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It’s hard to be controversial on a website whose sole purpose is portraying lesbians and feminists as the giant insects one must shoot to advance in the FallOut video game franchise. But someone on “RadFemScorpions” managed to post a meme so anti-gay, so “corrective-rapey”, so “cotton-ceilingy” that even people who applaud the verminizing of lesbians and feminists as their reason du jour were offended. The meme was ultimately scrubbed from the site after comments from site-supporters like  the one below:

Now, heterosexual male pornographer and transgender pretendbian Tobi Hill-Meyer, who calls himself a “butch dyke” and holds benefits for anti-female sympathizers to support his campaign against the rights of females to gather among themselves, has admitted that he is the author of the censored meme.

Here is his statement yesterday defending his actions:

“A while ago I put together one of those memes for RadFem Scorpion.  With two sentences and an implied connection between them, it’s hard to make it misinterpretation-proof and with all the radfem harassment of trans women I took the easy route and posted it anonymously.  But other folks were misinterpreting it too, so I wanted to discuss it here and provide some context.

The concern raised is that this is the same logic that men use to convince lesbians to have sex with them, as in, if you like dildos, you should have sex with me – it’s often put in that context “how about a real cock.”  Of course, it’s hard to speak about sexuality as a trans woman in this specific moment in internet history without the aura of “trans women are trying to force lesbians to have sex with them” being at least an undercurrent of thought.

These memes usually go with a common statement in the first sentence and conflicting or contradictory information in the second which points out the hypocrisy within the prejudiced idea presented.  In this case, the prejudiced idea is that having or liking a “penis” invalidates lesbianhood.  My message is strongly condemning the invalidation of lesbian identity and use of pressure and control around disapproved of relationships to genitals.  Note that the action point is to stop attacking/invalidating trans women and our partners.  I know folks are sensitive to this issue, but it should be apparent that arguing *against* condemnation of one set of experiences is totally different from arguing *for* condemnation of all other experiences.

Cis women who have trans women partners (and trans women as a whole) are told that we can’t be actual lesbians.  I am condemning that invalidation and contrasting it with high popularity of dildos even in strong holdouts of radfem transmisogyny.  The conclusion is that lesbians who have sex involving a dildo (sometimes called a phallus) are hypocritical to attack and invalidate lesbians who have sex involving a trans-clit (sometimes called a phallus).

So why do I argue this is hypocritical?  Some have suggested that I am arguing there is no difference between having sex involving a dildo and having sex involving a trans clit.  That is ridiculous and they are entirely different.  For one thing, dildos are always hard.  That’s not the case for trans clits, many of which operate best when soft.  So when several responders said “but a dildo isn’t a real penis,” my response is, “neither is a trans woman’s genitals, yet radfems refuse to make the distinction in either case”   

There is also further historical context that is really important to understand here.  The idea that all phalluses are the same is not something I created or advocate – it was a radfem invention.  Shelia Jeffreys said of dildos “like the penis, they symbolize male power and the ability to violate women.”  The conceptualization that condemned heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex as inherently patriarchal made no exceptions for dildo-in-vagina sex, going so far as to try to make dildos illegal in some instances.  In Dworkin and MacKinnon’s anti-pornography work, they included women being penetrated by inanimate objects as one of the criteria that would make erotic material “pornographic” and thus illegal under their proposed law.  Sara Smith wrote about this issue of radfem hate for dildo-using women in her essay A Cock of One’s Own, “All women–lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and solo-sexual—are denounced as traitors if their desires include penetration.”

Mich Fest itself has a long history of condemning the “wrong” kind of woman as not really being a woman.  Right now it’s trans women, but there had previously been just as strong a prejudicial sentiment for leather women, and just a decade or two ago there was strong condemnation of dildo-using women and debates were had around whether or not dildos should be allowed on the land.  Tribe 8 was famously protested at Mich Fest because of their inclusion of dildos in their performance.  I interviewed one well known dildo vendor at Mich Fest who said that the first year they went to Mich Fest they sold a few dildos out of their backpack and had a steady stream of women surreptitiously asking for them as if they were an illicit material.

So while radfems are currently much more pre-occupied with policing the sexual behavior of trans women and our partners, let’s not forget that many of them would just as strongly condemn dildo-using lesbians.  The argument that liking penis means you are not a lesbian did not originate to condemn cis lesbians in relationships with trans women, that is only its current incarnation. The hypocrisy I aim to highlight is when those who were once subjected to this very same argument then turn around and use it against us.”

[Sic. Bolding by him. –GM]

It’s interesting that Tobi/Toby/Tobias who was raised by lesbian parents has recently taken to calling himself “female” even though as he explains to his mother here, he would prefer to be addressed with the pronoun “Z” to denote his speshul snowflake genderqueerness, but no one will go along with it so he chooses “she” as a default.

Tobi/Toby/Tobias, who has banked his laydee-sperm from his trans-ovaries for future use impregnating the type of female who is non-sperm-producing, knew he wished he could be a “lesbian” long before he decided to be trans.

What oh what is a hetero male who fetishizes lesbians to do but call himself a transbian and bully his way into lesbian spaces and communities??? And “correct” lesbians who claim female homosexuality exists? Instruct the laydees that his peen is a female peen??? Tell the lesbians they are “discriminating” against his dick???

Yes. All of the above.

This is the “walking stick” Camp Trans organizer Gemma Seymour-Amper carried while lurking around the Michfest (Michigan Women’s Music Festival) perimeter in protest of the private festival’s female-only entrance policy:





The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is a weeklong private event produced annually since 1976 by and for people who are female. For the last ten years, groups of male transgenders have protested the existence of the festival. Not only protested, but terrorized and harassed and tried to sabotage and destroy the festival. Their reason for doing so is their strong belief that people born female have no right to congregate on the basis of that commonality. The male transgender activists have literally formed an encampment each year outside the perimeter of the Michfest festival grounds, which they patrol with weapons and plan sabotage missions into the camp– to write graffiti, to cut the water lines to the handicapped showers, to slash tires, to wreck tents, to flier the camp with pictures of their penises. Last year many of the male transgenders fled their own encampment out of fear of the growing violence of their own group members. Why are these men so angry? Why do they want to destroy a private women’s music festival? Why do they want to force women to look at their penises?

The answer is that these men are angry because they weren’t invited to the festival, because people born male are not invited. Transgender male activists believe females have no right to exclusively female spaces, such as female sports programs, female support groups, female health services, female educational grants, female schools, female fitness centers, female domestic violence centers, female homeless shelters, sex-segregated prisons, female camps, sex-segregated hospital bed assignments, female bathrooms, female reproductive services, etc.

They believe that females have no rights to any space or service or gathering, public or private, that excludes the presence of males, or that exists for the benefit of female fellowship, or for the protection of females from potential male predation. It’s true! That’s what transgender activists believe, and that is what they are fighting- sometimes literally with violence and terrorism – to enforce on females. It’s also worth noting that female spaces and organizations (whether public or private) that exist for Lesbian women are the target of most of the terrorism harassment and boundary violation of these women-hating, homophobic males.

Some of these male-supremacist activists violate the boundaries of female spaces in the most direct manner. They simply ignore the wishes of the women and insert themselves in female spaces in a hostile act of unwanted penetration.

Here is a partial list of incidents involving these men at this year’s festival, as posted by Graceaware on the Michfest forum:

0.1. a female-born womon is told “I am more woman than you” by a trans woman

0.2. a trans woman’s detailed narrative about masturbating with her penis and cock ring is read aloud in a sex-for-one workshop for pre-orgasmic womyn, triggering the sexual trauma of one woman severely and upsetting and triggering several others. (Alice K)

0.3. a trans woman with a penis is seen nude at the shower by a woman born female and her four-year-old granddaughter

0.4. a trans woman’s erection is noticed at a party in the Zone

0.5.a penis is seen at the WOC Burlesque show

0.6. a WHITE trans woman wears a “Trans Women Belong Here” t-shirt to the WOC Burlesque show, offending womyn of color with the proclamation that she belongs in WOC space (Angel S)

0.7. a trans woman, seemingly high, wanders into the Teen Tent, causing a pre-teen to be asked by the other teens there to leave for her own safety due to her pro-Fest boundary t-shirt

0.8. the clothesline of a woman born female is stolen after she hangs up her shirt with “No They Don’t” on it (in response to “Trans Women Belong Here.”)

0.9. “IT WAS HERE” and the symbol for trans with an anarchist A in the middle was carved into janes at triangle.

0.11. many female butches’ sex and gender are questioned in the ONE place they used to be able to count on that NOT happening.

0.12. the stories of violation, trauma, and triggers on the Land as told by women born female are discounted and disbelieved.

0.13. in the “Allies in Understanding” workshop, a wbw who was paired up with a trans woman (Tobi H) asked the trans woman if she was trans. Tobi said yes. The wbw did not want to discuss the issue with a trans woman, she preferred to discuss it with another wbw with the opposite opinion so she did not engage. AT the end of the workshop Tobi said that the wbw she was paired up with “made assumptions about her” and therefore chose not to engage.

0.14. A trans woman elbowed a wbw in the breast as she shoved her way onto the dance floor at Night Stage (Alice K)

0.15. a wbw was harassed late at night by several trans women who followed her on the path and said things like “how does it feel to be the last one out late at night?” as the shone flashlights in her eyes.

0.16. a wbw at a fire was harassed by a trans woman who tried to press her into a conversation about the Issue, and would not take no for an answer, forcing the wbw to leave the fire.”

Who are these men that ignore the boundaries of women and expose themselves to four year old girls in women’s showers at a private women’s festival?

Let us start the list:

Alice Kalafarski

Alice Kalafarski – attends a pre-orgasmic workshop for women- many of whom are healing from male sexual predation and violence- he shares a graphic description of using a cock ring to beat his meat. When women attendees are traumatized he poo-poos them, and laughs. (Horrifyingly, he claims to volunteer at a rape crisis center) Says he snuck into fest because it was where “Michfest was made for queer women to celebrate their shared sisterhood and give each other lots of orgasms” and he wanted to see if he could find a lesbian to have sex with. Refused to perform the two work shifts all attendees are required to perform as condition of attendance. Interrupts a ritual goddess ceremony to announce to the women that “goddess stuff is silly”. Pushes women out of the way to force his way onto a crowded dancefloor- elbows one of them in the chest. (More incidents will be added as they come to light).

Tobi Hill-Meyer

Tobi Hill-Meyer-  Calls himself a trans butch lesbian (“TransDyke”). Protests flyers posted at fest honoring butch women as discriminatory, because the flyers didn’t mention that “men can be butch lesbians too”. Says: “Lisa Vogul hasn’t changed her stance saying that trans women shouldn’t come. But the fact is, we are coming.” Allowed other men to use his armband so they could enter without paying “I know that at least one person was re-using my arm band and I was under the impression that there were some other folks who re-used an armband or two or three as well.”

Gemma Seymour

Gemma Seymour

Gemma Seymour – A heterosexual man and father who trans-itioned into genderism in his forties: “I was born a woman, from a woman, and will always be a woman. My cunt may be only in my head for the time being, but at least I don’t use it like a dick.”

*UPDATE: Gemma is now claiming he has never ever set foot into Michfest, only encamped at the perimeter and stood at the gate. More info will be posted when available.

*UPDATE: Gemma Seymour’s Michfest “walking stick” :


Annie Danger

Annie Danger

Annie Danger-  Penned the widely distributed “Open Letter to my friends who go to Michfest” where he asks attendees to ““Please do things while you’re there that show me that you really respect my body. My life. My womanhood.” And states: “I feel hurt and I am writing because want to trust that you have my back as a transwoman. I am having a hard time separating your attendance of MWMF and your silence with me about this issue from your level of respect for me; for my body.” You can see what he means by respecting his body And what he means by his “womanhood” if you skip to the six minute mark in the following video which he posted on youtube in children’s section (since removed by moderators).  *Warning- not for children or weak stomachs! *Second warning! Really, you’ve been warned! Once seen can never be unseen!

Skip to 6 minute mark. HERE. 

June Day

June Day

June Day / Angel N. S. – Self-described “Queer kinky trans redheaded pornstar” and Software Engineer. Male who performs in Tobi Hill-Meyer’s (above) lame and women-hating, lesbian-hating Porn movies. Seen in the Zone and at Daystage. Wore “Trans Women Belong Here” shirt into WOC space.

——————————————————————–More to be added—–

Michfest attendees have tried for years to discuss, talk, explain, ask nicely, converse, dialogue, and mediate with these men. They have tried to get the men to respect the boundaries of their private space- one week a year for females to gather at a private event for females only. Well guess what. It hasn’t worked. These men will never ever respect the boundaries of women, or respect the rights of females to congregate according to their constitutional rights as human beings. To these men, people born female are NOT human beings, and have no civil rights. No amount of talk will get them to respect the experiences and rights of those who are born and raised female in a male-supremacist world.

I’m going to continue to profile these men so that a list can be compiled before next year’s festival. I will add names and pictures to this post as they come in. Perhaps a separate website can be created to track the trespassers and identify them. Perhaps photos of the trespassers can be posted around the festival next year so the men can be escorted off the festival grounds. Perhaps next year womyn can photograph all the trespassers during festival so we can compile a complete list of predatory males.

When a man won’t take “No” for an answer, women must take whatever measures are necessary to protect their boundaries, their rights, and themselves. Enforce Boundaries, don’t just ask for them, because your requests are being denied.