So what’s all this fuss then about Transgender people and bathrooms? Seems every few weeks there’s a different “Bathroom Bill” being proposed in some state or municipality or another. Laws designed to allow males to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms and other designated female private spaces, as long as the males either perform some sort of female sex-role stereotype (wearing make-up or clothing gendered-female for example) or who simply claim to “feel like a woman inside” (what transgenders call a psychological “gender identity”).

Transgenders call this “using the bathroom they identify with” which means that facilities which are sex-segregated for privacy and female safety from male predation should be disregarded in cases where males are willing to claim that they, at least sometimes, “feel like a woman inside”.

What possible justification can males have for entering female spaces that are set up for female protection against males, and are not even designed to physically accommodate male biology during elimination? And make no mistake- at least 80% of male transsexuals now choose to forgo “sex change surgery” and elect to retain their male anatomy. And 100% of male transgenders and those under the transgender umbrella (transgenders, cross-dressers, femulators) retain their original male anatomy without alteration. Stating the obvious here but: Male restrooms have urinals. Devices designed for male-bodied people to urinate in. So why would males who appear superficially female want to use women’s restrooms that aren’t even designed for their bodies, instead of say, educating the public and doing activism around the reality that some males choose to appear female, and that these males may also use restrooms like any other person born male?

The answer is that gaining access to spaces set aside for female privacy is a huge male fantasy. I’ve done a few posts on this topic in the past and I can tell you that finding serious articles or news reports on the subject is difficult because there is so much porn around the topic of male transgenders in ladies restrooms. Just google “Tranny restroom” or “crossdresser restroom” if you don’t believe me. Transgender males like the one in this video (don’t worry, this one is safe for work) film their excitement at being in the female restroom in female disguise, and upload them to YouTube for other transgenders to enjoy their thrilling conquest of female intimate spaces.

Sometimes that conquest involves excitedly flashing their crotches at random women who are simply trying to take a leak, as seen in this one. “In this particular video Fanny greets an innocent woman in the ladies room and tells her a surprise menu option she won’t soon forget.”

 Oh the thrill of it all! The sounds of the unsuspecting females talking amongst themselves, washing their hands at the sinks, urinating! It’s total wank material for these guys. There are volumes of written testimonials, fantasy fictions, and video links on internet sites and publications catering to the male transgender audience. Entering female spaces is an entire subgenre of pornography, created for transgender consumers. It’s a huge sexualized fantasy for male transgenders. Same as it is for males who are not transgender, which is why we see thousands of men arrested for hiding cameras in female restrooms and locker rooms for example. The difference is that transgenders and males who are willing to claim they “feel like females” can indulge this predilection legally in places where transgender bathroom bills have been passed.

Of course this isn’t what transgender activists claim when they are lobbying for “bathroom bills”. They get bathroom bills passed by using the political capital of the gay and lesbian movement and frame the issue as one of “LGBT Rights”. They claim that males who superficially appear female, or who are willing to claim a “gender identity” have a legal right to bypass sex-segregated legal protections for females. And they frame this “right” as one of safety. Safety for males from the potential violence of other males. They claim that males are so overwhelmingly sexually violent by nature that males who gender-bend must seek refuge in female spaces to avoid the potential for that violence from other males. But the truth is that men are not overwhelmingly sexually violent to other males, even males who adopt visual cues coded female. All a transsexual male in a men’s room needs to do to diffuse potential confrontation is abandon his falsetto and say in his male voice “Don’t ask”, or “Mind your own business” to any other male who may challenge his presence in the men’s room, and the other dudes leave him alone.

Men aren’t afraid of other men in the restroom. They are not afraid of male sexual predators. Why would they be? Statistically, the overwhelmingly target for male sexual predation is females. The only thing males are afraid of in men’s rooms are homosexuals. Men are not afraid of females. Or males who look female. They’re worried about someone thinking they’re queer and coming onto them the way men come onto women. That’s called homophobia. And the only bathroom incidents involving male on male violence have been those involving homophobia- fear of gay males. There has never been a single incident cited of a hate crime in a male restroom against a male transgender. Not one. Which is astounding.

The only “bathroom incidents” involving male transgenders are related to males entering female-designated spaces.

According to widely respected transsexual activist and researcher Lynn Conway, one in 500 people are transsexual. Not transgender, but transsexual (those who live 24/7/365 performing the opposite sex role). Many feel Conway’s numbers are overly conservative. According to the HRC, perhaps one in 100 individuals in the US population are transgender. That is over 3 million people in the US alone. 69 million worldwide. The Gender Centre calculates the number of people with “intense transsexualism” at one in 250. That is 28 million people worldwide.

28 million people who navigate the process of medically and/or surgically changing their social appearance from one sex to the other. Again, not including the vastly larger number of others who fall under the “transgender umbrella” such as transgenders, cross-dressers, genderqueers, gender-benders, and others who identify themselves as transgender. According to a study released from Finland last week, the number of people requesting hormone “gender reversal” is increasing by 100% Annually.

And they all pee every single day. Several times a day in fact.

The exact numbers don’t even matter. Whether there are 69 million transsexuals or 28 million transsexuals or 14 million, or ten million, or half a million, or half a dozen, we would expect to see some instances of this supposed danger to male transgenders who use male restrooms. I mean, this is why transgender activists have lobbied for the right to enter in spaces set aside with laws designed to protect females from male predation. So where is the predation on male transgenders in male facilities? Where are the hate crimes against male-bodied people who use male facilities? They simply don’t exist. There are none. Out of 69 million, or 28 million, or 14 million, or whatever number of transgenders you want to trust, where are the victims of discrimination for using the facilities one is already legally entitled to use? Such cases should be easily cited, should be widespread, considering that female rights to sex-segregated spaces are being eliminated due to them. Where are they?

Even a cursory internet search can pull up tens of thousand of incidents of male predation against females in areas such as restrooms and changing rooms which are legally sex-segregated for female privacy. Hidden cameras, peeping toms, etc. But one can find no such incidents of male predation against male transgenders in male spaces. Not a one. And there should be thousands, considering we are overriding laws which protect females. Or at least a hundred. Or some.

Americans are protected by Title VII against sex discrimination: discrimination against folks who don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. So males who are discriminated against while using male facilities can sue, the same way females can sue for sex discrimination. So where are the cases? Out of millions of transgender people there must be at least a handful of cases of males who have been discriminated against by being prevented from using male facilities because they looked female? No. There are none. Not a single fucking one. Simply put, no one has had a problem with male transgenders using male facilities. There have been no hate crimes, no epidemic of sex discrimination against males who are transgender. I can’t find any. And if there were we would hear about it, believe me. There would be a “Transgender Day of Bathroom Remembrance” outlining each and every incident. But there isn’t. There are no such incidents.


Where is the evidence that there is a statistically significant problem of crossdressed men/transsexual males/other transgender males suffering predation in male restrooms/male spaces? It doesn’t exist.


Please show us the statistically based study (or studies) that backs transgender claims regarding how dangerous men are to transgenders in men’s public restrooms/men’s spaces.


Where is the solid evidence that there has been an uptick in violence or harassment –or any hate crimes whatsoever, ever– against male transgenders in the male spaces where males are protected against sex discrimination?


There isn’t any.


There’s nothing.


Just a bunch of porn.


There is no demonstrable need for male-bodied people to use female facilities, regardless of how well they conform – or not– to gendered sex-roles.


Monica Roberts Discussing Murdering Cathy Brennan

Click image to enlarge.

Trans Activist and “Transgriot” blogger Monica Roberts’ Facebook Wall, vividly discussing murdering one of the Lesbian authors of a letter to the UN in support of Women’s Rights:

“Anthony G. Casebeer:  Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.

Monica Roberts: and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”


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