Hai! When you see me wearing a bow on my head- like so many top female business executives do- it means I’m a woman!

The Financial Times released its list of the Top 100 Female Business Executives of 2018 and awarded spot number 32 to the decidedly male alter-ego and crossdressing persona of transvestite Philip Bunce. 

So proud! Diversity! Humbled! Equality for sexually-harassing male kinksters oppressed in the workplace by the presence of women!

Philip Bunce is (what else?) a wealthy and powerful white heterosexual man, who abuses his position by showing up to his job as Director of Credit Suisse Financial Services dressed a few days a week in a ghastly stereotype of “womanhood” and sexually harassing his employees by forcing them to address him as “Pippa” or “Pips” on the days when he is “in role”.

He’s such a pip as a laydee! Intersectionality!

Philip’s Twitter profile lists him as a “Proud Father, Lucky Husband, Gender Fluid, Credit Suisse Director, Proud LGBT Ally”. He doesn’t even identify as a “transwoman”. Yet the Financial Times equates Philip’s activities on those days when he dresses as an awful caricature in woman-face with the genuine experiences of actual women striving against all odds to succeed in business dominated by such men. It takes a real man only two days a week for his lipstick wearing alter-ego to become the 32nd top female business executive in the world apparently.

Straight male. #32 Female Business Executive Worldwide according to Financial Times list.

The Financial Times not only approves of Philip Bunce sexually harassing his employees by forcing them to participate under duress with his sexual kink in the workplace, they saw fit to eliminate an unnamed actual female executive from their list in preference of his sexist pantomime, which the Financial Times regards as on par with actual female executives.

No single woman on the Financial Times list of the Top Female Business Executives – or any other woman in any global work situation of any type (excepting prostitution or stripping) would be taken seriously while wearing the hideous mini-skirts, grotesquely drawn on eyebrows, and literal bow-on-the-head (seriously? a fucking bow on the head?) atop trashy wig that Philip Bunce dons to express his perspective on what he believes women are.

He’s a business laydee!

According to the Financial Times (and editor Lionel Barber) female business executives should be taken as seriously, and accorded the same respect, as a sexually-harassing male executive kinkster’s skanky disgusting sexist part-time transvestite alter-ego.

Philip Bunce, in proudly accepting his male place at number 32 on the Financial Times list of Top Female Executives took the opportunity to take a swipe at (who else?) feminists, i.e.. “TERFS”.


Drag is offensive to trans people because no one can tell the difference between a man in female drag and a man with a personal internal sense of feeling like what he imagines a reproductively female person feels like.

He should have dressed more flamboyantly, with a giant headdress perhaps, to signify that he is a male who “performs” female for entertainment purposes, as distinguished from a man who “performs” female because he is trying to disguise himself to pass as female for personal lifestyle or sexual fetish reasons.

Drag queens should only model in advertisements that appear in Gay publications, so that the public will know they are gay.

Cocks in Frocks should never ever be portrayed with humor.

Men wearing dresses should not be permitted to use the men’s bathroom and should instead use the women’s.

Some male transgenders prefer to sit to urinate. The ad may lead the public to believe all males who perform female-assigned gender choose to use urinals to void.

The ad implies that the viewer needs to “stay strong” to deal with sharing the men’s restroom with a female impersonator, which implies that female impersonators are not a desirable person to share a restroom with.

Any ad featuring female impersonation should explicitly convey a pro-transgender message.

Photos of Drag Queens should only be used for personal promotion of their entertainment services and never used in advertising campaigns.

Transgender males are victims of hate crimes more frequently than Gay men or Drag Queens.

Drag Queens are “triggering” to lifestyle transgender males, especially the heterosexual ones.

The public may think trans males are gay, when in fact the majority are heterosexual men who want to be “lesbians”.

The fact that he is smiling gives the viewer permission to not take transphobia seriously.

His failure to “pass” as convincingly female makes him a distasteful example of gender failure.

Drag is funny, Trans is tragic.



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Transgender Flag

Who is trans? Who has the right to “gender-bend”? Who has the right to attempt to impersonate the opposite sex? When is trans “authentic” and when is it not?

These issues are coming to the fore as conflicts around the hastily and ill-considered “gender identity” laws which were passed in the last decade become tested by real life application.

Who are the Gender Identity laws- which are being pushed by mainstream LGBT organizations- designed to protect? It’s the heterosexuals, stupid.

In Portland a group of sexual fetishists (heterosexual men whose sexual arousal occurs by imagining themselves occupying the sexual “object” = female) filed a complaint against a bar that refused to allow them to hold gatherings there on Friday nights. The reason? These hetero male fetishists, the “Rose City T-Girls” insisted on using the women’s restroom, reportedly leaving the seats up and pissing all over and generally making the women unsafe and uncomfortable. From Oregonlive.com:

“Though Avakian does not always file complaints, bureau spokesman Bob Estabrook said he did in this case because “there was concern that a large number of people were impacted.” He also said that because many of the T-Girls are not out of the closet as crossdressers “there may be barriers to the individuals filing the complaint themselves.” 

Now, these guys make no claim to being “men in women’s bodies”, the standard internal, subjective, self-reported claim which Gender Identity laws are intended to protect. These guys get erections pretending to be female. Do Gender Identity protections force women into nonconsensual participation in these males sexual activities? Yes. And do Gender Identity laws remove the rights of women to privacy in women’s showers, locker rooms, restrooms and other areas segregated by sex for the safety of women from predatory males? Yes. Do Gender Identity laws remove the rights of women to act defensively and “trust their gut” in situations where some creepy dude is imposing himself? Yes.

Do transgender movement activists make a distinction between transsexuals who have undergone cosmetic medical or surgical “treatments” and hetero dudes that get erections pretending to be female? No. Do transgender movement activists make a distinction between individuals that have obtained legal “gender” recognition or otherwise objectively demonstrated a history of persistent internal self-concept  of oneself as “the wrong sex” – and hetero dudes that get erections pretending to be female? No.

Let’s face it. Gender Identity is a religion. It is a personal internal belief, completely subjective, unprovable, faith-based. Gender Identity protections protect the right to personal faith and personal belief in stereotypes based on reproductive sex. But religious protections don’t provide the right to stomp on the rights of women. A man may have the right to sacrifice chickens to express his internal subjective faith-based beliefs. But he doesn’t have the right to do so in the Ladies Room at the corner pub. And he must have objective proof of authenticity of his religious belief – such as proof of duration, proof of commitment. He can’t just claim to be temporarily Jewish to force his employers to give him the day off for Yom Kippur for example.

But that is exactly what Gender Identity laws do. A few GI laws and ordinances require objective proof of the claimed internal faith-based belief in “gender”. But most don’t. That would harsh the hetero erectile buzz, dude. In fact this year neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego introduced research attempting to establish “Alternating Gender Incongruity” a “new category of transgenderism”. That’s right! Transgenders that “feel like” a woman in the morning and “feel like” a man for an hour or so before dinner, and then… etc. The transgender politic is moving rapidly away from “gender permanence” and away from objective proof of authentic faith. Even prominent transgender activist Meghan Stabler, the only heterosexual male board member of the largest LGBT organization in the US- the Human Rights Campaign- reverted to his male legal sex to marry his wife. It is all about the erections now.

Laws allowing legal change of sex were implemented for a tiny group of transsexuals that were left in social limbo due to having had their genitalia and reproductive organs surgically removed by experimental surgeries in the 1960’s, and their bodies visually changed from long-term ingestion of cross-sex hormones. Those people remain rare. According to a survey of the transgender population of NYC less than 5% of “full-time” transgenders have had “gender reassignment” surgery. Even with the current explosion of transgenderism, with some clinics reporting a doubling annually of individuals seeking cross-sex hormone treatments, there are still less than 50 surgeons worldwide willing to perform “sex change” surgeries. Transgender no longer means “sex change”. Legal sex is becoming increasingly meaningless and subjective. Gender Identity can change from morning to night- and back again. Why?

It’s the Heterosexuals, Stupid. Specifically it’s the predatory and sexist right to erections of heterosexual men that mainstream LGBT rights organizations are now fighting to protect. If you become aroused being perceived as an “object” (female), you require an AUDIENCE. Much like subway flashers, flashing alone to yourself at home lacks the “kick” that inflicting yourself on an audience provides. And the millions of closeted hetero transvestic fetishists – men in government and law and medicine and finance- are pushing these “protections” through faster than the social implications (for women) of their practical application can be assessed. So, gaggles of testosterone-soaked porn-sick dudes taking away a safe private place for women to pee and change their tampons, etc in Oregon. And everywhere these laws have been passed.

In Colorado a woman who reported a creepy man in the women’s restroom was told by mall security that they had no legal right to even inquire about the man’s internal gender self-concept due to the local Gender Identity ordinance. Much less kick him out. Or arrest him for being a predatory peeping tom.


From the comments section on the Oregonlive article linked above:

“KristyGCD-I want to clarify a few things… First, In my original comment I posted that “members of the Rose City T-Girls Yahoo Group filed the complaint”. Brad Avakian actually filed the complaint but to my understanding about a half dozen of the core members were named in the complaint. It becomes confusing and also they have a lawyer involved in some capacity as well.

 Second, Cassandra the leader of the Rose City T-Girls Yahoo Group does not identify herself/himself with the title of “Transgender Woman”, he is a Crossdresser. It seems as if every single last news story went with that false title. If you go on the Rose City T-Girls Yahoo Group webpage and click the name link “Cassandra” at the bottom of the page, his Yahoo profile comes up and he identifies himself as “CD Cassandra”. His main yahoo email address even contains the word “crossdressing” in it.

Jennifer– Oh Kristy, don’t forget about Cassandra’s perverted little on-line sex site. Don’t forget to let people know that they can see more than they ever care to of Cassandra just by going to this linkhttp://www.ifriends.net/membrg/ShowClub_v2_custom.dll?pClub=CASSANDRA4FUN&pStyle=Home How freakin’ gross is that??? And this group claims that it represents the transgendered community. I just don’t understand how any self-respecting member of the transgendered community could associate itself with this sicko and his perverted group.

KristyGCD– Yeah, pretty nasty little web sex cam for money thingy going on there for a group leader/activist. Wonder if his wife knows about that one… Wonder how many people in his group know what he is involved in?

 KristyGCD– Holy Crow! Google ‘CASSANDRA4FUN PORTLAND’ and you get back no less than 25 hits from a whole array of different smutty websites linking to his iFriends.Com sex cam profile. One of the websites his profile shows up on is a smut site called Teenagers.Org, Make no mistake, his Cassandra photo shows in every last one of them. What the…. OK, I’m feeling a little sick, I gotta go hurl now!

“Jennifer– You’re analogy is closer to the truth than you think, Lorca! They DO have a sex offender in their group! Their member of the month for this past August was arrested for masturbating in public (while dressed like a girl) in his neighborhood while little kids were playing! If people knew exactly how disgusting and depraved this group is, they would run them out of town!”

“KristyGCD– I was a member of the Rose City T-Girl Yahoo Group that filed the complaint. Also, as a crossdresser in that group I went to the P-Club almost every Friday night for most of the past year. From my perspective I can clearly see why the group cost Chris Penner his regular patrons and their business. A hand full in the group guzzled pitchers of cheap beer, were loud and obnoxious. Their behaviors also caused issues with the women’s bathroom as well. The CD leader of the group “Cassandra” was one of the biggest offenders of those same bad behaviors. Looking back and putting everything in hindsight, I am ashamed of myself for involving my crossdressing in something so tacky and chaotic. The leaders of group (same ones who filed the complaint) knew there was a problem with their presence there from as far back as 18 months ago, but continued to use the P-Club as the Friday night hangout. One of CD’s in the group even posted that fact in his blog ‘Susan Miller’s Blog’. My opinion from experience from then and up to today, this whole complaint seems more like a “gotcha” moment in the simple wording of a sentence on requesting the group not to come back. Why on earth a group of mostly closeted CD’s would want to play “the victim” bring themselves into controversy and the public eye is beyond me…”


 So. What about gay men who impersonate females? Do transgender movement activists welcome them under the Genderist Umbrella? Nope. Not if they don’t get erections from impersonating females, as research shows most homosexual crossdressers do not. Well here’s a good example from this week.

Sydney crossdresser and performer Trevor Ashley has a parody of the musical “Annie” opening at the Sydney Opera House in a few months called “TrAnnie”. From Gay News Network.com:

It follows the “hard knock life” of ten year old orphan Fannie who is desperate to have “long-overdue” gender reassignment surgery but must first escape the Sutherland Shire Children’s Orphanage and the clutches of boozy matron and registered sex offender Miss Trannigan.”

Transgender activists, in what the article calls a “growing controversy” are up in arms against the non-heterosexual crossdresser. Why? Because Ashley has not proclaimed an internal feeling/faith of “I am in the wrong body”. He has not given public personal testimony as to his internal self belief vis a vis “Gender Identity”. Why not? Because he is a crossdresser, just like the heterosexual fetishist Rose City T-Girls, who also are crossdressing men, men protected by the “Transgender Umbrella”. But in Ashley’s case….no erections! No heterosexuality! So no umbrella for you.

“Trans Menace” spokesman Indi Edwards- a heterosexual man who famously launched a campaign likening lesbian feminists to insects deserving of extermination – and who, along with other transgender activists joined forces with Men’s Rights Activists to have Gender Identity “protections” in Great Britain applied to prevent all female-only gatherings and conferences at Conway Hall- vows to stop Ashley’s show from ever being performed: “The show wont go on” he stated [sic].

So there you have it. This is the tale of how the LGBT movement became an anti-female, anti-gay, Heterosexual Men’s Rights movement. The most powerful heterosexual Men’s Rights movement since, uh….well.

Norman Ballhorn

Vancouver Washington resident Norman Ballhorn claims he has the right to be present where women change their tampons and perform other private restroom functions. The basis of his claim is his assertion that his sexual fetish: impersonating females and a lifetime of autogynephillic crossdressing – gives him the grounds to claim the legal status of “female” to bypass the rights of women in areas segregated by sex to protect them from just the sort of prurient objectification that is the basis of his claim.

This week Norman filed a complaint with the Washington State Human Rights Commission against the tavern “Legend’s Food and Fun” for respecting the rights of female customers who protested his presence in the women’s restroom.

From a weekend article in the Vancouver WA Columbian:

“Vancouver resident Norma Ballhorn has worked hard to become a woman. She takes a concoction of hormones, changed her name from “Norman” to “Norma,” updated her driver’s license to reflect her female identity and wears clothing with feminine embellishments, such as butterfly sleeves. But Ballhorn, 56, still isn’t allowed to use the ladies room at three Clark County bars, she said.

“They’re using their right to refuse service to discriminate against me,” Ballhorn said.

She filed a complaint Monday against Legends Food & Fun with the State Human Rights Commission. She said she is considering filing complaints against Icehouse Bar & Grill and 3 Monkeys Pub on the same grounds.”

All three establishments have banned him from the women’s restroom after receiving multiple complaints from women customers. In at least one case he was removed by police officers after refusing to leave.

 “3 Monkey manager Joel Sweeten said he also asked Ballhorn not to use the ladies room because women customers told him it made them uncomfortable.

“My policy is, when ladies tell me they don’t want him in there, I don’t let him in,” Sweeten said. “My concern for the women’s safety is more important.””

Bar owners have requested that Norman continue to use the same restroom he has always used while patronizing their establishments: the one designated for males. They have stated that Norman is welcome to drink in their bars the way he always has: while using the restroom designated for male-bodied persons.

Does Washington State have the right to force women bar patrons to change their tampons in the presence of Norman Ballhorn?

Ballhorn, 56, a retired ironworker, claims to have changed his name from Norman to Norma after his wife of 32 years divorced him. He still signs his name as Norman Ballhorn on internet crossdressing sites though, as recently as a few weeks ago. He claims to have had the legal marker on his driver’s license legally changed to “female”. He claims to be taking estrogen pills prescribed by the Veterans Administration since last November. I say “he claims” because in the article he also claims to be a Vietnam Veteran although in the comments thread that follows he is forced to admit that he has never been to Vietnam. Which seems to call his honesty in general into question.

Still Norman, according to Norman

The “Makeovers By Epifany” Facebook site which does crossdresser “make-overs”  and whose tag-line is “Re-inventing Feminism From the Outside In”  featured Ballhorn’s make-over for a “Mizz Gay Pride” contest- and stated that Ballhorn has also been banned from both male and female public restrooms at the trailer park in which he resides. No explanation is given.

Norman is a participant in a group for sexual crossdressing fetishists called Rose City T-Girls (and the organizer of the Vancouver T-Girls). The group clearly identifies itself as a sexual fetishists group, not a “gender  identity” group: “Though we understand the T-Girl world is sexual in nature, we want to keep our postings tactful…” This group is for men who become sexually aroused by impersonating females. One of the activities Norman’s group does is take pictures of each other sitting on toilets in public restrooms and publishes them in youtube videos online for the enjoyment of other male sexual crossdressing and bathroom fetishists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STYjYGNrDGs&feature=channel&list=UL

Women DO NOT WANT the state to FORCE US to perform private bodily functions in the presence of male sexual fetishists like Howard Ballhorn. Women want to have the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to PRIVACY FROM men like Norman Ballhorn. Women have a RIGHT to be free from male leers and objectification by creepy dudes when we pull down our pants to pee in a public restroom. That is why there are LAWS against men placing hidden cameras in our restrooms and men trespassing into our restrooms for IMPROPER PURPOSE. The fact that men like Norman are willing to wear a dress BECAUSE DOING SO SEXUALLY AROUSES THEM should not cause the state to OVERRIDE sex-based legal protections for females designed to help PROTECT US from MEN LIKE NORMAN.


howard collage 

Male? Check. White? Check. Upper class? Check? Hetero? Check.

Howard is a business development consultant from Phoenix Arizona who flies frequently via US Airways as a high mileage executive preferred customer. For years now he has been entertaining himself by traveling in his tiny underwear and high heels and various sexualized female gender coded crossdresser ensembles. There are whole websites devoted to collecting photos of him in various airports over the years, and many a YouTubes. He has been accorded the nickname “Terminal” by afficianados and is regarded as something of a folk hero.

Well Howard is getting his 15 minutes of fame this week after someone linked Howard’s behavior to the incident of College football player Deshon Marman getting into legal trouble over refusing to pull up his pants that were hanging off his ass and his ejection from a US Airways flight. “Look at the carte blanche the white guy has to run around in sexay underwear while a black guy gets kicked off a plane for having his ass hang out of his pants” is the refrain. “look at the privilege”.

Not only has Howard been well treated as a preferred flyer while exhibiting his satin ensconced Nutts to the public, and has posed for pictures and videos which litter the internet, but when his 15 minutes of fame started he requested that media outlets not publish his NAME –even though his name is already ALL OVER THE INTERNET (and he gives it out freely to those photographing him). That’s somewhat surprising. But what is downright shocking is that the media RESPECTED the REQUEST of the public exhibitionist!!! Now THAT, my friends, is PRIVILEGE.

Can you imagine the treatment a woman would receive wearing these travel clothes? What about a 65 year old female executive with a droopy flabby gut? Would she be a preferred customer? What about a poor woman?  A Black woman? They would all be frikkin treated like dirt- at the very least. More likely they would be intercepted by law enforcement. Or beaten or raped. Or given a psychiatric evaluation. And would the media withhold their name which is plastered all over the internet at their request? Hell’s to the No.

This is what Privilege LOOKS LIKE. “Terminal” Privilege. I just thought you might want to have a look.

Of course, I believe everyone should have the right to wear whatever they want and be treated like gold. Should “Terminal” be stopped? Of course not. Privileged men should dress however they want in a free society – not that my opinion matters on the subject, or yours, or anyone’s you know because it’s Men, especially Rich White Hetero Men who make those rules.

And speaking of privileged men-  the male transgenders, especially those who have pursued voluntary medicalized disabililty (removal of healthy endocrine systems etc ) in order to bolster the superficial illusion that they are actually female are livid- livid I tell ya!  That a male would dress in whatever gendered clothes he wants without upholding genderism (by claiming that if he wears female gender markers he must actually be female). Heresy! Get your wig on NOW, mister!  How DARE an American wear whatever he wants- it’s transphooooobic for males to wear skirts! It’s transphooobic for gays to perform drag shows! It should be outlawed! Only those who claim to be the other sex in their “brain reproductive system” should be allowed to break the rules of gender! Obey! Obey! Obey!