howard collage 

Male? Check. White? Check. Upper class? Check? Hetero? Check.

Howard is a business development consultant from Phoenix Arizona who flies frequently via US Airways as a high mileage executive preferred customer. For years now he has been entertaining himself by traveling in his tiny underwear and high heels and various sexualized female gender coded crossdresser ensembles. There are whole websites devoted to collecting photos of him in various airports over the years, and many a YouTubes. He has been accorded the nickname “Terminal” by afficianados and is regarded as something of a folk hero.

Well Howard is getting his 15 minutes of fame this week after someone linked Howard’s behavior to the incident of College football player Deshon Marman getting into legal trouble over refusing to pull up his pants that were hanging off his ass and his ejection from a US Airways flight. “Look at the carte blanche the white guy has to run around in sexay underwear while a black guy gets kicked off a plane for having his ass hang out of his pants” is the refrain. “look at the privilege”.

Not only has Howard been well treated as a preferred flyer while exhibiting his satin ensconced Nutts to the public, and has posed for pictures and videos which litter the internet, but when his 15 minutes of fame started he requested that media outlets not publish his NAME –even though his name is already ALL OVER THE INTERNET (and he gives it out freely to those photographing him). That’s somewhat surprising. But what is downright shocking is that the media RESPECTED the REQUEST of the public exhibitionist!!! Now THAT, my friends, is PRIVILEGE.

Can you imagine the treatment a woman would receive wearing these travel clothes? What about a 65 year old female executive with a droopy flabby gut? Would she be a preferred customer? What about a poor woman?  A Black woman? They would all be frikkin treated like dirt- at the very least. More likely they would be intercepted by law enforcement. Or beaten or raped. Or given a psychiatric evaluation. And would the media withhold their name which is plastered all over the internet at their request? Hell’s to the No.

This is what Privilege LOOKS LIKE. “Terminal” Privilege. I just thought you might want to have a look.

Of course, I believe everyone should have the right to wear whatever they want and be treated like gold. Should “Terminal” be stopped? Of course not. Privileged men should dress however they want in a free society – not that my opinion matters on the subject, or yours, or anyone’s you know because it’s Men, especially Rich White Hetero Men who make those rules.

And speaking of privileged men-  the male transgenders, especially those who have pursued voluntary medicalized disabililty (removal of healthy endocrine systems etc ) in order to bolster the superficial illusion that they are actually female are livid- livid I tell ya!  That a male would dress in whatever gendered clothes he wants without upholding genderism (by claiming that if he wears female gender markers he must actually be female). Heresy! Get your wig on NOW, mister!  How DARE an American wear whatever he wants- it’s transphooooobic for males to wear skirts! It’s transphooobic for gays to perform drag shows! It should be outlawed! Only those who claim to be the other sex in their “brain reproductive system” should be allowed to break the rules of gender! Obey! Obey! Obey!