Reports are coming in of a series of violent attacks on lesbian marchers at yesterday’s San Francisco Dyke March 2018. The women were targeted on the basis of their signs which referenced lesbianism as a female-specific orientation. These signs offended the heterosexual transgender marchers who believe males should have the prerogative to “identify as” lesbian and that women who reject this premise should be targeted for violence.

The following are testimonies from various attendees who were attacked:

“I was the one. Knocked down, tripped, purse ripped away from me, glasses knocked to ground and my sign snatched and taken once and then retrieved by a badass stranger first, then again a second time it was forcefully grabbed and taken and later we found remnant blocks away ripped up. [Redacted] was surrounded, pushed down three times, sign grabbed. It was ripped up and she grabbed it back and held up torn pieces of it defiantly until the end of the march.

I kept yelling that we didn’t hate anyone, this was dyke march, we are dykes and that we were NOT transphobic. We aren’t AFRAID of trans people, we were not going to be silenced, we were not going to leave or put our signs down. Over and over again I said “we are not being violent, don’t touch us, we center women-safe spaces, we are fighting lesbian and female erasure, we care about the welfare of children who are being supported and even pushed to chemically and physically alter themselves without advocates for their future health, we are being peaceful, we belong here, this is our right and our space. We are not violent.”

We played an important role in being visible, even if we were knowingly outnumbered and villified. We looked directly into the eyes of those accusing US of hate. They yelled terfs go home, transphobia’s got to go, bullhorns in our ears, a woman stepped on the back of my shoes deliberately repeatedly and when I told her don’t fucking touch me she said “come on, hit me bitch!” I said we were not going away and we were not violent to which she said they would be.

There is so much more to say…. I’m still collecting my thoughts. I’m sore. I will say though, we did exactly what we said we were going to do. We held our signs high. We stared into a mob of anger and did not back down. We were there to show that there IS a contingency of us-RADICAL FEMINISTS- who will fight for lesbian visibility and for female biology and safe spaces. We were small and mighty and older and wiser. We were fierce and powerful. We were the better people. I don’t regret one minute of it because sometimes you just have to walk the walk…. literally.”

Various sources claim to have video of these attacks, they will be added to this post when available.

Men who identify as transgender lesbians were widely represented at the march, including the Anti-Lesbian ANTIFA group Degenderettes, who left their barbed-wire wrapped baseball bats at home, instead marching with tone deaf banners such as “Be Gay Do Crimes” and the female erasing “We stand with women AND cis women” (“Cis” is a modifier used by trans activists to reduce actual women to a subset of a new category of “women” dominated by males.)

More coverage will be added to this post as it becomes available.

Added: Spin from the San Francisco Dyke March organizers – blaming the lesbians for being attacked by men:

Every block there was “TERF Noise” which “needed to be shut down”.


An unprecendented blogpost today from an alleged LGBT website. Bil Browning’s Bilerico raises a discussion of whether Threats and Violence Should Be Used against Lesbians by Transgender so-called allies! The question of whether threats and violence should be used against Lesbians was raised by a male transgender Mercedes Allen who is sponsored by the Bilerico website. He posted that he personally was against violence against Lesbians by Transgenders: “ And I want to be clear that I am not advocating threats (or worse, violence) to try to silence the authors — on the contrary, I’m perfectly happy to hold Brennan and Hungerford’s views up for all to see, and let the public be the judge.”

What On Earth??? Who on Earth in the LGBT umbrella IS ADVOCATING for violence against Lesbians? Transgender males, according to Mercedes Allen. Apparently transgender folks are upset that two Lesbian women wrote a letter to the UN in support of sex-based protections for women. Why are Transgenders so upset with Lesbians who support protections for women? So upset that the question of violence against them is on the table? Apparently such protections for females impose on the rights of males to use funds allotted for female sports programs under title IX. And male “rights” to use female-only gyms, female college dorms, female support groups, domestic violence programs for women, women’s prisons, etc.

Bilerico, an LGBT website actually raises the issue of whether or not threats and violence should be an appropriate response to women who support such female rights. I can’t imagine a purported LGBT website discussing whether or not violence against gays or transgenders is appropriate or not. Or whether Lesbians should be attacked or not. Or whether females should have sports programs or not.


 But there it is. Front Page on Bilerico.

Mercedes’ piece titled “Less than Women, Less than Human” claims that Lesbians acknowledging that male-bodied people are (gasp!) male-bodied is the same as “calling them less than human”. And that threats and violence against Lesbians that acknowledge male-bodied people as male-bodied is an option worthy of debate. Well guess what guys, just because some women are Lesbian, and have a sexual orientation to the same-sex,  doesn’t translate into Lesbians “thinking males are less than human”. Lesbians don’t think males are subhuman. Really guys, it’s not all about you. Are we really having a conversation on an LGBT website in the year 2011 about whether women should have their own sports programs and whether Lesbians hate men, and whether THREATS AND VIOLENCE ARE AN APPROPRIATE ACTION for transgender males to take against Lesbians who acknowledge their male physical sex??? Mercedes says yes.

Read it and weep.