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Someone on GT made a comment about Sarah Brown looking dirty and disheveled in the picture that was posted on GT, and someone else said “I enjoy cheap shots!”. If you don’t remember, Sarah Brown is the trans British politician famous for trying to coin the term “Bindel” for the mix of lube and smegma that comes out when a transwoman dilates (no, I’m not making this up).

In general I try to avoid making fun of people for how they look, because I certainly got teased a lot for how I looked until I stopped giving a fuck. But the GT comment was tapping into something very important actually, which I’ve also noticed myself – a lot of trans women have exceptionally messy hair, or otherwise “deficient” grooming. Full disclosure: I probably should include myself in this category!

Being raised male means you look at yourself in the mirror with your own eyes instead of someone else’s, because you’re never performing for someone else’s gaze. You’re free to just be whoever you want! This is the sense in which being a trans woman is the ultimate expression of masculinity: I can do whatever I want, and no one can stop me. It’s exactly the opposite of the experience of being socialized female, where every choice is made considering how it will be perceived by men.

Personally, I never even thought to consider what my hair looked like from the back until I was 24! True story! Like, I only ever see myself from the front, how could anyone else see me any other way? In contrast, I remember a female friend I had in 8th grade who walked around sucking her stomach in all the time because she was worried she was fat. That was a terrible consequence of being raised under patriarchy, and I didn’t understand it at the time. But it took me an additional ten plus years of living in the world to have anywhere near the same awareness of what I looked like to others.

When I write about trans delusion, it makes trans women upset. But a lot of trans women are clearly operating under some pretty serious delusions. There are a lot of trans women who whole-heartedly believe that wearing a dress makes them “100% the same as” a woman born female, no matter what the rest of their life is like. There are trans women who think that when they wear lipstick, it magically overrides every other cue they put out, such as thinking, speaking, and interacting with other people like a nice guy, rationalist beta, or a bro. There are even trans women who claim that people who say they don’t pass are “wrong”. (Like, wtf??)

Anyway, all this setup is just to give context for my own cheap shot. Ameliated, famous for running the incredibly ignorant askatranswoman blog, claiming she had periods, and claiming to be an EMT despite thinking women pee out of their vaginas, has a band. And of course, she’s the singer. She tags the music “lesbian” and “lesbian musician”. Oy fucking vey.

There’s nothing wrong with making music, and there’s especially nothing wrong with making bad music! In general, I prefer bad music! (Seriously, ask any of my friends.) I’ve made some very bad music during my life. But I’d like to think I had at least a modicum of self-awareness about what the music I was making sounded like. So, serious question – does Ameliated think that affecting a speech impediment makes her sound female? And moreover, with a voice like that, how in hell can she claim to ever pass?

And there’s your trans delusion. I’m sure it’s painful for her, but it’s no less painful for everyone she interacts with. Like redressalert said: it’s time to let yourself know what you know.


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Why aren’t we doing more about sexism? (self.asktransgender)
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I am lucky in that I was able to transition while employed, and everyone at that employer treated me very well (mostly). I left amicably and went to go work in a different town, where I knew nobody professionally, nobody personally, and I pass exceptionally well. I am out to two people, out of necessity (some benefits & legal stuff) at that company.
I have also just had what I consider to be my first incident of actual sexism (in the workplace; that happened long ago “on the street.”).

I am mid-career, and an engineer. I am very familiar with the way people interact with me, as an engineer, professionally. At my previous company, when I transitioned, nothing changed. With one (somewhat notable) exception, there was one date in which my name changed in email, and everyone switched to the new names and pronouns. Professionally I was treated almost exactly the same. In “not-quite-professional” situations, I was treated differently: people now held doors open and smiled more at me. They defaulted to driving on business trips (to the extent I didn’t even need to rent a car; my male coworkers more or less insisted). So those things changed, and I “noticed” them, but it didn’t bother me and I didn’t think much of it other than, “oh, that’s nice, they’re trying to make me feel comfortable/they like me/random vague positive thoughts.”

And I think what happened, as I look back, is I was able to retain some of the – I will say it – male privilege – I had before transitioning. This is to say, nobody doubted the veracity of anything I said because I was a woman, because to them, I was a man, and had thus been vetted and passed all the requirements (that is, maleness) for intelligence, authenticity, and honesty. Bear in mind I worked on two different teams, one of about 100 people that had maybe twenty women, and another of seventy people that had one woman – me (for those counting, that’s 12% or so women, or 1:8). Read the rest of this entry »

Some Boys Have a Vagina

March 9, 2014

I’m laughing my ass off at the sex-based difference in transgender narratives.

Look at the difference between this video and the cray-cray sputterings and shushings of male transgenders Carrera, Mock and Cox towards interviewers who mention their sex-based characteristics – ie. their dicks.

Can you imagine Ryan Cassada “shushing” this woman with a literal handwave as Carmen Carrera (a man with intact penis and balls who intends to impregnate a woman someday) did to Katie Couric? Of course not. The male socialization, entitlement, and gaslighting displayed by men like Mock, Cox and Carrera bears no relation to the socialization of women, including female “transmen”.


ewwwwww trans lesbians





Avery Edison

Avery Edison

It’s amazing how much political and media traction one man’s penis can get if that man claims to feel “psychologically female”.

What does it mean to be psychologically male or psychologically female? For the transgender lobby it means that certain thoughts, emotions, preferences, and intellectual abilities are tied to one’s reproductive capacity. This is called “gender”. If an individual’s “gender” does not match one’s sex, the trans politic insists that this “incongruence” represents a life-threatening social, psychiatric, and medical disorder- an emergency whose only cure is disguising one’s body using various modifications into appearing like the other sex.

Transgender people have every right to believe in this. Feminists and most lesbians and gays would instead characterize this belief as extreme sexism and homophobia based on sex-stereotypes that expired decades ago.

One might think that Transgender Rights would revolve around the right to live unaccosted while freely exercising one’s personal beliefs, as with religion. Instead, the transgender movement lobbies for the right to compel non-believers to act as if they also believe in “psychological sex” stereotypes and to re-structure their own lives, and society, accordingly. This seems like an absurd and overreaching goal, one that Christianists and Islamists have been failing at for ages, but the trans lobby has made surprising inroads at installing public policies enforcing their “psychological sex” stereotypes into law.

Transgenderism has succeeded where religionists (who also subscribe to “psychological sex” beliefs, not incidentally) have failed because the Transgender Rights movement is a men’s sexual rights movement based on expanding the rights of males to sexually exploit and control women.

Patriarchal religions merely seek to uphold male domination over females, to maintain the conservative status quo, while the transgender movement expands on the ability of men to subordinate women. In this sense it is an evolution in men’s rights. This expansion and evolutionary quality accounts for its popularity and rapid adoption by male power structures such as government, medicine, law.

A story you may have seen in media headlines this week shows just how incredibly powerful one man’s penis can become under the social movement of “Transgender”.


“My penis is more powerful than the cocks of a million alpha males all put together. ” – Cocky, by Julia Serano


Avery Edison is a young man who believes in “psychological sex” and believes himself to be “psychologically female”. His activities include attempting to become a stand-up comedian and writing blog posts expressing his anger at women who refuse to let him insert his penis into them.

Avery Edison's penis rights

Avery Edison’s penis rights

Avery went to Canada on a student visa to take a college program on stand-up comedy, an endeavor funded by the parents of one of his girlfriends. He overstayed his visa before eventually returning to the UK. This week, for unknown impulsive reasons (perhaps because he felt like it and possessed enough incredible white male privilege that he had the expectation that his every magical wish would be accommodated), Avery decided to try to get back into Canada without first going through proper channels, even though he knew it was unlikely he would be let in.

He flew into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport somehow hoping to persuade officials to bypass immigration laws and allow him, unannounced and on the spot, to enter the country and visit his girlfriend. Not surprisingly (to anyone but Avery), his desire to enter the country did not override Canadian immigration law and procedure. Much like his anger at women who enforce a boundary against Avery’s right to stick his dick into them against their will, being subjected to Canadian border regulations (like everyone else) made Avery angry. Avery is a very entitled young man who does not anticipate being told “no” under any circumstance.

Avery began to tweet messages from the airport to his fellow “psychologically female” mates, conveying his upset at having his desires thwarted by the expected border regulations. These mates had a shared experience of being frustrated by common social boundaries that others accept as a fact of life: they were fellow members of the transgender political movement.

Avery was told that he had to turn around and fly home. But he was so angry! And so close to meeting his goal of seeing his girlfriend! He realized that if he refused to leave he would be incarcerated, which would allow him to receive visitors, including his girlfriend. So his goal could be met after all. Which is what he chose to do. But he wasn’t going to let this go without kicking up a fuss. Which is what he did.


Can leave, but decided to stay.

Avery started tweeting about how bystanders were refusing to act in accordance with his personal belief that he is “psychologically female” and instead were perceiving his sex objectively –as evidenced by his body- as male. He would be housed during his chosen incarceration with other male-bodied individuals, regardless of their psychology or beliefs.  Equal treatment regardless of psychology or belief is considered an assault on one’s ego equivalent to physical battery, according to the transgender adherents. Referring to a “psychologically female” individual as a male-bodied person “is an act of violence”, stated keynote speaker Laverne Cox (himself a male by any objective measure) at last month’s Creating Change conference. NOW Avery’s twitter mates had something to sink their frustration into.

free avery edison


Within hours, a #FreeAvery twitter hashtag was created. Dozens of newspapers and websites worldwide ran headlines on the incident. Several Canadian MPs made public comment and pledged their support. Calls were made for Canadian legal reform: to allow any man who defines himself as “psychologically female” to be housed in female facilities (which are sex-segregated for the protection of women against the overwhelming tide of male sexual violence conducted by males who refuse to respect the boundaries and humanity of women). A public protest and rally was scheduled for this weekend to highlight the “unfairness” of all males being treated equally regardless of their personal psychology or belief. A fund was started for people to donate money to Avery. Pro bono legal representation was arranged.

All this, on the basis of one male’s “psychological sex” beliefs and his desire to bypass all the same rules that apply equally to everyone else. One heterosexual white man’s thwarted impulse. One man’s penis.



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