Michelle O'toole. A nice friendly cuppa.

Michelle O’Toole. A nice friendly cuppa.

Some stoner crossdresser dude calling himself Michelle O’Toole– a fan of the blog apparently- started tweeting at me a few weeks ago. What’s all this about a schism between feminists like me and a guy like him? He’s a nice enough bloke he tells me, and posts a video asking me out for a nice cuppa.

He poo-poos the whole female/trans divide, but in a nice enough way. (Isn’t it something when we give the men “credit” for poking at us sans the requisite “transwoman” rape and death threats?) He seemed benign enough, autogynephilic wanker, seemed to have not read my blog or any other woman’s, with the usual request that I extend myself to him and explain it all to him so he doesn’t have to be arsed. I noted that he drew a distinction in his video between himself and actual women, and I further noted that there were already transjacktivists taking the piss at him for doing so. In the past I might have naively taken his distinction as a some small sign of respect for women. A sign of sanity. But I know now that “sane men” who choose (for their pleasure, or, at their option) the social role inflicted on females- one enforced by violence and torture to ritualize our subordination- are non-existent.

And “respect for women”? Men “respect” women at their leisure, and at their pleasure. As Bev Jo often says (paraphrasing): If a woman wants to see the nature of a man, tell him “No.”

When I was trolling for gender news on reddit a week or so after Michelle O’Toole’s first cry for feminist attention I saw him again, posting this:

michelle is correct

and this:

michelle is correct 3 of 3

Hmm. Was Michelle approaching honesty? Sanity? I confess that I said to myself: This guy will be just another MRA Cotton Ceiling spewing entitled male jacktivist soon enough, demanding that women service his fetishes and “honor” him. He will because he can. He will because other men will back him up. He will because the institutional power of the overlord class will support him. A man taking “No” for an answer from women? Hahaha. No.

Today on the front page of Gay Star News the tragic- and newsworthy!- tale of a man whose honor was offended by a woman who refused to honor him as he wished to be honored. That’s right. Our Michelle “nice cuppa” O’Toole, our “It really is about the clothes and sexist stereotypes (and erections!)” pal, making headlines – not because a woman told him “No”, but because she refused to HONOR his CROSSDRESSER FANTASY. She declined to be an unwilling PARTICIPANT in his KINK, as is his RIGHT as a MAN.

O’Toole’s complaint, according to the Gay Star reporter? The dressing room attendant in a women’s clothing store “ loitered very obviously outside, making [O’toole] feel very uncomfortable.” Front page news folks! Man NOT treated with DEFERENCE. (The author of the piece is “Jane Fae”, formerly John Ozimek, who demanded round the clock care for his “sex-change” from his wife who is undergoing brutal chemotherapy treatments.)

"Jane Fae"

“Jane Fae”

For a real look at what it’s all about let’s check O’toole’s blog post on the subject. He is not “transgender” in the sense of taking hormones or getting sugeries or any of that. He’s just a guy who gets aroused seeing himself playing the role enforced on women. This post was originally titled “My First Transgender Changing Room Shenanagans”, (now retitled “My First Transgender Changing Room Fail”):

I went to the New Look store in Brixton and found some things I liked the look of (some jeans and a jumper…this wasn’t what you would call an exciting shopping trip) and went to the changing rooms. At first there was no staff member there and thought about just going in and trying on the stuff. But then I waited, and eventually a staff member came and asked me how many things I had. I answered, and she looked up and said “Oh, you are a man”.

I was sort of taken aback by this. I tried to answer but it sort of came out like this “Uuum, it is complicated….I am transgendered….I…umm…this is awkward”.

She then told me “this is a womens changing room, we don’t have any changing rooms for men”.

I tried explaining “but, I am transgendered…I just want to try on some clothes like everyone else”.

A few awkward moments went by and she was about to use her walkie talkie (do they still call those things walkie talkies? sounds so wrong but I don’t know what else you would call it) but then she thought better of it and guided me to a changing room.

She then stood outside. Either making sure nobody got to me…or as I suspect…that I couldn’t disturb anyone else.

This was not a pleasant experience. I was made to feel like an “other”. A “different”. “

Well yes Michelle sir. You are a man. Different from a woman, remember, oh Mr. “have a nice cuppa”, respecting women pothead crossdresser dude? OTHER than female. DIFFERENT than a woman you jack-ass. So what’s it all about Michelle sir? This, from the same post:

Now, I have tried to keep opinion out of what happened and what all this means so far. And I want to make it clear that New Look are being very cool and nice if you agree with their logic. And everyone I have talked to (including the staff member in the changing rooms) has been really nice and there has not any ill feeling or inpoliteness from them.

But their reasoning is that I am not a woman. That I am “a different” and whilst they want to help me and let me shop and be nice to me, they don’t seem to see how being treated like some special case can make someone feel.

All I have ever wanted was to wake up one day and be a cis gendered girl. And I guess the reason I was so taken aback by the incident was because in my head, at that point, I was the girl. Not 100%, but I was pretty damned close (I am pre-everything, but when the hormones start flowing in my body I will be a lot closer). All of that, the second she said “you are a man” was gone.”