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Four women attacked and beat a lesbian in a homophobic assault on Tuesday night as she exited the ‘Grey Fox Pub’, a gay bar in St. Louis. The women, all members of the transgender movement who identify as ‘Non Binary Trans’ were angered by the victim’s homosexuality and her belief that sexual orientation for most people, straight or gay, is based on biological sex. The women targeted her because previously she referred to one of them (accurately) as being female. All of the assailants are female and also very femininity conforming.


Violent homophobe Natalie Welage

The gay bashing was a premeditated attack carefully coordinated by the women, one of whom, Natalie Elaine Welage, is an employee of the bar, hosting events where she also performs as a male impersonator Drag King under the name ‘Dickie Rebellion’. They harassed the lesbian victim in the bar, elicited a male authority figure to pressure her to leave, then waited to violently attack her as an organized group when she exited.


From the victim’s Tumblr blog:


After the assault the gay-bashers took to social media to brag about and bond over the attack, referring to the victim as a ‘TERF’.

Natalie Welage and Katy Elizabeth St Louis gay bashers brag about beating a lesbian on Twitter

TERF is a dehumanizing slur used by the transgender movement to target lesbians and other women who recognize that biological sex exists. It stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” and is used to denote female apostates of the transgender philosophy which insists that reproductive sex should be defined by adherence to social sex stereotypes instead of biology. TERF is pronounced “turf”, a synonym for dirt or a substrate upon which one walks, as well as a contested territory to be controlled.

Jesse Lee Heriford, St Louis gay basher, threats

The territory that the transgender movement demands control of is every part of society that allows sex-segregated areas (what anti-feminist transgender theorist Dean Spade calls “carve-outs”) for the benefit of the welfare of women: The right of female prisoners to be housed in separate facilities from males. The right to request a same-sex individual for body search or medical care. The right of female athletes to separate but equal sporting leagues and opportunities. The right of females to separate but equal facilities where nudity and intimate biological functions occur: changing rooms, toilets, hospital bed assignments, etc. The right of female homosexuals to organize lesbian publications, events, gatherings, and groups which exclude males.

Affirmative schemes to promote female equality are especially contested “turf” by the transgender and other anti-feminist movements: Women’s Scholarships, Women’s Awards, Women-Only Shortlists, Women’s colleges, Women’s leadership initiatives, etc.

Increasingly, transgender movement adherents advocate violent attacks against those who support women’s rights, particularly lesbians, whose minority sexual orientation is a literal “carve out” which excludes male bodied people.

Homosexuals not welcome at gay bars or drag shows now run by hetero “queers”.

The women in St. Louis who coordinated a premediated hate crime assault of a lesbian woman who recognized that they are female are, ironically, extraordinarily gender conforming and femininity performing individuals. They despise lesbians but colonize gay bars and call themselves “queer”. They are the ultimate female conformists. Female chauvinist pigs.

St. Louis Gay Basher Caleb Fetsch:

Violent homophobe Caleb Fetsch of St. Louis

St. Louis Gay Basher Jess Heriford:

Violent homophobe Jess Heriford of St. Louis

St. Louis Gay Basher Katy Elizabeth Heselton:


Violent homophobe Katy Elizabeth Heselton


As usual, no LGBT websites have reported on this crime, because hate crimes against lesbians are of no consequence to the male LGBT media and because – as the LGBT media blackout on transactivist Dana Rivers’ ghastly murder of Michfest attendees last year shows- hate crimes (including murder) against lesbians committed by transgender terrorists are considered justified defensible political crimes by the men’s sexual rights movement now operating under the acronym LGBT.

Autumn Sandeen: Lesbian Feminist blogging  forces males like him to stalk  Lesbians

Autumn Sandeen: Lesbian Feminist blogging forces males like him to stalk Lesbians

Enza Anderson, a massive male drag queen and attention-seeker with awful taste in feminine attire vows to file complaint against a female employee who acknowledged his actual and legal sex, reports Xtra.

Hi I'm a big drag queen standing next to an actual woman

Hi I’m a big drag queen standing next to an actual woman

Enza, featured performer in the 2003 documentary “A Man In A Dress” and perpetual failed political candidate (Mayor Toronto 2000, Canadian Alliance 2002, City Council Toronto 2003, City Council Toronto, 2010) was offended by a female employee at the Pearson airport who failed to pretend that he was female as he was expecting her to do. Enza, a male with a passport labeled male felt the employee should have pretended he was female due to his cwazy drag queen get-up. She didn’t. And dude-bro Enza had his male ego bruised as the speshul-ness of his sekret “female-NESS” was not HONORED by the female worker who was there to SERVE HIM.

Hi Sir - I mean laydee-sir

Hi Sir – I mean laydee-sir

In Enza’s cwazy-ass entitled male-prick mind females working in secure airport environments exist to pretend males who wear insane drag shite are “female” even though said males are massive towering dickhead assholes whose IDs say male. Asshole Enza believes that women who exist in a reality-based universe deserve to be targeted and harassed by men like him.

The airport employee in question is claimed to have uttered the following hate-crime statement in reference to the towering flamboyant man: “He’s a guy”.


The male is “a guy”. Ohhhhhh! Oh my gosh but bitch don’t you see my cheap-ass laydee wig? How DARE this female employee do her job and not suck my proverbial laydee-dick and SHE HARSHED MY WHOLE ERECTION AND SHITE. Imma FILE a COMPLAINT!

Bitches should know that male divas with male passports wearing gross tacky-ass cross-dresser garb should NEVER be looked at in the eye! Or NEVER be referred to as male! Because LAYDEE, dumb bitch, LAYDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Men have a right to have women employees pretend they are female if said men wear stereotypically sexist female garb! Even if all their documents read male! Dumb Bitch!


Jesus Christ can Enza be any more fail as a human being? Any more self-centered and hostile to employees just trying to get through a shitty-ass minimum wage day (because speshul!). Holy shit.




What a fucking diaper wearing piece of shit.

Not Enza’s first time at the rodeo. He made the press in 2008 complaining about lesbian singer Katy Perry who made the following hate-crime statement to him at a fundraiser: “Oh! You’re a man!”

november 2008 enza perry

In 2009 a reporter covering his mayoral campaign documented Ezra terrorizing some high-school students who committed a hate-crime by asking: “Are you a man?”


“Enza Anderson struck a pose for a photograph in front of Toronto City Hall. The candidate-in-waiting for a city council seat looked fierce, ready to lift this city up by the boot straps. After a few pictures were taken, she decided the image was too strong, and she softened her presentation by bending a knee and turning an ankle. She smiled again.

“Are you a man?”

Anderson’s smile disappeared as she looked beyond the camera to a group of high school boys smirking in the background.

They had no idea what their disingenuous question unleashed. Anderson rushed beyond the camera and challenged the boys on their attitude. She got right up close, in their faces, as her arms flew around, making a pointed jab in the air to underscore her response. People were looking. The boys looked alarmed; their smirks were gone.

The boys were of the same age, but racially diverse, much like the rest of Toronto.

“You ought to know better,” Anderson admonished as the lads realized they had bit off more than they could chew.

The boys ran to catch up with the rest of their school outing, but Anderson followed, abandoning her purse, a bag, shoes, and an umbrella in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square.” 

Hey jerk-off. You’re a man. You just are. We all know it and we always will. Have some fucking respect for women. And have pride!

Sure you wanted to be a cut-rate William Belli. But you lacked the intelligence, creativity, style, self-awareness and sense of humor. No one is buying what you’re selling DUDE. And that’s okay. Accept yourself.