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August 31, 2015

From “The Transgender Guide” Online Community.

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dana beyers rotting lesbian iceberg venn

dana beyers rotting lesbian iceberg key

Beyer’s Lesbian Iceberg illustrated in Venn Diagram


Michfest (Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival) is only “the very tip of the iceberg” says a man who believes that lesbians are “bigots” against heterosexual males, because we won’t sleep with them, invite them to our lesbian potlucks, or allow them to participate in our lesbian feminist political activism as “one of us”.

But mainly, because we won’t sleep with them.

Lesbians are “hostile” to the men who desire sexual access to our bodies, and “dismissive” of male sexual desires, and this man is calling on national LGBT organizations to “take action” against this “problem”.

Before the mind’s eye of the reader (especially those unfamiliar with the current status of lesbians in the LGBT political sphere) travels too far, perhaps imagining a trench-coated sex-offender distributing cum-splattered self-produced pamphlets in bus terminals, or a member of a roving band of Ugandan corrective-rape practitioners, it should be stated that this man is not without influence, in the political left, no less. His call for action was published by the Huffington Post.

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Busby Berkeley it aint

Busby Berkeley it aint

We’re all familiar with “The Cotton Ceiling” whereby heterosexual male transgenders advocate for the corrective rape of lesbians who “oppress” them by denying them sexual contact. Transgender cotton ceiling rapists hold male-only (Planned Parenthood sponsored) seminars, write books, host lecture tours, and endlessly spam lesbian websites and blogs with rape and murder threats over lack of male “inclusion” in lesbian social gatherings, lesbian organizing, lesbian events, lesbian music festivals, and – most importantly- lesbian bedrooms.

We never see homosexual male transgenders (M2T) hold seminars, write books, and spam rape and murder threats towards straight men who prefer not to have sexual contact with other men.

We never see homosexual female transgenders (F2T) hold seminars, write books, and spam rape and death threats towards straight women who prefer not to have sexual contact with other women.

We never see heterosexual female transgenders do these things either. But we do see straight women who “identify as” gay men try to guilt-trip gays into allowing them into gay male-only spaces. You won’t see hetero females forming “camp trans” outside gay male musical festivals, patrolling the perimeter with weapons, vandalizing them, cutting water lines, and spamming them with photos of their vaginas and text claiming that their ability to produce eggs is “more manly than their pale and flaccid cocks will ever be” (note to John Waters: that was MY script idea bro!).

The transgender heterosexual female meme for inclusion in gay male spaces might best be observed as an emotive appeal for disability rights. The phrase “men born without penises” is frequently seen in these discourses. In fact, the sole female who has placed in gay male “Leather” competitions was also wheelchair-bound.

Female 2010 International Leather winner Tyler McCormick ““When I first transitioned, I was told I would never be accepted and that I would never be able to take my shirt off in public. Standing here as a strong, confident leatherman is proof to the contrary.”

Female 2010 International Leather winner Tyler McCormick “When I first transitioned, I was told I would never be accepted and that I would never be able to take my shirt off in public. Standing here as a strong, confident leatherman is proof to the contrary.”

This week the gay male International Leather Sir organization clarified their rules to specify that competition was open to gay males only. Seems a change of headquarters to Texas has freed the gay men from the California Gender Identity ordinance that had eliminated the rights of gay men to hold gay male only events. Heterosexual transgender females are upset  (but still no rape and death threats against gay males as is de rigor against gay women by transgender males).

Reactions on the Leatherati website:

“What if they decided to exclude someone on the national origin? Does the board have the right to do that any more then on there [sic-GM] gender identity?”

“I’ve left the men’s community for my own reasons, but it is a part of my history, having VASM, Tony, my Uncle George (Nelson) and the NLA in my life were a part of making me the person I am. I had hoped the changes in the leather community I had seen would become accepted, but I see there is still an effort to keep the men’s community an exclusive member’s club. I question it when I face the same attitude in the women’s leather community as a trans woman, and I’m questioning it when I hear it from my leather brothers. If we (as trans* folk) honour our identity as members of our communities and live it, are we not worthy of honour within the community we commit to? You don’t get to define anyone but yourself. There is more to a man than the size of his dick.

Danielle Moneer Macdonell (formerly known as Spencer leBear)”

“Not only have you shut out our brothers who are trans, but you are also stupidly ignoring the men on the far end of the submission spectrum. They exist, those who might be modified in ways that make them into men you would not think of as “whole”. [refers to gay males who have undergone back-alley castration surgery as part of their “submissive” sex lifestyle.-GM]

“It’s the equivalent of “go away, you have your own space now, don’t dilute our space with your non-XY chromosome selves”. And it seems similar to arguments I’ve heard in the past against people of color, women, and people with disabilities.”

“Right back of the bus. Don’t drink in my water fountain but you can shine my shoes….know what fuck you.”

“Just because you move the contest to Texas doesn’t mean you can discriminate without consequences. The consequences will be more severe than a tax or legal liability. You will have, if you haven’t already, lost the respect of hundreds of leatherfolks who are transgenders, AND our allies.”

“Taking a page out of Michigan women’s music fest…”

“This dares to be Leather? This exclusionary attitude to people already excluded? Disrespecting identities within a community already identifying differently? Creating an unsafe mentality in a world that made them feel safe?

When you think of the textile of Leather, after time, it is supple and and rich, With time, it becomes better, with the proper care and attention, it is treasured. It takes time and effort to care for it. Each mark of wear is a memory. Leather is alive. It has integrity,

It is synthetic textiles that are easily discarded, their wear, while also representative of memories, cannot be restored. It lacks integrity.

It is my hope that 2013 is not year that the Leather community capitulates to the ideal of a synthetic community.”

“It’s not about competing for a patch, it’s about what that patch represents. And what that patch represents is more than just possessing a cock. I am a leatherboy. I am a gay male. I am trans. None of these are contradictory to any other. I’m honestly surprised with how much this hurts me.”

“The notion that trans* men are not “bio”, much less not able to be “legitimately” gay because of their assigned gender at birth is a hateful, narrow-minded, and privileged perspective.”

“If you identify as a gay man then whether you were born with the chromosomes or with a cock should not matter. You are what you think you are.”

“Is this the same Jeffrey Payne who was IML 2009? Who won the title even though he was hearing impaired? Even though there is an International Deaf Leather contest?”

“To anybody with the opinion that this change is a good idea; top hatin’ [sic-GM] because my beard is more impressive than yours.

-A man with a trans status”

“People who identify as male and stand on that stage are more of a fucking MAN than the bigots who insist you have to have the Y chromosome to compete.”

“This “decision” most certainly is discriminating. Persons who are transgender do not wake up one day and decide to choose to be another gender. It is a lifetime of painful emotional and physical conflict.”

“What’s next – making this “Whites Only”?- Zoe Brain

“Seriously? ILSb wants to be the next MWMF? Welcome to obsolescence.” –Mercedes Allen

“Not only is this change invalidating the maleness of transgender men, it’s saying the sir and boy identities are about what’s between ones legs and about what chromosomes one has, and not about what’s in ones heart and mind.”

“IDENTITY, that which is how a person sees themself and labels themself Is defined BY that individual alone. Yes, they may choose to label themselves with already established defining characteristics or labels, but it is still THEIR definition of what it means to them.

The response you typed about is solely focused on sex. Sex being the.scientific label for what body parts you are born with, NOT Gender, which, I may add,is what this ENTIRE issue is about. Gender discrimination. To call it anything else is.both ignorant and invalid.”

 International Mr. Leather 5/27/12