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April 12, 2017

The Ghost of Christianity

January 7, 2011

I posted this as a comment on this really cool article and figured I’d cross-post it here.

I grew up around a lot of Christians. And as a girl I always wondered: “What the fuck is the Holy Spirit?” If the creator and ruler of existence is God, a “Father”, why is there no “Mother” of the universe? Especially when I learned about parthenogenesis and realized that females ONLY were capable of creating life, and they didn’t need male’s help to do it either. Females create life, not males. Males are “broken” females with a broken chromosome. The “Y” chromosome only contains 200 genes instead of the 1400 genes present in a normal female chromosome. Male chromosomes are not essential for life. The female chromosome, the “X” chromosome is the only life-sustaining chromosome. Without an X chromosome there is no life. Therefore the Y chromosome is quite literally “undead”. It is viral. A virus attaches to the living and implants itself into the RNA of the living, forcing the host to replicate more undead versions of itself.

Rather than Eve being “hewn from Adam’s rib”, males are quite literally created from the life-giving source: Females. Females began creating these half alive half viral lives so they could create new DNA strands for themselves in order to trick parasites from attaching themselves to human mitochondria and to prevent malformed chromosomes from weakening the species. Human life is entirely female.  So why would the creator of life in Christianity be a father? And if he is the creator why did he need to force unwanted childbirth on a lowly human woman to birth his son? Why didn’t he just pop him out of his ass the way he did with Adam?

And who or what is this Holy Ghost floating around all mysterious, literally haunting the supposed Creator of the Universe, telling him what to do? Christians say there is a holy trinity: God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, and this trinity ITSELF is God. A trinity with no purpose? Usually religious trinities have some sort of purpose or balance. In some eastern religions God is represented as a trinity, or being triple-faced. Two of the faces represent good and evil (Duality) while the central face represents wholeness, or the absence of duality. But there is no purpose, no rhyme or reason to the Christian trinity. In fact before God “created” his son (using Mary as a nine-month morning-sickness swollen-ankle “virgin” vessel: a virgin birth is always female by the way, so God must have inserted a broken chromosome into her body somehow, but I digress). Before Jesus, there was no trinity, only a two-fer: God The Source Of All Life and …this “ghost thing” that tells The Source Of All Life what to do. Riggggght.

Obviously I didn’t end up Christian. But I did realize the source of all life is female. Not God, but the Holy Female Spirit.


BIG NEWS today- scientists using stem cell experimentation have produced offspring in mice using DNA from two males. Gay males rejoice! Of course they still have to implant the egg into some poor female’s womb.

Or maybe NOT. Scientists are hard at work figuring out how to insert cadaver uteri into males for purposes of male childbearing. With cloning, stem cells and transplantation, male dreams of motherhood can’t be too far off.