Laci Green Livestream on Gender Identity with Meghan Murphy

July 13, 2017

God I hope she’s monetized.

YouTube libfem sex ed vlogger Laci Green is hosting a livestream debate on so-called ‘Gender Identity’ Thursday at 1pm Standard Pacific Time.

Participants will be Antifeminist “truscum” transsexual vlogger Blaire White, Radical Feminist author and activist Meghan Murphy, and SJW male funfem vlogger Contra Points (never heard of him either).

Schedule from the YouTube page:


1:00-1:15PM: Hello and welcome
1:15-1:45PM Laci interviews Blaire White about anti-feminist views of gender
1:45-2:15PM Audience Q&A about anti feminism
2:15-2:45PM Laci interviews Meghan Murphy about TERFs and radical feminism
2:45-3:00PM Audience Q&A about radical feminism
3:00-3:30PM Laci interviews Contra Points about sex and gender
3:30-4:00PM Audience Q&A about liberal feminism
4:00-4:30PM Laci answers questions from Superchat and closing thoughts

Audience Q&A will be conducted over Twitter and Superchat. Direct questions via Twitter should be sent to Laci, @gogreen18.


35 Responses to “Laci Green Livestream on Gender Identity with Meghan Murphy”

  1. I sure hope it will be recorded for later, since I’m missing the livestream. I’m pretty sure it will be. Looking forward to this.

  2. Ella Says:

    Why is the q&a with Meghan Murphy shorter than the others?

  3. sarah Says:

    Oh, wow, can’t wait for this. thanks for the heads up gallus mag!

  4. southwest88 Says:

    Just looking at the pics —> two people do stereotyped fetish “woman looks” and Meghan looking like most real women look. And what is this with the men getting more time than Meghan? Is that true?

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    This is the libfem way, falling over backwards to be inclusive of the men so as not to appear threatening.

  6. Nonny Says:

    Laci Green lobs softballs at a glamour shot, a woman, and….a muppet?

    Talk about monetizing: Unless Green keeps the mute button handly, who wants to make bets regarding when they start shouting over Meghan? Right off the bat in the intros, or during her actual segment? Perhaps they’ll wait as long as her (shorter!) Q&A session, but I doubt it.

  7. radiantlux Says:

    The word TERF should not be used. Are the other groups addressed with a slur?

  8. Medi Says:

    I hope Meghan mentions the time issue, because her side should get equal time to the men opposing her side. Oh, she looks like an ordinary woman, the guys have that stereotypical trans fakeness–they just can’t seem to get womanface right.

  9. littlebrassbird Says:

    Laci tweeted that one guest cancelled, but didn’t say who. Wasn’t Meghan. for sure. My money is on Contra. We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.

  10. southwest88 Says:

    Just saw this today – too late for that debate but police have alerted campus to threats from a “woman” and apparently decided to get around having to call him a man by posting his picture which clearly shows a male.

  11. I’ve been watching the video for over an hour and it’s still Meghan on the screen, so she must have gotten the full amount of time.

  12. Medi Says:

    Meghan was really excellent, centered and clear. Laci got on my every last nerve with who gushiness, and her “inclusive” can’t we have everyone doing everything, and why can’t penis men be there too. Goddess forbid that born women with a focus on WOMEN have any work to do. That stupid guy, he looked like a Martian from a bad David Bowie movie… totally GUY, and he seemed to have not mastered the “ingratiating smile” that Laci was so good at sheesh. But this will be very useful to women who haven’t reached peak trans yet.

    • Riffraff Says:

      Laci doesn’t understand that the TERF stamp is permanent. No amount of kissing ass will heal the horrors of a woman hurting their feelings.

  13. Riffraff Says:

    Laughing at the bad Harley Quinn cosplay persona and the ridiculous attempts at feminine body language. I know, as a born woman, I’m compelled to constantly do sassy hip leans, even whilst sitting.

  14. I watched Meghan. Excellent on point, refreshing. I can’t bear to watch the fancy men. Screen shots enuff for me. It’s great to see how feminist analysis holds water. Genderists, not. They also need to start featuring detrans voices in all trans talks.

    • thistlespace Says:

      They don’t consider detrans to have ever been really trans so there is that. Who gets to decide who is trans and who is not and based on what definition? Meghan brings up all the good points. It amazes me how much people can deceive themselves over something so basic as women are adult females. I am going back to my sociology training in college and asking the question “Who benefits by trans ideology?” Women certainly do not.

  15. Carrie-Anne Says:

    Meghan was incredible during the debate, full of intelligent, well-reasoned, accurate points, and many of the people (most of them obviously men) in the chat typically responded with insults, misogynistic slurs, the R-word, and disgusting comments like “Kill yourself” and “I wouldn’t even rape you.”

    Laci meanwhile didn’t seem to really get most of Meghan’s points. She probably is genuine about wanting to learn more about our positions, but it’s that classic frustrating case of someone who’s trying to get it but not nearly close enough yet. So many times, Laci kept trotting out libfem lines like “But I like porn!,” “Transwomen are women,” “What’s wrong with being fun and sexy?,” “Why shouldn’t we be sex-positive?,” and “A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman.”

    The last guest was just ridiculous. He got far more screentime than Meghan, and didn’t say anything that made sense or even sounded intelligent.

    • southwest88 Says:

      I watched all of the Meghan portion even though Laci constantly interrupted Meghan and derailed the conversation into things like you observed. But it was two real women talking and it was bearable thanks to Meghan. I watched enough of that man with the huge skull to note that Laci did not interrupt him anywhere near as often as she did Meghan. Laci also let this man make one unproven claim after another and rarely challenged his claims the way she did to Meghan.

      I never paid much attention to Laci before this but if she has 1.5 million followers and was doing “sex education” I can see why so many young people know so little about human biology.

    • LC Says:

      I have to wonder, when women say, ‘But I like porn!’ just what sort of porn they’re talking about. I don’t watch porn, but I know enough of some of it to know that even for research purposes, I don’t want to view it. It’s the violent, scatological, under-age and racist fantasies that have become so mainstream now. I’m a bit skeptical that women think of that sort of thing when they say ‘porn’, but I know most men who watch porn do.

    • Medi Says:

      Laci sadly didn’t seem to be very bright. I think Meghan’s points, very clearly and calmly presented went totally over her head. But she made an effort, and the libfem porn and trans cheerleaders out there might eventually get what this is all about. Bubbly porn cheerleaders get a lot of pats on the head and support, any woman destroying handmaidens get loads of props, it’s seductive to them.

  16. Medi Says:

    Here are some questions that the pro trans inclusive gang should think about– 1. Why don’t male to trans do some of the heavy lifting and start their own groups, then “include” and invite born women?
    2. How is pregnancy and birth control a male to trans issue, and why should male to trans ever be a part of women’s groups talking about this? 3. Women who have had abortions often need support, and privacy, and do they have a right to only include born women who have had abortions in their support groups?
    4. Why are male to trans so lazy in CREATING , maintaining and doing the heavy lifting of having “inclusive” conferences, instead of always demanding that groups like Vancouver Rape Crisis Center for women include them?

    • @Medi,

      “1. Why don’t male to trans do some of the heavy lifting and start their own groups, then “include” and invite born women?”

      They get their groups and women’s groups too. Women leave trans events like the Transgender Day of Remembrance alone out of respect. Women aren’t barging into trans groups demanding to be heard. It goes like this, and we all have to pretend that it doesn’t have anything to do with a male sense of entitlement. Everything that they do as transgender focused activities belongs to them, and everything that focuses on feminism, women issues, must focus on them too. No, it doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with men thinking and acting like they are the center of the universe, and women exist to cater to their needs. While all this is going on, women are culturally conditioned to put the needs of others before our own needs. If they can’t guilt trip and belittle women into putting trans first, even at the expense of women, they resort to “TERF” death threats. See link “Terf is a slur” below.

      Excellent questions, and you are just skimming the surface.

      (1.) Not covered in this video is the ethical issues involved in sterilizing children with powerful drugs (GnRH analogues and cross gender hormones), stunting their physical growth, altering their human right to experience the full range of their sexuality, and sentencing them to a lifetime of being tethered to the health care system (hormones and plastic surgery). Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse. Kids are being “transitioned” because their parents noticed that they didn’t play with the right toys when they were five years old, so they rush them to the nearest “gender therapist”.

      (2.) Besides the ethical issues involved in sterilizing children, I don’t see how any rational person can justify the “transitioning” (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples and testosterone) of disabled women with autism, bipolar disorder, and Down Syndrome. Lopping the healthy breasts off disabled women with autism is ghastly. Liberals need to realize that some of the most ghoulish human experiments were once carried out by people who considered themselves progressive.

      Gendertrender and 4th Wave Now have excellent material on the “transitioning” of children and disabled women. Children and disabled women lack the ability to give informed consent. Damn, I hope these more politically correct than thou lib fems and nonbinary/genderqueer folks are right.

      (3.) Not covered in this video is the colonization of women and lesbians. All historically oppressed groups have a right of self-determination, including the right to define themselves. Males, even males who still have their penis and testicles call themselves “women”, and I and millions of other women say they aren’t women. Why are they right and I’m wrong? Why are women the only historically oppressed group that isn’t allowed to define ourselves? If “woman” is just an identity, then Rachel Dolezal should be able to identify as black.

      (4.) Not covered in this video is the creepy “Cotton Ceiling” in which transwomen (biological males) whine because lesbians won’t have sex with them. If so-called “cis” men tried this, it would be called out for being lesbian phobic to the core. Heterosexual males calling themselves “lesbian”, or “trans lesbian” is nothing more than white heterosexual males doing what they have been doing for centuries. It’s the fetishization and colonization of a less powerful group.

      (5.) No one on this blog, or any gender critical website that I’ve read, denies that transwomen (males) can be victims of male violence. Male on male violence can be deadly, and sometimes poor transwomen, especially poor transwomen of color are victims. What no one will ever admit is that cross dressing males, transwomen (biological males), genderqueer guys, etc. offend at the same rate as other males. So, transwomen/genderqueer can be victims of male violence, but they also offend at the same rate as other males. And, transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of murdering women, raping girls, etc. No female has ever killed a transwoman (male), but transwomen (biological males) have been convicted of killing a lot of women. So-called lib fems for some reason always listen with tears in their eyes when transwomen talk about being victims of violence. No lib fem said one word about transwomen Douglas, “Donna”, Perry being convicted of murdering three women in cold blood. Silence. I’m not aware of any lib fem saying one word about transwomen Dana Rivers being charged with slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. That is, other than making sure to silence the dreaded “TERFs”.

      (6.) There is also the issue of females having a human right to privacy and bodily autonomy. People who read this blog know about Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room. Despite what fawning lib fems and trans activists say, penis in the women’s locker room is not a civil right. It’s violating the human right of privacy of females. The resistance to males in women’s intimate spaces isn’t going to go away, and it’s not all coming from the religious right.

      (7.) Women’s sports are being destroyed by “gender identity”, and Gallus has a ton of information on this subject. “Women” Olympic athletes have a penis now, and they can have testosterone levels three times what women naturally produce.

      (8.) It’s utterly repugnant to send males who have been convicted of torturing women with electrical wires before raping them (Masbruch – see gendertrender) to a women’s prison. Male murderers of women like recently convicted transwomen Perry should never be placed in women’s prisons. Their hatred of women was probably a motivating factor in why they killed women. Masbruch, Perry, Kosilek, Rivers, etc. are heterosexual middle aged “transitioners”, socialized as male, with a deep seated hatred of women. Calling these males who murder and torture women “women” is an insult to the entire female sex. Sending them to a women’s prison is a violation of the human rights of female prisoners. It’s only going to get worse.

      It’s rather sad to see women like Laci Green squirm, smile pretty, and go out of their way to be all politically correct and “inclusive”. I don’t hate Laci. Like a lot of women she must be afraid because deep in her heart she must realize that men tend to attack uppity women they can’t control. Everything that trans/queer have done proves to me that they don’t want inclusion. Their actions prove to me that they dominate. They will just keep taking and taking.

      Again, great questions, but you just skimmed the surface. There is so much more to “gender identity”, and it will only get crazier and crazier.

      Feminist Current and gendertrender are the two best feminist spaces on the internet.,

      • Medi Says:

        Skylark–THIS “It’s rather sad to see women like Laci Green squirm, smile pretty, and go out of their way to be all politically correct and “inclusive”. I don’t hate Laci. Like a lot of women she must be afraid because deep in her heart she must realize that men tend to attack uppity women they can’t control. ”

        It’s the bubbly bubbly smiley was Laci deals with the reality that should she do anything remotely gender critical, these men are going to throw her under the bus. It is the choicy choosey smilely niceness that is a mask so many women wear. Meghan was so well versed and clear, I don’t think Laci could comprehend what Meghan was talking about a lot of the time.

  17. Medi Says:

    As a white woman— asking this of Laci, do you have a right to DEMAND access to a women of color support group or conference? Do women have a right to exclude men, male to trans? Women’s groups do include female to trans, they have always been welcome in women only groups, which they attend by the way, so obviously just going to women only events means they don’t “purely” identify as male only. Radical feminist groups include female to trans and are therefore NOT TERFs. So women are united in these groups, TERF is therefore a sexist word, because it falsely says that women don’t include female to trans— apparently when women say no to men this is thought crime in patriarchy.

  18. Medi Says:

    Oh and the guy in the video Contra needs to smile more, he needs to develop that bubbly female facade, he needs to be more like Laci, Contra has too much MALE in his gaze LOL. Not much of a sense of humor, wow, the guy needs to work on his womanface play more.

  19. JustJess Says:

    I know I’m late on this, but I think it’s telling that she did not have a “transman” to interview.
    Males are always the face of the trans community.
    The “non-binary” dude looked really bored and annoyed when Laci would speak about her female experience.

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