Lesbians Protest Erasure At London Pride March By Halting, Then Leading The Parade

July 8, 2018


Lesbian Pride at London Pride, July 7, 2018

Lesbians mounted a parade-stopping protest at London Pride today, July 7, 2018. They objected to the erasure of lesbians caused by so-called allies among gay, bisexual, and transgender organizations and individuals who forcibly rename lesbians as generic “queer people” and who demand that heterosexual men who sexually fetishize lesbianism must be accepted by same-sex attracted women as if they were actual lesbians.

The lesbians first gathered in front of the march, displaying their message. They carried signs and banners that read “Lesbian=Female Homosexual”, and “Lesbian Not Queer”, “Transactivism Erases Lesbians” and “Get the ‘L’ Out!”, among others. Then they lay down in the street, halting the parade and drawing attention. After a few minutes, they stood, and led the Pride March, remaining at the helm for the duration.

Lesbian Protesters halted the 2018 London Pride parade. Then they led it.

Their statement:

Why “Get The L Out” ?

Who We Are

Get the L Out is a group of lesbian and feminist individuals and organisations, opposing the increasingly anti-lesbian and misogynistic LGBT movement and the erasure of lesbians

Why We Protest

We believe that lesbian rights are under attack by the trans movement and we encourage lesbians everywhere to leave the LGBT and form their own independent movement, as well as to be vocal and take action against the proposed changes to the GRA.

Get the L Out believes trans politics (with uncritical support from the LGBT movement) does the following:

Promotes the social transition of lesbians, encouraging them to present as straight men thus favouring the pretence of heterosexuality over lesbianism – this is nothing more than a form of conversion therapy.
Promotes the medical transition of lesbians and pushes harmful drugs (untested hormone blockers, Lupron etc.) as well as unnecessary medical practices on perfectly healthy bodies – these are a form of misogynist medical abuse against lesbians.

Promotes the rights of heterosexual males who “identify” as women and lesbians (despite most of them still retaining their male genitals) over the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners. This new ‘queer’ LGBT politics thus coerces lesbians to accept the penis as a female organ and promotes heterosexual intercourse between male and female as a form of lesbian sex. This is simply a new facet to rape culture and compulsory heterosexuality.

What we Believe

“The trans movement with the complicity of ‘queer’ LGBT politics is coercing lesbians to have sex with men. We firmly condemn this vicious form of lesbophobia disguised as progress”.

“We stand for the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners on the basis of their sex not their “gender identity” and condemn any pressure on lesbians to accept so called “trans women” as potential sex partners and the penis as a female organ as coercive and a manifestation of rape culture”

“We oppose the transition of young lesbians on the basis that their appearances or behaviour does not conform to socially accepted images of women. Having short hair and disliking pink is not a sign of having a male brain and does not mean one requires transition. The trans movement is a conservative movement which reinforces sexist sex stereotypes.”

“We oppose proposed changes to the GRA and view self-identification as a threat to women’s and girls rights.

“We demand stronger sex-based protections for women and girls and that women maintain the right to sex-segregated spaces at the exclusion of male regardless of their “identity”.”

This action is supported by a number of individual Lesbians and Lesbian supporters, as well as Critical Sisters, Mayday4Women, Object ! and The Lesbian Rights Alliance

More info contact :



Video of the protest here [* THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The whole thing is testerically narrated by various sick-ass dude-bros- LOLOLOLOLOLOL] :

The lesbian protest was greeted with cheers from the crowd. Up to a million onlookers flanked the streets to view the parade. Some of the men who demand the right to be recognized as “male lesbians” responded poorly- one of the crossdressers claimed he was warned by police to stop abusing the women.

Man fights for his right to be a lesbian.

Another heterosexual man who demands to be recognized as a female homosexual by lesbians reportedly hurled a water bottle at the women, which apparently hit a police officer.

Men representing the UK ‘Pink News’ click-bait website, (which lesbians colloquially refer to as “Penis News” or “Prick News” due to their anti-lesbian and anti-woman editorial slant), ranted on the site’s Pride March video feed about how the parade “Isn’t going the way it’s supposed to be going!”, complaining that the event has “been significantly disrupted!”. On the website’s livefeed of the event, the men from Pink News call for the lesbian Pride marchers to be dragged off by police and arrested. “They’re free to distribute their leaflets? I don’t think anyone from Pride has reviewed them!” one of the men from Penis News exclaimed with distress about the lesbian marchers.

The lesbians were supported by the crowd, and went on to lead the parade at the helm for the entire route. They were widely applauded by onlookers. They handed out informative literature to onlookers as they marched, some of which is reproduced here:






More coverage of the lesbian 2018 London Pride protest (and the reaction to it) will be posted in the thread below.

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  1. GallusMag Says:






    “The start of the event was overshadowed by a protest by a small group of lesbian anti-trans activists, some carrying signs with slogans such as “transactivists erase lesbians”.

    The decision to allow the protesters to remain in the parade has been criticised by some.

    A Pride in London spokesperson said: “Given the hot weather and in the interest of the safety for everyone attending today’s event, the parade group was allowed to move ahead. We do not condone their approach and message and hope the actions of a very small number of people does not overshadow the messages of the 30,000 people marching today.”

    As well as floats from corporate sponsors including Barclays, Virgin Atlantic and Metro Bank, political parties are also participating.”


    “A group of radical anti-trans feminists has disrupted the London Pride parade to protest what they termed lesbian erasure and the “anti-feminism of transgenderism”.

    The organisation, Mayday4Women, apparently jumped in the front of the parade in the British capital on Saturday, leading to scenes of confusion and anger.

    The women held up banners that stated “Lesbian=Female Homosexual” and “Trans activism erases lesbianism.” According to its website, the group espouses the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TEF) stance that transgender women should be not be confused with biologically born “real women”.

    According to reports, following negotiations, Pride organisers allowed the group to lead the parade. It also appears that at one point the women blocked the procession by lying on the ground.

    The group’s action were deemed by many as transphobic and led to a furious debate on social media. The event’s organisers came in for criticism for allowing the organisation to express its hate speech views at what should be a “safe space” for the LGBTQ community.”


  2. GallusMag Says:

  3. GallusMag Says:

  4. GallusMag Says:

    LOL Pink News reports that the lesbian protest met “confused reactions”. Translation: They were widely applauded which must mean that supporters were confused. LMAO.

    Prick News: Hello you’re live on Pink News, why are you protesting today?
    Lesbian: We’re protesting against Lesbian Erasure.
    Prick News: What does that mean?
    Lesbian: What does that mean? Well, do you know anything about trans ideology?
    Prick News: I do.
    Lesbian: Okay, well then you’ll know about lesbian erasure, won’t you? There are men who are saying that they’re lesbians.
    Prick News: And why have you chosen to disrupt the parade today?
    Lesbian: Because it’s a Gay Pride parade, isn’t it?


    • fmnst Says:

      GM, such a joyous occasion today! I love seeing the videos and listening to the perplexed pro-trans male reporter, the photos of the lesbians with their big, beautiful signs, their victory in getting to LEAD the parade, bwahahaha. Their FANTASTIC leaflet, every word if it.

      What a great day and victory for gender-critical lesbian feminists everywhere thanks to smart and brave London lesbian feminists organizing and pulling off a great coup.

      And as I sit here watching this, I think we have YOU to thank for this, GM.

      You have almost single-handedly revived radical feminism, and woken up, directly, or indirectly, thousands of people to the wolves-in-sheeps’-clothing bullshittery that is the trans movement, and it’s hostility to women and especially lesbians.

      For years now, you have exhaustively researched and exposed the shockingly widespread ugliness, misogyny, and sexual abuses the trans movement and LGBT do not want the world to see.

      You have had the brilliant insight to provide a blog routinely translating the latest in deceptive, gaslighting, flowery trans-speak into woman-speak, a language women easily recognize and understand, that burns through the trans-nonsense and articulates for us a logical explanation of what trans are trying to pull over on their hoodwinked followers and the general public.

      So, in my humble opinion, today is a celebration of the culmination of your work to date, with – signs are increasingly showing – many more victories to come.

      Thank you. Enjoy this day, and the milestone it represents.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’ve done my bit, that’s for sure. GenderTrender has been an amazing ride, and much of it has been due to my willingness to do ridiculous amounts of unpaid labor on an ongoing basis, largely research and also writing. And the kooky blog thing what with the constant maintenance. So kudos for me. 🙂
        GenderTrender will go down in history (or be erased) as one of the major forces that educated and raised the consciousness of people who were troubled with the question of “gender” in the present era. Many have used my work to parlay an income and/or mainstream media cache (although they would never give credit).
        Whatever. It was never about that for me, and all of the “gender” analysis used to illuminate research done by me here was observed, parsed, articulated by the feminists of the second wave, not by me.
        I can’t be more pleased that my work acted as a conduit to connect women to the feminist analysis of gender and that helped put the finger on what their gut was telling them.

        Gendertrender has kicked some ass, and I’m very proud of that. Who knows. Might still have a few tricks up my sleeve.


      • carterabbie Says:

        This is so absolutely true. You were a lone voice howling in the wind for so long. Pushing back and ceaselessly laboring against a horrific wrong. Surviving abuse and attacks that would have forced most women into silence.

        This March, the YouTube videos, the evidence that women are waking up realizing to paraphrase Audre Lorde, silence won’t protect us. Silence and acquiescence just makes us complicit in our own oppression.

        You are the Keeper of the Record. The one who would not be silenced. The one we could direct all those confused and troubled women to. Clarity. Speaking truth despite the consequences. This is your legacy.

        You will not be forgotten Gallus Mag, they will be saying your name long after you’re gone. You are the Mother of the Fourth Wave. You kept the torch alive despite all the brutal efforts to extinguish it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jesus! Haha. You really are too kind. x.
        It’s funny, when @fmnst left that comment my initial reaction was to do the old “Aw shucks, it was nothing, many women before me, blah blah blah’. Then I thought- yanno what? I worked MY ASS OFF. And I really do think my work made a difference. I know it did. How often can you really say that in life, in between paying the bills and taking care of the drudgery of life? So yeah, I’ll take credit.
        Maybe not to the fantastic degree you stated above (which I love btw xoxox) haha.
        Yeah I did something. Anyone could have done GenderTrender, believe me I’m nothing special, but it happened to be me and yeah it made a difference. The key take away here (besides how awesome I am LOLOL) is that ANYONE REALLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. At least sometimes- some of it is luck, timing, etc. You don’t need to be special. Don’t need money. Don’t need a college degree.

        I truly believe the transgender movement can and will be shifted in direction to become compatible with a new era of feminism and women’s rights. At least the female part of it. 😉
        We will all march together one day! Women will lead the way.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

        Yes! I know Gallus woke me up.

        Also: hail Britannia! UK lesbians and UK feminists showing the way.

      • fmnst Says:

        Yes, absolutely. British gender-critical feminists are awesome – with style!

      • juno jones Says:


        Yes, thank you. Your blog was here for me to see when friend suggested I check out rad fem. I am indebted to both her and yourself for my awakening. I feel like it was in the nick of time…

      • Hogwash Says:

        Hear, hear. Well done, Gallus.

        Let’s declare 7th July National TERF Day in the UK and hope International TERF Day isn’t far behind.

      • Radish Says:

        Great comment! Gallus, I want to echo how we value this blog. This is where I came, when the scales fell from my eyes. I read your entire archive, over the next weeks. Your tireless recording and interpreting and analysing has been invaluable to countless women. I’m proud to know we stand together: I stand with all my sisters that read this blog. Thank you for keeping this space for us.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        I can’t say it any better than those above, and I agree wholeheartedly. I firmly believe you are a cornerstone in this awakening movement. I found you when I googled that BOLI case against the bar in Portland a few years ago, and your article led me down a rabbit-hole of truth.

        Thank you so much for all your hard work, Gallus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You are welcome. 🙂

      • Also, Gallus is a prophet, like Raymond. I thought you were both wacked out crazy too.

        “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”–Mark 6:4

        I have been married three times, and none of these men (of all backgrounds) would hold my damn purse while I tried on jeans at Macy’s: “Just set it down right there, I’ll watch it.” –fear of girl cooties, transmitted by *holding purses*. That’s the men I’ve known!

        So I found it plain impossible to believe that men, with their abject fear of girl-cooties and purses, would transition en masse. I just could not imagine such a thing.

        And btw, I think lots of men still feel this way and that’s why they don’t take it seriously. I talked to another baby-boomer leftist recently who chortled and repeated the old t-shirt slogan: “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body”… and we talked about how an 80s biker-bumper-sticker, something on a t-shirt for decades as a dirty joke, had at last come true.

        I never would have believed this… but when you showed those ‘hypno’ videos, I finally realized this was collective result of mass indoctrination, the overwhelming popularity of lesbian porn (which believe it or not, used to be a *small niche market* that most men did not prefer; not the huge financial juggernaut it is now), and possibly even pharmaceuticals given to kids to rewire their brains early in life. An overwhelming number of the kids getting hormones are also on other drugs, like anti-anxietys (mostly girls) and Ritalin (mostly boys); this makes sense since taking pills and depending on BigPharma is already part of their lifestyle. I noticed on tumblr when I asked about voluntarily choosing a lifetime-dependency on multi-national corporations, this always started a series of hysterical meltdowns and pile-ons about “ableism”–at the same time, I could tell that even though these kids were awash in SJW rhetoric, the *sacred value* of BigPharma was virtually unquestioned. These contradictions had never once occurred to them.

        You seemed to see all this coming. You did research! (another thing you saw coming: going after the kids… something half of them are still denying is going on)

        As when my Yippie mentors told me a bad actor was going to be president for 2 terms (two??? yes, two), I have respect for prophets.

        I listen and I learn, since they (you) have the gift. ❤

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Oh Gallus Mag, you ARE special and unique, and we all owe so much to you. A few of us were with you in fighting the trans cult from the beginning (I wrote against it in Dykes and Gorgons in 1973 and also protested against the man who stalked me into the Lesbian community being invited to “sing” his “Lesbian” songs at the West Coast Lesbian Conference, and continued confronting and writing against the cult.) But in the beginning, most Lesbians were with us, and it was ludicrous that men would actually pretend to be Lesbians. We were still a community with a lot of Lesbians who went through hell to be Lesbians and remembered all the men who perved on us in our bars, etc., and even non-Separatists fought for women only space.

        But you have been the one who has done the intensive research to find SO many cases and proof of how dangerous these men and their collaborators are. You gave us the links to show other women and Lesbians how their crime rate is the same as other het men and yet their increasing crimes are added to women’s statistics of violence.

        You have been our champion and made all the difference. As soon as something horrific happens, like Lesbians being attacked by the transcult, you have the story to share with us all. You make up for so much of the community we have lost.

        And thank you so much for the hopeful stories too, like this one! xoxoxoxox

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        What a great thing to read about after returning from a trip out of town. I’m so glad there are women like these in the world!

        And I agree with all those who’ve said that a large part of the pushback can be credited to your hard work. This site has both awakened those who were asleep and connected those of us who were awake but isolated–for a decade before I found GenderTrender, I’d been trying to talk to people about the problems I saw arising from the trans movement only to be dismissed or called a bigot. It’s been heartening to find so many other women who share similar concerns.

        Thank you!

    • Kathrin Says:

      “Because it’s a Gay Pride parade, isn’t it?”

      That’s the goal of the activists, to eliminate that. Go from sex (which is rooted in biology), to transsexualism (which has some correlation with messed up hormones), to transgenderism (where anything goes).

      It erases any attempt at voluntary association, and uses female drives for unity and sisterhood against them, by convincing women they don’t exist and using a desire to not be a “bigot” or to do harm against them.

      Trans activists take what is not theirs and try to do-opt it in order to feel validated and get what they want, including access to female bodies.

      There’s no reason for a gay pride parade to cater to people who want to erase the very concept of gay.

  5. […] Gender Trender has already reported on this (with updates in the comment thread), and there is the #GetTheLOut hashtag on twitter (where I found the above photo). […]

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  7. Bob Doublin Says:

    Good for the protestors. Love and support for Lesbians standing up for their rights and fighting attempts to erase them.

  8. Way to go, sisters! This is so wonderful to see!

  9. hearthrising Says:

    Right-on to lesbians who organized this high profile protest. I had to laugh at the flustered outrage of the Stink Views reporter. And then the trans activist who threw a water bottle at the lesbians and hit a policeman by mistake. Ooops! Despite the predictably dismissive and biased accounts in the corporate gay press, sounds like this Pride March was portentous of change.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    • Peggy Luhrs Says:

      I laughed my head off at the Pink News narrator who just could not believe it “Is this really going to happen, are lesbians going to lead a PRIDE Parade and not the straight male Mayor. His incredulity is fit for the fainting couch. All love and power to the London lesbians for their courage and organizing skill. These boys didn’t know what hit em. And no one did hit anyone of course though apparently, some transgenders on the route tried it. Prick News narrator had no clue why lesbians should be in a PRIDE Parade. Proves the point of the get the L out group.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hahahaha! Priceless!

      • Teal Deer Says:

        It was pretty funny to listen to his disbelief, tinged with a little panic, every time he erroneously summarized what he was seeing. It also was amusing with his frequent, compulsive “more as it comes” statements. Well, duh, buddy! It’s a livestream!

  11. This warms the cockles of my heart.

    So thrilled with this GenderTrender article (as always) and with these MayDay4Women’s defiant big and bold public protest.

    UK sisters rock!

  12. […] organ.” For more information on this incredible action, please visit Get The L Out and this awesomely detailed post by […]

  13. Margie Says:

    PinkNews is like the transgender version of the North Korean News Service. Divorced from reality and ensconced in an ideological bubble. They deleted hundreds of comments on this Pride story, most of which were in favor of the protesters, and they regularly prevent any commenting on transgender articles and features. They regularly allow comments from trans activists threatening or celebrating violence.

    • @Margie,

      “PinkNews is like the transgender version of the North Korean News Service. Divorced from reality and ensconced in an ideological bubble.”

      Completely separated from reality, but still pushing the same tired old propaganda.

  14. May Loo ok pp Says:

    Read the post by Riley Dosh. What a ?!. This is female erasure at its finest. We born females, whether heterosexual or homosexual, need to stand up for ourselves. Transfemales sound like exactly like MRAs. Good on the women. I support them and every lesbian marching in these Pride Parades.

  15. T Eubie Tryppin Says:

    This gives me hope that the tide is turning at last! It was looking pretty bleak. Every time it seemed like we’d reached peak trans, some appalling pro-trans media reports or actual legislation made me think otherwise.

    Props to the (real) sisters! If only my fellow gay men would be so brave.

  16. This is so amazing. I am so impressed with these women.

    And that poor hapless male reporter who was so confused. Oh dear, he might have to listen to women for a bit if he wants to understand, and how can he do that?

  17. Gerry Capone Says:

    Wow. Praise to London lesbians! This is so like the early 70s feminist uprisings as in the taking over of Rat (alternative newspaper) by women, the disruptions of Miss America and beauty contests, the seizing of old city buildings for women’s spaces, the halting of network news reports, the “Take Back the Night” marches, and countless everyday disruptions of sexism of both public and private acts.

    Get the L out first–the greatest milestone. And then get the T out and sexual politics will have taken a giant step forward. Lesbians and GB might then find some kind of minimal common language. (the latter perhaps a fantasy)

    My sense is that the detonation of Lesbianism and radical feminism, after about 40 years of it, may finally be losing its force.

  18. Kei 2.0 Says:

    ”Trans people” with their ”body dysphoria,” Notice they never direct the sexual harassment, sexual coercion, rape, death threats, and physical violence towards straight males and straight women, (straight males protect their wives/girlfriends from sexual competition) and gay males. Never threats and violence towards male ex convicts, the ‘conservative’ homophobic christian groups, the republicans trying to negatively change laws at them, nazi skinheads, kkk, various male gangs, male biker gangs, trans allies who don’t sex trans people, but harass lesbians to etc. Though this show is fake at times, Jerry Springer is not being threatened for negatively portraying trans people or cross dressing MTT males, and the male guests who enact physical violence at trans people on tv etc.

  19. Kei 2.0 Says:

    Notice all this sexual harassment and death threats towards lesbians, never gay males and straight people, who are not being told to change their terms and being physically threatened with not wanting to sex ”trans people”. Even if women stopped using the terms ‘Woman’, ‘Female’, ‘Lesbian’, and created more private groups. GBT++ would take whatever new terms are created. Lesbian groups and events are already shut down for publicly advertising and meeting.

    Lesbian youth online saying from GBT++ org. they’re confused and suicidal about not being supported for simply being lesbians, and sexually harassed and bullied for not wanting to sex ”trans males or “trans women”. Butch lesbians are harassed if they refuse to ”trans” to straight males. ”Transing” dead lesbians like biracial butch lesbian Stormé DeLarverie who was present during Stonewall Riots. The few lesbian role models/celebs, they’re staying quiet to assimilate with straight people, so we already know what side they’re on. (Not speaking of lesbians who are being physically threatened or who would lose their jobs for speaking out).

    Replacing ‘Lesbian’ with non binary, queer, ‘they, them’ $hit. The lesbian youth who think LGB history was created the year they were born through various social media that they created. Yes, lets get the L out by leaving the GBT+++ behind.

  20. Widdershins Says:

    And then they led the march! Way To Go! 😀

  21. Riffraff Says:

    FYI everyone’s favorite inflation fetishist is fishing for these women’s info.

  22. GallusMag Says:

    This article is very very good. Spread far and wide.

    • That is a very good article.

      The more I read online, the more impressed I am that the Pink News reporter actually filmed the protestors and interviewed four of them. I mean, he could have ignored them and just interviewed bystanders until they went away. (Although I suppose live broadcasting it generated traffic for Pink News.) I really hate that my standards for reporting on this issue have gotten so low.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That’s another thing that’s so funny about it. Without “TERFS” there would be no PinkNews. “TERFS” are the backbone of PinkNews’s viability as a for-profit website.

  23. Agent 007 Says:


    If you’re all quite finished high-fiving each other and spinning your narrative like it’s vinyl, I have a few things I’d like to point out about this issue.

    1. The bigots (I will refrain from calling them TERFs because 1. apparently it’s a slur and 2. they’re not feminists) did not lead the protest; they hijacked it. The front of the parade was reserved for a celebration of the UK National Health Service’s 50th anniversary. The bigots didn’t even have permission to be in the parade at all! They just barged in, disrupted a public event and then had the unmitigated gall to turn around and make themselves out to be the victims.

    2. The Pride attendees were not cheering for the bigots. They were cheering for literally everyone else as a means of encouragement to keep going even though the parade had been hijacked. (Some of those attendees have confirmed this on Reddit). The majority of media outlets are having a go at your sisters in arms because they went out of their way to antagonize a discrete section of the queer community and carried banners with messages of hate and division in an event that represents a) inclusion and b) something that was started by a TRANSGENDER woman of colour. But you don’t like being reminded of that, do you? Oopsie!

    3. “who demand that heterosexual men who sexually fetishize lesbianism must be accepted by same-sex attracted women as if they were actual lesbians.”
    This is sexualized bullshit based on disproven junk science from the 1980s. We are not, nor were we ever, autogynephiles. We are neurologically female and changing our bodies to match our neural gender is not erasure of women. Stop trying to label us as perverts, because it’s not working.

    4. There is one thing we agree on: I do oppose the self-identification proposals for the Gender Recognition Act, as well as self-identification policies in general, for the following reasons:
    1. It leaves the system open to abuse by twatfinks like Lily Madigan and playactors who pretend to be trans for attention/sex partners/martyr complex.
    2. It invalidates the bulk of medical and sociological research on transgenderism conducted over the last several decades, and renders WPATH useless.
    3. It effectively strips the concept of ‘transgender’ of any meaning.

    5. “Promotes the social transition of lesbians, encouraging them to present as straight men thus favouring the pretence of heterosexuality over lesbianism – this is nothing more than a form of conversion therapy.”
    This is also bullshit. Just because a transman spends time as a lesbian, doesn’t change the fact that they’re still hardwired for masculinity and experience a need to be male that is far more important to them than your bigoted, tunnel-visioned, misandrist, straw-feminist gender politics ever will. If anyone is pushing ‘conversion therapy’, it’s you, you little echo chamber buddies and those politically violent fucks on r/gendercritical.

    6. “The trans movement with the complicity of ‘queer’ LGBT politics is coercing lesbians to have sex with men.”
    Unless a transwoman physically forces herself upon a cis lesbian, this is just more transphobic hyperbole. If you exclusively have sex with women who have vaginas, that’s fine. That’s your choice and no-one gets to judge you for that (and if they do, they’re twats). What I object to is the wanton abuse of feminist philosophy and gender politics to justify the disgusting behaviour such as that at London Pride. Trans women are women, trans men are men and neither you or your dumb little buddies will ever have any say in the matter. If Andrea Dworkin was able to accept transwomen, you can just put your big girl pants on and deal with it.

    Also, doxxing me? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering the complete lack of any decency, morality or social boundaries bigots typically display, especially online. If Diana Boston and her cohorts don’t have any problem doxxing some defenceless teenager on suicide watch, telling the whole world about my sexual proclivities must be no problem for you, eh?

    Stay classy, ladies.

    • GallusMag Says:

      No idea who this man is but I’m letting his comment through for the comedic value.

    • Riffraff Says:

      “something that was started by a TRANSGENDER woman of colour”

      Guessing this is the Marsha narrative again.

      And the only mention of doxxing in this post is the tweet by a nerd who wants to harass the women involved (when he takes a break from stuffing horse dildos and staplers up his ass). Stay classy indeed.

    • Hogwash Says:

      “1. The bigots (I will refrain from calling them TERFs because 1. apparently it’s a slur and 2. they’re not feminists)”

      Apart from the fact that your numbering could use a little work, thank you so much for clarifying that the “F” in TERF does not stand for “Feminists”. We are, of course, Tiny Exquisite Rainbow Faeries.

    • katya Says:

      “We are neurologically female and changing our bodies to match our neural gender is not erasure of women.”

      No, hon, sorry, you are NOT “neurologically female.” There is no such thing. You were born with a male body and whatever brain you happen to have is your MALE BRAIN.

      You equate having certain likes and dislikes (I assume you want to wear dresses and make-up) as being inherently “female.” Wrong. Your supposed “female” likes and dislikes are simply bigoted, sexist stereotypes *you* have (not me, an actual female).

      You got some twisted IDEA in your MALE BRAIN that because you want to wear a dress and preen in front of a mirror, this means you have a “female brain.”

      Don’t quote some stupid biased “neurological” studies at me because they don’t matter. Even if you happened to have certain brainwave patterns that are different than the majority of so-called “male brains,” you still have a male brain, just one that is atypical.

      These studies on so-called “trans brains” are also done with such a small population that they don’t mean jack. They also don’t look at the vast variety of personalities in the world.

      E.g., I’m a biological female, and I happen to be good at math and “male” things like computer programming. I don’t like fashion and prefer not to wear make-up. This doesn’t mean I have a male brain, you moron. It means I am a female who happens to not fit into your stupid gender box.

      You have no effing clue what it means to be female or how females actually think. That is because you are not now, nor have ever been, a female. And you never will be, no matter how much plastic surgery you get.

      It’s not my fault you hate your own body and can’t reconcile your shallow preference for eye shadow with your XY chromosomes.

      • Agent 007 Says:

        “No, hon, sorry, you are NOT “neurologically female.” There is no such thing. You were born with a male body and whatever brain you happen to have is your MALE BRAIN.”
        “Don’t quote some stupid biased “neurological” studies at me because they don’t matter.”

        In other words, you don’t give a rat’s ass about science, you just want to sit in your echo chamber and have your ego massaged because being told you’re right makes you FEEL SO GOOD. The moment anyone contradicts you or tries to pierce the bubble separating your feels from reality, you’re like a wounded animal.

        And Blanchard says transwomen exhibit narcissistic rage. Good gods.

  24. Kei 2.0 Says:

    GBT+ inc. while ignoring detransitioned lesbians. Trying to “Trans” butch lesbians and non living lesbians like biracial butch lesbian Stormé DeLarverie who was present during the Stonewall Riots. Among the chaos was said to have ‘spurred the crowd to action’ when she was being physically abused by cops. Her life would make a great film, I’ll have to do that.

    According to GBT+ logic males can be women and lesbians, but lesbians can’t unless they include MTT males, and Ellen and Lea DeLaria would be considered male because they dislike wearing dresses/heels. This is why lesbians should continue to mentor, get the L out and back to our private groups.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Letter condemning exclusion at Pride in London 2018 *** To sign this letter email prideletter@aimeec.co.uk *** Sorry if there’s a delay adding your name – we’re getting a lot of emails! 😀 We the undersigned, members and friends of the LGBTQ+ community, condemn the horrific exclusionary behaviour that took place at Pride in London 2018. We are saddened that yet again we are having to condemn the actions of Pride organisers for their exclusion and hostility towards the trans community. This is not the first time we have had to do this. There is no space in Pride for transphobia, trans people pose no threat to cis women, and face frequent abuse and exclusion. Trans people are integral to our LGBTQ+ Community and must be celebrated and protected. We do not believe the excuse used by Pride in London who claim that allowing transphobes to lead the parade was done in the name of safety. Trans people should be able to celebrate Pride safely, the actions of Pride in London compromised this safety. We call for a full apology from Pride in London, as well as a change in the Board behind Pride in London, in the hopes that future events do not have similar issues. We stand proudly with our trans and non-binary friends, many of whom have been at the forefront for campaigning for better LGBTQ+ rights in Britain and around the world. Signed, Aimee Challenor – Equalities Spokesperson, Green Party of England and Wales, Kate Adair – SQIFF, Alice Reeves – Author, Truth and Tails, Paul Desson-Baxter, Ashleigh Talbot, Si Lee – Green Party representative for Castlereagh South, Molly Gerlach-Arthurs – Co-Chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens, Internal Communications Coordinator (job-share), Green Party Executive, Lucas North – Co-Chair, LGBTIQA+ Greens, Convention Officer, Young Greens Executive Committee, Lee-Anne Lawrance – Deputy Chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens, Internal Communications Coordinator (job-share), Green Party Executive, Nate Higgins – Young Greens External Communications Officer, Amelia Womack – Deputy Leader, Green Party of England and Wales, Badger T Hill – Young Greens LGBTIQA+ Co-Chair, Benjamin Smith – Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party, Andrew Brown – Secretary, LGBT+ Lib Dems, Kate Hutchinson – CEO, Wipe Out Transphobia, Sarah Brown – Vice Chair, Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, Katherine O’Donnell – board member, Equality Network Douglas Robertson – Writer & Campaigner, Sarah Cope – Green Party Member, Natacha Kennedy – Deputy Chair Camden & Islington LGBT Forum, Sian Berry, Green Party member of the London Assembly, Caroline Russell – Green Party member of the London Assembly, Ray Phillips, Dr Adrian Harrop – NHS Doctor, LGBTQ Activist and Advocate, Katrina Swales, Sarah Twycross, Michael Hull, Neptune McGiveron, Dory Valentine – Fish Outta Water Films, Caleb Rose – Fish Outta Water Films, Tara Stone – Managing Director, Be, Nicky Downes – Equalities Officer Coventry NEU (NUT section), Amber Scovell, Cara English – Gendered Intelligence, Leni Candan – The List LGBT Network, Shaan Surat Knan – Rainbow Jews, Josephine Shaw – Co-founder, Trans Media Watch, Matthew King, Sarah Savage – Trustee, Trans Pride Brighton, Owl (Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir) – writer and co-director of My Genderation LJ Potter, psychotherapist, Erin Donovan, Will Patterson – Former Green Party Mayoral Candidate for Greater Manchester, Sam Feeney – MBACP, LGBT Officer Huntingdon Labour Party, Co-LGBT Officer UNISON Cambs County Branch, Charley Hasted – Lib Dem Disability Association Exec (personal capacity) Jamie Roscoe-Jones, Christine Burns MBE – Editor: Trans Britain; Community Elder, Naomi Ceder – Co-Founder, Trans*Code, Paige Mickley, Evan Mortimer, Emma Carter – Acting Chair of Green Party Executive, Carolyn Mercer – retired Headteacher, Doug Rouxel – local party support coordinator Green Party Executive, UCU branch chair, (personal capacity) Dan Crowter – Coventry Unison Young Members Officer (personal capacity), Shahrar Ali – former Deputy Leader, Green Party of England and Wales, Naeomee Schwul, Oliver Schwul, Aeron Gray, Matt Beard – Executive Director, All Out Chris Steel, Alison Stevenson – Labour Party member, Hannah Clare – Brighton and Hove Green Party, Sarah Hughes, Olivia Thomas – Outreach Officer, TransLeeds, Marion Cromb, Angela Green – Trustee, Trans Pride Brighton, Aibhne Paton, Alexander Kamensky, Alicia Duffy, Grace Cummings – Community Outreach Lead, TransPride Brighton & Hove, Alexandria Hassett – Thamesmead Moorings Labour Party Vice Chair and Organiser, Tina Hanson BA(Hons), Sarah Noble, Cameron Palin – Youth and students Officer for the Isle Of Wight Green Party Kirsty Jones – Co-Chair of Nottingham Green Party Victoria Shirley, Kai Stok, Michael Mokrysz, Andrew Shirley, Graham O’Mara, Mike McKnight – University of Birmingham, Billie Hewitt Pavlica, Julie Dal-Bon, Ben Parker – Young Greens Co-Chair, Paul Valentine – Trade Union Liaison, Green Party Executive, Joe Levy – Exeter Green Party, Jo Green – Distinction Trans & Partner Support, Tom Pashby – Internal Communications Coordinator (job-share), Green Party Executive, Jay Edwards, Hannah Jones, Kitty Tarbox, Mo & Erin – authors of Manfeels Park, feminist webcomic, Lee Burkwood – Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, Mark Burkwood – Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party Vanessa Corby – Secretary and Women’s Officer, Glastonbury & Street Branch Labour Party, Sister Helga Unleashed – Manchester House of Love and Rage, Cllr Zoe O’Connell – Deputy Group Leader, Cambridge City Council Liberal Democrats, Helen Belcher – Lib Dem PPC for Chippenham and Chair of LGBT Consortium, Charlie Hallam, Julian Rossiter, Joanne York – Labour party member, Danielle Tamsin Harris, Elaine Francis – Press Officer for South Tyneside and North East Greens, Jodi Bleinheim, Naomi Bennett – Founder of Planet Nation, Deanna Earley, AR Crow, Richard Firth – E&D Committee member, Green Party of England and Wales, Sam Taylor – Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party, Hannah-Rose Tristram – GLOW Choir Brighton, Andrea Voirrey Rees – Geo Environmental Engineer, Adrie van der Meer – Autistic Advocate and Sussex Police Equality Group, Chloe L, Diane Richards, Melanie Horrocks – Green Party member, Chay Brown – TransActualUK, Justine Bourne, Ellen Fry, Dylan Wilson – Training Secondary School Home Economics Teacher, Sara-Ann Hope, Charlie Kiss- Tower Hamlets Labour Party, Scott Lloyd-Baker, Anja Komatar, Alec Scott Rook – Founder / Chair of TMSA-UK – Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK, Nim Ralph – co-founder QTIPOC London and Purple Rain Collective, Al Lander, Alexander James – Labour Party member, James Elliot, Dave Brinson Secretary – East Sussex NEU (pc) and former Labour Parliamentary candidate, Chelsea Nolen, Melody Powell, Robyn Cynthia Richardson, Ronete Cohen – Psychotherapist, The Rainbow Couch, James Vessey-Miller – Chair, South East Essex Green Party, Cain Williams, Ankur Chakravarthy, Sophie Wilson – Labour Councillor for Beighton Ward, Sheffield, Martha Foulds – Youth Officer, Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party, Blake Vinall, Caroline Beauchamp, Anna-Jayne Metcalfe – Inclusive Community Church, Hellana Wruk, Georgina Ryan – Sheffield Hallam constituency Labour Party, Niamh McNabb – Trustee at the Kite Trust, Rowan Meklemburg, Ruby Rosamund, Gail Ollis, Nicola Brooke, Samuel Hedley, Sam Hope, Róisín Johnston, Julie Barnes, Septimus Högström, Elizabeth Hudnott, Dylan Hayden, Nicholas Bray – Transgender Conduit, Theresa Davis – CEO of EcoGeek, Maz Michael – Therapist, Gina Denham – Chair, Transpire – Transgender Support Group, Aaron Meklemburg, Roz Kaveney, Claire Harris, Natalie Ayres, Lee Wootton, Rainbow Serina, Alhana Escher, Libby Escher, Charlie Brown-O’Sullivan, Kiku Aruba Basu, Elaine Scully, Jennifer Tomlinson, Nicola Jayne Hodson, AJ McKenna, Allen Curtis – LGBT+ Labour Member, Bethan Henshaw, Keira McCormack – Gender Essence Support Services, Felicity Flynn – Labour Councillor for New Addington North, Jamie Pope, Josh Morris, Max Riley – University of Reading Student’s Union LGBT+ PTO, Sam Murray – Federation of Young European Greens Executive, Benali Hamdache – Islington Green Party, Emily Snee Hamish Devereux-Batchelor – Tailor (Savile Row), Keely Bannister – Leeds West Green Party, Kate Newsome, Dr J Harrison – The Queer Embassy – Ex – Community Advisory Board Member for Pride in London, AbsolutQueer – AbsolutQueer Photography, Merav Devere, Ted Thomas, Fiona Cahill – Green Party Parish Cllr in Doncaster, Carol Steele – Transfigurations, Jay Sutherland – Scotland Against Militarism, Alex Lythall – Warwick SU Trans Students’ Officer Louise Joseph, Ryan Williams, Kasey Hildreth – Youth Worker in Charge, LGBTQ+ Hertfordshire, Sasha Nicole Dettmar, Dr Ben Vincent – University lecturer and trustee of GIRES, Joanna Rowland-Stuart – Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum Charlotte Wilcox – Metanoia Institute, Tom Turner – Youth Worker and Labour Party Member, Izzy Hawkins Lee Smith – The Marlborough Theatre & Labour Party Member, Jett Nyx, Lillian D. Maisfehlt, Noorulann Shahid – former NUS LGBT+ officer, Moryn Scharaschkin – Derby Green Party, Siobhan MacMahon – Queer, Liz Carlton – Green Party Regional Council Co-Chair, Alex Dale, Elias Huntley, Jessica Northey – International Coordinator, Green Party Executive, Jennifer Baynes – Birmingham Green Party, Neil Franks – Coordinator, Mid-Worcestershire & The Vale Green Party, Anne Patterson – Coordinator, Coventry Green Party, Sonja Shah – SOAS SU Trans officer, Peadar Connolly Davey – SOAS LGBTQ+ Officer, Teryn Dear, Julia Edwards, Tavia Kim, John Cossham, York Green Party, Donnacha DeLong, genderqueer past president of the NUJ (personal capacity), Andy Worrall, Natasha Handley – Coordinator, TransLeeds, Cathy Fishenden, Xavier de Sousa, Performance Maker and Producer, Vicky-Jane Gooding, Laurey Boughey, Rob Horsfield, Laur Mar, Teddy South – Labour Party Member, Scott Aeron Linton, Aoife Assumpta Hart, Aiden Ferguson, Nicholas Bates – Green Party Member, Sarah Woodall – West Bromwich East CLP, Laura Monmoth, Jamye Lewis, Taneesha Dixon, Sam Palmer, Sam Parfitt-Simpson – LGBT+ Labour Party member, Daniel Nichols Political Officer – Romford Labour Party, Mark Whiley – LGBT+ Officer of Labour International, Cllr Anwen Muston – CWC, Labour Party @ Wolverhampton SE LGBT officer, Lizzy Kelly, Stevenage Labour Party Youth Officer and Councillor for Stevenage Borough Council, Abbi Davey, Jessica Carter, Sahra Taylor – City, University of London LGBT Staff Network; Doctoral Researcher, Mel Eggleton, Sarah Stephenson-hunter – Stonewall lgbt role model of the year East Midlands, Chrissy Bea, Deborah Regan – Registered Nurse and Labour Party member, Katie Herring, Naomi Heathcote, Pam Crossland – LGBT Officer, Blackley & Broughton Constituency Labour Party, Gwen Clark, Angela Marsden, Brian Dempsey – University of Dundee, UCU, Christopher robson, Sarah Morton, Dawn Thorpe, Brighton Green Party, Deborah Pearson, Anna Chivers, Marjorie Bark – Secretary, Babergh Liberal Democrats, Thom Kirkwood – Great Horton BLP Secretary; NEU Bradford Young Teachers’ Officer and Information Officer, Tommy Parker – South West Green Party Press Officer, Former Bath Pride Organiser, Sam Braithwaite, Suzanna Hopwood, Bon O’Hara, Sue Shaw, AC Baker, Tara Antiya, Sal Morawetz – Women’s Officer, Nottingham East Constituency Labour Party, Lexi Turner – Former Transgender Welfare Officer at KCL iFemSoc, Caroline Cannons, Mari Greenfield, Nik Jovčić-Sas – Head Organiser of Midsomer Norton Pride, Amy Taylor, Luella Barker, Athena Mae – Director, Athena Body Positive, Sarah Jane Pattison, Nathan Gochin, Jo Dalton – Clinical Psychologist, Dora Polenta – Rushcliffe Labour, Political Education Officer, Sophie Sheehan, Keith Turner, Charlotte Robinson, Tara Hewitt – Co-founder Trans Equality Legal Initiative, Kathryn Bole, Annette Pryce – LGBT+ Executive Member National Education Union (NUT section), Noah Tate – Liberal Democrat member, Callie Amber Foxx – Full Time Customer Service and Sales, Menards Stores Inc, Jennifer Lorimer, Jack Gilbert – LGBT+ LibDems London, Oliver Crook – Teacher/NEU member, Siobhan Corria, Chris Power, Alison Smith, Louise Futcher MNCS Accred., Queer Therapist, Spencer Blackwell – Co-organiser, Trans Pride South West, Jake Broadhurst, Freddie Parker, Cerys Jones, Clive Clifford-Frith – non-binary teacher, Anthony Bird – The Dancers, Sarah O’Brien, Jacqueline Atta-Hayford, Isabel Bywater MA, Calley Bell, Eliza Pearson, Jeremy Farmer – Swindon TG Group Organiser, Maria Grou – OutLoud Youth Group, Claire Hawk, Sadie Cooper-Davies, Nina Smith – Carer, Amelia Cavallo, Claire Nance – Rame and Torpoint Labour, Social Media team, Chris Rimell – Accord, Andrea Clarke, Steven Griffiths, Ryan Case, Joanna Brett – Psychotherapist, Kim Loliya – Sex+ Editor and Sex Educator, Jet Moon, Pauline Sanderson, Jessica Moos, Sarah Taylor – Labour Party Member & Accessibility Champion Norwich Pride, Rowan Kinchin, Amy Rice, Adam Sands, Allison Washington, Rianna Ri Roh, Annette Wright, Labour Party Councillor and PCS Union rep, Roxane Gervais, Anton Johnson – Greater London Association of Trades Unions Councils LGBT+ Officer, Jo Duesbury, Zoë Goodwin. Em Bowyer, Castiel Midwood, Author, Simon Hawkins, Gray Withers, Sarah White, Clare Angell, Dan Jones – Social Worker, Manager of the Joint Homelessness Team, Trans man, Rowan Davis – former Trans rep, NUS Women’s, Oxford LGBTsoc, Lud Polloni, Bethany Rose Lamont – Editor in chief and founder of Doll Hospital Journal, Sasha Lyons – Labour Party Member, Thora Rain, Samuel Heyes, Wendyl Harris – Outrage! Christine Gracey, Michelle Hamilton, Omar Zingaro, Cosmo Bhatia, Neve Graham, Tasmine Airey, Billie Ray Martin – Singer/Songwriter/performer, Ayla Holdom – Helicopter pilot, Chair of Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, Brandon Leo Yeadon, Polly Conroy – Counsellor (Retired), Jessica Sandelson, Oxford University, Rowan McLaughlin, Rebel Cat Events, Dr Katie McDowell, Hilary Claire Dunham-Phillips, Amanda Lee, Pheiffer Sutherland, Fia Harrington, Sarah Wishart, Sarah-Kye Faulkner – Switchboard LGBTQ Disability Project Leader, Elia Kneller, Emma Roe – occupational therapist, Lorna Barton – University of Strathclyde, Georgia Blake, Phil Millar – PCS Union, Emrys Moore, Ollie Harrison, Christopher Blake, Stephen Solene, Rob Wilson – Angels of Freedom Leeds, Samuel Ellis, Ash Hayhurst, Philippe G. 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Former Fire Brigades Union Official. (Region 1) Adam Cook – Engineer, Tobias Draper, LGBT+ officer at the London School of Economics, Maisie-Summer McCarter, Rowan Cornish Lyon, James Blackwell, Natasha Chapman – Chair of Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham Liberal Democrats, Stephen Morris – Lead for Chemsex Related Crime – HM Prison & Probation Service, Octavian Starr – Diversity and inclusion trainer Imogen Kelly, Riley J. Dennis – Queer Activist and Video Creator, Emmy Gregory, Vanessa Parker, Cheryl Morgan, Laura Bownes, Laura Ballard – Student at the University of Birmingham, Michael Ratledge – Co-host, West Midlands Poly Connections, Adam Parkin – Treasurer of Leeds Bi Group, Evan Wilkinson, Dr Saoirse Caitlin O’Shea, Laura Streets – London Rollergirls, Elizabeth Creasey – Teacher, Alex Grindley, Ebony Ettienne, Sarah Gillibrand – Withington CLP Labour Party member, Benedict Ashmore, Claudia Boleyn – LGBT+ YouTuber, Hayley Barnden, Frances Horrocks, Max Price – Proud2Be, Jae Price – Proud2Be, Marion Tout, Rebecca Thomas, Henry Hall, Devin Valentine, Zoe Carney, Theo Jones, Devin Marsh, The Revd Andrew Foreshew-Cain Stephen Foreshew-Cain Melissa Baker, Riley Wade – University of Lincoln LGBT+ Campaigns Gender Representative, Alyx Zaine, Steve Craftman, Tincka Cooper-Blake, Dr. Ludovic Foster – Trans Survivors Switchboard, Brighton, Elliott Stammers, John Marshall, Hale Harding, Erika Baker, Hannah Pascal, Guo-Sheng Liu – student-activist at University of Oxford, Melsa Bicer – Vice President, Southampton University Feminist Society Gideon Sassoon – Admin at Gamers Against Toxicity, Imogen Davies, Sarah Taylor, Tigger Blaize – Actor. Equality Activist. Equity LGBT+ and TUC LGBT+ Committees, Adam Boyle, ProtestStencil – artist, Amber Badian, Susie Gray, Dr Elaine Swan – University of Sussex, Hanna Demel, Puck Spicer – outgoing co-president of KCL Minorities and Philosophy, Nate Oseroff, Ashton Love, Ami Clarke, Kathy Strachan, Oliver Charles-Christian, Joss Prior, Robyn Young – Labour party member, G A Curtis, Christina Grimwade, Leah Liddle, Emily Daly, Joe Davin, Guy Mackinnon-Little, Paula Sharrock, Fleur MacInnes – LGBT+ Labour Party member and LGBT+ activist, Victoria Cuckson – Bootle CLP and PCS member, Dean Folcik – chair of the LUU LGBT society, Equalities Worker at TransLeeds, Vixx Thompson, Emrys Travis – Cambridge University Students’ Union, Lynda Yungel, Emma Olney, Rosamund Crocker-Ghendrih, Sadhbh O’Sullivan – Co-Editor, Ladybeard Magazine, Seth Corbin, Elizabeth Maxwell, EJ Osborne – BBC One Daytime TV Presenter, Catherine Baker, Chlöe Packer, Thom Skews, Jessica Chan – Treasurer of the Pride Alliance, London School of Economics Gill Cain, Reed Crow – secretary of the LUU LGBT+ Society, Lisa Elizabeth, Rev. 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Metzger, trans author, Efi Ntoumouzi, Thomas Griffiths, Dan Harris, Ethan-Alexander Reynolds, Donna Makhsous Portstewart N.Ireland Darren McCormac Murray Hipkin – Musical Director, Pink Singers (signing in a personal capacity), Léa l’attentive, Marissa Soto, Verity Elizabeth Saunders Tina Challenor, Baloo Challenor, James Hayward, Alice Wilks, Jayson Green, Becky Rose, Kendall Perry Michelle Steele – Committee member, Trans Pride Brighton, Danielle Krage, Jack Catling Belle Pressnell, Ruth Mills, Amber Whittaker, Jacob People Shireen Lane, Andrew Jones – former Co-Chair & Festival Director of Pride in London (2013) and a Co-Founder of the UK Pride Network Lu Stanton-Karczewska, CJ Kuchinka – Bassist for PLUSH, Sophia Rose – Volunteer, Crossroads women’s centre, Jason Holdway, Riley Dosh, Ali Griggs – lesbians and gays support the migrants volunteer, Euan Matthews – SNP Youth Member, Tom Carr – Founder ArgylePride – The Official LGBT Supporters Group of Plymouth Argyle FC, Ruth Patten, Natalie King – Labour Party Member & Christians At Pride Committee Member, Jam Orrell, Tracey Myers, Alexander Marks, Erik Pardos Olsen, Emily Gorlin, Mark Beards, Hannah Wither, Olivia Comberti, Dr Bronwyn Power, Gina Divito, Dean Kamitsis – Chair of UCLan Disabled Students Society Alex Wilde – trans athlete, Cat Moody, Leah Holmes, Joel Jones, Emma Banton, Lleyam Bartholomew, Rosie Cowling – London Rollergirls skater Daniel Harcham, Marcus Frewin-Ridley, Emily Dawes – President of the University of Southampton Student’s Union, Ronny Jackson, Francesca Romana Ammaturo – University of Roehampton, Hannah Burton, Thomas King – Chairperson of Trans Masculine Birmingham, Jorge Ardila – Queer Immigrant Kamal Khan – Queer Immigrant Veronica Montenegro – Drag Artist, Comedian Phil Gardner – All Hallows Church, Leeds (signing in a personal capacity) Emily Shapiro, Tasha Oakes-Monger, Cassie Wilde, Olivia Mastin, Paul Aleksandr, Sofa Gradin, Matthew Parkin, Stacy Bias, Suraj Girijashanker, Cath Peach, Penny Grierson, Jamie Lewry – Diversity Coordinator, HMP/YOI Bronzefield, Tori Mangan – Trans officer, Wadham College SU, Raina Lilith, Jenni Palmer, Ben Wall, Dr Rhiannon Lewis – Principle Clinical Psychologist, Emily Teece, Jacob Bouyer – Student with the Open University, Mariana Suikkanen Gomes, Chloe Pringle, Charlie Paul Loane, Sofie Hagen – comedian and activist, Harris Dickenson, Becka Gallagher, Finn Edwardson, Jane Magnet, Roddy McGlynn, Melanie Beiler, Alan Longcroft, Daria Olivo, Candice Armah, Lucy Aitken, Avril Clark – TransRadioUK, Lucy Emily Clark – TransRadioUK, Fiona Bosanquet, Yosh Kosminsky – disabled LGBTQ+ student and NHS worker, Kameron McPhail, Sy Parker, trans NHS Doctor, Michael Kitchin, Nancy Farrell – Green party town councillor Ryde IOW, Portia Ungley, Kingston University, Charles Hutchings, Lynn Cawley, Patrick Hield, Lori Fadden – TV Producer, Jamsheed Master, Rae Cooksey, Daisy Perry, Gabrielle T. 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Leech Lisa Jacks P. Miller Jamie Hollis William Bunch Grecia Acton – Trustee of Chrysalis, Counsellor Bryn Williams – NHS Doctor and Trans Activist Bowen Whiteoak – Coventry and Warwickshire Unite Community Equalities Officer ( personal capacity ) Jessica Crowley Joseph Dutton – Former youth Sex and Relationships educator David Court Sian Bragginton Lindsay Smith Emmanuelle Smith Settimio Fiorenzo Palermo – Labour Member Kei Patrick – trans poet, student at Wadham College, Oxford Daniel Allen – Co-Musical Director, London Gay Symphonic Winds Craig Ross Yuri Manca Veronica Gillies Catherine Leatherbarrow David Brannan Janette Brannan Jan Bikker Jo Brewis Raynah Thomas Chloe Orkin Andrew Longland-Meech Boyd Steele Alexandra Ferro Kirby Hedd Lloyd Bobby Brill Michael Noon Katie Danaher Marty Eaver Sydney Gagliano Rebecca McCormick Tom Bird – Anarchist Chris Hall Jeanne Marie Hardin – Volunteer, Boston Pride Tom Oakley Mitch Mainstone – Student, Hertford College, Oxford and a member of the LGBTQIA+ Society at Oxford University Ade Deane-Pratt Rich Daley – Central & Outer Leeds Green Party Deborah Espect Danny Butler Felicity Grey Romham Gallacher, founder of Radical Access Mapping Project Radical Access Mapping Project (signed as organisation) Sam Mortimer Kate Dickinson Ginger Tart – Founder of OxPHWOARd and the Oxfordshire Drag Collective Ynda Jas – Non-binary London, Everyday Cissexism, Bar Wotever, Queen Mary University of London Sian Evans Geoffrey Alan Daisy-May Nash Isaac Boothman Trystan Kent Hannah Mansell Joe Royle Sandra Wellstead Stella Wiseman Jane Darling Aiden Beck – BEAT research and policy advisor Emma Corris Val Matthews Lizzi Richards Guy Garrud Spencer Slade Gabrielle Day Theo Ayres Rebekah Ball – LGBT+ Labour member Jordan Eyre – Bisexual aerospace engineer Kelly Shaver Katherine McMahon Aivin Gast Claire Davies – Green Party member Gary Byrne Xander James – YouTuber and Activist Nicholas Hamish MacCloy Marica Moscati Cassie Fox Izzie Roberts Simon Timmins JUST A BALL GAME? – LGBT+ football campaign organisation, no to HBT abuse. Wyldwood (Druid Order) Wyldwood Radio (International Pagan Radio Station) Ellan Parry Em Richards Rachel Humphrey (Christians at Pride) Amber Evans, Co-founder of Not Alone Plymouth Emma Gibbons Robyn Norfolk – Worcester CLP Diversity Co-ordinator Jacquelyn Howard, Programmes Director, Mobilisation Lab Yvonne Billimore Joss Allen Denis Walker – Treasurer, LGBTIQA+ Greens & South East Essex Green Party Katy Jon Went, GenderAgenda Bienam Perez Sarah Aoun Julia Phyall Rudy Loewe, visual artist Charlie Cameron Millie Burgh Celine Davis Melony Chitwood Joyce Pfleeger Sharmane Johnson Robert Autry Shaw Shawneen Bear Yas S. Dominguez Heather Brunhilde Choppin Joseph Lane Parrilla Adam Fullerton Zeke Hidori Gregory Gibbs Mari Ko Tom Titus Nick Kempin Rin Kost Suika Ibuki Kurt Hoogstraat Cianan Russell Saleem Ahmad Kamandy Anand McCormac Roger Sanchez Nyri Ani Thera Alley Justin Everett Michael S. Wright Raven Kodama Kimiko Wheatly Olivia Bernkastel Taevian Montgomery Bolds Bavankanth Chandrasekaran Lyra Dunseith – trans equality members’ rep, PCS Proud Executive Pearl Pelfrey Jo Lane Shakira R. Salazar Henry Jacobs Daisy Culver Ella O’Doherty Lukas Hartshorne Gwenyth E N Withers Matthew Garner Arno Devo Helen O’Neill – Centrica/British Gas LGBT+ Network Events Coordinator John Mark Hoggard Caleb Melia Maria Mansisto Haartveit, Josh Middleton Nick Wilkins Andy G. Brown Ioanna Matte, Psychotherapist, Tell Cabrera Jennifer Cutcliffe Catherine Kilkenny Jason Cavalier Dr Sophie Quinney, GP for Welsh Gender Team Kathryn Strom Veronica Crossan David Brierley – Secretary, University of Manchester LGBTQ Society, 2017-2018 Johannah Buchan Vida O’Riordan Christine Beckett – Transwoman. Strawberry Girl Photography Beth Watson – founder of Bechdel Theatre Stefani Winslade Elia Habib Niall Murphy – VP/Secretary Royal Holloway Young Greens Lois Mortimer Sally Hyman Fiona Hutchinson Dr Josh Campbell – A&E doctor and Christian LGBT+ activist Petar Marinov – Isle of Wight Green Party Ronald Stewart – Policy Development Coordinator, Green Party Executive Liam Mercer – Bar Wotever crew Colin Wilson – Joint Secretary, No to Pinkwashing (personal capacity) Anjali Jeter Leeds Anti-Fascist Network Jonathan Leggett – member of West Oxford and Abingdon Labour Party Stephen Glenn – Co-ordinator LGBT+ Lib Dems Northern Ireland Beth Yoraf Adam Cummins Cassie Agbehenu Kathryn Haley-Halinski – non-binary PhD student at the University of Cambridge Jess Rogers Zia Álmos Yeshua Connor James Willmington-Holmes Yodhi Bergman Sam O’Brien Jerry Sullivan Akiko Hart Philippa Whittaker – Former Chair, UCU North West Regional Committee Eleanor Lisney Zain Jamshaid – Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago Hazel Croft AS Center for the Empowerment Youth of people who are living with HIV and AIDS, Serbia Zoe Varcoe Toby Horkan, LGBTIQA+ Greens Committee Natasha Armstrong PJ Macleod Stef Garasto Caitlin Spice – Author of The Silver Path Lynne Burns Helen Beaumont Ian Holdsworth – Co-Chair of both York LGBT Forum (Charity) and the University of Leeds Staff LGBT Network Erika Godwin – LGBT Activist Sarah Louise Breach Loucile Doussin Chloe Jones Stephanie Foulds – University of York Edward Watson Asa Willoughby Jenn Rubenstein, Washington, DC Catherine Redshaw Yann Allsopp Alex Perea – LGBT Labour Party member Paula Collins Dixie Betterton, Sparta, TN,USA Saira Weiner Rhiannon Lockley – UCU NEC John Hoey Laura Welsh – NHS Worker Nakul Pande Craig Turnbull Joanna Williams Robert Lapinus Morgan Julie Walsh Nathaniel Cole Xinyi Wang Don Ly Antony McManus – Equal Love, Melbourne Australia Fiona Shaw Vernon Farmer – Labour Party Member Kevin O’Neill Beth Stevenson – NUS LGBT+ Committee, Bath Feminism and Gender Equality (Chair) Adèle Anderson. Patron of Humanists UK Chloe Hawes Keira Leike, artist & activist Rev. L.J. McFarland-Groves Shepherd McKee Rebecca Jane Degnan Husein Aoni Lily Avery Kevin O’Neill – Bears Against Bigotry Elizabeth Turner Jennie Brennen Stacey Potts Lizzie Masterton Reubs Walsh – Social Neuroscientist, (trans)Feminist, former Pride in London CAB Trans rep Tizz Blue, Coordinator, Pride Priders Rosie Shewell-Brockway Amy Owens Emily Heng – trans woman refugee Eric Bateson, National Education Union LGBT+ National Organising Forum member Danielle Callaghan Lorraine Callaghan Mike Bucher Riocárd Ó hOddail Daniele Gianotti, University of Sydney Kacey Cooper-stone Nicola Poole Craig Nowell Fien Johanna Paula Goodwin – Chair and trustee of Croydon Pride and a board member of TransPALS, Ashwin Caffery Nic Shall Stephen Arnold Mikayla Novak Vi Pham Moyo Amoo-Peters, BME Rep for Pride Soc, Edinburgh University, NUS Scotland Trans Comittee Rep Rev. Kathryn Davis Rachel Nobes – Norwich Pride Mascot Renata M. Magiera Rahn Kim Theodore Bigelow – GRCC StandOut Treasurer Kylie A. Brewton Ben Murphy Louis-Georges Schwartz Isabelle Clavering Alice Dee Peter Wood Sue Sutherland Anja Weiser Flower Ruby Mountford, on behalf of the Melbourne Bisexual Network Joanne Monck David Dinham Lydia searle – company director Aurelio John Patierno Dominic Davies – CEO Pink Therapy Angela Emms BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), MCSP Lucinda Murray, Out on the Shelves Johannes Robbertze Sophie Meredith Watson Leanne Bennett Alice Finden Toni Veress, HIV consultant Lindsey Moore – Secretary & HCA co-ordinator Transpire Transgender support group Carla Ecola, Director – The Outside Project Keith Huang Jack Ash: Equality Trainer & Parent Kalina Krsoska Kira M. Del Mar Kaari Strack Olivia Hunter Sophie Yates Lu – Programme Manager, Campaign Bootcamp Shirley Razbully Juliet Kemp Ren Aldridge (Petrol Girls) Nic Hoile Katie Becker, International Subgroup Coordinator, York LGBT Forum Kai Moore – Secretary of Navigate Brighton Ellie Standeven Jared Sacks Zoe Tresise, Social Worker and incredibly proud mother of a FTM son Kenneth Whyte Trevor Thurston-Smith Laurie Raye – Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society Elizabeth Hirst, Welsh Equality Alliance James Connick Amy Smith Libby Simpson Claire Douglas – transwoman Kate Furnell Cassian Lodge Carol Just Jess Hawkins, admin, , Transpire – Transgender Support Group Megan Archer Joy Stacey Laura Hughes Funk the Borders Larissa Caroline Nikolaus Brandon Walsh-Alexander M Parker Lauren Small Mark Edwards Regan Burree Norena Shopland Juliet Shapiro Jason Peper Nikolai Little, University of Surrey LGBT+ President Wendy Ginsberg Keegan Hall-Browne Rhiannon Gallacher Caitlin Gwynn Joe Hudson – University of Surrey Jenny Mugridge Julia Hartviksen – PhD Candidate Department of Gender Studies London School of Economics and Political Science Ed Briggs Rebecca Williams Jo McKillop AMRSB, University of Roehampton (personal capacity) Daragh Healy Selina Griffin Sophie Kira Ross Anusia Manduk-Cheyne (counselor) Violet Macdonald Caraden Davis Maxx Ginnane – film-maker, founder of Market without Borders Tess Clothier – Women’s Officer, University of Surrey LGBT+ Society Otamere Guobadia, Journalist, Stonewall Social Media Officer, Former OULGBTQSoc President Ellen Graham, Central & Outer Leeds Green Party Oliver Bennathan – parliamentary researcher & Labour member Sinéad Miller Alison Bender Jennie Rigg, Chair LGBT+ Lib Dems Jac Patoto Megan Cassidy, on behalf of University College Dublin LGBTQ+ Society Michael Boucher Matthew Irwin Charlotte Fawcett Lois Edlin Rebecca Huck Katy Davies Lucy Kamper Alex Deas Shon Faye – Dazed Sian Stenson Holly Chetan-Welsh Erin King – Co-founder, Not Alone Plymouth Ashlee Christoffersen, University of Edinburgh Tony Fenwick MBE – CEO Schools OUT UK/LGBT History Month Dr Kat Alcock, Principal Clinical Tutor and Widening Access Lead, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, UCL Mx Jack Fellows (They / Them) BSc in Chemistry, University of York R S Hewitt BSc (Hons) – Secretary and Trustee Outline Surrey Hilde Stephansen Gill Pierce Chantel C Graham, Co-host The Queer Truth podcast Gillian Caine Shawn McClane Jeff Ingold Karoline Pauls Kerry Rush – Founder of Positive Change Arts Projects Samantha Odonnell Vee Collins Stevie-Jo McClane Florence Oulds, Cambridge University Students’ Union Will Priddis Kati Silverberg Mhairi Bell-Moodie Rosalynde Boyden Terri Lamerton Philip Whitfield – LGBT Officer, Stockton South Constituency Labour Party Sam Irving Karen Wilson Joanna McCall Charlie Keller Tom Brook, Labour Co-op Councillor for Bishopston & Ashley Down, Bristol City Council Isela González Vázquez (University of Sheffield) Dr. Daniel Growcott, Southampton Joseph Dempster UNISON UCL branch LGBT Officer Didi Brown Keith Barber Steve Keeble Ben Lord Valerie Legg Adam Keys Rochelle WIlliams John Botterill Katie Cole Charlie Clarkson Laurie Atkinson, Psychotherapist Sophie Payling Sarah Gosling Robert Oakes Sarah Gordon Ms. Marlo De Lara – Doctoral Candidate, University of Leeds Kev Daintree Elliot Vaughn Elly Fagan Dr. Vik Loveday, Goldsmiths, University of London Peter Twining Paula Woof Martyn Briggs Kate Hannan Frey Kwa Hawking Ian Bower Lalah-Simone Springer Caroline Old, Bi cis-woman and trans ally Steven Butler Liana Pigeot Merline Evans – Admin, Transpire transgender Support group Alice Nicholls Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Juliet Chard Jack Schofield, University of Oxford Theo Gadd Cath Price Christine Evans Ben Niehoff Zoe Cassandra Sophie Buijsen Anglesey Druid Order Lucas Honey Leanne Honey Graeme Brittles, Leeds Central Labour Party Member John Howard Adam Harmsworth, member of Socialist Party of England and Wales Graeme Thomson Gee Thomson Adam Lowe – LGBT History Month Poet Laureate; publisher, Vada Magazine; founder, Young Enigma Rosie Dunnett Krissie Beadle Arrhen Lichten Justine Smithies Buffalo Gough Robin Webber Sophie Cole – Transwoman, Cambridge Terry Cornelius Keane Ryan M McEvoy Iris Fritschi-Cussens Allie Whiteley Phil Vabulas – Co-Chair, Southwark Green Party Cantor Tamara Hope Wolfson Natalie Pearse Simon Pearson Jessica Rowbottom, musician, “The Bleeding Obvious” Grace Cheetham Edward Crooks, Orpheus Institute, Ghent Cinn Wilson Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, Former Chair of the Community Advisory Board 2016-2017, Parliamentary & LGBT+ Activist David Wilson Ant Bridle Paul Weaver – Green Party Equality and Diversity Committee Alexander Bird Loyd Emmerson – Chair, Green Party North East Lincolnshire Rebecca Markland – Trainee Educational Psychologist Alixandrea Corvyn Daniel Hall Philippa Downey Diana James Jenna Fowler – LGBT rights activist Samantha Briffett Jamie Chatterton Adam Wheeler – LGBTQ+ Supporter Marci Hawkins Kitty Calderbank Rachael Williams, Programmer at Five Miles and Rye Wax Mandy Taylor (Maternity Nurse,Artist,Writer,Poet,Transexual) Jack Evans Valeria Palma Deborah Newbound Alexander Montgomery, LGBT officer and Branch Secretary of Cambridge University Hospitals UNISON branch Leigh Price Lindsey Watson Silvia Ef Translator, Writer, Volunteer, LGBTQ Activist and Advocate Netta Chachamu Ego Rodriguez Lou Viner Jennifer A Clifford Msc Bsc MBPsS Lou Hanna, transdyke indépendant researscher and writer Gareth HACKNEY Lorenzo Peter Mason
    • Riffraff Says:

      “trans people pose no threat to cis women”

      There are moments when it’s hard to believe they get away with being so baldfaced. Even using their own newspeak, they could easily say “we condemn members of the trans community who promote violence against cis women, including those identifying as lesbians” but they never do.

      It’s such a privileged position. If women so much as point out men commit the majority of violence, there’s always some MRA on board to invoke Aileen Wuornos or misrepresent child abuse statistics. Same for any racial minority. And certain circles love trotting out how lesbians supposedly have higher DV rates, despite the sex of the abusing partner not being documented in their favorite source.

      But trans people (we know they mean the “women”) are always delicate flowers, sweet little muffins being smooshed by a cruel society. And the perpetrators are never homophobic and racist “cis” men or johns. No it’s women, ESPECIALLY lesbians, with a few signs or words on a screen, denying them their right to never have hurt feelings or to always have somewhere to stick their dick.

      It’s almost like modern transactivism’s refusal to address violent men says something 🤔

    • hearthrising Says:

      A veritable who’s who list of lesbophobic virtue signallers. Something for posterity when good people claim they were never a part of this Orwellian nightmare. For a moment, I thought this was a letter condemning lesbian exclusion in Pride. Silly me. On a positive note, it looks like this action put the fear of Goddess into some people. They’re correctly seeing these few brave lesbians as representing a groundswell of opposition among people they thought they could take for granted (and abuse as they wished).

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        I was going to say….the list reads like the usual gang of idiots. As for the exclusion, one has to love their Orwellian manipulation of the language, to justify the levels of cruelty, violence and erasure done in the name of the creepy, intellectually dishonest brigade.

    • Hogwash Says:

      Too long; got bored.

      • Cut to the chase:

        Are there any famous classic rock stars who signed this statement, that I should know about? I don’t see Rob Halford.

        Let me know if/when Rob shows up.

  26. Medi Says:

    I guess Agent 007 is unaware of male to trans killing lesbian families, or of male to trans raping women…. or male to trans in prison as convicted child molesters, women murderers and rapists, who then insist they are women to be housed with women prisoners, guess he doesn’t know about this stuff. Oh, and lesbians don’t obey men or want men leading Dyke Marches which were created as spaces for LESBIANS to gather in large groups, which hardly ever happens anywhere, because MEN think they own public space. Guess he ignores all the creepy male to trans porn and the sexualizing of lesbians in that porn, making US objects once again, nah, this nevah evah happens.

    • blindsided900 Says:

      Well, I’ve heard of the “give the trans the prison housing that they want and ignore the critics” thing a few months ago on another site. But I haven’t really found anything about the rest.

      But considering how they run to the cotton ceiling excuse when things aren’t going their way, I’m not surprised that it already happens on an regular basis and gets swept under the rug.

  27. Medi Says:

    That long list of GBTers saying that pride excluded trans, well no, it was not a pride parade it was a DYKE MARCH, pride parades are about male control and vast numbers, celebrating males, lesbians are merely tokens or cheap labor. Get it right DYKE is not a “Pride’ parade. Lesbians invented Dyke marches because pride parades never centered lesbians ever.

  28. I’m very proud of these brave women.

  29. Son Says:

    Is there any actual substantive support one could give anonymously? Monetary support and the like? At the very least, in my opinion, women should be able to have private intimate places, like showers and restrooms without penises in there.

  30. Bev Jo Says:

    This is so impressive. And interesting that these courageous Lesbians were safer at this Pride Parade than in any Dyke March now that the trannies and their women cocksuckers are ready to attack Lesbians who march for Lesbian rights and identity.

    I’m still in shock that anyone can seriously refer to “trans-Lesbians” or “transwomen” as if such an obvious appropriation by our worst oppressors was possible. I so wish that women and Lesbians as a group would have the courage and clarity of the Black community is saying no to Rachel Dolezal.

    The lying and projection and mindfucking and gaslighting is endless (which still continues on our local Lesbian list in the SF Bay Area about the SF Dyke March). I long for justice, but this helps.

  31. Peggy Luhrs Says:

    All that long list of names and organizations does is prove the point the amazing London lesbians were making. Being that the entire PRIDE Enterprise, centers and marches et al do not support lesbian self identification or support lesbians in any real way.

  32. elizabeth Says:

    The Gay Patriarchy has always been misogynistic as well as classist. Why are some people just catching on?!

  33. Medi Says:

    The list totally proves what we have said all along, the GBT in no way supports or honors lesbians. So let’s get to work honoring each other, setting up private events, rebuilding the lesbian world! I’m really excited about the new women, the new energy, free of the chain around my neck that is GBT.

  34. The awesome women at Feminist Current covered this story. And, as usual, Feminist Current has some very good posts. The women over there are so well-informed and bright. They have the ability to see through the bullshi* better than anyone.


  35. GallusMag Says:



    We are a group of feminists, many of whom identify as lesbian or whose politics were influenced by lesbian culture. We are cisgender, we are non-binary and we are trans. All of us are active in the arts, community organising, the media and education. We have all benefited from the deep analysis, radical lifestyle and astonishing bravery of the lesbian feminists who came before us – actions that we understood to be about dismantling the patriarchy, liberating all women from gendered oppression and re-imagining the future.

    Therefore, we were dismayed to see Pride in London being hijacked by a fringe group determined to divide the LGBTQIA+ community along the issue of trans rights, particularly rights for trans women, and arguing that the struggle for such rights erases cisgender lesbians.

    This cannot stand.

    We re-state our support for trans people everywhere. Transitioning in a transphobic society is a brave – sometimes medical – decision. It is not a fad. We have a long way to go in defeating sexism, homophobia and transphobia. We have a long way to go to defeat the systems of class, border control and racism that re-enforce them. But we know bigotry when we see it; we recognise the difference between critique and hatred.

    The flyers that were handed out during the protest claim lesbians are being mocked, vilified and undermined. Yes, the broader LGBTQIA+ umbrella houses people with deeply problematic views, misogyny and lesbophobia among them. However, these views are expressed by many different people, cis, non-binary and trans. There was almost no mention of this. So we can only read this protest as a deliberate attack on trans women.

    It isn’t trans women who are detaining lesbians and deporting them to countries where homosexuality is illegal. It isn’t trans women running down the NHS so that lesbians can’t access the health care they need. It isn’t trans women profiting from weapons which threaten people all over the global south, including lesbians. The actions of the protestors on Saturday showed how little they took into account structural inequality; how little thought has been given to the manner in which this moment in which trans rights are being championed is intricately bound up with future radical, liberatory struggles.

    Lesbian feminists of all genders have fought long and hard, against people who called us pretended families, ugly, mannish, undesirable, aggressive, mad, man-hating and so on. It is wrong that this small group of cis lesbians has turned their back on this struggle in order to spread the same kind of dangerous lies about Trans women. It is not in the spirit of the feminist movement. It is unsisterly.

    Yes, Pride was a protest and is an important part of trans-feminist history. However we are not without a criticism of Pride in London. Not only for the fact that the organisers allowed this stunt, but because Pride itself has become a place for companies and organisations that have not historically played any part in the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights, but now use the parade as a platform to sanitise their activities. Banks with deeply racist, colonial histories. Companies like G4S that run inhumane detention centres where many black and brown lesbian women are processed like cattle and sent back to the places they’ve experienced poverty and violence – the legacies of colonialism. Let’s also not forget the many instances of Islamophobia, with groups holding placards reading “Fuck Islam” under a militant secularism that led to Muslim Leaders making formal complaints.

    The irony is that the protestors failed to point out these obvious and active factors in the continued, structural oppression of women, trans and queer people here and abroad. Instead they hijacked a moment in which a vital yet threatened public service, the NHS, on its 70th anniversary, was leading from the front.

    Trans women are an essential part of an intersectional and successful feminist struggle. The astonishing campaign in Ireland to legalise abortion patently understood that abortion rights and trans rights go hand in hand. March 8th saw the meeting of sex workers, trans activists, ex-detainees, immigration activists and cinema ushers march through London together to show the beautiful intersecting frontline of radical organising today.

    As a diverse group whose connection and commitment to lesbian feminist culture, past, present and future, is deep rooted and strong, we are here to remind the protesters that you can’t pick and choose your history.

    There are many campaigns and acts of solidarity we can be engaged in, including:

    Speaking up for trans rights and helping reform the Gender Recognition Act.
    Letter-writing to LGBTQI prisoners through Bent Bars project
    Donating to Ubuntu, the first dedicated shelter in the UK that provides short term accommodation for migrant women with no recourse to public funds
    Donating to Action for Trans* Health which seeks to improve trans* people’s access to healthcare.
    Either you work for the liberation of all or you work for the liberation of no-one.


    Jay Bernard
    Nazmia Jamal
    Natasha Nkonde
    Chardine Taylor Stone
    Sita Balani
    Harley Yeung Kurylowski
    Kishani Widyaratna
    Anna Backman Rogers
    Olivia Gragnon
    Daniella Shreir, Editor Another Gaze feminist film journal
    CA Conrad
    Emma Frankland, actor/performer
    Candice Carty-Williams
    Joelle Taylor, writer
    Jason Barker, actor, filmmaker
    Sarah Shin, Silver Press
    Zak Suffee, researcher
    Simran Hans, writer
    Ania Ostrowska, academic and writer
    Sarah Jane Moon – artist
    Sadie Lee – artist
    Dr Leanne Dawson – Lecturer, University of Edinburgh and Chair, Scottish Queer International Film Festival
    Sarah Moore – LGBTQ+ community centre
    Dana Mohammed – musician
    Charlotte Richardson andrews – Journalist and cultural worker
    Kayza Rose – AZ Magazine
    Tricia Tuttle
    Emma Smart
    Beth Ditto
    Ella Duffy
    Caroline Bird, poet
    Nadya Kay
    Hannah Silva
    Zinzi Minott
    Roz Kaveney, poet
    Zorian Clayton
    Laurie Penny
    Charlotte Geater, Reunion Poetry Collective
    Sara Saab, Reunion Poetry Collective
    Sara Marquez, Reunion Poetry Collective
    Rebecca Larkin, Reunion Poetry Collective
    So Mayer
    Sophie Robinson
    Ruth Russell
    Tamsin Bookey
    Mary Jean Chan, poet
    Louise Wallwein MBE
    Grace Petrie
    Dr Francis Ray White
    Dr Ros Murray
    Ochi Reyes
    Louise Carolin
    Campbell X – Film and TV
    Ain Bailey – sound artist
    Hannah Lane
    Margo Broom – Music Producer
    Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski
    Rachel Aggs
    Pratibha Parmar, Professor & film maker
    Shaheen Haq, Architect & film maker
    Stella Duffy, writer
    Shelley Silas, writer
    Louise Mulcahy
    Jeni Bainbridge
    Rob Johnson
    Ellie Gore
    Mae Shuttler
    Taranjit Chana
    Nim Ralph
    Deborah Grayson
    Hannah Brock
    Scottee – Artist + Activist
    Sophie Pritchard
    Ingo Cando
    Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert
    Phe Amis
    Andrea Luka Zimmerman
    Monica Karpinski, writer and publisher
    Dr Ruth Pearce
    Holly Combe
    Megan Key – Trans activist, D&I specialis
    Concepta Cassar – Writer and Secretary at South Telford Branch Labour Party
    Juno Roche – writer
    Jane Czyzselska
    Sarah Moore
    Sarah Kerton
    Eleanor Margolis
    Juliette Schaaf, LGSMigrants
    Molly Fleming – journalist
    Emily Hutchinson, LGSMigrants
    Amy Pennington – Artist
    Kate Hodkinson – LGSM Migrants
    Savva Smirnov – LGSM Migrants
    Taisie Tsikas – LGS Migrants
    Hannah Phoebe-Bowen
    Lui Asquith
    Dr Caoimhe Mader McGuinness
    Clio Unger
    Len Lukowski
    Melissa Rakshana Steiner
    Dr Ronx, Emergency medicine doctor
    Juliet Jacques, writer & filmmaker
    Sabah Choudery
    Rowan Kinchin
    Heena Patel
    D H Kelly
    Dr Ellie Gore
    Joan Jones, artist & performer
    Elly Robson
    Sue O’Sullivan
    Leo D’Marco
    Phe Amis
    Melissa Cespedes del Sur
    Ellie Stamp, artist
    Nadira Wallace
    Ray Filar
    Shaun Mitchell
    Etzali Hernandez
    Tamanda Walker
    Mijke van der Drift
    Juno Dawson
    Nickolas Tang
    Jo Tyabji
    Yas Necati, Writer
    Chana Morgenstern
    Imani Robinson
    Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable Collective
    Li Hitchen
    Claire Armistead
    Reeta Loi Shaw
    Jules Mann
    Octavia Bright
    Debbie Sharp, artist
    Rosanne Robertson, artist
    Louise Hipwell, Bi and Beyond Edinburgh
    Liev Cherry
    Stav Bee
    Debbie Sharp

    • What do they all not understand?

      There is no penis in intersectional feminism. No penis in lesbianism.

      And, there’s no Pride in misogyny.

    • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

      The *hypocrisy* of criticizing the lesbian protesters at London Pride for not also taking action against capitalism and imperialism and then ending with this list of possible specific forms of action:

      “Speaking up for trans rights and helping reform the Gender Recognition Act.
      Letter-writing to LGBTQI prisoners through Bent Bars project
      Donating to Ubuntu, the first dedicated shelter in the UK that provides short term accommodation for migrant women with no recourse to public funds
      Donating to Action for Trans* Health which seeks to improve trans* people’s access to healthcare.
      Either you work for the liberation of all or you work for the liberation of no-one.”

      So which one of those is going to save Middle Easterners being drone bombed or end the rapaciousness of FIRE (finance and real estate) capitalism?

      o rite
      *actually* these larger issues were just being invoked as empty whataboutery by a bunch of MRAs.

      • GallusMag Says:

        This is the manifesto of Action for Trans Health- the group signatories of that letter are calling for donations to in their names:

      • Kathleen Lowrey Says:

        Good catch, I forgot about the wretched of the earth needing free voice coaching first and foremost.

      • sirenpress Says:

        ‘Either you work for the liberation of all or you work for the liberation of no one’
        Right. Way to decimate the left until there remain only perfectly blue coiffed, pro-pharma TRAs. The transactivist project understands that no one is perfect, so exploits purity politics to get rid of actual left activists.
        And, the injunction to focus on ‘larger issues’?
        From the people destroying the left, conducting search and destroy missions against long term antiwar/climate/housing activists, conducting mass inquisitions against people ‘who are or have ever been’ gender critical, who put allegiance to Gender above protesting war, FIRE capitalism and climate change?

    • silverside Says:

      Well, that’s a lot of projection. Lesbian feminists are not the ones blaming trans for all the social political problems of the world. However, we are consistently blamed by trans people for male violence, whether “personal” or institutionalized at the governmental level. And we’re not the one muddying issues of “pride” with corporate sucking up either.

  36. Medi Says:

    Don’t recognize any of these names. The old all or nothing brigade strikes again I guess. But naturally ALL does not include radical lesbian feminists who refuse to drink the cool aid, those women don’t count and won’t get support from the women who just support the menz in dresses.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The usual suspects. Except noticed Stella Duffy, she’s a famous lesbian (?) author and an early supporter of the UK Women’s Party (Women’s Equality Party, WEP). According to her twitter, which she put on hiatus after apparently experiencing cognitive dissonance related to her knee-jerk prioritizing of male fee fees over lesbian lives, she seems super clueless about the issues.
      Not to worry. Five years ago Sarah Ditum (for example) blogged against the rights of women to hold meetings amongst themselves without males attending, because women’s primary duty was to prioritize the feelings of men. https://sarahditum.com/2012/05/26/a-radical-feminist-plan-for-the-dissolution-of-gender/
      Not to single her out! At least she had the fortitude to revise her views after her consciousness was raised. All the Stella Duffy’s will do the same eventually. Hopefully they won’t do too much damage to lesbians and feminists in the meantime.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Straight women can be unconsciously homophobic if they don’t consider lesbians in their analysis and/or don’t have any lesbian friends, or if they are completely male identified. But lesbians are the worst because so many of our friends have “transitioned”. So it’s personal.

        When testosterone injections first became a thing for lesbians the idea of butch dykes occupying “manhood” seemed really revolutionary. Like an enemy occupation. Much like the premise of today’s ManFriday campaign, except more profoundly subversive, a literal 24/7 uprising against “the man”.

        “Manhood” was open to any woman brave enough to punch their way into it (via testosterone needle stabs into themselves). It was revolutionary! Lesbians literally thought they would or could redefine manhood. They literally thought they could perform a coup via modern medicine. Fuck the man! This was widely celebrated. #OccupyMalePrivilege

        Many of the early prophets of this revolution died before their time and/or became chronically ill from various typically female mental/autoimmune diseases. (Leslie Feinberg,etc.)

        Others re-tooled the lesbian organizations they had originally helped to form, diverting resources away from women and towards actual males (Shannon Minter, etc.)

  37. Have these people been hiding under a rock, or living in a cave somewhere? Or, have they been living in a fantasy world of their own making, completely isolated from reality?

    Transwomen have been bullying, harassing, and threatening lesbians for years. This has been going on long before the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling” was first coined by a trans porn star in 2012.

    Do these poor brainwashed people really think that carrying a few signs is as bad as slaughtering a lesbian family, or carrying around baseball bats to intimidate women? If so, they are completely delusional. Do these brainwashed people think that these signs are worse than actual death threats to women?

    At its very core, trans activism is homophobic. Redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia. Homosexuality is based on same sex attraction not gender identity. Males will never be experience sexual pleasure the same was as females, so how can a male every know how lesbians, or any woman feels? It doesn’t matter how many hormones he takes, or if he gets surgery. Females will never experience sexual pleasure the same way as males.

    Same sex sexual behavior has been observed in most mammals and primates. What mammals and primates don’t do is change their sex. Bonobos are basically bisexual. There is no such thing as “gender identity” in primates. We can observe their sexual behavior, but we can’t see their “gender identity” because it doesn’t exist.

    So, homosexual behavior in primates is clearly rooted in biology. Not only is gender identity illogical, attempting to redefine homosexuality itself is the epitome of homophobia.

    Trans activism not only defies logic, it is clearly homophobic at its core. Transwoman have been making these statements for years,

    “Terms like gay and lesbian to imply attraction to the same sex are actually really transphobic”.

    Sophia Banks

    And, statements calling lesbians “vagina fetishists”

    “penises are female if they belong to a female. lesbians are attracted to women. being attracted to genitals is a fetish”


    Lesbians have been under siege for years. The fact that trans/queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF (they keep adding new letters all the time) chose to ignore lesbians doesn’t mean the bullying and harassing hasn’t been going on for years.

    *Trans activists harassed the hell out of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. The trans attack on MichFest was very intense and ugly. People can’t bury the truth forever. We know what happened. This went on for years. Trans have their own events, but lesbians can’t have anything without trans taking over and colonizing every inch of the space. Just google gendertrender and Michigan Women’s Music Festival, or gendertrender and “walking spear”.




    *As I type this, a transwoman who was part of Camp Trans, Dana Rivers, is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family and trying to burn down their house. All trans/queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF buried the story as if it never happened, or say a “woman” committed the crime.

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that all trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA are burying a hate crime and making a mockery out of California’s own hate crime laws as well as the Matthew Shepherd Act. Rivers is a heterosexual male who “transitioned” in midlife. He isn’t a gay man. So, we have a straight man with a history of protesting an event run by a lesbian that a lot of lesbians attended. He is charged with slaughtering a lesbian family in cold blood. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but some sources say he tried to sexually proposition one of the women. Politics is the ONLY reason Dana Rivers wasn’t charged with a hate crime. Trans/queer control the LGBTQIA.

    *If straight men tried to pull off something as lesbian hating as the “Cotton Ceiling”, they would be branded homophobic cretins. In 2012, a male trans porn star coined the term “Cotton Ceiling” in an attempt to explain why lesbians don’t want a transwoman’s penis. Despite the fact that trans activists knew full well that this workshop was offensive to lesbians, and all women, they had their workshop. This workshop didn’t invite actual lesbians.



    Every sentence in the flyers is true. If anything, it’s an understatement because the reality is much worse than what these brave women say.

    The lesbians at Pride were carrying a banner that says, “Trans activism erases lesbians”. This isn’t offensive. Some people can’t deal with the truth. People who actually take the time to do the research know this has been going on for years.

    (1.) Trans activism erases lesbians


    Lesbians identity is being colonized and co-opted by heterosexual males who call themselves “lesbian”. Males are not lesbian. Calling males “lesbian” is misogynistic and homophobic, not to mention just plain creepy. There is no such thing as “trans lesbians”. These are heterosexual cross dressing males.

    Google “trans lesbians”, and there are thousands of hits.

    “I’m a lesbian and a transgender woman—and those two aren’t mutually exclusive ”


    With the queer/trans take over of once lesbian media, we have “lesbian sex” advice telling us to get used to testicles and penis.

    “How to Have Lesbian Sex With a Trans Woman”

    Despite what trans/queer controlled media says, lesbian sex doesn’t involve a penis.

    “… So I’m here to help you have the best girl-on-girl sex you’ve ever had as or with a trans woman.

    If your partner is a trans woman, one way to start is to cup her whole penis and scrotum in your hand and massage them like you would a vulva. If she’s soft, try curving her shaft towards her belly and cupping her that way, holding her testicles and penis so that the penis is pointing up and the sensitive underside is exposed for your lubey fingers to explore. Or cup her testicles and use your thumb to massage the head.”


    Why doesn’t Autostraddle tell straight men to “cup the testicles” of transwomen? Or, Autostraddle could instruct gay men on how to have sex with FTMs. Tell gay men that a vulva is just like a scrotum and penis. It’s only lesbians who are bombarded with this rapey porn soaked nonsense.

    Lesbians have to read this porn soaked nonsense all the time. It’s ubiquitous on trans/queer controlled media.

    (2.) Trans activism erases lesbians


    Please take time to do some research. Historically, we do know that medical “transitioning” has been used as a form of homosexual eugenics. Indeed, it has been going on for years in Iran. In Iran, gay men and lesbians are being coerced into sex reassignment surgery. In western countries, we are more subtle with our particular brand of lesbian eugenics. Gender clinics start young girls out on GnRH analogues at age 10 or 11, and testosterone at 15 or 16. Lesbians are being “transitioned” to near extinction. The number of children referred to “gender clinics” has risen by at least 930 percent in the UK, and now the number of girls is more than the number of boys. We are talking about close to 1,000 percent increase in some clinics. This is not an exaggeration.

    Several sources are tracking this, and it does smack of lesbian eugenics. It’s not a matter of whether or not lesbian eugenics is happening, it’s a matter of degree. Below are a few links. Do the research.




    This is an excellent article based on research. Yes, medically “transitioning” 13, 14, and 15 year old girls is a form of lesbian eugenics.

    “The surgical suite: Modern-day closet for today’s teen lesbian”


    Another excellent article,

    “Do Youth Transgender Diagnoses Put Would Be Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adults at Risk for Unnecessary Medical Intervention?”


    (3.) Trans activism erases lesbians


    When lesbians are silenced, it’s a form of lesbian erasure. When lesbians are branded evil “TERFs” for expressing an opinion, lesbian voices are silenced. Make no mistake. Any woman, whether straight, bisexual, or lesbian, can be accused of “transphobia” for using the wrong pronoun.

    These are actual death threats, and they have been going on for years.

    Go to http://www.terfisaslur.com

    (4.) Trans activism erases lesbians


    The “Cotton Ceiling” is lesbian hatred on steroids.



    (5.) Trans activism erases lesbians


    If convicted of slaughtering a lesbian couple and their son in their own home in the middle of the night, transwoman Dana Rivers would be guilty of literally erasing the physical existence of lesbians.

    Finally, trans activists are lying like hell when they say no transwoman (male) would ever harm women. Transwomen offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of violent crime and the same rate of sex crimes.

    As a lesbian, I fully support these brave women. It’s not their fault that trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA choose to live in complete denial.

  38. Nothing in the flyers and posters was offensive. That is, unless people think speaking truth to power is offensive. Saying “Lesbian = Female Homosexual” is TERF talk, but carrying around large cans of paint thinner and flares to set fires at Pride is totally cool. And, don’t forget the “I Punch TERFs” shirts.

    *Trans approved Pride etiquette

    Pink haired transwomen carry large cans of accelerant and flares to Pride hell bent on burning something. There is no doubt that the pink haired transwoman in this article, dressed in black with a bandanna over his face, intended to light a flag on fire. This is summer in a crowded area with flammable objects all around.


    If he did manage to set something on fire injuring people and causing chaos, what would trans do?

    The first thing they would do is screech at the media for using the wrong pronoun. Then, they would whine that he was sent to a men’s jail. This is exactly what they did in Philadelphia.

    Not one word from trans activists condemning this incident. Trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA remained silent. Their only concern was getting this violent male out of a men’s jail.

    Some of the felony charges were dropped, but the last time I checked Segin is still facing misdemeanor charges of possession of an instrument of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

    *Trans approved Pride etiquette

    Years of online TERF death threats aren’t enough.

    This is just a small sample http://www.terfisaslur.com

    They take it to Pride.

    At the 2017 SF Pride, a transwoman wore a “I Punch TERFs” shirt. The white shirt was covered in red paint to resemble blood. The red paint was clearly symbolizing TERF blood.

    Not only did a transwoman wear a “I Punch TERFs” shirt at a Pride, he also tweeted, “This is what gay liberation looks like”. Punching TERFs is what gay liberation looks like. This is exactly what he said. And, most transwomen, gender queer dudes aren’t gay. They are heterosexual or bisexual.


    Not one word from trans activists or trans/queer controlled LGBTQIA. In fact, Degenderettes even exhibited their baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire at the SF Public Library. The library made them get rid of their “I Punch TERFs” shirt” covered in red paint, but Degenderettes proudly displayed their baseball bats. I’m not talking about baseball bats used for baseball. These are multi-covered baseball bats clearly designed to be used as weapons, and to intimidate uppity terfy women.

    Gay men and lesbians need to wake up. Trans see no problem burning things at Pride, and they like to carry baseball bats. And, we do know that they have a history of violence. The “Trans Dykes are Good and Pure” shields were seen at the U.C. Berkeley protest that caused at least $100,000 of damage. I do hate Milo, but I believe in non-violent protest. Trans and queer are not like old school peace protesters. Judging by their behavior, they aren’t into Ghandi and King. Swinging baseball bats and lighting fires is more their style.

  39. […] to all sorts of abuse, including gaslighting. The latest enactment of this is a result of the protest by lesbians (absolute sheroes) at Pride in London. Predictably and incorrectly framed as anti-trans, this […]

  40. Feminist Current interviewed one of these brave women.

    “…Today, in 2018, Lesbians who refuse so-called “transwomen” as sexual partners receive death threats and rape threats. The Pride committee called women who state that the penis is a male organ which has nothing to do with Lesbians “bigoted,” “ignorant,” and hateful.” Pride, as part of the GBT community, needs to be held accountable for their complicity with this modern form of rape culture which targets lesbians, specifically.

    AW: Here is another obvious example of Lesbian erasure and, in that particular case, black Lesbian erasure. It was a black Lesbian named Stormé DeLarverie who started up the riots. Claire Heuchan recently published a brilliant write up about it: when the police attacked, DeLarverie hit back, then was arrested. Heuchan explains that when Stormé complained about being cuffed too tightly, an officer hit her with a billy club, so she turned to the crowd and yelled, “Why don’t you guys do something?” This launched the Stonewall riots. Historically speaking, transgenderism was not an ideology at the time. Marsha and Sylvia, who are usually credited with starting the riot, were not “transwomen” — they were gay men and drag queens. This really needs to be seen as a patriarchal rewriting of history and erasure of black Lesbians’ significant role in the gay rights movement. The trans movement has not only been claiming gay men and drag queens as “transgender,” but also transing Lesbians in the past, claiming they were really “transmen” (because they were gender non-conforming). The case of Claude Cahun or Radcliff Hall are some of the most obvious example of that trend.

    ..Trans ideology and trans activism is no different than any male rights movement — it employs the same tactics men use against women to keep us in place: gaslighting, threats of violence, actual violence, shaming, ostracization, economic abuse, name calling, etc. ”

    INTERVIEW: Angela C. Wild of #GetTheLOut on Pride in London and Lesbian erasure, Feminist Current


    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I just read this interview. Angela Wild also said:

      “Obviously, disobey. If you support women-only spaces, create those women only-spaces which we are not allowed to have today — even small ones. Have consciousness-raising groups and meet real women in real life — this is the basis of everything. There are a number of spaces that still exist — womyn-only gatherings have happened in France in the last two years, replicated in different parts of Europe this year. Women’s land, I am sure, exists everywhere. Find ones that are near you, go to them, and support them if you can. If you and your group are in a position to create one, do it. This is where the resistance is born in terms of building sisterhood, theory, and activism. It gives us strength and makes us feel as though we are part of a movement– this is why they are forbidden to us.”

      Thanks again, Gallus Mag, for providing that sort of space online.

  41. […] GenderTrender: Lesbians Protest Erasure At London Pride March By Halting, Then Leading The Parade […]

  42. Arthur Says:

    And everything returns to normal. Men want sex with women
    after a few changes in gender and orientation

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