Slides are from : ‘A Developmental Perspective Of Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Youth And A Collaborative Model Of Care’ presented by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D. at the 2016 Nadherny/Calciano Memorial Youth Symposium: ‘Clinical Essentials for Increased Understanding of the Transgender Community’.

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Platine, getting his goddess on. From the NewYorkTimes.

Is adherence to sex-role stereotypes a faith-based religion? Some transgenders say yes, and worthy of religious property tax exemption. After a multi-year legal battle, the NY State Supreme Court has declined to authorize property tax exemption for the IRS registered 501©(3) non-profit Transsexual Church  “The Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater, Inc”, formerly “Gallae Central House Inc”.

The Catskills transsexual castration cult was founded by longtime transgender activist Cathryn Platine, a man who also uses the public monikers Catkisser, RadicalBitch, and “Reverend Mother Battakes: Transsexual Pagan Priestess: Battakes of the Maetreum of Cybele”. [hahaha I love that-GM] Although granted tax exempt status from the federal government for his transsexual church, Greene County NY officials declined to grant property tax exemption for the Reverend Mother’s residence after a prolonged legal battle, even though rites to the goddess Cybele are held there.

Why the goddess Cybele? The pagan cult of Cybele was, uniquely, a cult of castrated males. Cybele had a priesthood of castrated male eunuchs called the “Galli” that were referred to as “priestesses”, and Cybele also had a castrated male consort named Attis, who was  worshipped. It’s the original pagan Pretendbian cult!

From “Maarten J. Vermaseren, Cybele and Attis: the myth and the cult, translated by A. M. H. Lemmers, London: Thames and Hudson, 1977: “The Galli castrated themselves during an ecstatic celebration called the Dies sanguinis, or “Day of Blood”, which took place on March 24. At the same time they put on women’s costume, mostly yellow in colour, and a sort of turban, together with pendants and ear-rings. They also wore their hair long, and bleached, and wore heavy make-up. They wandered around with followers, begging for charity, in return for which they were prepared to tell fortunes. On the day of mourning for Attis they ran around wildly and dishevelled. They performed dances to the music of pipes and tambourines, and, in an ecstasy, flogged themselves until they bled.”

Sculpture of Castrated Male Priestess

According to Platine : “Our theology starts from the simplest basis: That the Divine Feminine principle is the basis of the universe. That all of us, all that we encounter is Her in the aggregate. We are all the Great Mother learning about Herself. From this simple beginning springs our organizational models, our rituals, the principles of what we call Wholistic Feminism, our mission of charitable outreach and indeed the way we, as Cybelines, live our lives. We are sometimes called the “scholarly Cybelines” because we have invested many years of strict historical research in order to embrace the essence of what proved to be literally the oldest surviving religion in the world.”

Some of Platine’s “Wholistic Feminism”

Platine alleged that his property, the three story historic formal Central House Inn on three acres of property located on heavily traveled route 23a was a shrine to the goddess Cybelle. The feds disagreed, and declined tax exempt property status, finding that the locale was primarily a residence for Platine and company.

From the Watershed Post: “[T]he primary and predominant use of the property was to provide cooperative housing for a small group of individuals, with the religious and charitable uses of the property merely incidental to this residential use,” [Judge] Platkin wrote.

The judge wrote that the property’s temple area, where regular rituals were held, made up only a small part of the entire parcel. He wrote that the rest of the 12-room former inn is used as living quarters for the religion’s members, only three of whom live there full-time.”

In one hilarious exchange in a 2010 article in the local Greene County Daily Mail Platine alleges that local authorities simply fail to recognize the religious underpinnings of most of the home’s décor:

“According to Platine, a tour of the property by town officials, including Vincelette, yielded, to them, little sign of religious iconography.

Though to an unfamiliar vision, and without knowledge of their significance, Platine said, the Cybelline themes and traditional pagan symbols abounding throughout the hotel property may seem obscure.

“Here is a Minoan lily,” Platine said as she pointed to an inconspicuous hand-painted blue and yellow flower on the kitchen’s wooden bar.”

“[Judge] Platkin also dismissed the Matreum’s argument that it deserved a tax exemption on non-religious grounds because it offers free emergency housing to women and transgendered women. The house’s use as an emergency shelter is too “limited and infrequent” to qualify on charitable grounds, the judge wrote.” 

Playing “Little Edie” to Platine’s “Big Edie” at the decaying Catskills transgender Grey Gardens inn (which the NewYork Times gently described as “increasingly decrepit”) is the interesting and historically significant Caillean McMahon.

Cai is apparently a psychiatrist and is the purported author behind prolific fake internet lesbian (and wealthy jet-setting international human rights attorney and captain of the Spanish armada, haha!) sock-puppet “Maureen Hennessey”. He was also the plaintiff [Tronetti v. Healthnet Lakeshore Hosp 2003] in what was arguably one of the most important legal cases in the modern transgender movement, a case whose ruling will long outlive the noxious anti-female “gender identity” classification that is now being challenged by feminist and women’s rights legal experts. Like the recent  Vandizer Elizabeth Glenn 11th Circuit ruling widely celebrated as historic in the LGBT movement for affirming the rights to free gender expression under existing title VII sex-based equality protections (as opposed to codifying and enshrining anti-female sex-role stereotypes into law as “gender identity” does), Tronetti/McMahon successfully won his 2003 second circuit NY case which explicitly ruled that transgenders are protected under Title VII on the basis of sex , not gender discrimination.

Cai and his daughter also maintain a telegraph museum with working telegraph on the grounds of Platine’s gender church, where Cai produces painstakingly accurate reproductions of historical documents related to telegraphy and commuter trains.

If I was a budding documentary filmmaker- well actually I’d be filming heterosexual male transvestic lesbophobe MRAs attacking lesbians at Dyke Marches. But my second choice would be Grey Gardens 2013 at the decaying manse of the Church of the Castrated Men. Any takers? Not only would they make fascinating subject for a cult documentary but perhaps with the increased visibility Platine and company could charge admission to the estate and run things like a proper roadside attraction,  amusing and mystifying weary Catskills “seekers” looking for a respite from their spiritual touristing at any of the neighboring “Eat Pray Love” cult compounds. There is simply no excuse that someone as commitedly whackadoodle as Cathryn Plantine and company should have to struggle for nickels when the market for crackpottery has never been stronger.

Seriously what is wrong with the transgender community that they will chip-in thousands of dollars to disgusting predators and pornmongers like Tobi Hill-Meyers and yet leave insane fabulists like The Reverend Mother WhateverTheFuck Platine to go to dust trying to maintain a weird decrepit inn housing a stupid religiousy thing that never hurt anyone [as far as we yet know, the backyard diggings have not yet begun-GM]? Priorities, people.

All you autogynephillic IT magnates and coders, put aside the fake lesbian porn for long enough to extract a few dollars from your facial feminization savings account and send a few bucks to Platine. Spend well, spend large, and support a truly unique example of Americana and religious kookassery.

One of Platine’s followers.

You can read the court decision here, although I can’t imagine why you’d want to:

Transgender Flipside

October 26, 2011

These are pictures of Iranian Olympics Women’s Soccer Teams. One of these pictures is pornographic. That is to say the athletes are displaying themselves sexually in an obscene way that invites male erections. Can you spot it? Which women are decent and which are not? Which depicts honorable athletes and which displays females whorishly enticing innocent men to rape? It’s not a minor issue, your answer means the difference between women competing in the Olympics and being locked in the house so look again. See it? The exposed necks? The whorish naked nude necks? There, in the second picture which shows Olympic approved head coverings.

The Iranian women’s soccer team withdrew from Olympic contention today because Iran refused to allow them to obey FICA rules which forbids uniforms which can constrict an athlete’s neck. 

Team poses for pic as they withdrawal from competition over the neck porn issue:

Update to this story:“on-june-17-we-will-drive”-saudi-women-plan-mass-protest-for-freedom-to-drive/

One of the organizers of the June 17th Saudi Women Drive protest has been arrested, and also family members. The Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel have been deleted by Saudi government authorities. The facebook page had over 13,000 women who committed to participating in the driving protest before it was deleted. The arrested are Manal Al-Sharif, the woman shown driving on the now deleted YouTube video, and her brother.

Saudi police arrested the woman even though there is not actually any law against female drivers. It is on the authority of conservative religious zealots that the ban is in place, even though there is no such prohibition in Islam. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world with such a ban against women.

According to Arab News there is an anti-women driving campaign now started which advises men to beat women who drive: “Among these calls is a campaign demanding all men to beat up women attempting to drive. The men have been told to use their igals (head bands) to strike women behind the wheels in the streets.”

Another campaign was started by men pledging to protect women drivers, including a Facebook page called Protecting Saudi Females on 17th June.

The Saudi Women’s Revolution FB page is still up, and a page showing worldwide support of Manal Alsharif- 

The page states:

“Manal AlSharif
founder of “I will drive starting June 17”
a campaign which encourages and enables saudi women to drive.

She is an inspirational leader that will be remarkable for future generations as the first Saudi woman ever to announce driving a car by herself

Manal Al sharif, is one of hundreds Saudi women who seek their rights, justice, and dignity. She’s now another victim to the oppression of the Saudi police men. Manal in her attempt to challenge women driving ban in Saudi Arabia by the most pacifist way, through an event on facebook, has been arrested twice late at night Sunday, May 22, by the hands of the religious police and without any apparent legal reasons.

We’ve been fighting for so long in a country where human rights are barely applied. We ask for your help and media support to our essential case.

Spread the news and join us.”

New twitter:!/ManalFree (Pro-tip to Saudi Authorities: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SHUT THESE WOMEN UP.)

A group of Saudi women are organizing a mass “drive-in” for June 17, 2011. They will risk arrest, the loss of their jobs, and possibly further restriction on what little freedoms they have.

From The Seattle Times: “Saudi Arabia enforces the ascetic Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam. Women aren’t allowed to have a Saudi driver’s permit. They can’t travel or get an education without male approval, or mix with unrelated men in public places. They aren’t permitted to vote or run as candidates in municipal elections, the only ones the kingdom allows.

The last time a group of women publicly defied the driving ban was on Nov. 6, 1990, when U.S. troops had massed in Saudi Arabia to prepare for a war that would expel Iraq from Kuwait. The Saudi women were spurred by images of female U.S. soldiers driving in the desert and stories of Kuwaiti women driving their children to safety, and they were counting on the presence of international media to ensure their story would reach the world and lessen the repercussions, according to Noura Abdullah, 55.

Abdullah was one of 47 drivers and passengers who stayed out for about an hour before being arrested. They were banned from travel for a year, lost their jobs for 2 ½ years and were condemned by the powerful clergy as harlots.”

According to the United Nations 2010 Human Development Report’s Gender Equality Index, although Saudi Arabia scores high in development, they are one of the worst nations in the world when it comes to gender equality. “The country shows high human development, with a global HDI [Human Development Index] ranking of 55, an HDI of 0.75 and income per capita of nearly $25,000. However, despite good female educational attainment, women are nearly absent from parliament, and female labour force participation rates are only one-forth those for men, giving the country a GII [Gender Inequality Index] value of 0.76, and a ranking of 128 out of 138 countries.”

The Saudi government has hinted many times over the years that the restriction on female driving would be lifted, but it has never followed through. The Guardian reports that a 2004 study showed 47% of Saudi women own a car! But they are not permitted to drive them. According to , a site devoted entirely to news surrounding Saudi women driving, the fact that average families cannot afford to pay for taxis or drivers means the ban has an even more severe effect on women of lower income and their families.

 A Facebook Page has been set up by some of the women who are planning the protest. As of today nearly 2000 have pledged to participate. They declare: “On June 17th, 2011.. We women in Saudi Arabia, from all nationalities, will start driving our cars by ourselves

We are not here to break the law or demonstrate or challenge the authorities, we are here to claim one of our simplest rights

We have driver’s license and we will abide by the traffic laws..

Enough with the talk… we are here to walk the talk and just do it.. it’s about time!”

(The participating women are being advised to have international driver’s licenses, since Saudi licenses are not issued to women. That way additional charges cannot be brought against them).

Also a twitter site has been set up to gather support, and to post updates on the day of the event.!/Women2Drive