NOTE: None of these reports originate from first person sources and zero reports of ‘transgender’ child suicides related to Donald Trump have been substantiated.


















In the four years GenderTrender has been covering trends in gender we’ve seen some truly ghastly things done by transgenderists in the name of “trans activism”.

The everyday hand-waving and dismissal of rape, violence, and atrocities committed by men against women of all ages, races, cultures, regions, classes, orientations and abilities, unrelentingly, without mercy, since the beginning of recorded history.

The merciless death threats, harassment, stalking and violence committed by male “transwomen” against women, feminists, and lesbians who dare to participate in the public square of social life.

The ubiquitous and vile systemic campaigning by transgenderists to eliminate the human rights of women (and lesbians specifically) to create and attend public social gatherings of their choosing. Transadvocate writer David “Dana Lane” Taylor threatening death on a lesbian feminist’s children, writing that her children “have to die”, with the total support of the transgender community behind him. Receiving messages from “transwomen” here at GenderTrender listing the names and elementary school addresses of the children of lesbians and feminists considered “enemies” of the transgender movement. Countless episodes of stalking and harassment of lesbians and feminists and our families, neighbors, and employers, many not reported here due to ongoing legal processes. Bomb threats against feminist conferences. Assaults committed by “transwomen” against lesbians and feminists and gay men at public events and speaking engagements. Countless suicide threats by men (er, “transwomen”) designed to control women and prevent us from discussing publicly the ways in which male supremacy is harmful to us. There are truly too many ghastly -even horrific- actions performed against women by transgenderists (in the name of so-called “trans activism”) to recount here without authoring a 500 page post.

I think it’s fair to conclude that the foundation of the entire “Transgender Rights Movement” is based on violence against women, censorship of women, and the elimination of the Human Rights of Women. But that’s not all.

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