Deborrah Cooper: Transgenderism- The Male Battle To Erase Women

June 13, 2018

34 Responses to “Deborrah Cooper: Transgenderism- The Male Battle To Erase Women”

  1. carterabbie Says:

    Deborah’s been around a 20+ years and has a decent sized platform. They’ve for her before so they’re sure to come again. Fortunately she’s awesome and doesn’t GAF. I’m so glad she’s standing up for us.

  2. Excellent and comprehensive push back in defense of WOMENS RIGHTS ! Agree, Deborrah, we and all our sisters across all kinds of aisles need to unite to say NO to p-havers!

    Love how she describes the mentality of transgender telling women what to think and do, just like all the other men’s who feel entitled to get their way over women.

    Hip hip hooray!

  3. atranswidow Says:

    OMG, Gallus! This woman is gold! I had to stop at 25.00 when she started into autogynephilia as the “final frontier”. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I don’t know who she is but she absolutely gets it and says it like it is. I really needed to hear her voice today. I just love her.

  4. aprilsangels Says:

    Or is it the female battle to erase men? I mean we have both genders being trans.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Really? Show us the female athletes dominating in men’s sports. Show us the females winning “Man of the year” awards. Show us the females celebrated as “First Male (anything that doesn’t involve child bearing)”.
      Show us the examples you claim exist of females who identify as men erasing men. Men don’t need sex-segregation in areas where they are vulnerable to female violence because females are largely non-violent to men. There is no equivalent vulnerability. Men are not oppressed by women on the basis of their reproductive capacity.

  5. rheapdx1 Says:

    Right on….and this goes hand in hand with further infringements, be it claiming that the needs of the brigade are greater than those born with the original equipment, or that Medicaid should cover this, as though it is an actual disability [as in the recent ruling in Iowa]. The latter being an insult to every person who has a disability related to their hearts, lungs, kidneys, mobility and dexterity, etc.

    Something does need to be brought up here too: how it it being phobic, when one brings up scientific fact[s] to state that the funny little hardwiring that is done via ATG&C, as well as all those other funny little biochemicals, is going to remain? I know some will say I am a heretic for saying that, but hell….if one does the research [even if they do not have a full medical background] and educate themselves [like some learn cheat codes for video games], they will find out that, the instruction codes do not allow for a complete overwrite of same. Barring the body does not rebel after, like what happens with a renal transplant, barring one is not on anti-rejection drugs.

  6. Henrika Says:

    This Youtuber is right about one thing: I remember watching the India Willoughby debacle, and one of the things that struck me was how very male his behavior was. Particularly concerning sexual rejection. No woman, straight or lesbian, will try to force themselves sexually or physically on a non-consenting individual. Not being wanted by your object of desire is like the biggest turn-off there is to a female. I’m sure a lot of women here can attest to this.

  7. Santafelbrn Says:

    Wow. I listened to this whole 1.5 hour (almost) all the way through without a stop. It seems like a really good crash course on the issues. Blunt and crudely graphic in spots, but it’s what people need to hear. I laughed a lot, too. I hope that’s ok. “Teenage boys get a boner cuz the wind blew.” LOL that’s true, or because it didn’t.

    • Peggy Luhrs Says:

      Why are you asking permission to laugh. This is the kind of programming we are subject to all the time. Trust your instincts, stay in your power. We need to respect each other, not cater to each other. You cannot demand that of another.

      This woman is fabulous, I love her telling it just like it is.

  8. T Eubie Tryppin Says:

    Thank you! You’re a brave woman!

  9. Riffraff Says:

    I lost it at her comments on “genderfluid.”

    Her lack of give-a-damn is magical. Was feeling kind of under the weather today and this was the best medicine 💖

    • Susan Siens Says:

      It is the best medicine to hear someone speak the TRUTH, and to speak it forcefully and with no bullshit. Which is why we check out gendertrender, right?!?!?!?

  10. aprilsangels Says:

    Show us where i claim examples exist of females who identify as men ereasing men.

  11. Gerry Capone Says:

    Deborrah Cooper is enough to make the boldest and hardest trans guy shake in his boots.

    Hey, it’s so great not to have to note the defensive sneaking in in an anti-trans proponent. She’s all about being on the offense and why to hell not be when the ground of all her points is solid below.

    Anyway, if I were a trans guy and heard this, I would drop my fraudulent identity project right on the spot, recognizing it as nothing but bad fiction at best, or more critically, for the outright colonization of women it truly effects.

  12. silverside Says:

    Thought you might find this interesting. All kinds of LGBT excuses for a workforce shooter convicted of attempted murder — as long as he was trans and suffered the unspeakable horror of being “misgendered.”

    • Riffraff Says:

      “Claire then sat in her car in the parking lot, waiting for the police. That part of this story always chokes me up. She didn’t flee. She didn’t hide. She waited for what she surely knew would be swift consequences. Or maybe she didn’t realize that.”

      I never thought my eyes could roll that hard. Plenty of murderers hang around for the cops. It’s not a sign of virtue or not understanding consequences. Some just get that there’s really nowhere to run in a world of databases and modern forensics. But boo hoo misgendering and deadnaming and mean old normies.

      This is the same way the media treats most white males. It’s everyone’s and everything’s fault but theirs. “Sue” should send a resume to FOX.

    • hearthrising Says:

      Shot him FOUR times in the back (article just mentions victim was shot and will make a “full recovery”) and talks about vague unspecified “harassment” as a mitigating factor. We know what extreme harassment counts for from the trans activist crowd. Probably referred to Claire to someone else as “he” or called Claire by a name used two weeks ago. Or maybe disagreed with trans philosophy/narrative. That’ll get you shot 4 times in the back, and called a “mitigating factor” in the LGBTQRST press. As far as “deadnaming” in the local press, Claire was prosecuted under legal name of Zachary McClimans.

    • Rosemary Says:

      From a comment section:

      “Indiana_Kelly_Edwards Apr 20, 2018
      dont disrespect trans people. Maybe we just had enough. ”

  13. I watched most of the video, and Deborrah Cooper tells it like she sees it. I like her no nonsense approach. She is right about transwomen (males) being just like other men, expecting women to cater to their needs.

    @Riffraff and silverside,

    “Claire then sat in her car in the parking lot, waiting for the police. That part of this story always chokes me up. She didn’t flee. She didn’t hide. She waited for what she surely knew would be swift consequences. Or maybe she didn’t realize that.”

    Jesus freaking Christ. He shot a co-worker in the back. He knew he was going to get caught eventually. They knew he was the shooter, and they knew how to find him. Maybe he sat in his car after the shooting texting a trans activist organization or the HRC to come and rescue him and give him legal advice. If the co-workers had just used the right pronouns, he wouldn’t have shot them several times. It’s the fault of the the mean transphobes.

    It makes my stomach turn when media refer to male killers as “she” and her. Zachary T. McClimans (aka Claire) shot a co-worker in the back, and he deserved the sentence he received. Thankfully, his victim wasn’t killed, but he could have been killed. He was shot four times, and underwent surgery to remove bullets. There is still numbness in his left arm.

    Every time one of these mentally unstable violent males commits a crime, trans supporters rush to his rescue. Expect more violence from delusional violent men who think they are “women”. Every damn time a transwoman (deranged man who thinks he is a woman) commits a crime (shooting, murder, rape, whatever) the media bends over backwards not to “mis-gender” them. After all, using the wrong pronoun is far worse than shooting a co-worker in the back.

    Here is a Facebook page to support this cowardly man.

  14. Charlotte Says:

    Love love love ms. Cooper! Glad to see she is catching on!! Her advise is sorely needed by hetero women putting up with men’s shit.

  15. Susan Siens Says:

    The oppression comes with the title of WOMAN! My god, this woman is fantastic, and many thanks to GM for posting this!

  16. hogwash Says:

    “McClimans had serious mental health issues and that transition worsened them.”

    Hearthrising quoted this above and I think it deserves a repost because…

    Can someone please quote that part of the tranny bible which states transition is the best treatment for mental issues?

  17. Wow what an amazing woman Deborrah Cooper is – intelligent, articulate, and tells it exactly as it is; a wonderful advocate for women. I’ve watched the first 20 minutes so far and she had me in stitches with her hypothetical situation of waking up one day and identifying as a white male and wanting to join the KKK. It’s incredible that people find the notion of a black woman identifying as a white male absurd, yet are willing not only to swallow the lie that a man is a woman simply because he “feels” he is but also force the world to participate in his delusions. I hope this video helps many, many people reach peak trans. Thank you for posting this!

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