Parents Claim this drawing displays daughters “battle” with “Gender Identity”

“My son, Aaron, is a seventeen-year-old transboy.  Looking back, I realize that Aaron has never truly changed.  Aaron has always been a boy – a boy that was dressed in girls’ clothes, given girls’ toys, and held to the social expectations of a girl.  When Aaron was three, I registered him for an art camp for four- and five-year-olds.  Aaron demonstrated exceptional artistic talent at a very young age, and I assumed that she would be able to blend in with the group of older children since her artistic talent far surpassed that of most young children.  Upon arriving to pick up Aaron at the end of the first day of camp, the teacher approached me and said that he “needed to have a word with me.”  Being a teacher, I knew exactly what that meant.  Read the rest of this entry »

A mother in Townsend, Georgia is seeking ACLU representation to sue the McIntosh County Public School system after her 7 year old daughter was denied special permission to use the boy’s locker rooms and bathrooms at Todd Grant Elementary School. The child’s biological mother Tommy Theollyn, 28, claims that both she and the child’s co-parent are female-bodied “males” and that her daughter is also a female-bodied “male” who was diagnosed with transsexualism by a unnamed medical doctor. She also claims the physician is “treating” the seven year old girl for transsexualism, though the specifics of the medical treatment were not specified.

Tommy Theollyn

Theollyn states that her daughter is a Female to Male transsexual just like both of her parents. “My child is transgender; put simply this means he looks like and identifies as a boy, but has the body parts assigned to girls.” Theollyn alleges that the government has an obligation to disguise her daughter’s sex and that the right of secrecy for children pretending to be the other sex takes precedence over the privacy rights of other children. Theollyn claims that the disclosure of her daughter’s true sex would endanger her, because the deception would be revealed and there is social pressure against deception.

The mother claims that sex segregation in elementary school private areas should be assigned based on strict adherence to cultural sex role stereotypes and not by actual sex.

“Forcing him to use a bathroom that does not match his presentation effectively discloses his status as a transgender child and thus endangers him.”

Theollyn’s beliefs echo those of the Transgender Rights Movement: That the government has an obligation to uphold sex role stereotypes by actively assisting in disguising the biological sex of those who don’t conform to such stereotypes. Transgenders maintain that individuals who don’t conform to cultural stereotypes based on physical sex must hide their true sex in order to avoid undermining cultural sex roles, and that the government is obligated to assist them. They claim that dismantling stereotyped sex roles is undesirable and that the government should have an interest in maintaining them.

Theollyn, (who claims to have “become a male” 12 months after her daughter’s birth) feels that locker rooms and restrooms segregated by biological sex cause irreparable harm to children who don’t conform to stereotyped sex role presentation- hair cuts, clothing etc. and hopes to engage ACLU litigators to force the school board to eliminate sex segregated locker rooms and restrooms at her daughter’s elementary school.

From the Georgia Voice:

Theollyn says that his son began expressing his own gender identity as early as age 18 months.

“The first time he told me he was a boy he was about 18 months old,” Theollyn said.

In early 2010, D. began insisting that he be identified as a boy. Theollyn said that D. asked to have his head shaved and began throwing away and hiding his girl’s clothing.

“For a while he was saying he really didn’t care, that he was above all that gender stuff. Then one day he asked us to shave his head. He said, ‘I can’t wear girls clothes. I need to look like a boy.'”

Theollyn said at first, he thought D. was just emulating him. Other people who knew D. also expressed the same feelings.

“That really did not go well in a lot of ways,” Theollyn said. “He was very disappointed by the response.”

D. was home-schooled prior to this year. Theollyn said that his son wanted to go to public school because he wants to be a veterinarian and he wanted to interact with children his age. Theollyn said that D. felt being in home school would hurt his chances of becoming a vet.

“He was so ready,” Theollyn said. “It’s such a disappointment. He’s got a bookbag full of supplies he can’t use. He’s very clearly frustrated and disappointed.”

Theollyn said that he and D. have been working with a doctor.”

Transgender activists have started an online petition against elementary school locker rooms and restrooms that are segregated by physical sex.  Over 2300 transgenders have signed.

From the same Georgia Voice article:

“Theollyn said that he reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union earlier this week to discuss the incident. The state chapter forwarded the case to the organization’s main office in New York, according to Theollyn. He said he has not heard back.

Theollyn said he will present members of the McIntosh School board with educational material and a copy of the petition during a mid-September school board meeting.

“There’s several things I want to discuss,” he said. “I have no idea how that’s going to go.”

In the meantime, D. is back to learning at home.

“I don’t want to give him the message that it’s OK to treat people this way,” Theollyn said. “At the same time, I also know where that leaves us — back at home school.”




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