

    On Tumblr I told the girls I went to Chicago’s first dyke march in 1997. In 2017 it’s like opposite day. I recommended that next year they have to go to planing sessions. This is the only way they can take their March back.

    • indykative Says:

      I was at that one, too! This is just heartbreaking. I would love to see a TERF contingent, or a TERF march. I’m not in Chicago anymore, but I might fly in for it! But then, how long until they demand inclusion in that???

  11. Sheree Wiley Says:

    Love your site! Thank you for all you do. I made a petition in support of female athletes. Hope I’m helping.


  12. These “Dyke” Marches are only inclusive in the post-modern sense: the term lesbian now includes anyone but actual lesbians. Truly Orwellian.

  13. genderskeptics Says:

    Ewwwww did a frat boy hack their twitter?

  14. If they love dick so much, why are they at Dyke Marches or any Pride event? Saying something like they are bisexual is one thing, but to carry a “We Love Dick” sign at a Dyke March or Pride event only has one purpose. It’s meant to intentionally insult lesbians and crap all over the Dyke March. Lesbians don’t like penis, so they carry their “We Love Dick” signs to insult and outrage lesbians. These lesbian hating people do this for the shock value.

    As to “plenty of lesbians like dick”, these women are bisexual. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual. Lesbians aren’t into penis.

    The sickest form of lesbian hatred and homophobia is males calling themselves “lesbian”. Sometimes straight men will joke that they are “lesbian”, but it’s seen as a joke and not taken seriously because people know on an intuitively level that males can’t be lesbian. The lesbian hating males who are colonizing the hell out of lesbians the most, and have no shame at all doing so are transgender. Indeed, trans seem to get a thrill from insulting and outraging lesbians. The more they outrage lesbians, the happier the queer/trans crowd are. It sickens me to no end when middle aged heterosexual males who “transition” in midlife after leaving the wife and four kids behind to pursue his desire to be a “woman” calls himself a “lesbian”. He is just a heterosexual dude in a dress. There is nothing wrong with being a straight man in a dress, but they sure as hell aren’t “lesbian”. They aren’t “women” either. No male will ever experience sexual pleasure the way a woman does, so how in the hell can a male know how any woman feels? It’s lesbian hatred on steroids. Lesbians do not have a penis. Lesbians love women emotionally and spiritually. Everything about lesbians is a celebration of human female sexuality. Redefining lesbian is the ultimate form of lesbian hating homophobia. It’s an ugly form of colonization whereby a more powerful group redefines a minority, but it gets a free pass when trans pull this misogynistic mind fu** upon the female sex. Lesbians have little power, and this is why they screw with lesbians.

    They might think they are edgy and cool, all nonbinary queer poly pansexual, or whatever. They aren’t unique at all. There is nothing special about these people. They are no different than the bored white heterosexual men who occasionally sneak into lesbian events, sitting in the corner, thinking to themselves that what these women really need is some dick. Lesbians to them really aren’t people, and they can’t be women because all women are supposed to love the dick. Homophobic lesbian hatred is nothing new. It has been around since forever.

  15. LC Says:

    As a non-lesbian, I don’t think I love dick enough to ever put these words on a sign that I intended to carry around with me. I don’t get it. Even if one was brainwashed into thinking that transwomen were women, is it acceptable to admit that the vast majority of “women” who love “women” would still not have penises? So what is the point of this?

    I mean, other than the homophobia. But why?! It’s like the women that complain about the mean feminists who want them to stop wearing makeup. Hey: Women. No one is trying to take away your makeup or your love of penises. The patriarchy approves, so no one cares.

    I hate this generation, I swear.

  16. hekate jayne Says:

    I’m heterosexual.

    But most importantly, I am a radical feminist.

    I fear for all of us women. But I especially fear for my lesbian sisters. All of this “lady dick” bullshit is frightening for all of us in a very aggressive way, but it’s obvious that lesbians are primary in the aggression. That’s how it looks to me.

    I can’t understand why all women won’t support you (and us, and themselves) in the face of this blatant sexism and misogyny. I can’t believe that they just don’t know, or have been sneakily taken in and lack understanding.

    But I support you. Always have and always will. Women first, always.

  17. Oak and Ash Says:

    Count me in as another non-lesbian, radical feminist who finds this alarming and depressing. Maybe they should organize a dick march somewhere and stop infesting events meant for lesbians. If feels as though anything women make, lesbian or no, men insist on taking for themselves.

    I find myself wondering how many bisexual women take part in dyke pride marches these days. The bi women in the circles I’ve drifted away from have been the most rabid defenders of transwomen I’ve met off line.

    To Gallus Mag and the other lesbian feminists who post comments here–I’ve developed enormous respect for your courage and intelligence and hope the movement can be rescued from the transtrenders, heteroqueers, and polyamourous asexuals who’ve colonized it.

  18. Medi Says:

    I’d say there is a heavy porn industry influence behind all this, and also these bisexual women love to hate on lesbians, have contempt for lesbians. They’ve been rejected sexually by lesbians often, for the most part, a lot of this aren’t interested in women who’ve been sexually colonized by men for long periods of time. Lesbians are 100% committed to women, and the ones carrying these signs just are provatours. Anytime lesbians stake out space –the early dyke marches the rest of the creepy crawly world undermines our spaces, just like perving men have always lurked around lesbian bars and het women bring their husbands into lesbian bars now, and brag and brag and brag about how wonderful their men are—- they just hate lesbians, that is most of the world.

  19. hearthrising Says:

    I don’t believe that sign. Seriously. I think those women were deliberately making a homophobic statement and hoping for reinforcement from their male audience. Women–lesbian, bi, or het–don’t heart dicks. Bi or het women may (or may not) like a penis attached to a man they like, but liking dicks in the abstract? That’s a male thing. What woman isn’t turned off by the obsession men–gay, bi, and straight–have with dicks? Who draws dick graffiti? Not women. Notice these women didn’t draw a dick on their sign. They may be capable of that, if they thought it would shock and disgust other women, but they wouldn’t think of it on their own. What a bunch of mindless tools.

  20. In our patriarchy, any woman who refuses to sexually obey a man, or perform femininity for a man, is called a dyke and a lesbian… I frequently joke that I was called that before I even knew what it was (seriously though, its true) and that heightened any natural curiosity I might have had about lesbians. (Who were these disrespectful scary wimminz that men seemed to FEAR and DREAD??? I must meet them, lol.) Way back in the beginning of the second wave, bisexual radical feminists called themselves lesbians and witches and any other word that seemed to scare men to death, just for the fun of it. 😉

    I think when married/bi women call themselves “dykes”–it is a testament to what Mary Daly called men’s “power of naming”: a man said I was a dyke so I am. These women do not stop to ask if the lesbians are the ones calling them dykes: they aren’t.

    In the 70s, there was a series of movies with men calling their wives (obvious bisexuals or they wouldn’t be married to men duh) “dykes”– particularly the popular comedy “Slap Shot” and the bio film about Lenny Bruce (who insisted on threesomes with spouse Honey Bruce and then beat her up when she appeared to enjoy them). This took the idea ‘mainstream’ that a dyke could be married to a man; a dyke is what a man says is a dyke.

    And porn culture completed the idea, so a whole generation of girls now believes this. When women/lesbians dare to define the term themselves, these young women are shocked and unbelieving. But, but…all these men say I am a dyke! The idea that men are saying this to heighten their own sexual arousal is unknown to them, as is autogynephilia. The 24/7 porn cycle has made them naive and stupid; they are basically training films/propaganda for patriarchy.

    In my observation, today’s young women desperately want to believe men are just like them, another reason they love the trans, which on some level seems to ‘prove’ this truism to them. Older women had/have no such illusion.

    • kesher Says:

      That’s a really good point about trans handmaidens. At a point when men are more broken than ever, young women are desperate to believe men are good at heart.

      • southwest88 Says:

        Also see a lot of young women who have naively bought this line of crap that men/M2Ts are not only good at heart but poor, oppressed (MOST oppressed) suffering souls who can be SAVED if the good women would only center these poor guys in everything.

        Yes, it makes my eyes roll out of my head but so many young women seen enraptured by this narrative.

  21. Medi Says:

    Dyke means lesbian, LESBIAN means women who love women in all ways. If you have sex with men or are attracted sexually to men you are not a dyke or a lesbian, it is very very simple actually.

  22. AngryTardis Says:

    Another het ally here. This is bullshit. It’s not just international expertise but intergenerational expertise. Where are the old lesbians? Why are young lesbians not leaning in with them? What the hell is going on that there is such a clear war on women that the most hated class of women is lesbians?

  23. Hecate Says:

    Medi says “I’d say there is a heavy porn industry influence behind all this”

    I don’t doubt it. The whole trans thing today is a porn pushed creation run amok, imo. Want an eye opening exp? Hit up:
    Reboot Nation
    and take a look at how many men are whining on any one of those sites “Am I trans? I can only get off on thinking myself a woman now!” because they have porn pickled their brains so much.

    There are search boxes on each site. Type in the standard fodder; shemale, sissy, transsexual, crossdress, and prepare to be disgusted.

    As for the current article above, “dyke” is not a term I have or will use. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but that’s a slur to me. I understand the term appropriation by lesbians to remove the power and negativity, but it remains a slur that I will never call my lesbian sisters.

  24. Medi Says:

    I’d say lesbians have always pretty much been under attack, and subjected to hatred, massive numbers of het women never gave much of a damn about us, and I no longer feel obligated to fight all the battles out there if I don’t get a direct and measurable benefit from that work. I figure when male to trans invade enough het women’s places and put enough of their daughters at severe risk, something will shift. In the meantime, I think some dyke marches work other are taken over by the trans, it’s mixed out there. But you should NEVER ever negotiate with male to trans, and refuse to ever call them women, just male to trans.

  25. Peggy Luhrs Says:

    The insistence on the inclusion of dicks in the Dyke march, which was created to get away from the male antics of Pride parades, feels just like getting on the subway and find some disgusting man sitting there with his dick out masturbating or any flasher on the street. They want to expose themselves on unwilling participants and have greatly over-inflated ideas on the importance of their dicks. These creeps have built nothing and their whole politics are based on trashing the lesbians who built the platforms they stand on or attempting to appropriate spaces reserved for natal women. So what I see here is intrusive and gross exhibitionism combined with parasitism. Get a movement leeches.

  26. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Love the tags Gallus. So accurate. This is nothing new and it doesn’t surprise. These types took over lesbian sites as well. Now they’re full of them.

    “Plenty of lesbians like dick” Huh?? If a woman is into men that makes her straight.

    “plenty of lesbians have dicks” Huh?? If you own that equipment you’re a guy.

    Lesbian = Homosexual woman.

  27. Toadette Says:


    Happening same weekend as regular Pride in Seattle… featuring “Fierce Queen” competition, “DickSlap” whateverthefuckthatis, and finishing the weekend with “Pride Is For Everybody”…

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Which goes to show, if the door is opened for the brigade to glom onto the ‘pride’ movement [in lower case for this, due to how far it has strayed off the mark], then the more seedier elements will walk in. And reading the event list, almost caused me to lose dinner.

      Makes one wonder if the Mariners have a homestand at Safeco then. Baseball fans may be nuts, but they are not as far gone as those others.

  28. Matthew Says:

    I went to pride in my hometown in California last weekend and made sure there was actual gay representation at gay pride.

  29. Bev Jo Says:

    They are deliberately erasing Lesbians. Lesbians do not want to be fucked by men. Actually, most of the het women I know never say they “love dick” either. The debate for het feminists in the past was about how to have relationships with men without getting fucked.

    And this is not a generational divide. My young Radical Feminist friends share the same politics as I do, and our ages in our groups go from twenties to eighties.

    But this prick-worshipping crap is mainstream. I went to a “women’s” play Sunday that was by and about old (sixties and older) women/Lesbians. Then one of the women started going on about “loving dick.” I can watch television without paying if I want that crap.

    Meanwhile, this is the mindfuck posted about our upcoming SF Dyke March:

    “Calling All Dykes: Take Up Your Space​

    Dyke is not just a sexual orientation. It’s a political identity. It stands for community. It stands for solidarity. It stands for radical fight. It stands for trans*, black, brown, queer, bisexual, lesbian, disabled, chronically ill, fat, femme, butch, indigenous, gender expansive love. It does not stand by erasure. By displacement. By appropriation. By hate.

    The 25th San Francisco Dyke March is a call to action. We’re calling all dykes. Each and every one of you – to take up your space and hold it close to you as we hold on for our lives. As we hold on to each other

    Dyke March is the one day out of the year where ALL trans and cis self-identified dykes can proclaim space, rights, visibility and respect.”

    Note who comes first….

    Meanwhile, I can’t comment on facebook since I’ve been locked out for over 5 months and the stalker reports me as soon as I’ve returned. Anything I’ve written in the past 6 years is reported, though I’ve deleted most and transferred over 700 pages of Radical Lesbian Feminist comments.

    Far more effective than killing us is to define us out of existence, by giving our identity to our oppressors, while pretending to be against erasure and oppression.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “I’ve been locked out for over 5 months and the stalker reports me as soon as I’ve returned.”

      If I was on Facebook I’m sure she would be doing the same to me. If WordPress hadn’t explicitly offered me legal representation against her this blog would no longer exist.

  30. Bev Jo Says:

    Oh Gallus Mag, that is wonderful that WordPress has defended you. What a loss for us all if you were gone. You really are our champion, needed more than ever.


  31. Keisha Says:

    Yes I’m thinking we should cut ties with mainstream for profit lgbtxyz events that harass and erase us, and create smaller private groups and events.

    • Medi Says:

      Yes, Keisha that is exactly what we are doing now, and it is so wonderful. I don’t support LGBT anything, I have gone to dyke public events, but they weren’t overrun by the trans, pretty solid. But all the wonderful things I’m doing are outside that LGBT-org system which has been a killer of lesbian energy and a money stealer out of lesbian pockets for a long time now. When you donate to LGBT centers that money goes into the big pot, and you can’t set aside money ever for lesbian only stuff. Lesbians around town are getting this, and it is happening more and more.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Damn….PDX once again shows the overall lack of tolerance for others, thanks to the brigade. More of what some say ‘doesn’t happen’.

      As well as proving the point of the right, etc…that a sickening level of those who are t-centered are crude, egomaniacal, rude, intolerant and just plain mean-spirited beings. More evidence to drop the t…..before things get worse.

    • GallusMag Says:

      What in the what??

      • red Says:

        Are they parents who mean “we’re sorry we thought you were gay but thank god youi’re trans.” Because from the many many pix, it looks like a trans parade, not a Pride parade.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Something to do with Christianity apparently, from the presence of the cross on the sign…

    • nonny Says:

      It looks like the cross frequently seen on Episcopalian churches (here in the US, anyway) with the circle behind the cross (here, they’ve colored it in rainbow style.) First-hand experience has shown me that Episcopalians are rebranding themselves as ultra-liberal, with the sort of blind hand-wringing liberal guilt that produces exactly that kind of sign. “We’re sorry! We’re cool Christians! We accept everyone! ” We, we, we, me, me, me, us, us, us. Constant virtue-signaling over actual analysis. I’m not Episcopalian but I spent time at a certain parish that has a trans”woman” priest. They keep it on the downlow and he’s not on the regular staff bc they know the Anglicans overseas would shit a brick, but they trot him out to show how ~welcoming~ they are.

  32. Keisha Says:

    Just read about Butch Voices starting again this summer though I’ve read here its been taken over by trans people from both sides. If anyone knows the people who currently organize the event or attended they could probably give more recent updates if its still mostly trans and not women only. http://www.butchvoices.com/

    Also when suggesting earlier about small private groups and events for lesbians. I was speaking of groups meeting at cafes, restaurants, bars, parks in various cities etc. Those types of events can be private, invitation only, not publicized and are easier and cheaper to organize.

    • Medi Says:

      Oh of course whatever works. Our group wants ABSOLUTE privately, that means we get to lock the front door, and NO MEN are admitted, and we do this at a few locations around town. There are private email lists now, and we carefully screen lesbians who want to join, and we make it clear that it is born womyn, and if they get that fine, if they whine they do not get invited. We’re pretty sick of it all. But there can be groups meeting in cafes in restaurants with private rooms, and keep it up and keep the rules clear, and you can build a very viable lesbian group. All you need is 12-30 very committed women, that’s it, and these lesbian groups have always been the best anyway imho

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Butch Voices hasn’t been taken over. It’s always been controlled by genderqueer sado-masochist porn-promoting Lesbian-hating women, from the first conference I went to. It became increasingly corporate.

      Checking their site, it seems to be basically the same women, who insult Butches with “masculine of center” and who prevent truly female-identified Butch workshops. The last time I tried going, the workshop for Butches lovers with Butches was called “Faggot Play.”

      I don’t think a lot of the trans cult go, but they have the power to censor us. Also, a lot of Fems posing/posturing as Butch caricatures.

      This is some of the history:


      It’s upsetting because it’s in Oakland again, and it would be nice to meet other Butches. The first one had a workshop for “female-identified Butches” where about a hundred real Butches came, many isolated and desperate for community. We tried to continue with a group in Oakland, but Sasha of Butch Voices co-opted that.

  33. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    Homophobia themed cotton ceiling March to demonize lesbians, straight/bi girls march in support of men wanting access to lesbians and forcing lesbians to consider straight sex.

  34. Medi Says:

    There was a guy in Chicago — his last name is Marin and he was a het white guy that wanted to do outreach to evangelical gays etc, he got a group that carried a sign that said “I’m sorry” to apologize for the right wing attacks on gay christians… so this may be more in that line with Episcopals— but I hate their “we” usage, and why aren’t white men groveling with their stupid SJW signs?

    • kesher Says:

      It strikes me as straight people trying to gain attention for how wonderful they are. If they’re so sorry, they can stand on the sidelines and support actual gay people in the parade.

  35. Medi Says:

    Trans pride pepper spray fight — what a bunch of totally crazy men. So sick of all of this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The trans ended up beating them too. The difference between historic gay pride marches and these trans/queer fests is stark. We used to just laugh at the “protesters”, maybe try to get our picture taken in front of them. We didn’t attack them. We understood they were exercising the same right to free speech. We didn’t beat them up and spray them with mace. We might drown out their megaphones with drums or music, which was fair, because they were crashing OUR party. Mainly we ignored them.

      We didn’t do this:

      • Medi Says:

        Yeah, they have been at every pride parade I’ve ever been to. At LA PRIDE we just all yelled really loudly as we rounded a main intersection where the right wing christian men were yelling too, but we easily drowned them. Or we made faces at them, but we just marched on. No violence, we far outnumbered them, they were bozos. Trans — MALE VIOLENCE is what is happening now. Anything trans is NOT safe for people, and Dyke Marches invaded by male to trans have been dangerous too. It’s good that there are all these films which document how violent and creepy these men really are.

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