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Bailey, J. Michael.

Triea, Kiira.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 50, Number 4, Autumn

2007, pp. 521-534 (Article)


A COMMON UNDERSTANDING OF male-to-female transsexualism is that all

MtF transsexuals are, essentially, women trapped in men’s bodies.The standard

narrative of men who become women goes something like this: “I have

always felt that I was born in the wrong body. I have always been feminine in

my interests and feelings. My desire to change sex is about my gender identity

and not my sexuality.”This narrative, which Dreger (2007) has termed “the feminine

essence narrative,” represents both what most laypeople believe to be true as well as

what transsexuals are likely to say publicly.The narrative has been extended to an

etiological theory, which Lawrence (2007b) has called “the brainsex

theory of transsexualism.” The transsexual advocacy website, transsexual.org,

puts this theory succinctly: “A transsexual is a person in which the sex-related

structures of the brain that define gender identity are exactly opposite the physical

sex organs of the body.”


    The standard, feminine essence narrative, and the associated brain-sex theory,

are incorrect, in the sense that they do not represent reality, even if they do correspond

with many transsexual individuals’ beliefs and identities. The best scientific

evidence (discussed below) indicates that there are two distinct subtypes of

MtF transsexuals, and that the feminine essence narrative at best approximates

the life history of only one subtype. Paradoxically, this explanation of MtF

transsexualism persists because it is the explanation preferred by the other subtype, to

which it does not apply at all. The popularity of the feminine essence narrative

reflects factors other than the strength of scientific support. Its persistence has

likely had negative consequences for both science and transsexuals themselves.

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James E. Mead/Andrea James

Those who follow trends in gender, and even some casual readers will be well familiar with transgender activist Andrea James. A graduate of men’s-only Wabash College (which describes it’s mission as teaching males “The Gentleman’s Rule”), James E. Mead rode to fame in the genderist community in 1996 after undergoing and championing a series of radical facial cosmetic surgical procedures in an ongoing plastic surgery diary called TS Roadmap. James was the first autosexual genderist man to promote the surgical ideal of inserting a female-looking face on a male skull and body. He helped popularize these surgeries – now known as “facial feminization surgery”- among gendersexual/autogynephillic men. James helped spur the gendersexual trend away from genital surgeries and toward facial surgeries: which help the men who derive stimulation from imagining themselves inhabiting an approximation of a sexualized female body to achieve a “face passing as female” socially (at least on first glance). He paved the way for men to claim facial cosmetic surgery as a form of “sex-reassignment” surgery.

In addition to his surgical diary (and grudge blog) TSRoadmap, James makes bank on hair removal sites HairFacts and HairTell and produces consumer videos for men in voice instruction in imitating a female tone. He has been accused of charging kickbacks for surgical and electrolysis endorsements on his websites.

James started using Wikipedia to post articles promoting his hair removal sites, then began editing feminist, lesbian, gender and transgender entries (including his own biographical entry which he has had edited and removed several times). As wikipedia editor “Jokestress” he has edited over 45,000 articles, with special attention given to hair removal articles which he publishes as free promotion for his websites and products.

Andrea James is perhaps best known for posting photos of a nine year old girl stolen from a social networking site and captioning the child a “cock-starved exhibitionist”. In response to public outcry James deleted the posts before he was arrested yet later claimed the child “deserved it” because James was angry at the child’s father, sexologist Michael Bailey. You can read about this in the NewYorkTimes article exposing James here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/21/health/psychology/21gender.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

James still holds some sway in the transgender political movement, largely on the basis of his previous celebrity as a facial surgery diarist, and his political campaign against all psychiatric and medical research into treating gender dysphoria. However his antics as a disreputable activist using unethical tactics and exhibiting poor impulse control are so widely documented (he once held up a graphic of what he called “a greedy Jew” at a seminar where he went on to elucidate on “greedy jew children” as a supposed correlative to male gender stereotypes) that his influence is widely diminished. His last media splash was to promote a video he created called “I Like Big Dicks”. Surprisingly, he was added in 2007 to the Board of Trustees of a marginal group called “Trans Youth Family Allies” which purports to support “transgender children” but became embroiled in controversy when one of it’s graduates and “success stories”, a female teenager and daughter of one of the group’s founders, committed suicide after “treatment”.

James with “female” face on male skull and body after many surgeries

James popped back up this week when long-time transgender activist Denise Manger died of cancer. James was disturbed because Alice Dreger- the woman who exposed his unethical tactics (and his sexualized targeting of a nine-year-old girl) to the New York Times eulogized Denise on her blog. You can read Dreger’s detailed account of Andrea James’ actions here: [PDF] http://www.springerlink.com/content/0753m756162q4236/fulltext.pdf?MUD=MP

Dreger has reported extensively on medical ethics surrounding sex and gender. While not a feminist, she has researched, written and advised  on sex-typing in Olympic sporting events – taking issue with discrepancies in regulation of female-generated testosterone levels while male levels of testosterone are un-regulated, taking issue with the medicalization of children who reject sex-role stereotypes and the transgender activists that seek to colonize such children to present a “pre-sexual” face to the transgender movement, taken issue with the transgender movement’s colonization and disregard of Intersex individuals/ those with congenital disorders or differences in reproductive development, and perhaps most importantly, spearheaded a campaign against the outrageous medical experimentation being conducted on pregnant women using off-label pre-natal dexamethasone “treatment” to “prevent lesbianism”.  Dreger is the founder of FetalDex.Org, an organization created to document and protest off-label medical experimentation on pregnant women the sole purpose of which is to prevent Lesbian, Gay and non-sex-stereotypical female birth.

Read a VERY interesting account (arguably more interesting than anything else in this post) by Dreger of the challenges in medical and nursing practice regarding ethics related to experimentation on gay, lesbian, and transgender children here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fetishes-i-dont-get/201210/the-dex-diaries-part-9-the-real-silent-majority

Whatever your views, Dreger’s work is critically important and her writings essential.

Sigh. But back to wack-ass Andrea James. Because it is also important to document historically the hideously misogynist attacks and harassment on Dreger by the transgender movement by men like Andrea James. This is history, baby.

What follows are the terms James uses to characterize researcher and medical ethicist Alice Dreger in his post this week on his TG Roadmap site. In a creepy spree of pedophilic prose he characterizes female children who are predated and raped by adult male high school teachers as “needy”.  He speculates on female-authored academic work which disagrees with his beliefs as reflective of our “Daddy issues”. Dear lord. This list is a pretty good illustration of how James helped foster a culture of sexist misogynist heterosexual male autosexual transgender activism, and also why he is now considered a marginalized activist among mainstream genderists. Creeps be creepy! Enjoy.

Descriptors presented in order he posted them.

James Mead/Andrea James’ terms for female ethicist Alice Dreger in his latest article:






Blinded to the truth by [her] own incompetence.

Highly susceptible to flattery.

Extremely thin-skinned.

Willing to believe anything from anyone who agrees

Willing to believe anything from anyone who disagrees with a perceived enemy.



Dreger is the kind of needy person who loses her virginity to an exploitative high school teacher.

Dreger and her desire to please him seem very similar to her high school behavior

Dreger’s weird fixation with presenting herself as sexually desirable

Dreger is what passes for an academic these days.

clueless hack



blinded by her own histrionic self-righteousness.

tries to stir up old controversies to make a quick buck and get the attention she craves

Daddy was probably a strict disciplinarian, and Dreger found the best way to get attention was to get in trouble.

thrives on feeling persecuted.

keeps picking fights.

can’t get anything done unless she feels persecuted/angry

tries to pick fights with people who threaten her livelihood or veneer of credibility.

incompetent and blinded to the truth


easy to exploit

eager to spread misinformation and lies without checking them

a fool


If you like accident scenes and have time for cray here’s the link to James’ whole speil, er, account:


OH GOOD GOLLY! Looks like James has removed his “apology” to sexologist Bailey’s kids! Oh NOEZZZZZ! Guess I will have to print the (non)apology here. See where James “apologizes” for the “analogy” of POSTING PICTURES OF A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL CAPTIONED WITH “COCK-STARVED EXHIBITIONIST by ACCUSING Bailey of “failing” his “emotional and religious commitment to his family” BY GETTING DIVORCED. HAHAHAHAHA


See it here folks. James the “Big Dick” has scrubbed his site. But GenderTrender has your back, yo! Enjoy reading where James blames the children he sexually targeted for their own distress! And blames their Dad for James’ sexual exploitation of them for his sin of dedicating his book to them! Holy SHIT! KEEP ALL KIDS AWAY FROM THIS MAN. Creepy-ass-fuck. This is an insane man.

Andrea James’ non-pology for sexual pedophillic attacks 1 of 2

Andrea James’ nonpology to pedo sexual attacks on Bailey’s children 2 of 2


The above selection is Andrea James’ new video, filmed and narrated by himself. It’s part of his new fundraising drive for TYFA (pronounced “typha”).

Typha” is the ancient Greek name for Cattails and perhaps refers to the “smoke-like” (“typh” is Greek for “smoke”) mass dispersal of seeds.”

The seeds that TYFA- Trans Youth Family Allies- is mass dispersing are the seeds of Genderism: the belief that sex-roles or “Gender” is biologically based and hard-wired to one’s reproductive sex at birth. Their agenda? Putting children as young as 18 months old into a medical “treatment path” to sterilization, experimental and untested puberty-blocking drug regimes, lifetime synthetic hormone dependence and disabling and mutilating cosmetic surgery. They claim to help families of sex-role non-conforming children get “back to normal” (an exact quote from the organization’s president) by medically and surgically trying to force children into conformity with cultural gender norms. Their official motto is “T.A.C.T. – Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment. “

TYFA activist Andrea James’s interest in children first became apparent when he shocked the academic world by stealing photos of a sexologist Michael Bailey’s elementary school-aged children and posting them online with pornographic captions such as “cocksucker” written on their faces in a campaign designed to silence the author and researcher.

Here is Andrea James’s last video production: “Liking Big Dicks” (NSFW):

There are two other videos in the TYFA campaign, one featuring founder Kim Pearson, whose minor child medically transsexualized before maturity:


In the video Pearson sounds exactly like the old Christian Children’s Fund commercials. Including the promise of a handwritten thank you note from a sponsored child!

Pearson says:

At this point I think we really need to move or propel the organization to a different level. We’ve been operating on a very tight very minimal budget for quite a while. We don’t charge families for our services, schools really don’t have a lot of money at this point for our services, and so we have been dependent on individual donors, whether it be five dollars or twenty five dollars, a hundred dollars, five hundred dollars. We’ve been very grassroots, and I think it’s time to really professionalize the organization to take it to the next level, to have even larger and more visible national and international presence. We’re very, very certain that right now we’re only reaching the tip of the iceburg. And we need to be able to be more proactive. We need to be able to figure out how to work with kids who DON’T have family support. And there are far, far more children who do not have family support than those that do. And we know from research at the Family Acceptance Project [A survey of 245 white and Latino LGBT youth ages 21-25 “ who were open about their sexual orientation to at least one parent or primary caregiver during adolescence”.  Family acceptance measures “included positive family comments, behaviors and interactions related to their children’s LGBT identity” Nothing to do with drugs and surgeries. PDF here]that the most important piece, for a healthy outcome all the way around, socially, monetarily, emotionally, for these children is to have family support. And we can help that happen if we have the financial backing that we need.

If the school’s not picking up that tab, and the parents aren’t able to pick up that tab- which we don’t require anyway- You know, who picks up that tab? We have to fund that somehow. If we have regular monthly donations coming in we know we can commit ourselves to a number of -a certain number of school trainings every year. And we know that if we have more than we need for that then we can take on bigger and better projects. There are conferences that we attend every year to reach greater numbers of families, and to reach greater numbers of providers. These are very costly. But we reach huge numbers of people in one setting in a few days. So when you give monthly we know that we can meet the demands of those schedules and we don’t have to say wow, we can’t go to that conference. We can’t fill the need. Because there aren’t enough dollars. YOU have an opportunity to make a difference. Just as our trainers make a difference, you can make a difference.

crying for money

You can sponsor a family. You can sponsor a program. You can literally change a child’s life. You can literally save a child’s life [ gets choked up] by donating. Wow! [laughs]. This is something that you can do [tears up like Tammy Faye]. It’s something we do every day at TYFA but you can get involved. You can make a significant difference in the trajectory of one of these children’s lives, or many of these children’s lives. By the signing up for monthly donations [sic]. Making a difference. We’ll have the children write you the thank you note, instead of me. But you can do this. It is an amazing opportunity, and you can come, and you can see the work that we’re doing, and you can feel the same sense of satisfaction that I feel every day when I go to work and when my head hits the pillow at the night [sic]. At the end of the day I know that I’ve made a difference. I know that I have saved lives. And you can have that sort of satisfaction too. “

The third new TYFA fundraising video follows the exact same formula. Co-founder Shannon talks for five minutes about how she realized her son was transsexual at the age of 18 months, how much TYFA needs your money, gets choked up and tears up in the last 90 seconds to drive the fundraising pitch home.

James’s campaign seems designed to appeal to pedomorphic  middle aged white male heterosexual crossdressers and “retirement transitioners”, many of whom are obsessed with the idea of pre-pubertal transgenders, and are also the market for  lush, sexualized pedo-tinged “art photo” books that feature the puberty-blocked children as if in the latest underage Calvin Klein ad campaign.

Incidentally, when TYFA gave a presentation at last month’s WPATH convention where the new international transsexual “treatment guidelines” were unveiled, Kim Pearson and TYFA refused to provide any documentation or research to substantiate the claims they were making about childhood transsexualism, even though such claims go against all established research into childhood gender non-conformity. TYFA also refused to participate in international research studies on transgender children. Pearson claimed they had no right to know where TYFA drew the conclusions of their presentation from, and no cooperation with international data collection/research would be forthcoming, because the researcher’s work did not agree with their childhood transsexuality program and thus made their job harder.

Research shows that over 94% of children who are referred for professional treatment due to gender dysphoria experience spontaneous remission in adulthood if left alone. The other 6% continue to have some form of dysphoria or discomfort  and may or may not request psychological or other treatment. The vast majority of the children , if left untreated grow up to be well adjusted Gay and Lesbian adults. 

Not only does TYFA’s program run in opposition to credible scientific research and the Lesbian and Gay Liberation movement, it also goes against the research and experience of Intersex activists: “In adult life people chose gender expressions, sexuality and roles they never could have anticipated as children. We should not let parents or medicos limit life options for children by offering sterilization and medical dependency as part of package deal to “fix”gender/sex missmatch. The possibility that a child might grow up to be gay, genderqueer, or even a non-op transgender person is denied these children. “



The Cult language of Gender Fundamentalist Trans Youth Family Allies:

In T.A.C.T. = Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment.

Kim Pearson is Executive Director and Founding Member of TransYouth Family Allies, “the only national organization dedicated exclusively to education and advocacy for gender variant and transgender children and youth.” TYFA is a tax free non-profit  organization devoted to lobbying for and promoting the medical/surgical “correction” (or as they put it, the“affirmation”) of gender-noncompliant youths. This means they advocate chemical castration of pre-teens followed by surgical sterilization. In the first year (2007) Pearson claims they “affirmed” 15 children, but as of May 2010 were “affirming” 150-180 children annually.

Kim Pearson: “I think this is pretty much the tip of the iceburg, I think for probably every ten kids that come to us-  ten families that come to us- there are maybe a hundred that don’t- that aren’t seeking the answers or aren’t supporting their children. So I think we’re only going to see this grow and grow and grow as people become more aware.”

When TYFA says “Keep your gender variant child IN T.A.C.T.”, they actually mean chemically castrate them and surgically sterilize them, then force them into lifetime drug dependence. Not “Intact” AT ALL.

We already know CONCLUSIVELY that the majority of these kids would turn out gay/lesbian without this corrective “treatment”. So why do this to kids? Perhaps a look at the Board of Trustees will be illuminating…

The board members and advisors of this tax-free transgender pediatric lobbying agency are a very interesting group – including Director Andrea James, who famously posted pictures of author J.Michael Bailey’s elementary school aged children online with pornographic captions superimposed, Andrea disgustingly and illegally captioned the purloined photo of Bailey’s prepubertal minor daughter:  “cock-starved exhibitionist.” and Johanna Olson MD, of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles which has “treated” over 500 children with gender-nonconformity and who presents workshops called Toddlers to Teens: Comprehensive Health Care For Your Transgender Child” (and no, health care does not refer to illness, these are healthy kids being “treated” for sex role incongruence. Healthy toddlers being put on the path to medically recommended sterilization and a lifetime dependence on drugs. At least recommended by Dr. Olson, one of the few MDs condoning such practices.)  The text from one of Dr. Olson’s promotional blurbs: “Early intervention with proper medical care and mental health care, can greatly increase the success of a child’s transition. While medical and mental health expertise for transgender children are currently a rare phenomena, this workshop will vigorously address this deficiency and empower participants to find the proper care for their child. Session I will focus on initial evaluation of the child, counseling child and family, social transition and the medical screening of younger children“. Treating transgender TODDLERS. Rigggght. Reminds me of the guy who beat a 17 month old to death for not acting “manly” enough.

Quite a few other interesting Board members and Advisors- I’ll post them all in comments.

TYFA anti-discrimination policy:

Hello. What’s missing from this non-discrimination policy that’s included on every such policy in the known universe? Sex. Freaking sex discrimination. TYFA reserves the right to discriminate on the basis of physical sex. Go figure.

If you’re a parent of a child insisting he’s a girl or she’s a boy, RUN RUN RUN from these people! Don’t sterilize your kids and place them on a lifetime regime of drugs! Love them and support them to be the person they grow up to be, even if that person breaks all the lame rules of “gender” in our society! Give them the skills they may need to cope with being different!