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We are tired of no one pushing back when self-described “feminist” sites with trans-women continually take Lesbians to task for possibly not wanting to have sex with trans-women and labeling Lesbians who want the right to decide for themselves who to sleep with, “transphobic.” The LGBT loud mouths are silent when Lesbians are constantly attacked and bullied for not accepting and promoting diversity with OUR vaginas.

None of them want actual diversity; they want diversity in appearance, drug use, sexual partners, employment, etc. but NEVER in thought and speech. Never anything that actually matters or resembles reality for most people. In their sick pursuit of what is “alternative” they have turned their backs on basic truths about the human condition. And their “alternative” view and choices have become the mainstream for LGBT and feminists and anyone else who doesn’t have ENOUGH PROBLEMS of their OWN. They want to HELP equalize everything and in doing so, alienate and ostracize anything that is not in lock-step with whatever fantasy equation they dreamed up about how the world SHOULD be but never actually CAN be without the loss of critical thinking and questions. Dissent is often at the heart of growth and creativity. They will NOT tolerate it.

And there is nothing even remotely new about this. It’s all age old patriarchal bullshit using women against women (and now LGBT have joined in). Ever since making and forcing a woman to do whatever you want became frowned upon in our society, it has been struggling for socially acceptable ways to allow men to do whatever the hell they want and ways to use culture and societal pressure to restrict women instead of just beating the fuck out of them. This is the same. Some men want to be women and they want to fuck Lesbians and they will get their way in the same fashion they always have: through oppression and dominance while using other women to silence and brow beat bitches so they get in line. Not new at all, just disguised as equality, fairness and tolerance. Only now they use feminists and the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant and the rest of the anti-lesbian misogynist LGBT.  You’re a lesser person and should be brought to task if you are a Lesbian who does not sleep with who they say you should sleep with. If you were more evolved and better, you’d have sex with who they say you should, you’d WANT to. 

This is more than bullying. What the hell would you call this twisted atmospheric war-crime-ish rapey sounding lunacy where they try to force you into fucking them and when you bring up how sick that is they say we don’t want to fuck you and you’re a transphobe blah blah blah? What they’re doing IS waaay more than bullying, they’re trying to take advantage of Lesbian culture, that desire to help and contribute and SHAME bitches into “working on themselves” and “challenging their prejudices and gender normative privilege” and FORCE us to “evolve” sexually AND deliver the message to the next generation that in order to really be a decent human being if you’re a Lesbian, you have to have sex with trans-women. You MUST. If you don’t, well you’re still enslaved and you have to free yourself BY being at least willing to TRY fucking trans-women. We don’t know one word for all of this other than manipulation but it’s on a sick, twisted, mind fuck level that just the word manipulation does not cover even remotely. Most of the time when something they want women to do is really fucked up they just force women into doing the sick shit to themselves, THAT is true and skilled manipulation.

And that shit works because the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant, feminists and libs have no real female identity and NO idea about what is going on in the world they live in so they fight for the helpless victimized bisexuals and trans-women (but decidedly NOT trans-men) because eeeeeeeveryone has it worse than women and Lesbians. What imbeciles. When the field is leveled for you by someone (parents, money, nepotism, education, etc) they don’t see the oppression of women unless they’re in Bangladesh somewhere because women like them aren’t oppressed in their minds. Women are EQUAL now but not the poooooooor bisexuals or transgendered.

Is it feminists’ hubris and condescension that they think their cherry picked pet groups can’t speak for themselves so they have to sound the rally cry for all the muted victims of tyranny but ignore women in general and work AGAINST Lesbians? For some strange reason EVERY other group has no voice according to their reckoning except Lesbians, “Eff you Lesbian bitches, you’re on your own AND your progress is the ONLY progress we curiously yet positively resent and we will work DIRECTLY AGAINST and endanger you by spreading lies and sick propaganda about how transphobic you are.” Like we don’t have enough problems as Lesbian women in this world we have feminists and trans-women wanting to oppress and villianize us just like the Right Wing does? How dare you! The real thing trans is how TRANSPARENT feminists’ and trans-women and LGBT’s hostility is towards Lesbians. Whenever we leave a feminist/trans site (which is rarely) we can NOT stop laughing at how they yammer about “female privilege.” We should make a site about “black privilege” and copy every idiotic thing they say with race to highlight what utterly moronic stupid fucking imbeciles they are.

Guess we’re not underprivileged and abused enough for feminists or LGBT to take up our cause (particularly if you’re a white Lesbian). Unless of course they need US to actually get something DONE.


Also see:

Anti-Lesbian Bashing In The Online Feminist Community

We think the online feminist community has officially lost the ONE marble it had, their lesbian-bashing is unprecedented and has reached freakishly irresponsible levels endangering lesbians and women in general with their rhetoric.

Someone brought our attention to a posting on a popular-ish feminist blogsite and apparently being a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with transgender women we guess makes you transphobic according to the feminist community now. Truly remarkable. Their dialogue around the topic is cause for alarm as it is straight up anti-lesbian misogyny “backed up” by bizarre “theory” that vilifies lesbians who are not sexually available to transgender women and in no uncertain terms sets lesbians up as targets of “justified” hatred.

These people are fucking coconuts and we’ll say it again, IRRESPONSIBLE!!! ”


More footage of the transgender attack on lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ ass:



UPDATE: The YouTube has apparently been set to private but you may watch it HERE:



Full video showing how original Lesbian Avenger Cathy Brennan is targeted, surrounded and terrorized at NYC Dyke March 2012 by transgender activists due to her lesbian feminist activism.

The reason for the attack?

Her statements that:

1.) Reproductive sex exists
2.) Homosexuality exists.
3.) Social roles based on reproduction are negative for females
4.) Legal protections for those who transgress sexist tropes should not codify and enshrine those very same sexist tropes into law
5.) Females have a right to gather and organize around female concerns free from male presence and oversight.

Click this link:



Reinforce the Cotton Ceiling:

“Apparently, there are some “trans women” who feel that they are entitled to sex with natural-born women. It make them very angry, frustrated and…well…angry that lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. This is all rooted in their firmly-held belief that — despite their male bodies, male DNA, male genitalia, etc. — they are REAL women and REAL lesbians. Ergo, any natural-born female who is a lesbian OUGHT to want to have sex with them.

These “trans women” look in their mirror and say, “I’m pretty, I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I want to have sex with THEM, why oh why won’t they have sex with me?”

If they bother to ask the question out loud (or on-line) to a natural-born female lesbian, she will say (of course) in so many words: “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.”

This (of course) holds a HUGE mirror up in the faces of “trans women”. Simply by saying, “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.” lesbians are also saying:

1) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL woman;

2) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL lesbian;

3) I don’t find your MALE body sexually attractive — at all — because I’m not sexually attracted to men; and

4) My sexual attraction to women is unassailable. There is nothing you can say, nothing you can do, no amount of surgery, make-up, elocution lessons, hormones, shoes, clothes, electrolysis, whatever that will change you into a person I would consider having sex with because…I’m a lesbian and you’re a man.

Men don’t like unassailable women. Unassailable women piss them off.

So. If you Google “the cotton ceiling” you’ll discover that some “trans women” ignited a storm of criticism directed at the Toronto branch of Planned Parenthood by organizing a workshop designed to teach other “trans women” how to “overcome the cotton ceiling” — with “the cotton ceiling” being lesbian panties (how rape-y is that?) — and the workshop (exclusively for males who identify as “trans women” who want to have sex with real women)  took place anyway, despite quite a bit of feminist objection and the VERY dim view that psychologically healthy women take of Planned Parenthood enabling workshops to teach men strategies for “overcoming” the sexual preference of lesbians.

The usual level of discourse one expects from “trans women” followed (lying about what really happened, death threats, violent hate-speech against feminists, histrionics about being The Most Oppressed Women On Earth, yada-yada) and here we are.

I recommend that every natural-born woman carefully examine the record of this entire debacle. I think any intelligent reader of the public (on-line) record will be left with little doubt that “trans women” as a group have never been and will never be allies, supporters or appropriate bed-partners for women. Whatever in the heck is wrong with these people (!) they are rendered incapable of seeing the truth:

However much they obsess about women, they will never, ever understand women and they will never, ever BE women.”

One of the last people one would expect the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to celebrate on their site is notoriously sexist and homophobic blogger Monica Roberts.

Monica on left

Roberts, a male to female transgender has been widely criticized by lesbians and feminists for referring to females and lesbians as “Fish” on the Transgriot blog. Not only does Roberts refer to lesbians as “fish”, but in the previous months Roberts published and participated in violent gruesome death threats against a lesbian activist- threats so severe that the Maryland legislature saw fit to create a new law updating their internet criminal statute as a result.

Roberts frequently threatens to “pimp slap” women, and GLAAD is aware of this ongoing violent sexism.

Robert’s homophobic threats include the following exchange posted on the Transgriot Facebook page for the purpose of terrorizing lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan:

Casebeer: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”

 Roberts: “and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”

 Casebeer: “Now that you mention it, I have a nice sharp double-bitted axe in the tool shed….”

 Roberts: “where’s Garth and the Capital One Vikings when you need them?”

GLAAD is aware of Robert’s violent language against females and lesbians. They are aware because lesbians and feminists have been writing them asking for assistance and censure against Robert’s horrifically offensive sexism and threats of violence against women.

Not only has GLAAD ignored lesbian complaints, they have actually lauded the person who perpetrates such egregious, violent rhetoric against lesbians and women by promoting and celebrating said perpetrator on their own site (where Roberts is referred to as a “passionate advocate”) with today’s post where they proudly announce that “GLAAD worked closely with both Monica Roberts and to place this article”. And then GLAAD thanks Roberts for his great work and commends Ebony for publishing it.

What does it say about GLAAD that individuals who refer to women as “fish” and who perpetrate harassment and threats so vile that the legislature needs to intervene , are celebrated, and lauded on their OWN WEBSITE after ignoring a years worth of complaints from women and lesbians?

One of Monica Robert's many "pimp-slapping" posts

GLAAD uses donor funds to take out full-page newspaper ads complaining about lame sitcoms that involve males. They are quick to decry the slightest faux paux involving defamation against MALES. But when it comes to females, not only do they ignore, but they CELEBRATE people that openly, proudly call females “fish”, who take stock in trade “pimp slapping” females, and who perpetrate scandalous harassment –even terrorism- against lesbian feminists.

As per the GLAAD mission statement:

For over 25 years, GLAAD has worked with news, entertainment and social media to bring culture-changing stories of LGBT people into millions of homes and workplaces every day. 

Why? Because words and images matter.

What people see in the media has a huge impact and GLAAD ensures images of LGBT people and allies grow acceptance, understanding and build support for equality.

GLAAD as a Storyteller

GLAAD moves people. By combining our expertise and resources, GLAAD amplifies the voice of our community to keep equality at the forefront of America’s cultural conversation. Our impact on newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television, movies and more transforms attitudes to bring about real change.

GLAAD as a Watchdog

GLAAD creates change. We hold the media accountable for the words and images they produce. When media is used as a platform to defame and stereotype LGBT people, GLAAD takes action. We leverage 25 years of media relationships and countless hours of media advocacy to send important messages against homophobia and discrimination.

GLAAD as an Advocate

GLAAD unites the movement. We strengthen grassroots organizations so they can leverage media, engage local communities, and advance social change. Right now, GLAAD is working with local organizations in more than 30 states to build support for equality. This collaboration with LGBT leaders and advocacy groups is key to increasing the visibility of our community, changing hearts and minds, and securing full and lasting equality.”


One thing is certain today, March 2, 2012. GLAAD does NOT advocate for females, and they DO NOT advocate for lesbians. When someone says they’re going to “pimp-slap” lesbians, GLAAD says “Okay!”. When someone threatens to bash in a lesbian’s head with a baseball bat and then run over her with their Buick, and “Add a stake in the heart for good measure”, GLAAD says “Great!”. When women are referred to as “fish” GLAAD says “That’s Okay! We celebrate your misogyny. We’re not only going to ignore it, we’re going to CELEBRATE it”.

How bizarre that there is no place to report media defamation against women and lesbians when the supposed Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is the organization perpetrating it.

I encourage everyone with media contacts to report this story. I encourage anyone who supports GLAAD to reconsider that support. If any mainstream press needs further documentation drop me a comment and your inquiry will be handled promptly. GLAAD supports people that call women “fish” and who “pimp slap” women, and who promote death threats against lesbians and feminists.

more Monica Robert's pimp slapping

“Ex-Lesbian” Mental Health counselor Xander “Sly” Sarkisova posted to The Scavenger a list of what she called “quite clearly inappropriate, and sometimes abusive behaviour on the part of some friends, family, lovers and partners of trans people. The following behaviours go beyond mere ignorance of trans issues and land squarely in the category of harming others”. [sic]

Well that’s all well and good. We all have a responsibility to speak out against abuse, especially those in the healing professions.

You can read them for yourselves and see what you think. But what stood out to me and every other Lesbian was number 10, the last of the list:


10) Refusing to date trans women, especially those who identify with having cocks, or who haven’t had “bottom surgery” particularly if you identify as lesbian. Viewing dating a trans woman as some form of accomplishment and indication that you have challenged transphobia.

What is wrong with this?

Tying your refusal to date trans women with your lesbian identity reifies your inability to see trans women for who they truly are. It denigrates their identity and presentation and signals your perception that they are “less than” women.

It is not an accomplishment to see someone for who they truly are (especially related to gender) – it is a basic ability as a human.

Furthermore, if you are into rubber cocks and penetration yet you refuse to date trans women with cocks, penises, or pussies that are different from yours you are arbitrarily discriminating against these women based on their transness or transsexuality (credit to Alaska b. for this point).

What can I do differently?

Don’t talk about how rad you are for crushing on or dating trans women. Don’t treat or talk about it with friends as some kind of new project for yourself.

Start to deconstruct some of your transmisogyny and how your behaviour is not tied to a lack of desire, but rather your unwillingness to validate transfemale realness.

Do work around unpacking the “cis” male privilege you are incorrectly transposing on trans female bodies, whether they have cocks or not.”


Whoa, WHAT? Lesbian refusal to date people with cocks is inappropriate and abusive to people with cocks? Lesbians should “deconstruct” their lack of desire for cock? Whaaaaat?????

Refusing to date people with cocks is inappropriate and abusive “particularly if you are lesbian” “? What on earth? Is that the most homophobic thing you have ever heard? That Lesbians who don’t want cock are “inappropriate and abusive”, and that Lesbians should “deconstruct” our lack of desire for dick and that our dick eschewing is not related to a lack of desire for dick, but our “unwillingness to validate transfemale realness”?

What sort of mental health provider would advise Lesbians to ignore their lack of desire for penis and advocate that they have sex with dicks they do not desire, lest they offend the penis owner? What sort of Lesbian corrective reparative rape type sicko “therapy” is this? What sort of mental health provider would tell any woman to have sex that they do not desire? What sort of therapist would instruct Lesbians that sexual orientation to female bodies is not okay? What sort of mental health provider would tell Lesbians that liking penetration from a partner means they like penis? What kind of horrendous mental health advice is dismissing women’s lack of sexual desire out of concern for the sexual urges of the males who want them? And why “particularly” for Lesbians, instead of say, straight men who also don’t want cock? Pure blatant homophobia and female-hatred.

This hateful anti-Lesbian sexist homophobia is disgusting- just awful coming from a mental health provider. But this story gets worse. Much much worse.

A Lesbian left a comment on Xander Sarkisova’s blog post stating that it is homophobic and re-dick-ulous to tell Lesbians that it’s not okay to forgo the peen. The comment was left in moderation and unpublished. Hours later, the Lesbian got an incredible message from an unrelated Feminist Blogger. They had received a bizarre threatening comment from a representative of the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center which called out the Lesbian by name, warning her they knew where she lived, and publishing her private home address, along with menacing commentary about her being “vapid and soulless” and the Sherbourne Health Center representative’s “homeboy”. What???? The Lesbian could not imagine why the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center would do such a thing! Well, surprise surprise, Xander “Sly” Sarkisova claims to work at the Sherbourne Health Center. Apparently she sent out the threatening, stalkery abusive comment on her work computer, terminal at the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center.

Why did she do that? Because the “ex-lesbian” was angry that a Lesbian would take issue with her homophobia. So she stalked her, and threatened her, from her computer terminal at her employers Toronto Sherbourne Health Center, where she claims to be employed helping people.

The homophobia of “specifically” Lesbians needing to get over their “lack of desire” for cock wasn’t bad enough, she had to stalk and threaten a woman as a representative of the Toronto Sherbourne Health Clinic.

Note to abusive stalkers of Lesbians like Xander Sarkisova: If you really need to threaten Lesbians because they disagree with your opinion that Lesbians should learn to love the cock, and you intend to abuse them and stalk them to their home, and post that information online, best not to do it on your work computer.

I have screencaps of everything. I’m holding back on posting until I ascertain if the woman wants to sue the Toronto Sherbourne Health Clinic for threatening her and her family.

This is the first part of a continuing series where I will highlight articles and resources that offer strategies to support children against “Gender”.

Today’s first article is a fantastic one by a teacher who describes the ways she has supported her students against the tyranny of “Gender”. Highly recommended.

Feel free to send in articles that you feel are relevant to this series.