Pittsburgh Transgender Physician Dr. Aeryn Fulton, Md.,PhD.

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Here’s what Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich) wants you to know.

He is 41.

He is a post-doctorate medical researcher.

He went to med school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

He was a third year medical student at Children’s Hospital in Medical/Pediatrics in 2009.

He is partnered with a F2T who was a resident at CHOP that same year.

He lives in Pittsburgh.

He is a “Male to Female” transsexual, and has considered himself such for about the last ten years.

He “lives and goes by Aeryn now”.

He has grown breasts but is still packing peen.

He is pals with the wack-a-doo M2T/F2T couple at the center of the Pitt Bomb Threat controversy.

His IP address is

He has strong anti-feminist, anti-lesbian, Nationalist and Libertarian beliefs.

He hates feminists, lesbians, and muslims, and he plans on doing something about it.

Let’s allow him to speak for himself, shall we?

  • aerynxv 8 hours ago

    Remember “gaynotqueer” on tumblr? You know why “he” stopped posting? Pretty much the same reason you will. He was not the first. When I used to post as “Plastic Girl” on gendertrender, I found out his dox, and passed them to some cane-swinging urban transwomen in “his” neighborhood. We know what gay bars “he” went to. This is real life baby, dont write checks your ass cannot cash.

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  • aerynxv

    aerynxv 8 hours ago

    EPIC ass-whipping coming your way Nicky. You are sooooo screwed. Shall I meet you at dunkin donuts? I’ll just watch your twitter and see where you are. This is going to be fun. It’s been a long time in coming. BTW I have it on good authority Cathy Brennan will have a terrible accident at this year’s dyke march. THAT”S been a long time coming to. I want your ipod as a trophy. I will get it. See you soon, sweetumz!


    aerynxv 7 hours ago

    DIAF. All radical feminists will pay a terrible price. 2013 is going to be apocalyptic. We are so done with words. “Making a list, checking it twice, bringing some comeuppance wont that be nice? Planting radfems deep in the ground”.


    aerynxv commented 2 days ago

    If I threaten to eviserate Gallus Mag, and she presses charges, under USA law I have the right to face my accuser. Thus, I will know her identity. Autumn Sandeen is offering $10k for that info.


    aerynxv commented 2 days ago

    This year we are taking Michfest down. 2013 is the year of transequality. Suck it, Brennan! See you at the dyke march.


    aerynxv commented 2 days ago

    Muslims bleed red. I know; Ive bled a few.


    aerynxv posted 3 days ago

    I want you all to realize, I’m; the ultimate Libertarian.If you are cool with me, I’m cool with you. IF NOT, LEAVE ME and MINE alone, or I will harm you. Violence is always an option, and I have studied to dispense violence all my life.


    aerynxv 5 months ago

    We trans womyn have to battle for our very right to exist and transition against hordes of Fascist JaniceRaymondiod lesbian bulldyke 2nd wave radfems. We do NOT appreciate self-loathing little boyz taking up for the trans-exterminationist diesel dyke crowd. If you come to terms with taking a man as your ex partner, you too can avoid chasing nasty cis-woman coochie and free yourself from cis-woman mind-fuckkery!


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Jonathan Aeryn Fulton, MD, PhD – Postdoc Research Associate 412-692-9573


J. Aeryn Fulton