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June 29, 2017

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From Jonathan Glover of the Spokesman-Review:

“More than 27 years after their bodies were first discovered, a Spokane jury found Donna Perry, 65, guilty on three counts of murdering Yolanda A. Sapp, Nickie I. Lowe and Kathleen A. Brisbois.

Perry, who has sat quietly throughout the two-and-a-half-week-long trial with headphones in, scribbling on a piece of legal notepad, stared forward silently as Superior Court Judge Michael Price read the verdict aloud. She spoke briefly with her attorneys before being handcuffed and taken from the courtroom.

Family of the three slain women released tears of joy and hugged one another as they walked into the court house hallway.

Prosecuting attorney Sharon Hedlund praised the hard work of her staff and police officers involved in the decades-long investigation.

“We know it was a tough case, and we are obviously pleased with the verdict,” she said. “We hope this gives the (victim’s) families some closure.”

   “Sentencing is set for 9:30 a.m. on July 24. Since Perry was also found guilty of the aggravating circumstance that the three murders were part of a common scheme or plan, she faces up to life in prison on each charge.”

Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois, Nicki Lowe.

The Donna Perry serial killer trial started on the 9th. I’ve been posting updates in the previous post thread here:

You may also read my original post here, where I research his criminal history (including archival materials) and offer commentary:

After some regional coverage at the start of the trial, the last week has passed with no media coverage whatsoever (!) .

Tom Clouse of the Spokesman-Review finally posted an update last night:

“Attorneys have spent a week questioning retired police detectives, reviewing lost evidence and recounting raids that netted guns not connected to the killings of three women in 1990. But on Tuesday, prosecutors brought the fingerprint and DNA evidence that is the crux of the serial killer case against a transgender woman.

The triple murder trial of Donna R. Perry, 65, reached the point where witnesses began talking of the decades-old evidence that prompted prosecutors in 2014 to charge Perry with the killings of Yolanda A. Sapp, Nickie I. Lowe and Kathleen A. Brisbois.

The three women knew each other and lived in the same motel off of East Sprague Avenue, which has been Spokane’s traditional working zone for prostitutes.”

Read the rest of that update here:

I will be posting daily trial updates as available in the comments below for those who are following the case.


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Photo credit: Nina Culver

Donna Perry Today
Photo credit: Nina Culver

Serial Killer suspect Douglas “Donna” Perry is back in Spokane after completing his Federal sentence on weapons charges. Perry faces triple murder charges for the slayings of Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois and Nickie Lowe in 1990. He is still under investigation for other murders. According to court documents filed in January, a cellmate of Perry claimed he confessed to murdering a total of nine women who had been exploited by men into prostitution. He killed them because they had the ability to have children and were “wasting it being pond scum”. Tragically,  ATF agents who pried open a sealed and painted-over closet in Perry’s home in 2012 while investigating weapons charges failed to inventory the boxes of women’s panties and other apparent “trophy items” kept by him there. You can read about this, about Perry’s long criminal history, and about the 24 year investigation which culminated in this week’s events at the previous GenderTrender post HERE, which contains news archives and information not available elsewhere. The boyfriend of one of Perry’s former cellmates posts comments at that link as well.

donna perry court doc 1

screencap of the affidavit

Douglas Perry was remanded to the Spokane County Jail but refused to appear in court to face triple homicide charges Monday. Survivors of the victims- family and loved ones who arranged time off work and traveled to the Spokane County courtroom were forced to wait until Tuesday when Perry finally consented to a four minute appearance rather than face a drag order. Bail was set at one million dollars. You can see partial video of Perry’s court appearance from KHQ News HERE.

donna perry court doc 4

screencap of the affidavit

According to court affidavit, Perry told investigators that his male persona committed the murders but his female persona was innocent. When asked why the murders stopped, Perry is quoted as saying “Douglas didn’t stop, Donna stopped it.” Perry is also recorded as stating that he believes medical gender  treatments are a cure for violent men who despise women and torture-kill them. “There’s a great downturn in violence,” he says, adding that surgical sex change is “a permanent way to control violence.” Perry flew to Thailand in 2000, where he underwent castration and surgical inversion of his penis into a condom-shaped pouch meant to approximate a vagina.

Perry’s comments echo a common refrain seen on transgender support sites among men who undergo medical gender treatments seeking a dampening of anti-social sexual urges, sexual compulsivity, and illegal acts, as well as a “fresh start” or re-invention of a life trajectory gone awry.

donna perrry court doc 2

screencap of the affidavit

Perry, now linked to the three murders by DNA, fingerprint, and other evidence, claims innocence due to gender re-invention. “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody,” and “I don’t know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not,” he was quoted in the affidavit, dated January 14.

donna perry court doc 3

screencap of the affidavit

You can read the full affidavit in PDF form by clicking HERE.

There is evidence that Perry’s legal team wholeheartedly supports a transgenderist identity defense: their sole request of the court was that defendant’s criminal name Douglas be erased from all court documents and replaced by the name Donna. His legal team, headed by Anna Nordtvedt, claimed they had been unable to see Douglas previously because the legal team refused to submit that request using the name on his criminal record.  That a defense team’s single priority during arraignment of a triple-murder suspect is the request that legal records be changed to reflect his “gendered” female name is a strong indicator that establishing a new legal persona for Perry is critical to his defense. One can think of no other rationale for submitting the bizarre and politicized claim that legal counsel was barred from seeing the defendant by the legal team’s own refusal to use the name on Douglas’s criminal record to arrange meetings with him. You can see counsel’s bizarre claim at the video link posted above.

Perry and counsel are scheduled for his next court appearance March 25.

donna perry

Donna/Douglas Perry

Spokane police announced Tuesday that a woman named Donna Perry was identified as a suspect in the 1990 serial murders of at least three Spokane Washington women after DNA and fingerprint evidence tied her to the crime scenes.

According to the Spokesman Review, advances in DNA technology prompted investigators to resubmit tissue found under the fingernails of one of the victims for testing in 2009. “The DNA came back as belonging to a male, but did not match anyone in the federal database of convicted felons.” Donna was arrested on weapons charges and placed into federal custody in March of this year.

Donna Perry

Who is Donna?

From KREM News:

Spokane Co. deputies executed a search warrant in the home of a Spokane woman, who the sheriff’s office says could be tied to three cold case murders.

Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nikkie Lowe, 34, and Kathlene Brisbois, 38, were all shot and killed within three months of each other in 1990. Sapps and Brisbois were found completely nude, while Lowe’s body was partially clothed. All three victims were considered known prostitutes, according to Spokane police.

Detectives say they have enough evidence to now consider Douglas (Donna) Perry, 60, as a person of interest in these murders.

The three homicides became cold cases, but local authorities have been tracking them for years. WSP scientists found male DNA under Brisbois’ fingernail clippings in 2009. Comparisons to potential suspects’ DNA came up empty until they got a hit in September of this year. The DNA matched Perry’s, who was already in custody for illegal possession of firearms charges in March of 2012.

Perry has an extensive criminal history in Washington reaching back to the 70s, with charges ranging from reckless endangerment to second-degree assault. She also had federal charges brought against her in 1988. Authorities say she had a pipe bomb, 49 firearms and 20,000 rounds of ammunition in this case. The federal government charged her again in 1994 for additional firearms and ammunition.

Police began questioning Perry’s mental health decades ago. In 1997, Spokane police say they found attorney papers and weapons in her vehicle. They searched it after allegedly catching then Douglas Perry with a prostitute. The documents reportedly stated Perry suffers from a gender psychosis disorder and does not like females.

Fellow inmates even questioned Perry’s sanity when he served time in an Oregon prison in the 90s. According to court documents, Perry would talk about taking prostitutes home to feed them. They reportedly believed he could have killed prostitutes in the past based on his behavior.

Douglas Perry named himself Donna in 2000 following gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.”

Douglas “Donna” Perry

From KXLY News:

The three murders, between February and May of 1990, involved prostitutes who were shot with a small-caliber handgun, their bodies dumped in various locations around the Spokane area.

Yolanda Sapp was found dead in the 4100 block of East Upriver Drive on Feb. 22, 1990. She was nude and had three small caliber gunshot wounds. Nickie Lowe’s remains were found in the 3200 block of South Riverton on March 25. She had one gunshot wound and was missing her tennis shoes and billfold. Kathleen Brisbois was found nude with three gunshot wounds along the Spokane River, near Trent Avenue and Pines Road on May 15.

 Each of the three victims were known prostitutes, used drugs, and were killed in a similar fashion with a small caliber handgun. Clothes belonging to Brisbois were scattered around the area where her body was found, Lowe was found partially clothed and Sapp’s clothes were never found.

The cases went cold for a number of years, and while a number of other prostitute murders that took placed in the 1990s in Spokane were eventually linked to convicted serial killer Robert Yates, the murders of Sapp, Brisbois and Lowe remained unsolved.

In 2005, two detectives with the Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office were assigned to the cold cases. Those detectives — Mark Burbridge with the police department and Jim Dresbeck with the sheriff’s office — began working the cases and Dresbeck submitted evidence to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab in order to find suspect DNA.

Four years later the crime lab was able to develop a full male profile of the suspect and that information was submitted to the CODIS database to search for a match. CODIS is the national Combined DNA Index System, which compiles local, state and federal databases of DNA profiles from convicted offenders.

In September of this year, three years after a full profile was developed, the crime lab called Detective Dresbeck and let him known they had linked suspect DNA found on some of the evidence to Douglas Perry.

Perry, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand in 2000 and now identifies himself as Donna Perry, was already in custody at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in September following his arrest by the ATF on charges of unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

It was unlawful for him to possess firearms and ammunition due to a string of assault and weapons charges in Okanogan County that stretched from 1974 to 1988. The following year, in August of 1989, he was arrested by the Spokane Police Department for patronizing a prostitute.

The first victim, Yolanda Sapp, was found six months later.

In addition to those local charges, because he was a convicted felon, Perry had been arrested on federal firearms charges on several occasions. In 1988 he was arrested for possessing a pipe bomb and then again in 1994 for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. While searching his home, investigators found 49 firearms and 49,000 rounds of ammunition in the wake of his 1988 arrest.

When he was arrested in 1994 authorities again searched his residence and found numerous weapons and ammunition. During both the 1988 and 1994 searches authorities recovered .22 caliber handguns, the same caliber of the weapons used in the Sapp, Brisbois and Lowe slayings.

On March 14, 2012, Perry was again arrested on firearms charges by the ATF, a search warrant was again executed at his home at 2006 E. Empire and more weapons and ammunition were seized during the search.

And then one ATF agent found something unusual. While searching the bedroom, ATF Special Agent Todd Smith found that the bedroom closet had been painted shut. The closet door was pried open and numerous items were found inside.

Since they were looking for guns and ammunition, the contents of the closet were not inventoried, however Agent Smith found something that caught his eye: He found several boxes in which there were women’s underwear, too small for Perry to wear. The panties looked old and were lacy or frilly, but what struck Smith was that they were kept it struck him that they were being kept as if they were trophies; articles of clothing a murder suspect keeps of their victims as a way to remember — or re-live — the crime.

In October, detectives got one more break that would link Perry to the killings.

Two items missing from the scene where murder victim Nickie Lowe was found — her tennis shoes and her red billfold — were found by a Spokane resident in a dumpster along South Riverton the same morning she was found. Also found with Lowe’s personal items was a tube of “sterile jelly” from which detectives were able to lift several fingerprints. On Oct. 12, two fingerprints found on those items left in the dumpster were matched to Perry.

Perry was transferred on Oct. 17 from federal custody and brought back to the Spokane County Jail where he is currently being held.

According to the July 2, 1994 Spokane Review archive, his 1994 arrest for weapon’s charges (four years after the murders) was precipitated “after authorities were called by frightened mental health workers” who feared Perry was capable of a massacre attack after he likened himself to mass murderer Dean Mellberg. Perry referred to himself in the press as “a woman in a man’s body” and stated that guns were “like my family and children” explaining “ I picked up dog dung, mowed lawns and even pulled tricks on East Sprague as a male prostitute for extra money to buy my guns. People probably think I’m crazy, but I just wanted to fit in and be left alone with my family”. He added “Everybody needs a purpose in life and mine is guns”.

Douglas/Donna Perry 1994 arrest

An earlier weapons arrest (where he was discoved to be in possession of five pipe bombs and various weaponry including machine gun parts) occurred two years prior to the murders, and was precipitated according to the April 28, 1988 Spokesman Review archive by his arrest for punching his mother.

I would put forward that Donna Perry is NOT a woman.

I would also put forward that serial killing murderous men like “Donna” are aided and abetted in their actions every step of the way by scores of other men.

Authorities LITERALLY IGNORED an entire sealed off closet full of fetishistic sadistic murder trophies of MANY victims: materials the other men READILY RECOGNIZED as the detritus of a man with a WELL KNOWN CAREER of violence and hatred against women. Including a written DIAGNOSIS of profound “hatred of women” from psychiatric providers, multiple reports from cellmates who believed he was a serial killer of women, and a criminal history of violent assault against women. Not only was a closet full of serial murder trophies – which were recognized as such by investigating officers-  not taken into evidence: they were LITERALLY NOT EVEN INVENTORIED. The closet was RE-SEALED: LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY- on the evidence of this male’s sadistic violent long-term spree of serial violence and murder of women.

GenderTrender proposes that a Public National Registry of Violence Against Women – similar to publicly accessible sex-offender registries- be set up to track the activities and criminal careers of violent males who commit hate crimes against women. Males arrested for “Patronizing” prostituted women should be included in the registry and DNA samples should be placed on file. As seen above, women cannot rely on male investigators to follow up on evidence of crimes against women that is literally staring them in the face.

GenderTrender proposes – in light of the demonstrable campaign of male on female violence and the collusion of males who are in a position to observe evidence of such abuse- for Mandatory Reporting Laws to be expanded to include women as a recognized vulnerable population. This would subject males to criminal and civil liability for failing to report evidence of violence and exploitation of women.

GenderTrender proposes that men – especially those with a criminal history of violence and exploitation of women- be disallowed from claiming legal female “Gender Identity”, and calls for an end to government, medical and legal collusion in enabling males to create fictional legal sex markers.