“Shit Trannys Say”

January 10, 2012

Oh look! A sense of humor!

From The Minds of Men

January 6, 2012

Well this week’s contest was fairly slim pickins; seems many previous contestants have been banned from competition for entering too frequently. Don’t get me wrong, there were still quite a few stand-out submissions. But this one was the easy winner in the judging categories of: Randomness, Woman-Hating, Extreme Verbosity, Reversals, ‘Splaining, Attention Seeking, and Cry For Help.

Hits all the marks easily, with extra points accorded for: Drama and Paranoia.

Why, oh why does Suzan of Women Born Transsexual leave crazy-ass rants on my blog??? To show his dedication! He is one of my biggest fans, and thereby feels compelled to inflict share his feeeeewings on with me, whether I’d like to hear them or not. He’s trolled, he’s reverse-trolled, and he’s smeared worn his heart on my his sleeve. So Suzan, you WIN! This trophy also entitles you to a One Year Complete Ban! You deserve it- this is your moment!

And now, with no further doo…. The Winning Entry:


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Always “Crying”

August 11, 2011

It was really tough to pick a winner with so many fine entries, but I’m going to have to go with the gross, unselfconscious sexism of Dee Omally’s latest submission. Congratulations Dee!

Submitted on 2011/08/11 at 1:31 pm

Wow…if this is the best lesbian trans phobia can do then we trans females have little to worry about. I have been a peacekeeper and peace maker since the age of 18 from my time in the Air Force as a military policeman. Violence or the threat of violence is never justified unless in defense of life period. I apologize to no one for my gender transition—nor should I have to. Aside from growing up male, which i didn’t hate because life itself is so precious but didn’t agree with (thus my transition), I was weak and a poor performer in all things masculine no different than most females. My sentiments, academic achievements, desires, and sports of choice aligned exactly with those of females as a child (spelling bee winner in 5th grade in a K-8 school contest), essay contest winner in high school, tennis as my chosen sport), etc. I was never “gay”…but since age 6 never cared to have a girlfriend—it was more than wishing I had been born a girl. It was a deep sense beyond thought that I “knew” I was a girl—-long before I even knew such a thing as gender identity existed. Simply stated—I didn’t want to date a girl then or now….I wanted to be the girl I felt I was supposed to have been. I am a firm believer in living a courageous life…despite what everyone else says…sexually or otherwise. In this regard lesbians and i share our expression for courage.

Regarding this WordPress blog, if it is a serious attempt at gaining due credibility as a journalistc endeavor, I find that it falls rather short, despite its following. I say this because nowhere is there a preface stating the source of this blog…its purpose….an “about me” page….no author stated in plain view. Without an introduction, the reader is welcomed directly into the conversation, without the courtesy of knowing the parties. If this is for a reason, at minimum courtesy would dictate that this reason be posted on the home page. My first impression? That quite possibly the contents are so controversial or so vile that anonymity is warranted else why the reason not to disclose?

As I scanned some previous articles, my next impression was that the authors are probably transphobic males. Why? Because of the overwhelming Alpha-male type aggression that weaves a common thread throughout. Gays and lesbians are extremely vocal about being addressed appropriately as such and take great offense at being called derogatory terms that begin with “F” and “D” that are used to deride gay and lesbian persons. And yet, no such courtesy is extended to we transgender persons…witness the word “tranny” and the pronoun “he”.

The thesis of this blog? Adversarial, phobic, hate speech toward transgender persons. Period. On its face this is self-revealing. The next question is begged…why? Why this ad-hominem approach? I am not one to take the bait and engage…clearly the trap has already been set. I don’t engage in masculine exhibits of aggression. I don’t respond “in-kind”. I adore my gay and lesbian friends…as a bisexual trans female, it would be like hating myself. I also don’t engage in protracted discussion about private body parts….oh to be sure a little research will reveal that I am non-op so I will just disclose it now. If that makes me a male still I served six years in the military to defend your right to call me what u will. I never possessed a male “sex drive” and for sure I hardly do now. In fact, I served six years in the prime of my life with access to an infinite amount of females who lusted after GIs and yet I was a “VIVO”….virgin in at 18 and virgin out at 23.

I joined the military to become the “man” I was expected to be—I knew I was female “soft” and knew that as a male this would be an impediment so I decided to join something I couldn’t quit. At the age of 20, a Eureka moment….in the middle of my enlistment I remember the day when I woke up and beyond feeling, beyond thought, beyond emotion, I distinctly just knew that my body had no business being male. This wasn’t sexual….wasn’t trans dressing up….not at all…I was completely unclothed as I examined myself in a mirror and seriously wondered why my body was male.

I am in full and total agreement with keeping males and females in segregated private facilities. Again, my military service defended the right for everyone to have an opinion but the fact is that persons can legally transition gender. If a person has become legally male or female, then they are legally entitled to utilize gender-specific facilities…period. Medical doctors are trained to make this determination….not judges, gay or lesbian activists, or policemen….period. Until the laws change, my ears are deaf to opinions to the contrary..period.

In closing, I will always love my gay and lesbian friends…nothing will get between that in real life or here. I know that many trans persons exhibit Alpha male characteristics and I am no less vocal against them as well. I choose not to engage in bad behavior for then I would lose my precious right to criticize it wherever I see it as I would be an overt hypocrite. Speaking for myself, as I represent no one else, I honestly find this WordPress blog to be sensational, dramatic, trans phobic, hateful, hurtful, and extremely deriding of those of us in the LGBT “family”. I am not sure where I fall in relative to my trans brothers and sisters but on a credibility scale, this blog is next to zero for all the reasons I mentioned above. Serious discussion and disagreement is always welcome, even if it gets heated, but attacking all of us merely for being transgender in such a hateful way, without an introduction or “mission statement” makes this not much more than incoherent and organized babble. Any valid points that might be here are cancelled out by the distraction of the anti-trans plot that is self-evident.

Thanks for playing Dee! And thanks to everyone who entered. Your entries will be kept on file in the spam bin.

[Emboldening mine-GM].

Caption This

August 3, 2011

(Image from ridiculous Yahoo article titled "What Not to Say to Your Husband")

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live.