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August 2, 2012

As a public service GenderTrender has compiled todays Lesbian-related stories from the mainstream LGBT “blogosphere”:

The Advocate: “fascinating” article by Diana Anderson-Minshall, featuring Professor Bambi Lobdell, a heterosexual woman promoting her new book on “reclaim[ing] transgender men from lesbian or passing woman history.” The specific lesbian that Lobdell attempts to “reclaim” as transgender is distant relative and 19th century marksman Lucy Ann Lobdell , known as “The Female Hunter of Delaware County”. Heterosexual Lobdell’s rewriting of lesbian history is called “A Strange Sort of Being: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912”.

 How “fascinating” is this het woman’s rewriting of lesbian history? From Anderson-Minshall’s first paragraph:

“Now Lobdell’s distant relative, professor Bambi L. Lobdell, has written a fascinating account of Joseph Lobdell — who she calls Lucy-Joe — and what happened after he moved to the frontier, married a woman, and bucked 19th-century social restrictions and gender expectations. It’s a fascinating story of forced marriage, arrest, and incarceration in an insane asylum. Although 20th-century scholars have labeled Lobdell a lesbian, the author, while incorporating queer theory and Lobdell’s own writings, makes a fascinating argument in A Strange Sort of Being: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912 that there never was a “female hunter” but really a transgender man who would eventually be locked away from society and his beloved for insisting on being a man.”

Sounds pretty fucking fascinating, No?

Then again the author of the piece (and fascinated party) is Anderson-Minshall, the Advocate’s executive editor and long-time editor of lesbian media, now “heterosexually” married to her ex-lesbian “transman” partner.

Lesbian No Mo

Lobdell hetsplains to the lesbian reader how the lesbian subject, in her 1855 autobiography “The Female Hunter” erroneously identified herself as a women’s rights activist: “The autobiography presents an intelligent and strongly worded feminist manifesto for equal pay and opportunities for women and a personal refusal to live an oppressed life in the domestic sphere; she also presents her bold plan to seize freedoms and opportunities that women did not have legal rights to at the time by going out into the world in men’s clothes. The few newspaper articles available were modern retellings of older newspaper articles that often only featured Lucy as a woman who refused to stay in the place society set for her.” Hetsplainer calls the subject’s autobiographical assertions about herself “cissexist ignorance”. Hetsplainer informs lesbian readers that lesbians in history who “passed” as males to steal some form of freedom from “the man” would not do so unless they were “transgender”. Why on earth else would females risk it? “Considering the great deal of harassment and incarceration Joe experienced because of his gender presentation, I conclude that his reason for doing so was that he felt he was a man and brave enough to live as one openly.”

Gosh hetero lady! So all the persecuted lesbians and “passing” females in history must have been “male brained”! Who knew? What would we do without heteros erasing lesbians in articles written by “ex-lesbians” in the Advocate???

Hetero lady goes on to use Chaz Bono’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars as an example of how “We see variations of backlash when female-bodied persons who claim to be women enter traditional male spaces like sports, politics, or business, but when that person identifies as male, the amplified backlash reveals its transphobic fear.” But gosh hetero lady: there has NEVER been a lesbian or gay couple featured on that show. Much LESS a gender-nonconforming lesbian. Oops!

Lobdell goes on detail her anti-homosexual agenda: “I identify as straight, but am a strong ally for LGBTQ people. I teach gender studies classes at SUNY Oneonta, where I have been turned loose to teach classes in queer studies and transgender studies and queer literature, which the students seem to be hungry for. I love working with student groups exploring any gender or queer issues, and am trying to find time to reach out to communities near me to get more involved with queer youth, especially trans kids.”

Professor Lobdell explains how lesbians and gays have it all wrong:

“When sexual attraction is reduced to a mere pairing up of opposite sets of genitals in our cultural understanding, the aspect of gender is absent. There seems to be an assumption that desire experienced by straight women is based on longing for sex with a body that has a penis, and desire experienced by lesbian women is based on longing for sex with a body with female genitals, as if gender is not a consideration. But what if desire and sexual satisfaction for some women are built around a desire for masculinity and masculine qualities and characteristics, but not a penis or traditional male body or person? We have such rigid boxes for what sex styles people can subscribe to, which greatly limits the potential for human sexual experience. Even today with the boxes of gay and lesbian more acceptable, those categories are still based on the genitals each body has, as if genitals alone are the source of truth about identity and desire. What if they’re not? What if genitals are not the core of a person’s identity or the single criteria for how to form intimate relationships?”

Oh Gosh! She’s a hetero professor of The Cotton Ceiling! THANKS Advocate for your ONE “lesbian” article of the day, erasing women’s history and telling lesbians how we are “doing it wrong” by rejecting the LADYPEEN.

Lets bail from the Advocate and see what Bilerico has for us today:

Oh my! What do we have here? ANOTHER article by heterosexual male pretendbian, pornographer and prolific anti-lesbian and anti-female activist Tobi Hill-Meyers instructing us about the “issue” of “prejudice” involved in lesbians and gays that don’t want to DATE opposite sex people! Two mainstream LGBT Cotton Ceiling posts written by heterosexuals “educating” gays and lesbians about “how we’re doing it wrong” in one day. Whew! My irony-expressing quotation marks are getting exhausted! Yawwwwwn…

Lets move along to AmericablogGay:

Editor John Aravosis has added a new blogger to the all-male roster. But this time it’s….. ANOTHER MALE. Shockingly, even John NOTICES this, stating he “would love to have more women bloggers on the blog, but it’s been tough finding them – am checking out two right now, but if you know of anyone – for the main or gay sites – please send them my way: john at americablog dot com. Thanks!”

HAHAHAHAHA. He doesn’t KNOW of any lesbian bloggers. Oh, and by “have more” women bloggers on the Gay site, he means “any”. BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE. Goddammit John for making me use more quotation marks you sonofagun.

Moving on to JoeMyGod, Towle and Pams:

Joe and Andy are wise enough to just skip covering any lesbian news today, Pam’s has Chick fil A.

That’s today’s wrap-up of Lesbian news in the U.S. mainstream LGBT blogosphere. GenderTrender is pleased to provide this service of keeping you up to date. Cheers!

[all bolding by me-GM]


Reblogged from the website of excellent, long-running, kick-ass radio programme The Lesbian Mafia:

We are tired of no one pushing back when self-described “feminist” sites with trans-women continually take Lesbians to task for possibly not wanting to have sex with trans-women and labeling Lesbians who want the right to decide for themselves who to sleep with, “transphobic.” The LGBT loud mouths are silent when Lesbians are constantly attacked and bullied for not accepting and promoting diversity with OUR vaginas.

None of them want actual diversity; they want diversity in appearance, drug use, sexual partners, employment, etc. but NEVER in thought and speech. Never anything that actually matters or resembles reality for most people. In their sick pursuit of what is “alternative” they have turned their backs on basic truths about the human condition. And their “alternative” view and choices have become the mainstream for LGBT and feminists and anyone else who doesn’t have ENOUGH PROBLEMS of their OWN. They want to HELP equalize everything and in doing so, alienate and ostracize anything that is not in lock-step with whatever fantasy equation they dreamed up about how the world SHOULD be but never actually CAN be without the loss of critical thinking and questions. Dissent is often at the heart of growth and creativity. They will NOT tolerate it.

And there is nothing even remotely new about this. It’s all age old patriarchal bullshit using women against women (and now LGBT have joined in). Ever since making and forcing a woman to do whatever you want became frowned upon in our society, it has been struggling for socially acceptable ways to allow men to do whatever the hell they want and ways to use culture and societal pressure to restrict women instead of just beating the fuck out of them. This is the same. Some men want to be women and they want to fuck Lesbians and they will get their way in the same fashion they always have: through oppression and dominance while using other women to silence and brow beat bitches so they get in line. Not new at all, just disguised as equality, fairness and tolerance. Only now they use feminists and the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant and the rest of the anti-lesbian misogynist LGBT.  You’re a lesser person and should be brought to task if you are a Lesbian who does not sleep with who they say you should sleep with. If you were more evolved and better, you’d have sex with who they say you should, you’d WANT to. 

This is more than bullying. What the hell would you call this twisted atmospheric war-crime-ish rapey sounding lunacy where they try to force you into fucking them and when you bring up how sick that is they say we don’t want to fuck you and you’re a transphobe blah blah blah? What they’re doing IS waaay more than bullying, they’re trying to take advantage of Lesbian culture, that desire to help and contribute and SHAME bitches into “working on themselves” and “challenging their prejudices and gender normative privilege” and FORCE us to “evolve” sexually AND deliver the message to the next generation that in order to really be a decent human being if you’re a Lesbian, you have to have sex with trans-women. You MUST. If you don’t, well you’re still enslaved and you have to free yourself BY being at least willing to TRY fucking trans-women. We don’t know one word for all of this other than manipulation but it’s on a sick, twisted, mind fuck level that just the word manipulation does not cover even remotely. Most of the time when something they want women to do is really fucked up they just force women into doing the sick shit to themselves, THAT is true and skilled manipulation.

And that shit works because the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant, feminists and libs have no real female identity and NO idea about what is going on in the world they live in so they fight for the helpless victimized bisexuals and trans-women (but decidedly NOT trans-men) because eeeeeeeveryone has it worse than women and Lesbians. What imbeciles. When the field is leveled for you by someone (parents, money, nepotism, education, etc) they don’t see the oppression of women unless they’re in Bangladesh somewhere because women like them aren’t oppressed in their minds. Women are EQUAL now but not the poooooooor bisexuals or transgendered.

Is it feminists’ hubris and condescension that they think their cherry picked pet groups can’t speak for themselves so they have to sound the rally cry for all the muted victims of tyranny but ignore women in general and work AGAINST Lesbians? For some strange reason EVERY other group has no voice according to their reckoning except Lesbians, “Eff you Lesbian bitches, you’re on your own AND your progress is the ONLY progress we curiously yet positively resent and we will work DIRECTLY AGAINST and endanger you by spreading lies and sick propaganda about how transphobic you are.” Like we don’t have enough problems as Lesbian women in this world we have feminists and trans-women wanting to oppress and villianize us just like the Right Wing does? How dare you! The real thing trans is how TRANSPARENT feminists’ and trans-women and LGBT’s hostility is towards Lesbians. Whenever we leave a feminist/trans site (which is rarely) we can NOT stop laughing at how they yammer about “female privilege.” We should make a site about “black privilege” and copy every idiotic thing they say with race to highlight what utterly moronic stupid fucking imbeciles they are.

Guess we’re not underprivileged and abused enough for feminists or LGBT to take up our cause (particularly if you’re a white Lesbian). Unless of course they need US to actually get something DONE.


Also see:

Anti-Lesbian Bashing In The Online Feminist Community

We think the online feminist community has officially lost the ONE marble it had, their lesbian-bashing is unprecedented and has reached freakishly irresponsible levels endangering lesbians and women in general with their rhetoric.

Someone brought our attention to a posting on a popular-ish feminist blogsite and apparently being a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with transgender women we guess makes you transphobic according to the feminist community now. Truly remarkable. Their dialogue around the topic is cause for alarm as it is straight up anti-lesbian misogyny “backed up” by bizarre “theory” that vilifies lesbians who are not sexually available to transgender women and in no uncertain terms sets lesbians up as targets of “justified” hatred.

These people are fucking coconuts and we’ll say it again, IRRESPONSIBLE!!! ”


It’s hard to be controversial on a website whose sole purpose is portraying lesbians and feminists as the giant insects one must shoot to advance in the FallOut video game franchise. But someone on “RadFemScorpions” managed to post a meme so anti-gay, so “corrective-rapey”, so “cotton-ceilingy” that even people who applaud the verminizing of lesbians and feminists as their reason du jour were offended. The meme was ultimately scrubbed from the site after comments from site-supporters like  the one below:

Now, heterosexual male pornographer and transgender pretendbian Tobi Hill-Meyer, who calls himself a “butch dyke” and holds benefits for anti-female sympathizers to support his campaign against the rights of females to gather among themselves, has admitted that he is the author of the censored meme.

Here is his statement yesterday defending his actions:

“A while ago I put together one of those memes for RadFem Scorpion.  With two sentences and an implied connection between them, it’s hard to make it misinterpretation-proof and with all the radfem harassment of trans women I took the easy route and posted it anonymously.  But other folks were misinterpreting it too, so I wanted to discuss it here and provide some context.

The concern raised is that this is the same logic that men use to convince lesbians to have sex with them, as in, if you like dildos, you should have sex with me – it’s often put in that context “how about a real cock.”  Of course, it’s hard to speak about sexuality as a trans woman in this specific moment in internet history without the aura of “trans women are trying to force lesbians to have sex with them” being at least an undercurrent of thought.

These memes usually go with a common statement in the first sentence and conflicting or contradictory information in the second which points out the hypocrisy within the prejudiced idea presented.  In this case, the prejudiced idea is that having or liking a “penis” invalidates lesbianhood.  My message is strongly condemning the invalidation of lesbian identity and use of pressure and control around disapproved of relationships to genitals.  Note that the action point is to stop attacking/invalidating trans women and our partners.  I know folks are sensitive to this issue, but it should be apparent that arguing *against* condemnation of one set of experiences is totally different from arguing *for* condemnation of all other experiences.

Cis women who have trans women partners (and trans women as a whole) are told that we can’t be actual lesbians.  I am condemning that invalidation and contrasting it with high popularity of dildos even in strong holdouts of radfem transmisogyny.  The conclusion is that lesbians who have sex involving a dildo (sometimes called a phallus) are hypocritical to attack and invalidate lesbians who have sex involving a trans-clit (sometimes called a phallus).

So why do I argue this is hypocritical?  Some have suggested that I am arguing there is no difference between having sex involving a dildo and having sex involving a trans clit.  That is ridiculous and they are entirely different.  For one thing, dildos are always hard.  That’s not the case for trans clits, many of which operate best when soft.  So when several responders said “but a dildo isn’t a real penis,” my response is, “neither is a trans woman’s genitals, yet radfems refuse to make the distinction in either case”   

There is also further historical context that is really important to understand here.  The idea that all phalluses are the same is not something I created or advocate – it was a radfem invention.  Shelia Jeffreys said of dildos “like the penis, they symbolize male power and the ability to violate women.”  The conceptualization that condemned heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex as inherently patriarchal made no exceptions for dildo-in-vagina sex, going so far as to try to make dildos illegal in some instances.  In Dworkin and MacKinnon’s anti-pornography work, they included women being penetrated by inanimate objects as one of the criteria that would make erotic material “pornographic” and thus illegal under their proposed law.  Sara Smith wrote about this issue of radfem hate for dildo-using women in her essay A Cock of One’s Own, “All women–lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and solo-sexual—are denounced as traitors if their desires include penetration.”

Mich Fest itself has a long history of condemning the “wrong” kind of woman as not really being a woman.  Right now it’s trans women, but there had previously been just as strong a prejudicial sentiment for leather women, and just a decade or two ago there was strong condemnation of dildo-using women and debates were had around whether or not dildos should be allowed on the land.  Tribe 8 was famously protested at Mich Fest because of their inclusion of dildos in their performance.  I interviewed one well known dildo vendor at Mich Fest who said that the first year they went to Mich Fest they sold a few dildos out of their backpack and had a steady stream of women surreptitiously asking for them as if they were an illicit material.

So while radfems are currently much more pre-occupied with policing the sexual behavior of trans women and our partners, let’s not forget that many of them would just as strongly condemn dildo-using lesbians.  The argument that liking penis means you are not a lesbian did not originate to condemn cis lesbians in relationships with trans women, that is only its current incarnation. The hypocrisy I aim to highlight is when those who were once subjected to this very same argument then turn around and use it against us.”

[Sic. Bolding by him. –GM]

It’s interesting that Tobi/Toby/Tobias who was raised by lesbian parents has recently taken to calling himself “female” even though as he explains to his mother here, he would prefer to be addressed with the pronoun “Z” to denote his speshul snowflake genderqueerness, but no one will go along with it so he chooses “she” as a default.

Tobi/Toby/Tobias, who has banked his laydee-sperm from his trans-ovaries for future use impregnating the type of female who is non-sperm-producing, knew he wished he could be a “lesbian” long before he decided to be trans.

What oh what is a hetero male who fetishizes lesbians to do but call himself a transbian and bully his way into lesbian spaces and communities??? And “correct” lesbians who claim female homosexuality exists? Instruct the laydees that his peen is a female peen??? Tell the lesbians they are “discriminating” against his dick???

Yes. All of the above.

F2T Trans Activist Ira Dalton Gray ‘splains to Lesbians how rejecting the peen is damaging and discriminatory to males.

TLDW: Start at 2:55

Ira conducts “Consent Workshops” for LGBT youth.

More on Ira Gray here: http://www.iradaltongray.com/post/24671437049/on-rape-allegations

Jos Truitt “GirlTalk 2012”

“So apparently, I’m a Pretendbian. So in case you’ve been lucky enough not to hear, Pretendbian is this term radical feminist and transphobe Cathy Brennan came up with, for transwomen who are apparently “pretend” lesbians, trying to trick or force real lesbians into sleeping with them. She has put a list of pretendbians online and actually a couple of us are here tonight. This is all in response to the idea of the Cotton Ceiling, which Drew Deveaux termed for the ways transphobia and trans misogyny keep trans women from getting laid in the queer women’s communities. Read the rest of this entry »

From a Transgender Ally

April 13, 2012


Young Teezy commented on More Cotton Ceiling Lesbian-Bashing from the Trans Community

I’d say Gullus Mag does have a “special kind of fan”, I’m surprisingly happy to be one of them. I love your call-sign by the way. It’s very appropriate.
I’ve prepared a speech, might as well leave it here.
Nobody asked for it, and I know my opinion is worth a satchel full of wooden nickels, but I’m giving it anyway. Male entitlement I guess haHA!!
I’m pre-everything M2T. In trying to educate myself on this vomit inducing spectacle we’re all ironically calling the “gender debate” I trudged through all the familiar trans blogs. I was brought here over some mass produced outrage over the great MICH fest debacle. This is my first experience with radical feminism.
At first GM, I thought you were throwing around a bunch of low blows….until I started reading your comments section. This is a nasty piece of work. I do understand where you are coming from though.
We had a TG truck driver in my neck of the prairie rampage all over the woman’s rest room with all the grace and suitably of a rogue elephant. She (giving her the pronoun) terrified a bunch of older women and received a free ass chewing for it by the truck stop’s restaurant manager. I thought the manager was awesome, and had great respect for her; however, hearing the firsthand account my first reaction was “oh, that’s a shame”. NOPE! Lesson learned.
This one time in middle school I threw a girl into a locker. I can’t even remember what it was about. All I recall is I reached deep, found something ugly inside me and rolled with the impulse. Even though we became friends years later, it’s haunted me ever since. That, and a few instances of coercive tactics before I realized that if I’m not attracted to woman anyway, I should “come out” and leave them alone.
I’m stained, and I try so hard to be decent, peace loving person. Based on my experiences I think it’s a crying shame the RadFem position isn’t getting the respect and air-time it so truly deserves. Not like I believe you or anyone else has “a complete grasp of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH”, I don’t think anyone does. However, much of what you say resonates with me.
Is my team seriously blaming you all for anti-trans violence? Like the dudes I work with are reading Transsexual Empire to form their “educated opinions”. That’s funny as hell. Histrionics, melodrama , and threats/actions of violence is no way to respond to an intellectual debate. As far as I’m concerned if someone has a cache of bright and shiny reasons why the Trans community needs to take a long hard look at itself, you don’t get the RIGHT to brush it aside as simple transphobia. Here I expected civility and common decency; maybe you are right …I AM the delusional one. Something reeks on this blog, the stench isn’t coming from the articles you post.
Who decided we should be feminizing/masculinizing the little children? I wish I wasn’t doing this at 32, but give them TIME to decide for themselves. WTF!
Shouldn’t we be fighting for our own stuff, not resources that are going to woman’s needs? Does showing up at the party late in life really entitle me to “go over to your house, track mud all over your carpet, and pass out on your couch”? Can someone PLEASE explain this whole cotton-ceiling thing in a way that doesn’t make my future community (giving them the benefit of the doubt that their intentions might be as pure as the driven snow) not sound utterly incompetent AT BEST? Do folks really believe we’re “more persecuted” than WBW just because there is less of us? That’s funny stuff considering I have to read about a mother’s death every time I open my web-browser.
Do we really need to be in EVERY WBW competition? Is THAT what’s going to make people take us seriously? Who thought this cis-gender crap was a good idea? It makes everyone else sound like villains from Star Wars. If you’re not Jedi M2F/F2M, your Sith Lord gender.
My life-long best friend transitioned last year, she tows the party line like it was some kind of mental to-do list. Frankly, her calling herself a “radical feminist” makes my eye balls itch.
It really frosts my ass when trans people show up here and rant. Honestly, leave GM alone. The sign on the front door told you this wasn’t going to be a happy place for you. You’re not going to change any hearts or minds here so stay off the grass. It seems to me like this discussion FOR a group of people/ ABOUT the life experiences of a group of people is happening in a trench, it is a crying shame.
I’d say it’s a tragedy, A TRAGEDY, that I’ve trundled my happy carcass all over this three ring circus and the two bloggers I come out of it with mad respect for are GM and Cathy B. I’ve missed two therapy sessions, not because I’ve come to see my intentions in wanting to transition is” morally bankrupt” or whatever, but because this stupid us versus them war is giving me an ulcer. LITERALLY! Not to mention I think we’re picking a fight with the wrong people. “Just kill yourself” is a standard internet rebuttal, and I know we’re all supposed to act like jerks over the internet, but I really don’t think we want our dirty laundry aired publicly on this matter. GM probably has a novel worth of shitty behavior, I have a real fear it could come back to haunt us. Not everybody has to like you, get over it, buy a puppy. I’ve found thousands of sites that cater to our community, stay there.
Like I said before, I know expecting my opinion to carry weight with a radical lesbian feminist is an exercise in hilarity. But I think you have a damn nice blog here GM. It’s given me a lot to think about, and I dare say I’ve been challenged, and have grown as a person because of it. I think the work you do here is necessary, and I hate the fact you’ve taken unnecessary heat for it. Who knows, me wishing you a long and happy life might be an exciting change of pace. Have a great day!