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The transgender revolution is led by gay men, according to Candy magazine. The magazine’s new gatefold cover (in imitation of Vanity Fair) features the fourteen “transwomen revolutionaries”, and no male lesbians (called “pigs in wigs” in the trans community) need apply.

Enormously over-sized wig owner Janet Mock is elevated – literally, via a ladder- over the other men, wearing an unflattering porno see-through gown that looks like it was created out of shaving cream and a shower curtain (and maybe it was!). Laverne Cox is beneath him, holding the ladder and modeling his (latest) new nose, looking like he may fling Mock over at any moment onto “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alumnae Carmen Carrera, who vamps at their feet coquettishly, covering his money maker (penis! shh!) with the shag of the floor mop he is wearing. Geena Rocero poses nearby with carefully placed sash, looking like he would enjoy a sandwich, and then a private place to vomit it up.

Absent are the pasty heterosexual male Pigs in Wigs. Perhaps they are being saved for an upcoming “Lesbian” edition.

Pig In A Wig

Pig In A Wig


“Pigs In Wigs” (PIW) or “Pig In A Wig” (PIAW) is a term coined by male transgender community members, particularly those who are male-attracted and come from gay culture, who wanted to distance themselves from the virulent aggressive masculinity, sexual violence, and lazy grooming presentation of heterosexual male cross-dressers who transitioned to become “male lesbians”. [See also: “Brick”].


“I want to be a woman but goddamn if I don’t just feel like a pig in a wig”.

“Don’t go this weekend. Fantasia Fair is strictly Pigs in Wigs”


This term is descriptive and not usually considered a slur. It is a gay and trans community term.

See also: Straights, Linebacker, Male Chauvinist Pig, Autogynephilia, Male Lesbian

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