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Today In The LGBT

August 2, 2012

As a public service GenderTrender has compiled todays Lesbian-related stories from the mainstream LGBT “blogosphere”:

The Advocate: “fascinating” article by Diana Anderson-Minshall, featuring Professor Bambi Lobdell, a heterosexual woman promoting her new book on “reclaim[ing] transgender men from lesbian or passing woman history.” The specific lesbian that Lobdell attempts to “reclaim” as transgender is distant relative and 19th century marksman Lucy Ann Lobdell , known as “The Female Hunter of Delaware County”. Heterosexual Lobdell’s rewriting of lesbian history is called “A Strange Sort of Being: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912”.

 How “fascinating” is this het woman’s rewriting of lesbian history? From Anderson-Minshall’s first paragraph:

“Now Lobdell’s distant relative, professor Bambi L. Lobdell, has written a fascinating account of Joseph Lobdell — who she calls Lucy-Joe — and what happened after he moved to the frontier, married a woman, and bucked 19th-century social restrictions and gender expectations. It’s a fascinating story of forced marriage, arrest, and incarceration in an insane asylum. Although 20th-century scholars have labeled Lobdell a lesbian, the author, while incorporating queer theory and Lobdell’s own writings, makes a fascinating argument in A Strange Sort of Being: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912 that there never was a “female hunter” but really a transgender man who would eventually be locked away from society and his beloved for insisting on being a man.”

Sounds pretty fucking fascinating, No?

Then again the author of the piece (and fascinated party) is Anderson-Minshall, the Advocate’s executive editor and long-time editor of lesbian media, now “heterosexually” married to her ex-lesbian “transman” partner.

Lesbian No Mo

Lobdell hetsplains to the lesbian reader how the lesbian subject, in her 1855 autobiography “The Female Hunter” erroneously identified herself as a women’s rights activist: “The autobiography presents an intelligent and strongly worded feminist manifesto for equal pay and opportunities for women and a personal refusal to live an oppressed life in the domestic sphere; she also presents her bold plan to seize freedoms and opportunities that women did not have legal rights to at the time by going out into the world in men’s clothes. The few newspaper articles available were modern retellings of older newspaper articles that often only featured Lucy as a woman who refused to stay in the place society set for her.” Hetsplainer calls the subject’s autobiographical assertions about herself “cissexist ignorance”. Hetsplainer informs lesbian readers that lesbians in history who “passed” as males to steal some form of freedom from “the man” would not do so unless they were “transgender”. Why on earth else would females risk it? “Considering the great deal of harassment and incarceration Joe experienced because of his gender presentation, I conclude that his reason for doing so was that he felt he was a man and brave enough to live as one openly.”

Gosh hetero lady! So all the persecuted lesbians and “passing” females in history must have been “male brained”! Who knew? What would we do without heteros erasing lesbians in articles written by “ex-lesbians” in the Advocate???

Hetero lady goes on to use Chaz Bono’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars as an example of how “We see variations of backlash when female-bodied persons who claim to be women enter traditional male spaces like sports, politics, or business, but when that person identifies as male, the amplified backlash reveals its transphobic fear.” But gosh hetero lady: there has NEVER been a lesbian or gay couple featured on that show. Much LESS a gender-nonconforming lesbian. Oops!

Lobdell goes on detail her anti-homosexual agenda: “I identify as straight, but am a strong ally for LGBTQ people. I teach gender studies classes at SUNY Oneonta, where I have been turned loose to teach classes in queer studies and transgender studies and queer literature, which the students seem to be hungry for. I love working with student groups exploring any gender or queer issues, and am trying to find time to reach out to communities near me to get more involved with queer youth, especially trans kids.”

Professor Lobdell explains how lesbians and gays have it all wrong:

“When sexual attraction is reduced to a mere pairing up of opposite sets of genitals in our cultural understanding, the aspect of gender is absent. There seems to be an assumption that desire experienced by straight women is based on longing for sex with a body that has a penis, and desire experienced by lesbian women is based on longing for sex with a body with female genitals, as if gender is not a consideration. But what if desire and sexual satisfaction for some women are built around a desire for masculinity and masculine qualities and characteristics, but not a penis or traditional male body or person? We have such rigid boxes for what sex styles people can subscribe to, which greatly limits the potential for human sexual experience. Even today with the boxes of gay and lesbian more acceptable, those categories are still based on the genitals each body has, as if genitals alone are the source of truth about identity and desire. What if they’re not? What if genitals are not the core of a person’s identity or the single criteria for how to form intimate relationships?”

Oh Gosh! She’s a hetero professor of The Cotton Ceiling! THANKS Advocate for your ONE “lesbian” article of the day, erasing women’s history and telling lesbians how we are “doing it wrong” by rejecting the LADYPEEN.

Lets bail from the Advocate and see what Bilerico has for us today:

Oh my! What do we have here? ANOTHER article by heterosexual male pretendbian, pornographer and prolific anti-lesbian and anti-female activist Tobi Hill-Meyers instructing us about the “issue” of “prejudice” involved in lesbians and gays that don’t want to DATE opposite sex people! Two mainstream LGBT Cotton Ceiling posts written by heterosexuals “educating” gays and lesbians about “how we’re doing it wrong” in one day. Whew! My irony-expressing quotation marks are getting exhausted! Yawwwwwn…

Lets move along to AmericablogGay:

Editor John Aravosis has added a new blogger to the all-male roster. But this time it’s….. ANOTHER MALE. Shockingly, even John NOTICES this, stating he “would love to have more women bloggers on the blog, but it’s been tough finding them – am checking out two right now, but if you know of anyone – for the main or gay sites – please send them my way: john at americablog dot com. Thanks!”

HAHAHAHAHA. He doesn’t KNOW of any lesbian bloggers. Oh, and by “have more” women bloggers on the Gay site, he means “any”. BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE. Goddammit John for making me use more quotation marks you sonofagun.

Moving on to JoeMyGod, Towle and Pams:

Joe and Andy are wise enough to just skip covering any lesbian news today, Pam’s has Chick fil A.

That’s today’s wrap-up of Lesbian news in the U.S. mainstream LGBT blogosphere. GenderTrender is pleased to provide this service of keeping you up to date. Cheers!

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*If anyone wants to use this little picture on the sidebar of their blog help yourself

Butch Pride blogger and spoken-word artist “Dirt” has been blogging for some time now about the teen/tweener transgender trend. Girls who believe that rejection of increasingly constrictive female norms means they “must be male”. They rightfully refuse to be “treated like girls” in all the ways gender is inflicted upon them. These girls don’t want to act out a “female” role in relationships with boys (understandably), but don’t want to be marginalized as the gender-non-conforming women that they are. Or they don’t want to be “othered” as lesbians because their only images of lesbians in mainstream media are presented as goony or the weird androids of male lesbo-porn. Femininity-rejecting females simply DO NOT EXIST in the media reflection that is so important to children and teens in western culture. These kids want to fit into social norms. Wear the right brands, get the right haircuts, look like the people in magazines.  “Transgender” has a certain cachet, a certain alterna-cool about it for those in middle school and high school years. Declaring one’s trans status is like getting the ultimate super-cool tattoo or piercing body mod and provides girls with “special” status and treatment among their peers as well as school officials, employers, parents and other authorities. This “special” status in the age of reality TV has commercial value, both actual and abstract. Among this Generation Z crowd, girls who state they are transgender can test some forms of male privilege and reject the misfit role of female nonconformity, as long as they strongly affirm traditional gender roles and male supremacy and deny that they actually exist as female.

And there is a whole decade of testosterone injecting “elders”, moon-faced  bearded and hirsute, (except for their estrogen-starved preternaturally balding heads), who realize they are now alone in a drug and surgery induced limbo, not male but no longer recognizably female, who are egging on and supporting this trend in the belief that greater numbers will equal a larger community for them to occupy comfortably. “I realize now I don’t fit in with anyone but you guys” is an oft heard refrain among the Testosterone-modders.

The trans tweener trenders bond and encourage online via YouTube groups and web forums which function much like pro-ana, pro-mia, and trans-abled communities, encouraging dysphoria and censoring questioning and dissent.

These are the issues Dirt’s been blogging about and she’s been getting quite a response from the trans trend community, including a coordinated attempt by trans trenders on facebook, tumbler, livejournal (who knew anyone still used livejournal) and twitter to actually get her blog REMOVED from Blogspot. Several blogs have sprung up to refute Dirt’s perspective or to protest her right to express it, including one blogger, Lorretta W. who claims they are an “online security professional” who promises to forward Dirt’s personal info, name and home address to people that email her, and sends it to anyone who publishes Dirt online in an effort to promote stalking and terrorism of feminist trans-questioning. She states her confusion about how Dirt “dresses like a man” as reason for her actions. Here are some recent comments as a result:

Anonymous said…thanks loretta for the address. now i can spread my christmas cheer to dirt!!!

Anonymous said…

DIRT ALERT!!! Guess who i saw at Borders in Birmingham? The slimball was in the poetry section,propably finding some obscure passage to claim as her own. I think we should search every quote,to disarm this soldier of lies and hate.I took all I had to not walk up and punch her in her snide face.I think shed probably cry to the butch police. Nevertheless lets work harder and SMARTER to eliminate this waste where it belongs THE TOILET.

December 17, 2010 6:42 PM


Anonymous said..

i totally agree with them your a slag and i hope you die.


Anonymous said…



Ash said… you ignorant piece of shit. i hope a bunch of transguys find out where you live and beat the shit out of you.


Anonymous said..thanks guys for inviting me to get the dirt bitch cunt whore banned. but what we rilly need tado is kill this bitch dead. hope you rot in fucking hell slut!


Anonymous said…

DIRT ALERT spotted dirt at the kroger at 13 and woodward in royal oak, 6pm tonight followed her around for a min said hi she flat out ignored me


adindistr said…

@dirt 4:47 HAHAHA dirt I’ve seen you irl and you barely top 5 feet. No doubt just about anyone could whip your butt in 2 minutes flat


Here’s an example of a trans-trender instructing females that are not “girly” enough that they must be “male”:

Anonymous said…you are aware that you fall under the umbrella term ‘transgender’ considering you don’t conform to the gender binary by being butch?


That’s it- whoever doesn’t conform to old-fashioned gender stereotypes is “transgender”. There are no femininity-rejecting females or masculinity-rejecting males, according to these folks. And if you disagree- these online creeps will stalk you at your home and threaten you with beatings and death!

Male privilege is a pretty addictive drug. Especially for young women who have not yet come to terms with the state of the world around them and are only able to see the small picture. Like all males, these aspiring-to-maleness girls need to wield that dominating oppressive privilege on someone. These girls that feel too powerless conformist and impotent to survive in their female skins and to create real change in society. There seems to be a really high correlation between girls who strongly conformed to restrictive old-fashioned female gender norms and those who “transition” into modifying their appearance to disguise their sex. Years ago kids would create social movements to break down oppressive systems. Now they disguise themselves as members of the ruling class and embrace the same discriminatory systems that have oppressed them. Beyond merely bowing to male supremacy they’ve become active perpetrators.