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“As the person who made this policy change happen before I hit peak trans I know first hand that it will be horrible for womyn”, says Sarah Fraas, the student leader of the Smith College campaign which forced the historic women-only college to admit males who “identify as” female.

Fraas created the “Trans Women Belong Here” group and ran their “Smith Q&A” website and twitter account. She organized the public protests, and hand-lettered the signs for the attendees herself. “Look at me on the far left before I woke up/shaved my head. So surreal to see my handwriting on all of these stupid signs” she says in hindsight in a recent post on her new blog.


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The “Transwomen at Smith Q&A” Facebook page, modeled after Sarah Fraas’s website but apparently managed by another student who still supports men at the school, posted an advisory on December 17:

“Dear Q & A supporters

It has come to our attention within the past few hours that both our tumblr (formerly and twitter (@transwomenatsc) have been edited by an outside source to reflect trans exclusionary and transmisogynist views that this organization does not hold, and actively opposes.

We have confirmed that these pages have been accessed by someone who used to be involved in our organization. This person has changed the passwords and these outlets are no longer affiliated with Q&A.

You can access a preserved copy of our tumblr here:…/…/ 
If anyone with web expertise knows something about transferring this data to a freestanding, new tumblr, please get in touch (though it is finals- we will do our best to respond). We do not recommend accessing these former accounts.”


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Sarah Fraas’s original campaign was sparked by an autogynephile Connecticut male high school student named Calliope Wong who demanded the right to force women to play along with his sexual fantasy that he is female. Wong has since declined admission to Smith and now runs a loony blog where he repetitively posts demands for an honorary degree from the women’s college for hurting his feelings juxtaposed with pleas for his various GoFundMe campaigns:

“Now, I get that I’m 20 and that most Honorary Degrees are conferred upon people who’ve done decades of work in their respective fields. But trans women facing these compounded forms of violence, in general we don’t have a record of living very long or with very high standards of living. There are few remaining trans elders beyond the age of 40, as it is. We must account for why.

This is why I think we should make this plan happen.

Please share this plan with Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Mills College, Wellesley College, Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, and other women’s college alum and current students.

Let’s discuss strategy.”

Not only did Sarah Fraas Spend three (very expensive!) years  at Smith spearheading Wong’s womanhood project- she went that extra distance and targeted Lesbian Feminists and gender critical women who published opinions which contradicted his. She obsessively stalked women who disagreed online and tracked down their personal information, including their employers, whom she then contacted, over and over, sending them falsified claims of wrongdoing in ghastly letters, like a crazy person, and she used the upper class cache of the Smith College reputation to do so. For three years.

Now, she says “radical feminism saved my life”. Male individuals are no longer female,  and that “ I may also write about going down the male-approval trans BS “transwomen deserve to be in women’s spaces” rabbithole thing at some point…”

O-kay. That totally fucked up -arguably criminal- “thing” she did for three years might someday be redressed.

No urgency there. No apparent obligation to undo what she has done. No dashing off apologetic letters to women’s employers. No consciousness of harm done by her real-life stalking of regular working women she disagreed with. No apology to lesbians. No campaign- or even a note- sent to the Smith College board that she lobbied passionately and urgently for years on Mr. Wong’s behalf. She still cites her trans social justice award nomination on her LinkedIn. But hey. She might write about that whole male-approval  “rabbithole thing” that she did.  At some point. Maybe.


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Autumn Sandeen: Lesbian Feminist blogging  forces males like him to stalk  Lesbians

Autumn Sandeen: Lesbian Feminist blogging forces males like him to stalk Lesbians

Some of you may have witnessed a little “chat” between G/T and Autumn Sandeen on twitter the other evening. What you didn’t see was the portion of the conversation which took place via DM after Autumn threatened to target and stalk a random African American Lesbian woman if I refused to converse with him. Here is the entire “chat”. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

“Ex-Lesbian” Mental Health counselor Xander “Sly” Sarkisova posted to The Scavenger a list of what she called “quite clearly inappropriate, and sometimes abusive behaviour on the part of some friends, family, lovers and partners of trans people. The following behaviours go beyond mere ignorance of trans issues and land squarely in the category of harming others”. [sic]

Well that’s all well and good. We all have a responsibility to speak out against abuse, especially those in the healing professions.

You can read them for yourselves and see what you think. But what stood out to me and every other Lesbian was number 10, the last of the list:


10) Refusing to date trans women, especially those who identify with having cocks, or who haven’t had “bottom surgery” particularly if you identify as lesbian. Viewing dating a trans woman as some form of accomplishment and indication that you have challenged transphobia.

What is wrong with this?

Tying your refusal to date trans women with your lesbian identity reifies your inability to see trans women for who they truly are. It denigrates their identity and presentation and signals your perception that they are “less than” women.

It is not an accomplishment to see someone for who they truly are (especially related to gender) – it is a basic ability as a human.

Furthermore, if you are into rubber cocks and penetration yet you refuse to date trans women with cocks, penises, or pussies that are different from yours you are arbitrarily discriminating against these women based on their transness or transsexuality (credit to Alaska b. for this point).

What can I do differently?

Don’t talk about how rad you are for crushing on or dating trans women. Don’t treat or talk about it with friends as some kind of new project for yourself.

Start to deconstruct some of your transmisogyny and how your behaviour is not tied to a lack of desire, but rather your unwillingness to validate transfemale realness.

Do work around unpacking the “cis” male privilege you are incorrectly transposing on trans female bodies, whether they have cocks or not.”


Whoa, WHAT? Lesbian refusal to date people with cocks is inappropriate and abusive to people with cocks? Lesbians should “deconstruct” their lack of desire for cock? Whaaaaat?????

Refusing to date people with cocks is inappropriate and abusive “particularly if you are lesbian” “? What on earth? Is that the most homophobic thing you have ever heard? That Lesbians who don’t want cock are “inappropriate and abusive”, and that Lesbians should “deconstruct” our lack of desire for dick and that our dick eschewing is not related to a lack of desire for dick, but our “unwillingness to validate transfemale realness”?

What sort of mental health provider would advise Lesbians to ignore their lack of desire for penis and advocate that they have sex with dicks they do not desire, lest they offend the penis owner? What sort of Lesbian corrective reparative rape type sicko “therapy” is this? What sort of mental health provider would tell any woman to have sex that they do not desire? What sort of therapist would instruct Lesbians that sexual orientation to female bodies is not okay? What sort of mental health provider would tell Lesbians that liking penetration from a partner means they like penis? What kind of horrendous mental health advice is dismissing women’s lack of sexual desire out of concern for the sexual urges of the males who want them? And why “particularly” for Lesbians, instead of say, straight men who also don’t want cock? Pure blatant homophobia and female-hatred.

This hateful anti-Lesbian sexist homophobia is disgusting- just awful coming from a mental health provider. But this story gets worse. Much much worse.

A Lesbian left a comment on Xander Sarkisova’s blog post stating that it is homophobic and re-dick-ulous to tell Lesbians that it’s not okay to forgo the peen. The comment was left in moderation and unpublished. Hours later, the Lesbian got an incredible message from an unrelated Feminist Blogger. They had received a bizarre threatening comment from a representative of the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center which called out the Lesbian by name, warning her they knew where she lived, and publishing her private home address, along with menacing commentary about her being “vapid and soulless” and the Sherbourne Health Center representative’s “homeboy”. What???? The Lesbian could not imagine why the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center would do such a thing! Well, surprise surprise, Xander “Sly” Sarkisova claims to work at the Sherbourne Health Center. Apparently she sent out the threatening, stalkery abusive comment on her work computer, terminal at the Toronto Sherbourne Health Center.

Why did she do that? Because the “ex-lesbian” was angry that a Lesbian would take issue with her homophobia. So she stalked her, and threatened her, from her computer terminal at her employers Toronto Sherbourne Health Center, where she claims to be employed helping people.

The homophobia of “specifically” Lesbians needing to get over their “lack of desire” for cock wasn’t bad enough, she had to stalk and threaten a woman as a representative of the Toronto Sherbourne Health Clinic.

Note to abusive stalkers of Lesbians like Xander Sarkisova: If you really need to threaten Lesbians because they disagree with your opinion that Lesbians should learn to love the cock, and you intend to abuse them and stalk them to their home, and post that information online, best not to do it on your work computer.

I have screencaps of everything. I’m holding back on posting until I ascertain if the woman wants to sue the Toronto Sherbourne Health Clinic for threatening her and her family.

Hey guess what? Females get stalked and harassed. Do you know why so few women run for public office? Because women get stalked and harassed and get graphic mutilation, rape and death threats from men. It doesn’t matter what the woman’s political platform is, and it doesn’t matter how she presents herself or what she says. Women in the public eye get death threats and creepy male stalkers. Not only do men obsess about, stalk and threaten, but often they follow up on their obsession and kill the female public figures they fixate upon.

Read the rest of this entry »

Looks like it’s Bev’s week for death threats. This past week I’ve received over 30 comments from trans who have been told they are no longer welcome to comment here. One of them stated that they tracked me down IRL and KNEW WHERE MY PARENTS LIVE. Threats much????

Now this comment on THIS POST at Bev Jo’s:

The trans will stop at nothing to silence women discussing gender. Stalking blogger’s families, Death threats, etc. And NEVER A PEEP FROM A SINGLE TRANS calling out the behavior. NOT A ONE.

Comments to this post are open ONLY to trans who DISAGREE with such tactics against women who discuss gender. All other comments please post on Bev’s thread. Here I want ONLY COMMENTS FROM TRANS WHO DISAGREE 100% WITH SUCH THREATENING HATEFUL TACTICS. I look forward to your replies CONDEMNING the awful behavior.

Butch Pride blogger and spoken-word artist “Dirt” has been blogging for some time now about the teen/tweener transgender trend. Girls who believe that rejection of increasingly constrictive female norms means they “must be male”. They rightfully refuse to be “treated like girls” in all the ways gender is inflicted upon them. These girls don’t want to act out a “female” role in relationships with boys (understandably), but don’t want to be marginalized as the gender-non-conforming women that they are. Or they don’t want to be “othered” as lesbians because their only images of lesbians in mainstream media are presented as goony or the weird androids of male lesbo-porn. Femininity-rejecting females simply DO NOT EXIST in the media reflection that is so important to children and teens in western culture. These kids want to fit into social norms. Wear the right brands, get the right haircuts, look like the people in magazines.  “Transgender” has a certain cachet, a certain alterna-cool about it for those in middle school and high school years. Declaring one’s trans status is like getting the ultimate super-cool tattoo or piercing body mod and provides girls with “special” status and treatment among their peers as well as school officials, employers, parents and other authorities. This “special” status in the age of reality TV has commercial value, both actual and abstract. Among this Generation Z crowd, girls who state they are transgender can test some forms of male privilege and reject the misfit role of female nonconformity, as long as they strongly affirm traditional gender roles and male supremacy and deny that they actually exist as female.

And there is a whole decade of testosterone injecting “elders”, moon-faced  bearded and hirsute, (except for their estrogen-starved preternaturally balding heads), who realize they are now alone in a drug and surgery induced limbo, not male but no longer recognizably female, who are egging on and supporting this trend in the belief that greater numbers will equal a larger community for them to occupy comfortably. “I realize now I don’t fit in with anyone but you guys” is an oft heard refrain among the Testosterone-modders.

The trans tweener trenders bond and encourage online via YouTube groups and web forums which function much like pro-ana, pro-mia, and trans-abled communities, encouraging dysphoria and censoring questioning and dissent.

These are the issues Dirt’s been blogging about and she’s been getting quite a response from the trans trend community, including a coordinated attempt by trans trenders on facebook, tumbler, livejournal (who knew anyone still used livejournal) and twitter to actually get her blog REMOVED from Blogspot. Several blogs have sprung up to refute Dirt’s perspective or to protest her right to express it, including one blogger, Lorretta W. who claims they are an “online security professional” who promises to forward Dirt’s personal info, name and home address to people that email her, and sends it to anyone who publishes Dirt online in an effort to promote stalking and terrorism of feminist trans-questioning. She states her confusion about how Dirt “dresses like a man” as reason for her actions. Here are some recent comments as a result:

Anonymous said…thanks loretta for the address. now i can spread my christmas cheer to dirt!!!

Anonymous said…

DIRT ALERT!!! Guess who i saw at Borders in Birmingham? The slimball was in the poetry section,propably finding some obscure passage to claim as her own. I think we should search every quote,to disarm this soldier of lies and hate.I took all I had to not walk up and punch her in her snide face.I think shed probably cry to the butch police. Nevertheless lets work harder and SMARTER to eliminate this waste where it belongs THE TOILET.

December 17, 2010 6:42 PM


Anonymous said..

i totally agree with them your a slag and i hope you die.


Anonymous said…



Ash said… you ignorant piece of shit. i hope a bunch of transguys find out where you live and beat the shit out of you.


Anonymous said..thanks guys for inviting me to get the dirt bitch cunt whore banned. but what we rilly need tado is kill this bitch dead. hope you rot in fucking hell slut!


Anonymous said…

DIRT ALERT spotted dirt at the kroger at 13 and woodward in royal oak, 6pm tonight followed her around for a min said hi she flat out ignored me


adindistr said…

@dirt 4:47 HAHAHA dirt I’ve seen you irl and you barely top 5 feet. No doubt just about anyone could whip your butt in 2 minutes flat


Here’s an example of a trans-trender instructing females that are not “girly” enough that they must be “male”:

Anonymous said…you are aware that you fall under the umbrella term ‘transgender’ considering you don’t conform to the gender binary by being butch?


That’s it- whoever doesn’t conform to old-fashioned gender stereotypes is “transgender”. There are no femininity-rejecting females or masculinity-rejecting males, according to these folks. And if you disagree- these online creeps will stalk you at your home and threaten you with beatings and death!

Male privilege is a pretty addictive drug. Especially for young women who have not yet come to terms with the state of the world around them and are only able to see the small picture. Like all males, these aspiring-to-maleness girls need to wield that dominating oppressive privilege on someone. These girls that feel too powerless conformist and impotent to survive in their female skins and to create real change in society. There seems to be a really high correlation between girls who strongly conformed to restrictive old-fashioned female gender norms and those who “transition” into modifying their appearance to disguise their sex. Years ago kids would create social movements to break down oppressive systems. Now they disguise themselves as members of the ruling class and embrace the same discriminatory systems that have oppressed them. Beyond merely bowing to male supremacy they’ve become active perpetrators.