Convicted serial killer Donald “Donna” Perry, now serving time in a women’s prison

On Friday, the Trump administration issued changes to controversial Obama-era guidance on placement of transgender prisoners.  Previous guidance prioritized the sexual rights of male offenders, allowing them to “identify as” female and be transferred to the female division, eliminating women’s longstanding international human rights to be incarcerated separately from males.

The new changes reestablish the sex-based rights of female prisoners to be housed in separate accommodations from males when confined by the state. Women’s basic rights to privacy from male inmates in vulnerable conditions of incarceration including sleeping, showering, and toileting were also acknowledged.

The Female Offender Branch of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which is tasked with implementing transgender policies, was re-named the “Women and Special Populations Branch”.

The agency will now use biological sex, not an inmate’s declared gender feelings, as the initial determination for placement of individuals who identify as transgender. Transgender inmates may still be transferred to opposite sex facilities under certain conditions, namely after significant medical and mental health “treatment”.  From the new guidance:

“The designation to a facility of the inmate’s identified gender would be appropriate only in rare

cases after consideration of all of the above factors and where there has been significant progress

towards transition as demonstrated by medical and mental health history.”

Basic changes in this section here.

Click here for full PDF of guidance:

The policy changes were first reported by Buzzfeed, which ran the headline: ‘The Trump Admin Just Rolled Back Protections For Transgender Prisoners’

Of course, this isn’t true. For women who identify as transgender (“transmen”) the Obama era guidance did not protect them. It put them at great risk as females potentially transferred to male prisons. There are ZERO transgender people born FEMALE who were “protected” by the Obama era guidance. ZERO.

But much like the Obama administration, the boys at Buzzfeed completely disregard the welfare, rights, and safety of the female half of the human population, including those who identify as transgender.

You can see this male bias in all the left and LGBT headlines regarding these changes. The welfare of all female inmates, including those who identify as transmen, is completely disregarded and ignored.

The Hill: ‘Trump rolls back rules protecting transgender inmates in federal prisons’

Pink News: ‘Trump rolls back protections for trans prisoners’

Chicago Sun Times: ‘Trump rolls back some Obama rules helping transgender prisoners’

LGBTQ Nation: ‘Trump strips transgender prisoners of protections against rape and abuse’

Common Dreams: ‘Absolutely Unconscionable: Trump Rolls Back Rules Protecting Transgender Inmates From Sexual Assault.’

And on and on and on.

Law professor Betsy Ginsberg. (twitter)

Lambda Legal, the former Gay Rights org that has been championing the rights of men to be housed in women’s prisons, issued a statement that is remarkable for its complete and utter disregard of the existence of female human beings, including those who identify as transgender:

In Rescinding Transgender Prisoner Protections, Trump Administration Again Targets the Most Vulnerable


Lambda Legal

MAY 11, 2018

 Today, the Trump Administration released changes to the federal Bureau of Prisons Transgender Offender Manual that undercuts constitutional protections and efforts in federal law – specifically the Prison Rape Enforcement Act (PREA) – to protect all prisoners from sexual assault and violence.

Richard Saenz, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney and Criminal Justice and Police Misconduct Strategist, releases the following statement:

“Once again, the Trump Administration is turning its back on those most vulnerable. It is well established that transgender prisoners – particularly transgender women housed in men’s facilities – suffer much greater rates of sexual abuse than other prison populations.

“A California study found that when transgender women are housed with men, they are 13 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than male prisoners in the same facilities.

“Conversely, it is increasingly common for correctional facilities to house transgender people consistent with their gender identity, and agencies have made these placements without experiencing any increase in abusive incidents or security risks.

“There is no justification for this policy shift; it is a deliberate recipe for violence against transgender people based in inexcusable prejudice.”

Truly remarkable.

Incidentally, that “13 times” figure you see bandied about originates from a 2007 California survey featuring a male transgender sample size of 39 individuals. THIRTY NINE individuals from ELEVEN YEARS AGO. “Transgender Sample -Not designed to generalize to larger populations” the study warns.

So Lambda Legal- the premiere authority and lobby group pushing for these policies- is citing completely worthless “data”. The National Center For Trans Equality uses the same study. So does the National Institute of Corrections [pdf]. But if you believe that figure you may as well also cite these, contained in the same study [PDF]: Men who are gay or bisexual suffer sexual assault in prison at 33 times the rate of heterosexuals. Small stature and mental illness are the greatest predictors of male prisoner vulnerability to sexual assault.

What is Lambda Legal doing about THAT? Not a damn thing. This isn’t about preventing sexual assaults of vulnerable males.

The male powers-that-be on the left keep pretending they’re trying to “solve” the issue of male violence: by subjecting women to more of it. It never works. It just harms women. (You know, women- the unmentionable half of the population not worthy of consideration except as a trash receptacle for men’s problems). Take a memo, fellas: if you think “MeToo” has been a “moment”, you haven’t seen the start of it.



Wealthy transgender Twitter executive Dana McCallum evaded prosecution on multiple felony counts of rape, false imprisonment, and battery, even though there were multiple witnesses to his violent rape spree, which he inflicted on his estranged wife in the presence of their children.

Dan McCallum before transgendering

Dan McCallum before transgendering

McCallum’s friends in the media enforced a news blackout on the high profile case and the charges and trial were not reported on mainstream news sites, including the outcome of today’s hearing. Social Justice Activists maintained silence on the case. The last time GenderTrender reported on this case we were locked out of our blog by Automattic/ for over a week. Transgender activists were concerned that the case would publicize the facts that most male transgenders do not undergo genital surgery, and that male transgenders commit violence against women- including sexualized violence- at exactly the same rates as non-transgender males.  

Trans activists demanded media blackout

Trans activists demanded media blackout

Gawker has the story:   From Gawker:

“At a hearing in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, Dana McCallum, a Twitter engineer and prominent women’s rights and LGBT activist, accepted a guilty plea for two misdemeanors related to the alleged rape of her wife. McCallum, who is a transgender woman, was initially charged with five felonies for the alleged incident, which occurred in January.

The misdemeanors were for one count of domestic violence with corporal injury to the spouse (California penal code 273.5) and one count of false imprisonment (code 236). McCallum, whose legal name is Dana Contreras will serve three years probation, 4 days in county jail (with credit for the 4 days already served), 25 hours of community service, counseling for substance abuse, 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling, as well as some minor fees.

In court today, McCallum first said “no contest” to the plea, but the District Attorney’s office insisted on a guilty plea.

McCallum initially pled not guilty to the felony charges, which included three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence.

McCallum and her wife are in the process of getting divorced. The victim told Valleywag that McCallum served her with divorce papers two days before the incident. However, the victim also noted that the incident occurred when McCallum arrived uninvited and unexpected at the victim’s house in Noe Valley. The victim’s three children and her daughter’s friend were present that night. McCallum’s former attorney John Runfola, who has been replaced with Nanci L. Clarence, said that McCallum served her wife with divorce papers one day before the incident. The divorce has not been finalized.

McCallum’s wife read a a moving victim’s impact statement before the judge today where she said McCallum was given two opportunities to apologize, but did not apologize or ask about her welfare. She described the incident as an “alcohol fueled sexual violent crime, but said she wanted “forgiveness” to prevail and for this to be “an inspiration for other addicts,” rather than “an ugly headline for the vultures to pick over.” She said that she still loved McCallum and was disappointed by the community’s response:

I must say that it deeply saddens me that as a victim, my only public support has been from hate groups. I expected more from the LGBT and feminist community. It’s a shame that they can’t do the emotional work it requires to process that someone they love is capable of such an awful crime. That is their burden to carry, though.


McCallum has been working as an engineer at Twitter since 2010. She was arrested in January and released on $350,000 bail. According to an earlier report from the San Francisco Examiner, court documents stipulated that McCallum had to attend AA meetings as a condition of her release. The Examiner also obtained a copy of a criminal protective order, which stated that McCallum must not contact or come within 150 feet of her wife.

The victim told Valleywag that they had been separated for eight months. In April, the San Francisco Chronicle said:

McCallum, whose legal name is Dana Contreras, had been separated from her wife for about a year but maintained a polite, and at times sexual, relationship with her, authorities said.

The case has been deeply troubling for equal rights advocates in the technology industry both because of the nature of the charges and because McCallum, who is best know by the handle @DanaDanger, has long been an activist for feminist and LGBT causes. Last January, she wrote a piece about women and transgender people for Model View Culture. The article has since been deleted, along with McCallum’s bio, which used to say:

Dana McCallum has been working in software engineering and engineering leadership since 2000. As an advocate for women in technology and the LGBT community, Dana helped create advocacy teams at Twitter and other companies, served as a delegate on women’s issues in India, and speaks regularly at events focused on women and LGBT people in tech.

McCallum has also tweeted a number of times in support of justice for rape victims.

In April, McCallum’s old lawyer, John Runfola, aggressively denied the allegations, telling the Examiner that the victim was after a monetary gain. Twitter went public in November, 2013. The lockup period, after which Twitter employees could sell their stock, ended in May. However, unless otherwise agreed upon California divorce law states that assets like stock options are community property and divided equally. The couple has been married since 2007, before McCallum’s tenure at Twitter. What’s more, if McCallum had been convicted of felonies, it could affect her job at Twitter and therefore spousal support.”

[Bolding by me-GM.] Read the rest at the link above.


Hambrook’s fate will be decided by a judge next week as the court determines whether “she” will be deemed a chronic dangerous offender, a designation which will allow “her” to be incarcerated indefinitely.

Meanwhile, transgender activists held a public protest today in Toronto demanding that individuals like Hambrook be incarcerated with women in female facilities on the basis that they believe themselves to be “psychologically female”.

Two months ago, Canadian transgender activists protested a memorial for murdered women because Vancouver Rape Relief, which organized the event, maintains a domestic violence and rape counseling service for women that does not place female victims with males.

A senior citizen confronted with a “trans woman” in a Toronto YMCA women’s locker room who forced her to view his erect penis, and asked her “do you come here often?”- was recently told by authorities that males have an “absolute” legal right to placement in public areas traditionally sex-segregated for female safety, under new legal “Gender Identity” statutes, which override former sex-based protections for women and girls.

The elimination of women-only services and spaces where women are particularly vulnerable, such as homeless shelters, prisons, hospital bed assignment, areas of public nudity (such as locker rooms), is the primary goal of the transgender political rights movement. Also included are women’s sports, women’s colleges, women’s conferences, private women-only music festivals, lesbian events, etc.

From the Toronto Sun:

TORONTO – A convicted sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters could be declared a dangerous offender this month.

Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — has attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.

Justice John McMahon will decide Feb. 26 whether to declare Hambrook a dangerous offender, which carries an indefinite prison sentence.

The prosecution is asserting Hambrook, a former stripper and escort from Quebec, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public.

Hambrook, 37, pleaded guilty in February 2013 to two counts of sexual assault and one count of criminal harassment involving two women — a deaf and homeless Quebec woman and a Toronto survivor of domestic violence — while he was living at a Dundas St. W. shelter and the Fred Victor women’s shelter in January and February 2012.

All of the victims’ names are covered by a publication ban.

Psychiatric and court records portrayed Hambrook as “hypersexual” and a sexual predator.

He couldn’t control his deviant urges, inside or outside of jail, sharing his sick sexual fantasies and irritating other inmates during a four-year prison sentence served in Quebec and Kingston.

He told grandiose lies, saying he once had a relationship with socialite Paris Hilton, earned $350,000 as an exotic dancer and that his mom died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

A self-described “heart breaker,” Hambrook said he’s had more than 80 male sexual partners in his lifetime, including “johns” in his prostitute days and that other inmates “made advances to him rather than vice-versa,” court heard.

After moving to Toronto in 2009, he boasted that he’d received more than 800 e-mails from old Montreal friends “begging him to come home” for sex and shopping sprees.

His latest crimes revealed a continuing trend of exploiting the vulnerable — this time women living at shelters.

The first victim, a deaf and homeless woman from Quebec, checked into the Fred Victor shelter on Jan. 8, 2012. Hambrook had been staying there as “Jessica” since Dec. 23, 2011. She was soon terrorized by Hambrook’s unwanted advances.

Hambrook wrote notes to the woman in French and learned both were smokers. Then, his notes took a creepy turn.

“He asked her if she preferred men and if she wanted a sex change. She started to feel uncomfortable around ‘Jessica’ and was nervous about her behaviour,” said Crown attorney Danielle Carbonneau, reading an agreed statement of facts when Hambrook entered his guilty plea in February 2013.

Hambrook made several unwanted sexual advances toward the woman over the next two or three days. He tried to isolate her in various rooms and she kept rebuffing him as she felt he was stalking her, court heard.

Hambrook stopped her once, grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. She yanked her hand away and said, “No.” Hambrook started talking about her breasts and invited her to touch his “fake breasts (he had none).” She became scared and had trouble sleeping as his room was across the hall.

The next day while she was in the shower, she noticed he was peering through the gap between the door and its frame. Hambrook vanished as soon as he realized she spotted him, court heard.

The second victim sought refuge at a Dundas St. W. shelter on Feb. 11, 2012, after suffering serious domestic abuse, court heard.

She remained there two weeks. Hambrook — who told people he was a transgender woman — was admitted there at the same time and ended up being his victim’s roommate.

Hambrook was sitting on a third-floor balcony, smoking a cigarette, when the victim went outside for a smoke. He invited her to sit beside him. When she did, he placed his hand on the bench so the woman would sit on it. She rose quickly, asking him what he was doing and he replied, “It’s a bum warmer. It’s also a boob warmer.” Troubled by his comments, she went inside.

When the victim found Hambrook was one of her three roommates, she had trouble sleeping. On Feb. 12, she left the shelter, consumed some drugs and returned to sleep.

Early on Feb. 13, she awoke to discover Hambrook standing behind her in his underwear, attempting to sexually assault her.

The victim shouted at him, demanding to know what he was doing. Hambrook “simply covered his face with his hands, said “Oops!” and started giggling, according to Carbonneau.

The woman reported the assault to police and Hambrook has been in custody since. His DNA was found on her nightwear.

Shortly after his mother died in Montreal in February 2002, Hambrook committed the first of his sex crimes by sexually assaulted a family friend’s five-year-old daughter. While on bail waiting for courts to deal with charges laid for that crime, he targeted a 27-year-old mentally challenged woman, by sexually assaulting her in his home and forcing her to smoke a joint.

Hambrook received two years in jail for each of those crimes, for a total of four years.

“He had no empathy, no remorse or understanding of his victims of his offences,” Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Treena Wilkie said in her assessment.

In childhood, Hambrook was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and never made it through high school.

Wilkie diagnosed him with an anti-social personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, determined he was dependent on alcohol and drugs and had multiple sexual deviancies. He was rated as a high risk to re-offend sexually.

Hambrook was earlier assessed as suffering from bisexual pedophilia and exhibitionism.

He blamed his heavy drug use or his victims for his Montreal crimes. He stated the five-year-oldm victoim’s mother “had the hots for him” but he rejected her. The mom fabricated the crime to spite him, said Hambrook, despite pleading guilty to the crimes.

He asserted the mentally-challenged woman consented to sex.

In his psychiatric assessment, Hambrook provided conflicting information on his gender identity issue. He lied that he had been receiving hormone treatment for many years and lied that he wanted to pursue a sex change. He admitted he only dressed intermittently in women’s clothing and wanted to remain a man and have a relationship with a woman.

Psychiatric reports concluded Hambrook is not transgender.

“Mr. Hambrook’s conduct inflicted severe psychological damage on both victims,” said Carbonneau. “(They) sought refuge at Toronto women’s shelters at difficult times in their lives. They thought that they would be safe there, but instead, they were further victimized by the accused.”

Related Column:



So the headline reads.

These sorts of stories always catch my eye, because in my years of reporting on gender trends I have learned that the facts behind the story are often more complex than the headline would imply. The first thing I assume in reading a headline like this, is that whatever bathroom incident occurred, it did NOT occur in a mensroom. I make this assumption because I’ve never seen a “bathroom incident” reported where a male transgender was “abused” or ejected from a men’s bathroom.

One would think with the transgender movement’s primary, number one issue being male access to women’s lavatories and locker rooms (and other public spaces segregated by sex for female protection against male predation) that the evidence of NEED to access such spaces- for example evidence of attacks on those males who wear female clothes into men’s lavatories- would be widespread. Or at least exist at all. To my knowledge no such incidents have been reported. I have asked trans activists repeatedly to provide evidence of the danger to males using male restrooms, even if they wear women’s clothes, but none has ever been able to locate any cited incident.

If there is criminal report involving a male transgender and a restroom it is pretty much assured that the incident involved women taking issue with a member of the violence and rape class (males) inserting himself into spaces sex-segregated to keep him out.

As transgender male rights activists are fond of pointing out: laws don’t prevent all crime from happening (much as laws against speeding don’t cause all drivers to obey the speed limit). Men still rape, assault, murder, peep, install hidden cameras, etc. in women’s restrooms BY THE SCORES even with laws against it. I can cite dozens if not hundreds of such reported, citable cases on a weekly basis, 52/365, even though such “incidents” are so common they are seldom reported, much less investigated. Some of those cases involve transgender males.

Are all males (including the transgender variety) violent rapists? No. Of course not. But a shockingly high percentage of males are, and females (those of us who have survived so far) are very well aware of this objective fact every waking moment of our lives. We are aware every time we walk to our car in a parking lot, when we go out alone at night, when we leave our drink at the bar, when we accept a lift home from that seemingly nice man, when we see that guy talking to our kids. Every time a woman leaves home – or even IN her home: are the windows locked? Drapes pulled?- she measures her proximity to her impending rape, torture, murder, by those committing rape, torture, murder at an epidemic rate: Males. And she knows her rape, torture, murder, should it occur, will likely go completely unpunished by the male power structures that she will appeal to for protection and justice. Every woman knows this, in every country, every region, every town and neighborhood and home. So when we read the headline “Trans Woman student Abused and shoved out of toilets” we know it really means “Women acted with self-preservation against male who behaved in a threatening manner”.

This latest story, picked up by PinkNews, the Montreal Gazette, Leeds Student Org among others portrays a tale of discrimination and persecution against a male by those awful irrational and hateful bullies: women. Stupid, bigoted rape-avoiding women who trust their own instincts of self-preservation.

From PinkNews : “A trans woman student at Leeds University was verbally abused and pushed out of the Student Union’s female toilets by two girls.

Wow. So a grown person was attacked by two female children? Nope. The adult (“woman”) in this case is a 21 year old man and the “girls” are females also of adult age.

More from Pink News : According to reports, Alexis, a Microbiology student who was transitioning from male to female, was shouted at and shoved in the chest by two girls, during a night called Fruity.

She said: “I’m very angry at those girls. I know better than anyone that I don’t look like a girl yet. Misgendering me is something I expect, but grabbing my breasts and shoving me is completely unacceptable. It’s wrong for a natural-born girl to insult a trans girl, especially one who prefers to dress more masculine, simply because she likes to. We’re doing the best we can – you’re lucky to have been born that way, and we can dress however we please, just like you”, Alexis added.”

Golly. This is an angry man. He commented on the Pink News site stating that he is “out” to everyone as being trans and that the women he frightened are “bitches” :







Alexis Lilith Starr aka Protoman2050 aka Douglas Pereira is a 21 year old man from Long Beach, CA whose “gender identity” is that of a man, who “loves” his dick and has no intention of “passing” (in the lingo of transactivists) as the other sex. As some transgender males do, he describes his penis as a “Click” (an amalgomation of “clit” and “dick”) and signs all his comments with the following statement “I’m more of a man than you will ever be, more of a woman than you can handle, and my damn click will break your jaw”.

Douglas started taking estrogen pills in November. As of last month he bemoaned the lack of any apparent physical changes to his 6’1″ male frame.  Among his many recent public posts, many to psychology sites inquiring if he may have a sociopathic disorder due to his lack of empathy and ethics, he has expressed his desire to become a “shemale” escort after completing his Phd.

Doug/Alexis with Laydee Wig

Doug/Alexis with Laydee Wig

Doug says:

Probably by the end of this, I’ll end up pretty much as a “chick with a dick who isn’t a chick”. Thin yet toned, small breasts (that can easily be bound when the situation requires it) androgynous dress, yet be legally and, for the most part, socially male.”


Who said I wanted SRS? I’m actually an androgyne (mentally both male and female, yet also neither), and I’m adjusting my body type to make that known. I love my penis too! Can’t imagine not being able to pee standing up. So yeah, I’m going to become an “it”.

So, dude is a dude that is doing some body mods to get his freak on. The whole “I’m a tragic fellow who’s a lady born in a male body who will kill myself unless you enable me medically and surgically and socially to cosmetically appear female in which case I will be a well-adjusted guy instead of (insert threat) is total crap. This is a dude that wants some body mods. The whole “female in a male’s body” trope that worked 50 years ago doesn’t apply any more. These dudes are in no way female. They never were.

I’m going to go right out on a limb here, and flat out state that NO WOMAN EVER wants to change her tampon in a room with a guy whose most important statement about himself is that his beloved penis is a weapon that can fracture bones.

Is that “transphobic”? Who gives a crap. Seriously.

There was another story this week posted by The Advocate from a man complaining about the self-preservation instinct of women against the epidemic of male rape and assault. In this story- sponsored by an LGBT news outlet – a man named Riki Wilchins complains about and mocks women for trying to protect themselves against an epidemic of male rape and violence so pervasive that we call it culture. As in rape culture. He opines at length that women who become alarmed at creepy men like himself and Doug in female restrooms are “crazy”.

Wilchens is known as the organizer of the largest transgender activist project in the history of the transgender movement.

What project would that be?

What brought more trans activists together than any other cause?

The fight for equal rights in employment, housing, freedom from male violence?

No. Reflective of the core of trans activism (whose most crucial goal is the abolishment of female rights of assembly and political organizing to protect women against male rape and violence) the largest most populous cause in the entire history of the transgender movement is “Camp Trans”- designed to harass a small annual private women’s music festival (Michigan Women’s Music Festival) and protest female rights of assembly. Wichen’s entire activist life has been devoted to eliminating the rights of females to assemble and organize in the United States. And the male powers that be- a government overwhelmingly- over 80% male! – have given him a legal marker “female” to assist him.

Wilchins: a dude

Wilchins: a dude

Riki’s bathroom story sponsored by the Advocate bemoans stupid rape-avoidant women who react to him, a male who presents as a male- the same way they would react to any male aggressively injecting himself into spaces sex-segregated for female safety. His tale of whoa ends with an anecdote where even he was taken aback once by another man who entered the women’s bathroom and pulled down, then removed his pants exhibition-style in the middle of the room. But wait! The man then pulled a dress out of his bag! So he was really a lady! Inside his own mind and stuff! So this dick-waving rape-tastic man in a female space was OKAYYYY. Because: dresses!

Wilchens describes his experiences frightening women as a male-appearing man who now uses the women’s room just for fun:

“I never had to worry about all this because for a long time after I transitioned, I worked hard at presenting as feminine a face as possible.

I say “worked,” because if you’re born into a boy body, then suddenly trying to make it appear reasonably female in your mid-30s is no walk in the park. While I fooled no one, I at least achieved a degree of tolerance from almost everyone.

I could saunter confidently into any restroom that had that outline of a little woman, standing primly in her A-line skirt with her hands at her sides and feet together — you know, the way cisgender women often stand in front of public elevators — and know that if I wasn’t her sister, at least all my effort had purchased another Day Pass to FemaleLand. I drew stares, but not blood.

But gradually that effort evaporated. Strip the long hair, earrings, lipstick, mascara, and blush off most cisgender women and you still usually pretty much see a woman. Strip them off me and what you see is … Richard. And no matter how feminine I feel inside, Richard gets no Day Pass. Richard sauntering confidently into the women’s room is … chaos.”

All but three states in the US – all governed overwhelmingly by males for male interests- allow men like Riki to change their legal sex marker (sometimes with various caveats- cosmetic medicalization for example) to allow men like Riki to better lobby against the rights of females to assemble and organize against male rape and violence. In the UK and some states in the US a man’s simple say-so allows him to act as an agent against the female right to organize and assemble. The primary goal of the transgender movement is elimination of scant female rights to assemble and organize away from males in countries where those rights have been enabled. In the UK all female rights of assembly away from males have already been removed.

What possible reason does a man like Doug or a man like Riki/Richard have to use the female facility? What right to infringe on the rights of females to assemble and organize and be protected -at least nominally- from male encroachment? Even if one believes the myth (absent all evidence) that men are at risk using the men’s facility when they believe themselves in their minds to be women or sport women’s clothes, neither of these men are distinct from any other man to any objective person by any measure. Nor do they claim to be. These men are male, are perceived as, and treated as the males they are every moment of every day. These males face no discrimination whatsoever using the male facilities. They are males, who appear male. They make no claim otherwise. They themselves admit that there is no reason whatsoever, no fear of discrimination or harm whatsoever in using the male facilities allotted for males.

doug rape

These are the heros of the transgender movement whose sole purpose, whose primary “right” is to prevent women from acting out of common-sense self-preservation against males who behave in ways which indicate that they are predators.

Support women against rape. Support women against rape and violence that is so epidemic and accepted that we call it culture. Do so by protesting the trans-politic whose goal is to criminalize normal female common-sense measures of self-preservation against men whose greatest self-proclaimed attribute is the ability of their rape-sticks to fracture bones. Repeal public policies that enable men to criminalize female self-defense. Repeal policies that allow dudes to render female self-preservation illegal. Repeal legal change of sex designed to remove basic civil rights of women to congregate. Legalize the rights of females to defend ourselves.

Women have the perfect right to eject men from women’s toilets.

DSCF2356 (Small)-2

It takes a lot to be the sicko comment of the week. You know we’ve had some doosies. But this week’s prize winner is rapetastic sicko lesbian-hater “Olivia” who took the time to share his sympathies with famed stalker of lesbians Xander Sarkisova:

Olivia commented on What’s up with Toronto Sherbourne Health Center threatening Lesbians?

Submitted on 2012/03/16 at 11:51 pm

I know I’m late on this thread, but I felt I had to say something. One poster had said that men aren’t capable of love which for the most part is true. I have never and will never try to change someone’s sexuality, I fully understand why lesbians wouldn’t want to be with someone like me, but I still want to be loved with the depth that a woman can love with, because in case any of you forgot, committed relationships are about love not sex.

[You understand why lesbians don’t want males like yourself but you still want them to, and you equate homosexuality with love and affection, not sexuality.]

I can’t stand bisexuals because they always settle down with with men, I don’t associate with 99% of transsexuals because they’re desperate, needy, insecure, pushy, and excessively feminine as a cover-up (plus being seen with obvious transwomen is a surefire way to get read, and I’m anything but obvious),

[you are more genuine than other male transgenders who don’t “pass” as female as well as you]

but as previously stated, men don’t love, especially not trannies. We’re fetishes. No one loves us, ever, it’s not an exaggeration (well maybe a little bit). It gets agonizing after awhile.

[Again with the men. And the men not loving you, and how agonizing that is. On a lesbian feminist blog you’ve come to express your despair that men don’t love you and that you see relationships with females- no, Lesbians, since you eschew bisexual women and hetero women are out of the question- you see relationships with Lesbians, who you “understand” don’t want you as a male bodied person- as an affectational sexless alternative to the agonizing lack of male love that you are experiencing.]

One thing that upsets me deeply, is people’s obsession with me getting bottom surgery in order to “qualify” as a woman, it costs about $20,000.

[It upsets you deeply that women are female, and that a man (an adult male with a male reproductive biology) is not female. And it haunts you that some jurisdictions WILL “qualify” you as female if you get maiming cosmetic genital surgery which costs about the same as the price of a decent used car.

It is certainly understandable that you find disturbing the idea that legal government entities will classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing needless disfiguring and disabling genital surgery. This is a deeply disturbing idea. However if you are implying that the general public at large will ALSO classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing such a mutilation is, I’m sure you are aware, a total fantasy/fiction. No one will ever classify you as “female” regardless of what medical or surgical procedures you undergo. Ever. There was a time when people believed in “sex changes” but that time is long past. From now on, and forevermore, the general public sees males who claim transsexuality as MALES who WISH they were women. Never as actually female. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with a man who wishes he was female! ]

I’m never gonna have that kind of money. This stuff costs a fortune, I do what I can afford and I try to be happy with what I have. I don’t think a woman should be defined by her genitalia.

[Women AREN’T “defined by their genitalia”. Only men like yourself frame females that way. Females are defined by their genetic sex, and women are adult females. Adult HUMAN females. No human is defined by their genitalia, because they are human beings. A male such as yourself is by definition NOT female, because of your Y chromosome, your sperm producing testes and your male biology. Males are NEVER female. That doesn’t mean your male genitalia defines you. It is simply a fact of your biological reality. Truly, when males who wish they were female invoke the trope of “females being defined by their genitalia” they are trying to colonize and reverse feminist messages against sex-based stereotypes and sex-roles by inferring that actual biological sex reality doesn’t exist. And that’s just silly. Because humans are a sexually dimorphic species, and all your willing that to go away because for whatever reason you wish you were female, is just silly. You take a feminist meme of “women are more than just our reproductive systems, we are full human beings” and you attempt to upend it into “there is no such thing as a female”. Well hon, no one is buying that except you. Sowwy. Females actually DO exist! WITH our genitals! Or even with them (god forbid) missing for some reason. We are still female, and we are still fully HUMAN, ergo, MORE than just our reproductive capacity. It’s actually an expression of male aggression and sexism to imply that IF our female sexed reality EXISTS than we are LESS than human. See how that works? Probably not, because I don’t think you give a FLYING FUCK about anything but your own entitlement to females, and anything you think females can do for you.]

I’ve only met one lesbian ever who was completely on board with dating a transwoman. I’m convinced there has to be a few more, and maybe one of them is a single vegan anarchist with great hips.

[Lesbians are by definition females sexually oriented to other females. As in homosexual. But you’re still CONVINCED there’s one “with great hips” (is that like a horse with great teeth?) out there FOR you.]

As for the invasion of female space, I don’t care. No, I’m not a “born woman”. No, I haven’t been subject to the societal control that many girls go through growing up (I do now as an adult however). I am a woman, I always have been. I don’t care what you say. Rules are meant to be broken. If I’m denied what I feel I deserve, I’ll find a way to take it, or get my head kicked in trying.

[You DON’T CARE what women want or need. You don’t care what women say. You see females as “meant to be broken”. You won’t be denied by females and will fight to the death if need be to ignore our needs and realities and boundaries because you “deserve it”.]

Long story short, transpeople are sick and tired of being denied access to everywhere [women] , of being invalidated and forced to spend a fortune to qualify as who they already are, of having to lie about our pasts to avoid discrimination, of being rejected [sexually by lesbians/women] by anyone they try to be more than just friends with, Some us have entitlement issues, and they tend to be the most vocal thusly giving us all a bad image. Men just want to f**k us and hide us like a dirty tissue, so a lot of us who may or may not be lesbians turn to women out need for love, or they date other tgirls.

[Your failure to get the male partners you desire results in your aggressive entitlement that females should- must- service your needs]

We just want to be treated like the women we are, and, whether you admit it or not, you disagree. So we get angry, furious, and we have every reason to. We criticize your values, your beliefs, your desires. Some of this is wrong and excessive but the collective anger of dealing with nearly universal oppression can be difficult to control. I don’t agree with a word this Xander guy says, but I can understand where he’s coming from. We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.

[You can “understand” where trans are coming from stalking and harassing lesbians because you feel that women are required to be available to you sexually and emotionally, even (or especially) lesbian women because you are “justifiably” furious that the males you desire have rejected you and you demand that gay women/lesbians/ any women service your needs or pay the price of your rage and fury. Your fury that gay people are actually gay and aren’t interested in the opposite sex no matter how modified or “identified” or “passing” or surgically altered.



YOU SIR are a PREDATOR. YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL WOMEN. YOU ARE A FUCKING SICKO. And the fact that you would come here and spew your RAPETASTIC female-hatred is NOTABLE.

“We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.”

WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU WANT. There are plenty of people dying horribly of various diseases who wish biological reality wasn’t real. You don’t see them BLAMING WOMEN do you???


There’s seriously NOTHING females can do to salve your wounds. You are the ENEMY of females, and you will be recognized as such, on some level, no matter what drugs you take or what surgeries you get, how well you “pass” or how much you shake your fist and rage, for the rest of your natural born life. Even if we TRIED we couldn’t fix you.

 My god these guys are sick. To anyone who believes American male trans/genderists have any difference whatsoever between the guys that throw acid in women’s faces that don’t service them, between males that force girls into marriage/enslaved labor/breeding just read this scary fuckers words for yourselves.

I will say that I know several male transgenders who would never, ever co-sign this sick fucks’ rapetastic platform, so thank god there are exceptions. But they are too few and far between and seldom speak out against their brothers.

US Veterans filed a class action lawsuit today against the US Military for the way their sexual assaults and rapes were handled (or not). According to Anuradha Bhagwati, 35, executive director of the Service Women’s Action Network, said the Defense Department’s own statistics show that fewer than one in five of these cases are even referred for court martial.

The lawsuit was filed today by sister attorneys Susan and Elizabeth Burke of Burke PLLC . From their press release: “Media Advisory: Military Rape and Sexual Assault Litigation – Feb. 15 WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, Feb. 15, a group of U.S. military veterans who allege that they were raped or sexually assaulted during their international and domestic military service will discuss their forthcoming federal-court litigation, which will be filed early that morning, at the National Press Club at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. Scheduled to speak at the news conference in the NPC Murrow Room are: • Several of the veteran plaintiffs in the lawsuit. • Keith Rohman, president, Public Interest Investigations, Inc. (PII), Los Angeles, Calif. • Eleanor Smeal, president, Feminist Majority Foundation, Washington, D.C. • Anuradha Bhagwati, executive director, Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN), New York, N.Y. • A representative of the veterans’ legal team.”

According to an AP report the plaintiffs “want an objective third party to handle such complaints because individual commanders have too much say in how allegations are handled.”

From the same report: “In one incident, an Army Reservist says two male colleagues raped her in Iraq and videotaped the attack. She complained to authorities after the men circulated the video to colleagues. Despite being bruised from her shoulders to elbows from being held down, she says charges weren’t filed because the commander determined she “did not act like a rape victim” and “did not struggle enough” and authorities said they didn’t want to delay the scheduled return of the alleged attackers to the United States.

“The problem of rape in the military is not only service members getting raped, but it’s the entire way that the military as a whole is dealing with it,” said Panayiota Bertzikis, who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit and claims she was raped in 2006. “From survivors having to be involuntarily discharged from service, the constant verbal abuse, once a survivor does come forward your entire unit is known to turn their back on you. The entire culture needs to be changed.”

A post from one of the plaintiffs at My Duty To Speak site for military victims of sexual violence:

Military Rape Crisis Center Facebook Page: