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This is a guest post submitted by Lane Anderson (a pseudonym), a practicing psychotherapist who has worked extensively with “trans kids” and their families. She shares with us her clinical insights into her clients, child psychology, and the impact of the transgender phenomenon on our society as a whole.

If there are other mental health providers reading this post, please consider guest posting or responding in the comments section below the article.

I am a licensed psychotherapist. I’m writing this post on my last day at a teen health clinic, where I’ve seen patients and their families for nearly a decade.

In the past year especially, it’s become increasingly clear to me that I cannot uphold the primary value of my profession, to do no harm, without also seriously jeopardizing my standing in the professional community.  It’s a terrible and unfortunate conflict of interest. I’ve lost much sleep over the fact that, for a significant portion of my clients and their parents, I am unable to provide what they profess…

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By Kathy Mandigo

image  I am packing up my stuff to move, and I came across a folder of work-related papers. One item was a card I had forgotten I had, but as soon as I opened it, I remembered it and the sender. It was a card of thanks from a transgendered patient, a lesbian who transitioned to a man, expressing appreciation for my help in her* journey to become the man she felt she was.

*(While I used to accede to my patients’ chosen pronouns, I now use the biologically appropriate one.)

I saw this patient at a youth clinic (patients under 26), and she was usually accompanied by her girlfriend. She had been seen and assessed and started on treatment at the Gender Dysphoria Clinic that ran at the time in a local hospital. I initiated nothing, merely administered the testosterone injections they prescribed.

I watched my patient…

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This was written by someone who goes by the name Cecelia Valentin, a narcissistic sociopath pedophile trans woman who wants everyone to pity him because he’s attracted to young children and is “dating” a 15. He’s fucking disgusting.

cecelia Valentine

Destroying Cissexism In Feminist Discourse
22 hrs ·
This is Admin Cecelia, you can find my actual profile at facebook.com/transgendurr, I founded this page, I make most of the posts. If you are going to continue to read please understand this long status is going to contain some really really heavy shit, if you’re not okay with content involving child rape, pedophilia or CSA it’s best if you continue on, I’ve poured my heart into this post so maybe you’ll want to give it a chance any ways. Please understand that coming out about this in this way has been the most painful thing I have ever had to do, I…

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The success or failure of medical treatment can be evaluated in a variety of different ways. Objectively measurable criteria generally provide the most stable, repeatable, and transferable results. Subjectively measurable criteria, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to unconscious bias and manipulation.

In the context of the “sex reassignment” procedures, patient satisfaction outcomes are often given primary importance. But they are not the only relevant factor for consideration. This is especially true when looking at what happens years out, after transition. We should look past immediate gratification to sustained realities. Long-term studies necessarily give us the fullest picture of transsexuals’ lives.

In order to highlight differences between subjective and objective criteria, I will review and comment on the results of four long-term follow up studies on transsexuals. Here are examples of criteria used to measure the efficacy of “sex reassignment” procedures:

OBJECTIVE: mortality, suicides, hospitalizations, criminal convictions, surgical complications…

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stabler-3 Can you pick which one is “Working Mother of the Year”? Clue: None of the short ones.

Glass Ceiling, what Glass Ceiling?

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Merry Christmas All!

December 24, 2013


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Misogyny is alive and well and thriving on Twitter. ‘Twitter?’ you say, ‘Twitter is not real life’. Well with over 500 million users worldwide and as one of the top ten most visited websites, Twitter is very much real life. Twitter is a very powerful tool and, like any powerful tool, in the wrong hands it can wreak havoc.

If you’re a woman with an opinion on Twitter, be prepared for regular misogynistic onslaughts from people you have never met and are never likely to meet. Twitter is the bully’s manna from heaven: they sit behind the relative anonymity of their computers, seeking out victims to taunt, mock and abuse. At the merest whiff of blood, they tweet their bullying comrades, inciting a ‘pile-on’ of their quarry – and apparently taking a perverse pleasure in doing so.

If you are a woman who dared contribute to the current #sharedgirlhood hashtag, the…

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